£5000 American Vs Euro Vs JDM Sports Car Challenge: Part 2

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This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack take their £5000 European, American and JDM cars through another set of challenges before letting the public vote which car is coolest!

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Komentari: 1 995
Frank Licata
Frank Licata Prije 7 mjeseci
Imagine, trying a burnout in a FWD car by stepping on the BRAKES.. :(
cleverdog4 Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes, this! hahaha
Sid Perkes
Sid Perkes Prije 7 mjeseci
Reverse to first and you could probably do a better burnout than the 300zx
SoloCamo Prije 7 mjeseci
@oliverb96 You missed the point ;)
Phillip Morrison
Phillip Morrison Prije 7 mjeseci
@Alex Quail I meant they bought a pt curser when they could have got a mustang. There morons lol
oliverb96 Prije 7 mjeseci
@SoloCamo I do them in my t5 Volvo for breakfast
Dillon Crain
Dillon Crain Prije 7 mjeseci
We all know the 300zx is the coolest.
gvrnmnthooker_ Prije 2 mjeseci
@fm2 theo the boxter is so... bland and is more of a b-grade 911 than a sports car in its own right anyway while the 300zx has style and it’s a nissan which speaks for itself
fm2 theo
fm2 theo Prije 3 mjeseci
Nah the porche
Smort Tom
Smort Tom Prije 3 mjeseci
@mark proulx auto or manual, a good car is a good car
Dillon Crain
Dillon Crain Prije 5 mjeseci
Still one of the best cars of its time. Even if its the auto...
mark proulx
mark proulx Prije 5 mjeseci
its auto tho
Rangifulla Prije 7 mjeseci
Jack nailed this challenge, that ZX is such a sweet machine. I hope he hangs on to it.
AM Prije 7 mjeseci
Love having all three getting equal screen time. Feels like a proper show
capitall Prije 5 mjeseci
@Stevensen 98 exactly like old top gear, i love it
TheLeewi98 Prije 7 mjeseci
Agreed. They should do this same challenge with hot hatches.
Stevensen 98
Stevensen 98 Prije 7 mjeseci
Reminds me of topgear the golden times
Greg 5646
Greg 5646 Prije 7 mjeseci
"But you can't polish a turd" "You can roll it in glitter" My new favourite response
okevolution VIII
okevolution VIII Prije 7 mjeseci
Mythbusters confirmed you can polish a turd, I'm not joking on that.
Razor's Retro Game Shelf
Razor's Retro Game Shelf Prije 7 mjeseci
300ZX all day long, even if it's an auto.
drpacman579 Prije mjesec
The 300ZX is incredible, I love those Nissan Z cars. My 350 included
Doge Prije 2 mjeseci
Dr. Scientist
Dr. Scientist Prije 2 mjeseci
@Ish Shah insecure much?
The Truth
The Truth Prije 3 mjeseci
Yup. If I had 15k to spend I'd buy the 300zx for 5k and then spend the other 10k turning it into a weapon, including a manual conversion.
AiToR Prije 3 mjeseci
Im from spain...but... Damn i hate eu cars, half are boring, half are electric shit and half ugly shits Im going with the sexy fairlady
Eric Keane
Eric Keane Prije 7 mjeseci
Don't diss the PT Cruiser, it was the most affordable car at the beginning of Gran Turismo 4.
joem poem
joem poem Prije mjesec
The PT bruiser
Sukhdev R34
Sukhdev R34 Prije 6 mjeseci
@Bertrand Melomane The old Gran Turismo games had around 1000 cars. I think they added every car they could which was really cool.
Bertrand Melomane
Bertrand Melomane Prije 6 mjeseci
Why is it in gran tourismo??
Joseph Oliva
Joseph Oliva Prije 6 mjeseci
Ptgt high output is an overweight srt4 and i love mine
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije 6 mjeseci
“I don’t know why are you in the middle of two people cleaning their car with water and you’re using waterless cleaner” So funny 😂
DPW 864
DPW 864 Prije 7 mjeseci
Those 300zx look so good, aged incredibly well.
Jared Kelly
Jared Kelly Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how Ethan is slowly becoming a car guy before our eyes, but then has those super obvious moments where it really shines through that there's still a bunch to learn. Feels the same as I do hanging out with my car guy friends
K Wilk
K Wilk Prije 7 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now chatting right out your ass there mate 😂
Aztech productions
Aztech productions Prije 7 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now lol imagine being this upset about free content
Josh Jewitt
Josh Jewitt Prije 7 mjeseci
If jack sells that car he's definitely wrong in the head it's gorgeous
Brian C
Brian C Prije 7 mjeseci
AND the VG hasn’t thrown its timing into next Tuesday yet! 😂 but yeah, that shit is CLEAN.
amelia the protogen
amelia the protogen Prije 7 mjeseci
Ethan suits the Nissan so well it’s so interesting to see how much he’s changed
yeah boi!
yeah boi! Prije 7 mjeseci
@Johnny B. Good yes could be right
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Good Prije 7 mjeseci
I feel like it being an auto and seeing that it wasn't the fastest helped him feel more confident with the car. Just my theory
Connor Matthews
Connor Matthews Prije 7 mjeseci
@UrbanICED RICH love seeing someone humbly accept being corrected aha, decent little community here
UrbanICED RICH Prije 7 mjeseci
@Jussapitka i am sorry you are Right. Wrote the comment in the First Minute of the video
Jussapitka Prije 7 mjeseci
@UrbanICED RICH Ethan drove the Nissan in the 3rd challenge
tOSdude Prije 7 mjeseci
"Handbrake down" In the PT? It's FWD, that's the only car there with a factory line lock.
tOSdude Prije 2 mjeseci
@Meaculpa Mishegas Yes, hence why I was confused when they disengaged the handbrake (which locks the rear wheels)
Meaculpa Mishegas
Meaculpa Mishegas Prije 2 mjeseci
Are you sure, wouldn’t it have to be rear line locks since it’s fwd?
Antman9991 Prije 6 mjeseci
was thinking the exact same thing
SausageHours Prije 7 mjeseci
I was laughing at Ethan trying to turn the windshield wiper off so much.
TheAgwarn Prije 7 mjeseci
Alex hasn’t got a clue, pressing the brake while trying to do a burn out in a FWD car! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Shadowtag00 Prije 7 mjeseci
Jack messing with Alex in the Porsche cracks me up every time
Andres Grullon
Andres Grullon Prije 7 mjeseci
The PT a cruiser is FWD, you can’t apply the brakes on a FWD car, you need the E-Brake
Ferrum Ignis
Ferrum Ignis Prije 2 mjeseci
​@A Nother _"If it is an electronic brake some might call it an E-brake"_ Then those people would be wrong and can be safely ignored, any reasonably knowledgeable car enthusiast would know that "e-brake" is an American term. Also the "emergency", "parking" or "hand" brake is a secondary braking system that can be used in the event of total service brake failure. This is why they have to be actuated by a system that is completely independent of the hydraulic system, by law. Even the shitty electronic parking brakes have to be able to perform this function.
Meaculpa Mishegas
Meaculpa Mishegas Prije 2 mjeseci
@Andres Grullon then you would rely on that for emergency braking, Godspeed to the afterlife, pun necessary to illustrate since you seem like a picture book kind of guy
Samira Peri
Samira Peri Prije 7 mjeseci
@Andres Grullon It absolutely does not say "emergency brake" in Finland. Not in English, not translated. Last I checked it was referred to as "parking brake". I always say handbrake tho because that's what I operate it with, despite having had to use it as an actual emergency brake. (Brakes dragged and overheated which destroyed the gaskets which naturally lead to the fluid exiting the circuit. That was fun.)
Andres Grullon
Andres Grullon Prije 7 mjeseci
@A Nother have you ever read an owners manual? Clearly not, obviously you have to use your brain to connect the dots that the car it’s not from the electronic brakes era. Just read a mid 90’s early 2000’s owners manual no matter the country it’s from you’ll see it says Emergency Brakes
A Nother
A Nother Prije 7 mjeseci
@Andres Grullon You may well call it an "E-brake" where you live, but you ought not to make assumptions about the "car knowledge" of others, because in the UK they are universally known as the "handbrake". If it is an electronic brake some might call it an E-brake or more usually, an electronic handbrake. It isn't considered an emergency brake, because it is designed to hold the car stationary when parked or during hill starts.
Gideon 2002
Gideon 2002 Prije 7 mjeseci
The PT cruiser with the top down looks like a bathtub 🛀 😂
mat pat
mat pat Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how angry Alex gets with the PT Cruiser.
Raymond Prije 7 mjeseci
the part where they drove each others cars was freaking legendary
Tudor.N Prije 7 mjeseci
It was so funny when Alex was complaining about the pt cruiser, and Ethan and Jack were loving the other cars. Lol
All about Games
All about Games Prije 7 mjeseci
@The Conscientious Objector GTFO
The Conscientious Objector
The Conscientious Objector Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how you don't give a fuck about the enviroment. Pollute that shit some more.
ThatSteveDude Prije 6 mjeseci
Love this kind of series, amazing chill along with a coffee kind of video. I really hope you get to have a huge budget cause it's so much passion about cars and nothing feels like it's forced comedy and shit on this channel. Lots of love guys!
generationcarlove Prije 7 mjeseci
Huge Top Gear Vibes with this series. Love it!
Darren Toddington
Darren Toddington Prije 7 mjeseci
you boys crack me up, love these challenges but Jack, you kill me. Keep these coming
NoblePineapples Prije 7 mjeseci
The PT Cruiser GT shared the same engine as the Neon SRT4. 2.4L turbo making a modest 230 hp.
jblyon2 Prije 7 mjeseci
"This is horrible" Yes, we know it's a PT Cruiser
Meaculpa Mishegas
Meaculpa Mishegas Prije 2 mjeseci
They aren’t as bad as most people think, they actually handle well for them being such a cheap and funky and not in a good way. Since they aren’t a nice car you can throw them around with confidence. They handle better than the civic, corolla, and accord I have had, mostly because their traction is better. Alex doesn’t like them because he is a shill without enough maturity to act in a way he feels he will be seen in a bad light, he is an ass to attempt to seem dominant. His ego is too delicate to be different, but he is a bit witty but a bit cringy
FEGTTTSDH Prije 7 mjeseci
The turbo manual is not extremely Bad, but is a 700 euro Cars... You cannot compare to a Boxster or 300zx...
The Conscientious Objector
The Conscientious Objector Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how you don't give a fuck about the enviroment. Pollute that shit some more.
Khris_F. Prije 7 mjeseci
Really a pt cruiser for a American car, v6 mustang would of been better smh
Tjorben Janosch
Tjorben Janosch Prije 7 mjeseci
Reminds me of the ad: "What the... you've never seen anything like this" - yea, it's worse than any other car 😂
andyyy2009 Prije 7 mjeseci
Best show you’ve done so far 💪 great idea and great humour 😂
Dan Wright
Dan Wright Prije 7 mjeseci
I do miss the old TG challenges. Here’s the CT guys keeping them alive! 🤘🏻
karthikeyan senthilvelan
karthikeyan senthilvelan Prije 7 mjeseci
These lads give out so much old top gear vibes it’s uncanny
Gavin Mendonza
Gavin Mendonza Prije 7 mjeseci
300xz won it in every department for me... I'd even live with it being automatic 😂
Mike Achtereekte
Mike Achtereekte Prije 7 mjeseci
Love when Alex is flexing while spraying his wheels
puri Prije 7 mjeseci
these challenges remind me of a more civilized version of the old top gear, love them
Christopher Sparkman
Christopher Sparkman Prije 7 mjeseci
Please do more episodes like this guys! So fun to watch! And it inspires me to buy a crappy old sports car and fix it up! 👍👍
Hristian Nenov
Hristian Nenov Prije 7 mjeseci
Can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Thanks guys! Amazing content.
Swoosh & WyTiger
Swoosh & WyTiger Prije 7 mjeseci
Please, invsest in that 300xz !! It's a sick car !! Needs a manual swap, a paintjob and a tune. Tbh, it would make a cool series of videos. Boxter is cool but JDM all day. And i'll just deny the PT cruiser even exists
Asif Noaman
Asif Noaman Prije 3 mjeseci
@AiToR go away kid. Play with your hot wheels
AiToR Prije 3 mjeseci
@Asif Noaman You sound like my father luckly u will go away on a opel too
Andrei Alexandru
Andrei Alexandru Prije 4 mjeseci
@Asif Noaman man please dont bring an opel to this discussion. Opel is only known for the GT and thats it. So please calm down exit the chat, buy a better car and stop telling us about how great opel engines and cars are cuz even u cant believe it. Thank you😊
tgdhsuk Prije 6 mjeseci
@WillSmithy will do when you already own it ...
Olivier Bertrand
Olivier Bertrand Prije 6 mjeseci
@Asif Noaman the vg30dett was factory twin turboed and can handle till about 800hp on stock internals. The devil Z ran 8s in his z32 all day with stock internals. Ironically the engine bay limits the Z32 potential. You can’t fit too big of turbos without encountering fitment issues. May I remind you the Vg30dett is a very reliable engine that it’s issues are from owners chewing out on maintenance items. I had mine for 5 years, literally no issues and it’s a TT. And talking about potential look up JuN BLITZ Z32, the car was built in 1991 and achieved a top speed of 262 mph with a partial interior and a 900hp build. Car has a lot of unexplored potential and byptw that record is still held and the car can be seen in streets of Japan as it’s “street legal” it’s sister car went for sale not too long ago. That being said the Vg platform has a lot of potential;)
Edddy1337 Prije 7 mjeseci
21:00 this bit got had me dying haha. I love Ethan he's a funny man
George Dunkley
George Dunkley Prije 7 mjeseci
That automatic 300zx with the t tops is actually very Ethan 😂
animalcol1 Prije 7 mjeseci
Jack, you smashed this. Looking for one of these now. Love them!!!!
Spencer Cohen
Spencer Cohen Prije 7 mjeseci
Imagine not pulling the handbrake in a Fwd for a burnout
Chris Watson
Chris Watson Prije 7 mjeseci
If this had been a Top Gear Challenge, the PT Cruiser would have been the back up car that nobody wants to drive!
Tom Pike
Tom Pike Prije 7 mjeseci
@ilovemanunited I was just about to say that!
Mihail Aleksandrov
Mihail Aleksandrov Prije 7 mjeseci
@Hannes_MLBX oklkjjjnujj
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable Prije 7 mjeseci
I'd egg it. if it was in Argentinaon top gear I think everyone would go there just to egg a pt cruiser convertible. Also imagine if they bought a pt cruiser for ellie for 300 pound imagine her face if she saw one
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash Prije 7 mjeseci
Boorrrrrrrn, in the U ESS AYY!!!
Osk Casse
Osk Casse Prije 7 mjeseci
@Balc0ra's Gaming Or the nissan juke
Nathan Onselaer
Nathan Onselaer Prije 7 mjeseci
You genuinely got something there, having 3 cars and challenges is so good !
hybridshine detailing
hybridshine detailing Prije 7 mjeseci
Class episode guys! Love the cheap car challenges😁
robster230 Prije 7 mjeseci
Love the longer episodes great work everyone involved
Kenneth Rogers
Kenneth Rogers Prije 7 mjeseci
Would have been hilarious if Ethan would have gotten the Turbo model with the 2.4L SRT engine. Those are actually legit sleepers.
Highbatros Prije 7 mjeseci
God that Nissan has aged well. What a sexy looking car. No egg headlights or whatever the PT cruiser was supposed to be. If you guys think the Porsche is better looking, its ok, we cant all have good taste.
rrs Prije 6 mjeseci
@MyRegardsToTheDodo Having owned a boxter s, and still being a proud owner of a 2+2 ZX300 TT, I can say hands down that the porsche reliability is more fame than reality versus a well maintained ZX. I gave both cars the same ammount of atention, albeit I always drove the ZX a bit harser than the boxter, and I had some problems with the porsche (from the soft top mechanism to powersteering) and only a busted brake pedal switch on the ZX. Mechanically, the porsche is a bit easier to work on, you need miniature hands to do almost everything on the ZX without dropping the motor out. But the boxter is one of porsche's less "porsche" cars in recent times, in terms of everything. ZX wins hands down in every department, even if its a badly maintained automatic and NA like this one, including not looking as a transformer-frog like the porsche does, IMO.
The Conscientious Objector
The Conscientious Objector Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how you don't give a fuck about the enviroment. Pollute that shit some more.
Rares Turcu
Rares Turcu Prije 7 mjeseci
@Michael Hofmann I am joking man, I absolutely love all of them in their own way. As you said, different people have different taste.
Michael Hofmann
Michael Hofmann Prije 7 mjeseci
@In Aere Ediflcare gt3 is too expensive. Just a normal 996 c2 fl and voilla . Perfekt daily driver. Not that expensive that you have to baby it around. Cheapest 911 to maintain. And you have a 320hp daily that will put a smile on your face every day. And is also pretty economical to drive if you care about that. 8.5L/100km on the highway is possible. I mean of course the GT3 is better, but only a insane person would daily an GT3 ;).
In Aere Ediflcare
In Aere Ediflcare Prije 7 mjeseci
@Michael Hofmann Well GT3 certainly was but it is expensive.
Paul Burgess
Paul Burgess Prije 7 mjeseci
Awesome guys! Jack with the well deserved win there. Out of those three cars, Jacks Nissan looked at home on the Caffine and Machine carpark 👌🏻
Isak Sjődin
Isak Sjődin Prije 7 mjeseci
6:20 Ethan turning off the radio to save fuel while driving with the cabin lights on!
Joshua's Recordings
Joshua's Recordings Prije 7 mjeseci
I love the way that 300zx looks. Saw one in person recently that came on a road rally, beautiful car.
Max Swisher
Max Swisher Prije 7 mjeseci
Great video, CT is always getting better! Please enable or add captions in future videos 😊
Юрий Рыбак
Юрий Рыбак Prije 3 mjeseci
I really like the look of the 300zx. It looks good even today, among modern cars.
Howard Jennings
Howard Jennings Prije 7 mjeseci
Really enjoyed this episode guys, keep it up!
Danny Prije 7 mjeseci
Id love to see them do a european road trip in some old japanese cars
Joseph Robertson
Joseph Robertson Prije 7 mjeseci
Best video you’ve done in a while! I mean, they’re all good, I just enjoyed this one a lot. Well, actually they’re all good apart from that god awful love heart BMW 😆
James Smith
James Smith Prije 28 dana
Definitely the 300ZX for me, such a cool car. And that engine note! 😍😍
Andor Radnai
Andor Radnai Prije 2 mjeseci
That 300ZX really won me over! Manual swap it, and it is absolutely perfect!!
gervee Prije 7 mjeseci
The wheels on the Z32 fits very nice on it. It's the best looking Z for me
George Nestoridis
George Nestoridis Prije 7 mjeseci
We are witnessing Ethan becoming a proper petrolhead and its just amazing
The GTE Channel
The GTE Channel Prije 7 mjeseci
That Nissan is such a timeless machine
Faiz Aziz
Faiz Aziz Prije 7 mjeseci
Amazing vids as always guys... Please do a series on that nissan... Even a video a day of b rolls for the car is good enough...😄
Tripps Prije 7 mjeseci
These three should definitely present Top Gear, they would do so well
Chrisjk Prije 7 mjeseci
That bit where the 3 of you were stopped and Ethan was fking up the windscreen wipers and Jack was revving the Boxster to annoy Alex had me in stitches 😂😂😂 Edit: 12:59 onwards
Jan Pruijser
Jan Pruijser Prije 7 mjeseci
Loving the episode. Next time go letterbox and a nice grade on those little burnouts!
Aaron G
Aaron G Prije 7 mjeseci
These boys are the new Clarkson, May and hammond they are proving it. The 6 of them on a show together would be hilarious.
PRL Reviews
PRL Reviews Prije 6 mjeseci
@ 11:33: that look you give your friends when you know your doing something dangerous but their going to love it 🤣🏎💨
bryan Prije 7 mjeseci
Brilliant episode Just the right amount of stupidity,quality filming and editing,and nice to see jack relax Infront of the camera and show some of his character.
Aaron Newell
Aaron Newell Prije 7 mjeseci
This was brilliant guys please do more challenges like this! Next one gotta be a caravan holiday! £1000 budget for the tow car 🤙🏻
T_P Prije 7 mjeseci
For me the Nissan is clearly the coolest of the three
ch1mptast1c Prije 7 mjeseci
More sponsors, please! need more content like this
Христо Попов
Христо Попов Prije 7 mjeseci
You know, the Nissan has a pretty good sound, but when Alex revved up the Boxster, it sounded pretty good, right around 03:27 and again at 14:20.
Firion Razar
Firion Razar Prije 5 mjeseci
Thanks for filling the void in my heart for good automotive comedy!
Petra J.
Petra J. Prije 7 mjeseci
Funny how Ethan got perfectly covered by the CT logo at the end
Black Blade
Black Blade Prije 7 mjeseci
It's been a while since I've actually laughed out loud at a video. That was quality
JM Drives
JM Drives Prije 7 mjeseci
20:29 I always though Ethan would be a James May. And this part right here fits great!
OltonHall Prije 7 mjeseci
Alex's assessment of the PT Cruiser was spot on. I felt he held back a bit on his thoughts on the pile of dung.
Peter Dowie
Peter Dowie Prije 7 mjeseci
Absolutely hilarious gents!!!! What an awesome video 👍
Mr. E
Mr. E Prije 7 mjeseci
Congrats on 3 mill!!! Woo! Been here since the car guy vs none car guy episodes. Can’t wait for the future of car throttle.
Calvin Neilson
Calvin Neilson Prije 7 mjeseci
You can’t do a FWD burnout while pressing the brakes!! 😂😂😂😂
Daniel 12345
Daniel 12345 Prije 7 mjeseci
Lmao I couldnt stop laughing when ethan couldnt turn off the window wiper🤣🤣
Jack Woodcock
Jack Woodcock Prije 7 mjeseci
Loving the budget top gear series 👌
Stuart Russell
Stuart Russell Prije 7 mjeseci
The window cleaning bit had me in tears 😂
Phoenix Schofield
Phoenix Schofield Prije 7 mjeseci
Jack did a hell of a burnout in an automatic 😂 Edit: please do a part 3 of this
Jasper Cammaer
Jasper Cammaer Prije 7 mjeseci
This was a lovely episode!
Nick Dasko
Nick Dasko Prije 7 mjeseci
I would love to see Ethan take on that Nissan as project car.
BIGGZMcGEE 2.0 Prije 7 mjeseci
I didn't know I actually like the 300zx in grey until this series. Damn she's nice
Quad Video By Reggiexp
Quad Video By Reggiexp Prije 7 mjeseci
same SEXY CAR kinda like it
Me too! I often see 300zx in red but not in grey
Aurimas Maldzius
Aurimas Maldzius Prije 7 mjeseci
@House King we should be grateful for autos, usually theyre owned by sensible people and it way better condition than its manual versions, and then we make them manual ;)
House King
House King Prije 7 mjeseci
but it's an auto
Aurimas Maldzius
Aurimas Maldzius Prije 7 mjeseci
@Lappalainen me tooo! even the instrument panels inside, i was like wtf, next thing i know theres one on my neighbours drive, a year later theres one in mine
pizzza005 Prije 7 mjeseci
Would be so satisfying to make a series of videos destroying a pt cruiser!!
EvoBeard Prije 7 mjeseci
The joys of life: When driving "Spirited" and you nail the perfect gear change, when driving economically and you get the smoothest, low-revved gear change.
Alistair Jolly
Alistair Jolly Prije 7 mjeseci
6:55 Ethan needs his DRS, get back within a second of him!
Eric Petry
Eric Petry Prije 7 mjeseci
Love how they tried to power brake a fwd car. You need to rip the e-brake then dump clutch.
Armando Campa Martínez
Armando Campa Martínez Prije 7 mjeseci
TONIGHT: I say "Uhuhu huhu hu" 6:51 Jack does a burnout 3:00 Ethan giggles 11:55 and Gareth makes a cameo 23:18
Samira Peri
Samira Peri Prije 7 mjeseci
@RRSmurf Han Solo or Han from FF?
RRSmurf Prije 7 mjeseci
TONIGHT Alex becomes a hairdresser, Ethan changes her name to Karen and Jack is British Han.
heystirke300 Prije 6 mjeseci
More of these please!!!! Love it!
Mad Mat
Mad Mat Prije 7 mjeseci
Just a great show man. Love it. 🇦🇺
Draconian Gaming
Draconian Gaming Prije 7 mjeseci
I think a good challenge is to swap out the pt cruiser engine for a v6 or v8, improve the handling n brakes and see how good you can make it
Wolf VonTyr
Wolf VonTyr Prije 7 mjeseci
That 300ZX is glorious, the dark grey is the perfect colour. Watching Ethan driving it and enthusing confirms his transition to Car Guy. Though I expected better wheel cleaning from the craftsman, and still see dirt in the corners in the slo mo shot!! Also, a wild Gareth and Aurelie (I hope thats the correct spelling!) appears!
Jonathan Hagerty
Jonathan Hagerty Prije 7 mjeseci
Doing a manual gearbox swap on the Nisan 300ZX would be a lovely build project!
ALIEN GAMING Prije 7 mjeseci
I agree
N H Prije 7 mjeseci
….especially if Ethan did it!
mscustomlures Prije 7 mjeseci
When Alex forgets that a PT cruiser is front wheel drive, leave the handbrake on and dump the clutch dumping it then jumping on the brakes is for rwd only
1969Risky Prije 7 mjeseci
Great video lads. I'm getting more surprised at Ethan turning into a car guy. As much as I love the Porsche, I have to give points to the Z32 Nissan. Back in the day we used to call them Batmobiles. That PT Cruiser is simply just a clown car & it still is. I'm still expecting balloon animals to pop out when the top is down. I reckon the next challenge is to sell the cars for more than what you paid for.
Flo Beck
Flo Beck Prije 7 mjeseci
Serious Top Gear vibes, I absolutely love it!
Gazzi Slaihem
Gazzi Slaihem Prije 7 mjeseci
Convert the 300 to manual! Would make a good series
Toto Henry
Toto Henry Prije 7 mjeseci
for the pt cruiser, just apply the handbrake and just gas it. It is fwd.
lighthouseprov Prije 7 mjeseci
@Robert Vlasceanu have you seen part 2? first thing they did was take off the handbrake and try to do a burnout while 'modulating the brake' pedal.
Toto Henry
Toto Henry Prije 7 mjeseci
@Robert Vlasceanu I guess i wasn't paying attention then
KleamBrapison Prije 7 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now as if you made a account to troll them named after then 😅 what a fucking melt
Robert Vlasceanu
Robert Vlasceanu Prije 7 mjeseci
Have you seen part 1? The handbrake is awful on this car, so it won't hold the car still
tOSdude Prije 7 mjeseci
@KleamBrapison It couldn't even do that right, the clutch was done for.
ikilledsanta2 Prije 7 mjeseci
Nissan really did well on the 300 I think you should manual swap it and do a mini series on it I'd watch that
Khiyon Davis
Khiyon Davis Prije 7 mjeseci
Love your videos guys! make me laugh!
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