The Differences Between Petrol and Diesel Engines

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Here's everything you need to know about the differences between petrol and diesel engines.
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Komentari: 4 664
FSpotter Prije 3 godina
When you learn more from a 4.5 minute video than an entire day at school Edit: This is a joke dont take it seriously jesus, some people I swear...
No Name
No Name Prije 2 mjeseci
These pro-school are crazy man. We learn differently from different things. Common public school drags out bullshit information that you wont use much of. Trade schools are incredible. School is there for you to learn. If you cant learn but your trying to find ways to learn it differently, thats great! I taught myself highschool math because teachers gave up on me and litterally told me Im not teachable. By the end of the year, I jumped 3 grade levels in math and was correcting my teacher on problems she was messing up.
User1971 Prije 4 mjeseci
Your true
nadzirah muhsin
nadzirah muhsin Prije 6 mjeseci
ya'll need to chill
KeenScout Prije 6 mjeseci
@Zombie3110bd Hearing and understanding are different. It's like trying to solve a Rubik's cube by looking at it.
chris Schmeitz
chris Schmeitz Prije 7 mjeseci
It's not even a joke. Could be meant as one, but unbeknownst you have spoken the truth
rocksteph84 Prije 2 godina
Just think about, why Vin Diesel is not Vin Petrol... ;
RaymondHng Prije mjesec
Vin Diesel was born Mark Sinclair.
Average User
Average User Prije 2 mjeseci
surya teja
surya teja Prije 2 mjeseci
for the extra torque
Nekotorious Prije 5 mjeseci
Vin petrol sounds lame.
Tiaan Cloete
Tiaan Cloete Prije 6 mjeseci
Godzilla sized fuck lol havent heard that before
Nuri Alço
Nuri Alço Prije 2 godina
Petrol for fun, diesel for job
Karthik DK
Karthik DK Prije 4 dana
It's not like that. Petrol sedans and diesel SUVs are best combo ❤️.
Hamster shocked by life
Hamster shocked by life Prije 16 dana
What you are saying makes sense
Matt Wiper
Matt Wiper Prije mjesec
@Nuri Alço but 99.9% of cars will never be raced petrol or deisel
Noaerrr Prije mjesec
@Nobody so do petrols, just a bit less
Noaerrr Prije mjesec
@KoolCat there are other countries u know
Anduril Prije godine
The thing that really made me like diesels is that you can create diesel fuel from almost any oil, like vegetable oil, or even used cooking oil (as long as you properly filter out particulates). It does have to go through a refining process, but you could essentially make your own biodiesel with oil at home if you wanted. That's cool! You basically just need oil, methanol, and lye, and some know how, and you can make biodiesel that can run in modern diesel engines with no conversion necessary (except if you have natural rubber seals, biodiesel eats through them so you'll need synthetic seals).
A TV Prije godine
1,5K dislikes are from people, that have electric cars
Celph Taut
Celph Taut Prije 16 dana
Rip this comment.
Random YTP Station
Random YTP Station Prije 28 dana
not anymore, HRpost screwed us again
Kesavaram Krishnamorthy
Kesavaram Krishnamorthy Prije 2 mjeseci
and/or from frustrated people who have petrol cars.
Dawson Reum
Dawson Reum Prije 4 mjeseci
I mean electric cars a lot of the time (not all of the time) are not even more environmentally friendly, since the burning of coal is the primary source of electricity, a lot of the time it can be green, must most of the time is is fossil fuels.
Ramón Plasencia
Ramón Plasencia Prije 10 mjeseci
My dislike is because of the errors and mistakes found in the video. Especially the part on engine braking which is completely wrong.
Siya Prije 2 godina
You explained this video faster than a diesel engine compression. I got nothing
Shahaz_Khan Prije 3 mjeseci
Mzee Charles
Mzee Charles Prije 11 mjeseci
l MoJo l
l MoJo l Prije godine
bobshenix he does mention glow plugs in his “difference between piston engines and rotary engines”
avani sharma
avani sharma Prije godine
Stephen Soliguen
Stephen Soliguen Prije godine
Tso Benny
Tso Benny Prije 2 godina
Our company has several cars with the same model and year but different engines. The petrol one consume 1 litre per 7 km. The diesel one can go about 10.5 km per litre. I like diesel more not only the fuel efficiency but also its got more power going uphill.
Stathis Bikos
Stathis Bikos Prije 2 godina
One should point out that, although some newer diesels do have a throttle body/valve, it's not actually required for engine operation. Vehicles that do have it use it for allowing efficient EGR operation, smoother engine shutdown and sometimes help with engine braking. Diesels can't actually restrict airflow like petrol engines during normal operation as any significant decrease in airflow will reduce ultimate compression pressure below minimum and hinder fuel ignition. Thus throttle valves only operate during engine coasting (to help with EGR) or during shutdown (to reduce piston knock back as the engine stops) and in some other specific scenarios.
Adv Vaibhav Vashisht
Adv Vaibhav Vashisht Prije 2 godina
I'm a fan of both the engines. 🙂
JS Prije 6 mjeseci
No thinking is needed for this answer 🤣🤣😜😜
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Prije 7 mjeseci
Damn centrist
Lubek Fronc
Lubek Fronc Prije 8 mjeseci
@Lifeless Gamer tell that to my grandpa's car
Chistoffer Weberg
Chistoffer Weberg Prije 9 mjeseci
@Lifeless Gamer boy, that aint true
Lifeless Gamer
Lifeless Gamer Prije godine
but petrol have bad handling and dont last long.
Swagatron 5000
Swagatron 5000 Prije 2 godina
I own both a Turbocharged Petrol (2005 1.5T Mitsubishi Colt CZT) and a Turbocharged Diesel (2016 Seat Leon FR 184 TDI with a DTUK Tuning Box) car. Personally, I prefer the Diesel, boost kicks in way sooner (1800 RPM in the diesel, around 3500 in the Petrol) so it's great for overtaking and just in general driving such as pulling away from Junction. However I always make sure to only use the Diesel for longer journeys and the Petrol for shorter journeys to shops and such as the DPF getting clogged can be a big problem with the Diesel if you're not driving it often and long enough.
Ian Davies
Ian Davies Prije 3 godina
Best explanation of compression and the differences of Petrol v Diesel I have ever seen. Well done chaps.
Dylan Prije 2 godina
Hands down the best explanation of not only petrol/diesel differences, but also of the strokes in a 4-stroke engine. So concise and simply presented. Well done, guys!
Andrut V13
Andrut V13 Prije 2 godina
Imagine having low compression rate. This comment was made by diesel gang.
Hebn Prije 2 mjeseci
@Louis Greschner petrol cars have egr too...
Cool worms
Cool worms Prije 8 mjeseci
Imagine having lower revs smh
זה סודי
זה סודי Prije 9 mjeseci
Imagine being able to cold start easily This post was made by the diesel gang
0311tard Prije 10 mjeseci
@Andrut V13 like that makes a difference
Andrut V13
Andrut V13 Prije 10 mjeseci
@0311tard jokes on you, I don't live in America
MadProductionsink Prije 4 godina
You forgot to mention that it is easier to start a petrol in winter, that's why most Russian big trucks run on petrol, so they can start in winter in Siberia
Random YTP Station
Random YTP Station Prije 28 dana
diesel has higher compression=more power needed from the battery to start off
Sawn Ksai
Sawn Ksai Prije 9 mjeseci
Why didn't they use spark for only a start on diesel?
Everything Tractors
Everything Tractors Prije godine
@Mike nolzey Nolan ev
Everything Tractors
Everything Tractors Prije godine
@jj waters cool
Everything Tractors
Everything Tractors Prije godine
But Big Russian tractors run on Diesel
Bram Vanhautte
Bram Vanhautte Prije 2 godina
Great video for explaining the very basics of the differences!
Harry Lewington
Harry Lewington Prije godine
I have always wondered if you could turn a diesel engine into a petrol engine just by changing the glow plugs for spark plugs I know it wouldn’t necessarily be easy but I just wonder if it’s physically possible and would you be able to get more power from it being it’s a diesel block?
AUTO MECHANIC 3D Prije godine
This is a simple and perfect animation to understand the difference between petrol and diesel engine.
Mian Tahir
Mian Tahir Prije 2 godina
Nice work and excellent explanation of differences.
rajahfl Prije 2 godina
Awesome video, I never knew before and your video very easily and clearly explains the differences.
John Prije 2 godina
Ahh. I've been wondering about how modern factory petrol engines with turbos. It obvious to use forced induction to reduce emissions. Never considered the exhaust gases being used to power the intake stroke. The more you know, the more you know you don't know....
John Prije 2 godina
Ahh. I've been wondering about how modern factory petrol engines with turbos. It obvious to use forced induction to reduce emissions. Never considered the exhaust gases being used to power the intake stroke. The more you know, the more you know you don't know....
David Lam
David Lam Prije 2 godina
Diesel engines use glow plugs to ignite the air fuel mixture when starting up before switching to air compression for igniting the air fuel mixture. Because diesel is not volatile as petrol it does not give off vapours thus it is very hard to ignite when the Diesel engine is cold, especially in winter. I will stick with petrol since my winter season can be -30 degrees Celsius.
Markus Dee
Markus Dee Prije 2 godina
Diesel engines can run on waste vegetable oil or straight vegetable oil. It just need to be thinned by adding heaters to the fuel lines or mixing a little amount of petrol to your vege oil. Only for older engines.
Wa2436 Prije godine
Always been a gas/petrol guy until here recently and am also a big fan of Ford trucks. Just got one with the 7.3 powerstroke diesel and have realized what I’ve been missing out on
Siddun Khwaja
Siddun Khwaja Prije 2 godina
Drive daily: Diesel Drive once a month: Petrol
TURBOIAN Prije 2 mjeseci
Indian middle class driving only petrol everyday. Two wheelers
Grizzzy Banks
Grizzzy Banks Prije 3 mjeseci
fetts for life
fetts for life Prije 9 mjeseci
truck diesel car gas
Siddun Khwaja
Siddun Khwaja Prije godine
@Sharavanan Balasundaravel Agreed
Sharavanan Balasundaravel
Sharavanan Balasundaravel Prije godine
If I drive only once a month, I'd better take Uber lol
Quenguin Prije 8 mjeseci
Both petrol and diesel engines have their advantages and disadvantages but if I had to choose I would choose Diesel, purely for the better thermal efficiency and fuel economy
Luka Prije 4 godina
If this world starts going for electric cars, which it is doing, then in about 50 years, history teachers in school will use this video to show kids what it was like in the petrol/ diesel era
Carl Watson
Carl Watson Prije 2 mjeseci
Yep kids will look at the petrol/diesel engines like we now look at steam engines
Saden Uttie !
Saden Uttie ! Prije 4 mjeseci
@MrSupercar55 still think that now?
Saden Uttie !
Saden Uttie ! Prije 4 mjeseci
@Orion late response but hydrogen fuel cells are so inneficent to make
Adriana Kuzmikova
Adriana Kuzmikova Prije 8 mjeseci
@Luka how many nicknames do you have? its funny you follow me everywhere I go :)
Luka Prije 8 mjeseci
@Adriana Kuzmikova I'm a billionaire and that isn't true
Ayodele Akinsiku
Ayodele Akinsiku Prije 2 godina
Great video. I definitely prefer a diesel engine. More power, more energy .
Scott Brown
Scott Brown Prije godine
But as a fuel, petrol is more explosive and has a higher volatility meaning power is much greater at rev limit than a diesel
Brandon Orozco
Brandon Orozco Prije 4 mjeseci
Not to mention a well maintained Diesel engine can last almost 1 million miles while gasoline engines last only 200-300k
Deepak Mohan
Deepak Mohan Prije godine
I love both engines, in different aspects.
Clay DuVal
Clay DuVal Prije 4 godina
From an engineering standpoint, the diesel's are way better due to the higher thermal efficiency. Now if we could do a diesel cycle with gasoline rather than an Otto cycle... that would take the cake
Marko Prije 3 godina
Diesel engines don't really use the diesel cycle but rather the Sabbathe cycle. Mostly the same but the expansion after ignittion is done in two parts i.e. partly with constant voliume and partly with constant pressure
Stealth360stealth Prije 3 godina
Look up what mazda is doing with this, they are on the brink of creating that dream, a high compression petrol engine at high speeds and a spark plug for the cyclinders to use at lower speeds = the best of both worlds!
Arnold Tabor
Arnold Tabor Prije 2 godina
I heard diesel was more efficient and produces less co2 ,generally especially in new cars ,but the produce more large particles ... if there was somehow of finding a way of catching those ,it would be even better for the environment and probably petrol wouldnt be pushed in most countries as better
lenooh puls
lenooh puls Prije 2 godina
The point of the turbo (3:56) is to pump more air in the cylinder. In a diesel you can pump as much as you want (the more, the better). With petrol you are limited by the stoichiometric ratio.
lenooh puls
lenooh puls Prije 2 godina
Bartonovich52 What you said is all correct, however you have to press "Read more" to see the full reply. I tried to be short on purpose. That said: Of course, you can just add more fuel to maintain the stoichiometric ratio, however (as you said) this will lead to engine knock IN PETROL engines. Not in diesel, since it only compresses air. And of course you can't just pump in an unlimited amount of air, because it would blow up the engine (both petrol and diesel).
Bartonovich52 Prije 2 godina
Uh... no. The stoichiometric ratio is just a air fuel ratio for complete combustion of fuels. For gasoline it’s 14.7:1. For diesel it’s 14.5:1. With either of them.... if you put more air in, you put more fuel in. Gasoline engines are generally limited by detonation. But although Diesel engines don’t have that limitation they are already running huge compression ratios, high heat, and insane forces on the dynamic components. Adding too much boost will destroy the engine as surely as a gasoline engine. This is why in tractor pulls they run super rich (smoky) mixtures for cooling, and have quite spectacular failures. That’s also why you want to avoid any chipped or modded Diesel engine like the plague.
Jan Honza
Jan Honza Prije 2 godina
I had both and for me winner is a diesel. It's more comfortable and for daily use and long trips is simply better. I have Audi A6 avant 3.0 TDI quattro 180kW and I love it !!!!!
Engineering Juice
Engineering Juice Prije 2 godina
Quick and concise. Loved it!
The Global Expats
The Global Expats Prije 11 mjeseci
Thanks guys! My wife and I are looking at buying a cheap car to drive around Europe soon, so we're absorbing all the information we can find online😅
Amy Verhagen
Amy Verhagen Prije 6 mjeseci
Brilliant explanation, thanks so much! :)
MANISH KUMAR Prije 3 godina
Can you please explain why petrol engines cannot work on same principle of self ignition as DIESEL engine, thereby saving the loss due to spark plug ignition which renders much petrol fuel not burning in cycle amounting to lesser efficiency.
Toby wood
Toby wood Prije 3 godina
For long routes i will definitely choose diesel but for short routes i will go for petrol
Rishabh Hangal
Rishabh Hangal Prije godine
Petrol engines may be less efficient, but they pollute less than diesel engines overall. Even though CO2 emissions from petrol engine are higher, diesel engines emit more particulate matter, which is the real killer.
Axel Alexson
Axel Alexson Prije 2 godina
I know it's unpopular. But I just love how a beefy turbocharged 2,0-2,2L diesel block behaves in a car
Chris Arroyo
Chris Arroyo Prije godine
I forget that diesel cars are a much more common thing overseas lol. I kept expecting to see some type of heavy duty truck throughout the video. Great video btw.
Alyx Mitchell
Alyx Mitchell Prije godine
also i find diesel cars seem to be easier to drive as you don’t really need to use the accelerator when you’re moving off
Old_ Kitsune
Old_ Kitsune Prije 4 godina
I think these videos are some of my favorite They educate in a very entertaining way and give us the sweet, sweet data all us nerds crave
mihindu1967 Prije godine
Is there any engineering fault in making the diesel engine with a lower compression ratio and putting spark plugs to make it work like the petrol IC engine? If the diesel engine is made with a lower compression ratio and with spark plugs, then could the diesel engine be made to work hybrid like petrol engines do? Wouldn't it work because there would be more uniformity in the ignition of compressed air with diesel. Has anyone done any R&D on this thesis? If this thesis work then mass transportation vehicles like trains, busses, trucks and vans could be fitted with diesel hybrid engines! Couldn't it?
Mike T Scott
Mike T Scott Prije 2 mjeseci
Diesel engines require oil that contains twice the calcium a third more phosphorus and magnesium. From 900-1100 parts per million and for calcium 1200-2400 ppm. This is in synthetic oil CF has been improved to CG-CH.
Jojokuber Prije 2 godina
I love diesel because you can put the turbo easier than in petrol engine. In petrol you need to change the ignintion for exaple and more parts and setting and engine maps, but in diesel you only change the fuel dose. In diesel and petrol engine you buy the intercooler and many pipes and of course turbo.
Rene Agac
Rene Agac Prije 2 godina
Diesel cars are great for motorways and they last forever but cant beat good petrol v6 / straight six / v8 engine as they are just such a pleasure to drive and listen
Drax Luthor
Drax Luthor Prije 2 godina
By the end of the video, you start comparing "apples to oranges" (even though they can be compared). Comparing naturally aspirated petrol engine to a turbocharged diesel engine isn't fair, because TD engines have much higher torque at lower rpms compared to NA engine that has linear distribution of power and torque. What you can compare though, are turbodiesel and turbo petrol engines. Great examples of the fuel-friendly and powerful petrol engines are BMW's TwinPower Turbo, VW/AUDI TFSI, Alfa Romeo TBI, etc. Turbodiesels cannot compare to them.
chymist66 Prije 2 godina
I haven’t had a petrol car for years. I like the fuel efficiency and low down grunt of TDI cars. My car only does between 1500 and 3500 revs, it’s all it needs to do. I fancy an RS3 or S3 but I’m unsure whether I should go with a BMW 335D MSport instead, great power and better on juice. My current BMW 1 series 118D MSport has done 168K and hasn’t skipped a beat, how reliable are Petrol engines these days for 30K per year driving??
Yanal Chattasha
Yanal Chattasha Prije 2 godina
Actually, the right reason is that the Autoignition temperature of the Diesel which is 210 C. The Autoignition temperature of Patrol is between 247-280 C. The compression ratio is just a result of the autoignition temperature fact. With bigger compression ratio, car could reach the 210 C faster. To reach 280 C, car needs a lot bigger compression ratio.
Dieter Prije godine
Diesel all the way, my 2004 TDI does 5L/100km and still puts out 170bhp and 400nm of torque
Daniel Bak
Daniel Bak Prije 4 godina
Forgot one fact! Diesels can turn into "runaway diesels" where the engine revs uncontrollably up to even 14000 rpm because of faulty gaskets in the turbo feeds oil into the engine causing ignition, turning the key won't help because the engine runs on oil now and not on diesel, so the only way to stop a runaway diesel is to either starve the engine of oxygen by taking a wood 2x4 covered with duct tape and putting it on the intake manifold so there is no air entering the engine or by holding down the clutch and brake pedals putting the car into the highest gear available and dropping the clutch and pressing the brake pedal hard so the engine stalls. Anyway hope you never get to experience a runaway diesel this has been education time with Vault-Tec Representative goodbye
GT20Modding Prije 4 godina
Dude fuck off you have 1-3 brain cells.
sub bassment
sub bassment Prije 4 godina
hahaha nice
Trvp Game
Trvp Game Prije 4 godina
Or, You can take anything and put it in the turbo.
Alejandro García
Alejandro García Prije 4 godina
ThirteenMatt Prije 4 godina
Claudio Jose Capote have you even watched the video? Even though taking a diesel glow plug out would make it unable to make compression, by the time you take them out your engine would probably be dead anyway. And that's assuming you can take those out on an engine that's currently reving all it can.
Ranjith Deepak
Ranjith Deepak Prije godine
For me (since i am from India ) I would pick any of the below engines and these are my favourite ones:- 1)Honda Ivtec - Petrol 2) Toyota 2NRFE - Petrol 3) Fiat 1.3 L Multijet - Diesel 4) Toyota 1.4 D4D - Diesel 5) Ford 1.5 TDCI - Diesel 6) Renault 1.5 L DCI - Diesel
Karthik DK
Karthik DK Prije 4 dana
Ford's 1.5 TDCI has a special place in my heart 💖
Pizza Planet Truck
Pizza Planet Truck Prije 10 mjeseci
2:50-3:04 Not all diesels engine brake. Engine braking in diesel vehicles, known as Jake Braking, is only on large diesel trucks (tractor trailers, fire trucks, etc.).
peeps billu
peeps billu Prije godine
Diesel the legend of fuel efficiency 🔥
I AM NODE Prije 2 godina
I never been a diesel engine fan but from now i became die hard fan of it
Samuel Wardell
Samuel Wardell Prije 2 godina
As a learner I’m finding my parents diesel easier to learn in. But my instructors car is a petrol and is a lot more twitchy with clutch and throttle control. I’m getting used to both but I prefer diesel.
Totenkopf_88 Prije 2 godina
With diesels you can almost dump the clutch and never stall. I learnt to drive stick in a diesel Ute, took me like 10 minutes to get the hang of
Sparky 69
Sparky 69 Prije 2 godina
2nd diesel I've had. 1st one horrific experience 5 years later 2nd one and it's great! I do 1200 mile trips every couple of months. Economy 59mpg power 188bhp twin spool turbo. Had a 2.5 by Lexus and it got 40mpg. Utterly loved the car but those miles just wore it out. Sold it 125k miles. Sad to see it go
U1timate1nferno Prije 2 godina
Could you do a version for Compress (and/or even Liquid) Natural Gas? I am well aware it's been a couple years
Old Engineer Guy
Old Engineer Guy Prije 11 mjeseci
Could you have made your comment without the extra line breaks, forcing the reader to click "read more"? I'm aware that your post was over a year ago.
ThatRetroDoodLeon 𓁹𓁹
ThatRetroDoodLeon 𓁹𓁹 Prije 3 godina
I like diesel engine because of 3 reasons, one, its more fuel efficient, it wont need battery power for its power stroke, and so that means it wont use the battery unless spark plugs on petrol engines and 3, the Hummer H1 (My favorite car) has a diesel engine.
Bob White
Bob White Prije 2 godina
When working in below freezing temperatures Petrol/Gasoline. diesel has a gelling problem takes a lot of 911 to get it running again. I like both, Diesel definatley has advantages to gas but opposite can be said as well .
Mohammed Yasin
Mohammed Yasin Prije 3 godina
So as far as I have understood, petrol engines don't require as much compression within the cylinder because they use a spark plug to burn the fuel. But in the case of a diesel engine, as the fuel needs a higher temperature to burn, it's requires a higher compression for the air to get hotter. Correct?
Darbyjack Prije 2 godina
I drove from London to Berlin with my 1.6 VW Golf TDI Mk VII without refuelling. It's quite a nippy car as well - happily overtakes on motorways.
Darbyjack Prije 2 godina
@Joe Bloggs wow that's quite impressive for a petrol engine!
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Prije 2 godina
Darbyjack Agree, Love the Golf ❤️ Also have the MkVII, but in 1.4 TSI, can quite easily do over 1000km to a 50L tank. And brilliant turbocharged fun!
Никола Величковић
Никола Величковић Prije 2 godina
Alfa Romeo 1.9 JTD chip tuned to 160Hp goes fast like a bullet! I switchet from 1.6 twinspark to 1.9 JTD and i was shocked at the difference. Diesel all the way
John Bergstrom
John Bergstrom Prije godine
Well I do have a turbo charged gasoline engine in my Toyota.. and I can go pretty damn fast in it..
Gabb Prije 2 godina
this video is really well done!
jay morris
jay morris Prije 2 godina
Diesel all the way, and they won le,man a few years on trot before hybrids. The torque is amazing.
Portfolio's Passionate
Portfolio's Passionate Prije 2 godina
Nice video !! There are not talking about the difference between direct inject and no direct injection . Diesel engine pollute much more than petrol engine . And the best part they haven't talked about is the petrol engine's flexibility !!! Most part of you don't stop to think about the Diesel engine's torque, just because it got a Turbo, but if a test of the same car with Diesel and Petrol engines ( both with Turbo ) was done (from an A point to a B point ), all of you would be so surprise to see the Petrol car arriving fisrt !!! YYYEEEAAAHHH !!!
Madha Manish
Madha Manish Prije 2 godina
your animation and visuals are amazing ... Loved it Really
Richky Raymond
Richky Raymond Prije 2 godina
I'm a huge fan of the torque diesel engine produce! But I'm in love of how 6 or 8 cylinders petrol engine sounds. So why not both?
Totenkopf_88 Prije 2 godina
@Richky Raymond You do realize those exist right?
Richky Raymond
Richky Raymond Prije 2 godina
@Totenkopf_88yup! Something like v8 diesel or 6cylinder diesel 😂 never own anything more than a 4banger. Indonesian rules n regulation made it absolutely expensive to own above 2500cc engine 😂
Totenkopf_88 Prije 2 godina
What are you suggesting? A diesel v8 that revs higher and sounds like a petrol equivalent?
Robert Bould
Robert Bould Prije 7 mjeseci
Im happy with my 2.0l turbocharged diesel engine in my car. Plenty of mpg, approx 60-70mpg Plenty of power and torque. People say diesels are oil burners, kick out black smoke etc.. My advice is change oil every 6 months, and use premium diesel fuel, look after the life blood of your diesel car and it will look after you and run clean forever. DIESEL POWER
Drazen Markovic
Drazen Markovic Prije 2 godina
also petrol engines have lower fuel to air mixture ratio then diesel.diesel can have up to 70 to 1 ratio as the petrol 36 to 1 i believe
A Z Prije 3 godina
Let the turbo kick in when you drive a diesel car, its sound, its torque will make you forget a petrol car...certainly yes i am a diesel engine fan
Magnum Llama
Magnum Llama Prije godine
At how much rpm do diesel turbo start spinning?
mudza92 Prije godine
@Dinis Paulino Especially never ones with bigger engines and 6 cilinders or more, they have a good sound when you hit the pedal, but 4 cilinders sound really bad, more like a small working machine. Like a not so loud tractor. On the other hand, petrol engine 1.4 liters and up sound really good, and the bigger the engine the meaner the sound. Not to mention the instant throttle when you hit the pedal, and diesel have that lazy lag which annoys the hell out of me. I drove Mercedes 270 E from my friend, and it is damn powerful but even then it starts pulling like a second after you hit the pedal. That's something I really don't like in a car. If I press gas pedal I want the power now.
Mantas ookinavicius
Mantas ookinavicius Prije godine
I get max turbo power at 1.8k rmps.While on gas engine turbo would probably work only from 3k
Dave Holmes
Dave Holmes Prije godine
@Dopey Dope one that's not full of carbon and diesel. Usually found in petrol engines.
Akshay Prije godine
Yes i agree with you.
Robbie Bailey
Robbie Bailey Prije 9 mjeseci
I have a Jetta TDI and since diesel is more efficient they just raise the price.. but it gets around 40 mph to almost 50 it..and the turbo is nice.
Malek Uvesh
Malek Uvesh Prije 2 godina
I liked diesel for low rev torque but i am a racer man i love to push rev to it's limits, and my final choice is turbo petrol.
Rommy R
Rommy R Prije 2 godina
And its much easier to modify turbo diesel engine than petrol turbo engine, compression is the key
Rosso Prije 2 godina
I like the torque that goes with diesel engines, I have an Audi A3 8p 2.0tdi 140hp but there are too many problems with it, I'll be selling it sometime soon
Neil Burns
Neil Burns Prije 8 mjeseci
Many people including myself after having a great diesel car you don't really want anything else. Cars are about getting safely from A to B. If you want to have fun with a car go to the race track or back to kindergarten where you are likely to find people with a similar level of maturity to yourself.
Panagiotis Prije 3 godina
On diesel already one year. Accelerating easy without noise, and drive on hilly road easy no matter load and # of passengers. Comfortable ride and power when it matters more. This is my view.
Gaminghunter 2000
Gaminghunter 2000 Prije godine
Buy a petrol since it’s quieter and more comfortable. It is worth the less mpg because you will not you use all the gas tank in 1 day and just pay for more gas if you need. Buy a diesel if you are trying to save money and don’t mind it being louder and more stinky. The diesel just gets better mpg. Conclusion: Buy a petrol unless your trying to save some money.
Andre Prije 2 godina
Diesel also need time to warm up when first start .. especially cold start Diesel more heat=more power
Everything Tractors
Everything Tractors Prije godine
Just enable the choke
Uhuuhuu Prije godine
@l MoJo l thermostat is inside a cooling system,you mean temperature gauge?
l MoJo l
l MoJo l Prije godine
Sidik I mean technically with fuel injected vehicles (and with correct oil for the climate) you don’t need to warm up the car. However it’s in your best interest for the longevity of the car to get the oil flowing before you go anywhere. If it’s cold I don’t go anywhere until I see my thermostat move haha even if it’s warm (unless I’m in a hurry) I’ll wait for the thermostat to move.
Uhuuhuu Prije godine
@Sidik -30c give at least 5min to get oil running smoothly ,that guy was dumb
Epoch Prije 2 godina
you just need decent glow plugs
Brian Aguilar
Brian Aguilar Prije 4 godina
You should make a video on which car company owns BMW owns rolls Royce and stuff like that. Although it can be searched online I think a video showing what all the major car companies own would be pretty cool.
richyau Prije 3 godina
Brokkolirepublik Deutschland
Brokkolirepublik Deutschland Prije 3 godina
Brian Aguilar everything is owned by Germans and Japanese
A T Prije godine
I tought that the glowplug only works when you start the engine. But if I watch the animation, it glows constantly.
Syntheziz Prije 2 godina
Diesel seems way better and less components that can break. my old saab currently has problems with the throttle body and coil packs constantly.
雷欧在法国 Prije godine
I've watched several videos that compare petrol and diesel. However, the take away of this sort of comparison feels like that petrol engine should not exist. Anyone can expain WHY we have both?
Ajay V Gopal
Ajay V Gopal Prije 3 godina
You helped me a lot thanks do make easy tutorials like this
Vivek S
Vivek S Prije 2 godina
Well explained I really liked it.... :)
Edrich van Deventer
Edrich van Deventer Prije godine
I love diesel engines because it is a hard working engine like my 3L hilux😎
Kaiju Fan
Kaiju Fan Prije 2 godina
Petrol engines are important, don't get me wrong. We do need them, but for the daily jobs that occupy about 3 quraters of the year, for most of us, then Diesel Engines are the machines to do the job. This is why I love the diesel electric locomotives of railroads. I do have a soft spot for steam engines though, but to get the job done while conserving fuel and energy for tomorrow and the rest of the year, diesel engines have my vote. Whoever thought of the idea of diesel engines, thank you. Thank you for giving mankind something efficient and reliable. 👏👍
She's The Skipper
She's The Skipper Prije 2 godina
Super interesting! Wish I would have watched before, on our latest HRpost video, I take our diesel engine apart. As a female accountant, with no experience whatsoever, we can only hope she starts when I am finished! Don't even get me started on petrol engines - I am not ready!!
An Chaz
An Chaz Prije 2 godina
Nice explanation . Thumbs up 👍🏼
WHIPPIN WIT T Prije 11 mjeseci
Diesel all day. Torque is where the fun is at. I've owned three BMWs and three ford's. One petrol from each brand and two diesels. You just can't beat the torque!
Dako Prije 8 mjeseci
I own a diesel 2018 skoda Octavia and damn the efficiency is unreal
Plamen Ishmeriev
Plamen Ishmeriev Prije godine
I am a fan of the petrol engines. Owning 3.0 l. naturally aspirated 6 banger (BMW e60 530 xi lci).
Thulana Manjitha
Thulana Manjitha Prije 2 godina
Thank you brother,today i learn the difference,👍👍
Carlos_A_M Prije godine
I prefer a full flow combustion cycle in my car, its really fast.
Nostalgia Chase
Nostalgia Chase Prije 2 godina
I like petrol engines better because I think they have a better sound and that you wouldn't need to pull the starter rope so hard if the engine has a starter rope.
Publius Velocitor
Publius Velocitor Prije 10 mjeseci
Diesel all the way. You can go through three petrol cars, in the functional life of one diesel.
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