6 Things You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Wrong When Driving Fast

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We all love driving fast, but some drivers struggle with the basics. Here are some key tips to keep you rubber side down..

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KroneYT Prije 2 godina
Always drive fast next to cops. They will usually be impressed and give you points on your license. If you collect enough of these points, you can win prizes! Like... a new license.
NZbreedsarerare Prije 20 dana
No no , the older licence are better and those points are bad, they give you points for loosing the race. When ever someone flashes blue and red lights at you they are challenging you to a street race. Those points tell you how many times you lost. The higher the speed the more points you get
Sadman Sadat
Sadman Sadat Prije 2 mjeseci
- ViruX -
- ViruX - Prije 3 mjeseci
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel Prije 3 mjeseci
I gave up on the game. He made a deal saying “I’m going to take your license but We’ll help you with a home. Put in me in jail smh
D3C1F3R Rize
D3C1F3R Rize Prije 4 mjeseci
When you get enough points they realize youre so good you dont need a license anymore
Mahin Rishad
Mahin Rishad Prije 2 godina
I think the biggest precaution is to keep your ego in check.
Ritwiz Rai
Ritwiz Rai Prije mjesec
Also know the limits of your car.
Xtreme Prije 2 mjeseci
Mel MMA Prije 4 mjeseci
I see that a lot it's scary
Random stupid things 2070
Random stupid things 2070 Prije 5 mjeseci
Well said
100rats Prije 7 mjeseci
@James Playz1 so true
Got memes?
Got memes? Prije 2 godina
When I'm driving fast: 70% looking out for speeding cameras 30% paying attention to the road
Alex Crossley
Alex Crossley Prije mjesec
If you’re not joking you’re a tool!
Panupong Noonil
Panupong Noonil Prije 2 mjeseci
If you wanna do it another way round. Just move to Thailand. A land where tickets could valid for only a year before it dissappear.
Gaming android 27
Gaming android 27 Prije 5 mjeseci
Do it ön a private Road most farmers and land owners próbálok have like a 5-10 Mike long concrete closed Road ask them I did and I unlocked the fun zone
Radu P
Radu P Prije 5 mjeseci
you seem wise
Leo Prije 6 mjeseci
And that's why always say that speeding cameras do more bad than good. Also after I see a speeding camera I go faster than usually because I know there wont be another in long time
Fernando Domingo
Fernando Domingo Prije 2 godina
Playing loud music is a bad habit except if it's Eurobeat
Astra Prije 2 mjeseci
Smipy Prije 3 mjeseci
@jordan Robshaw it's fine if you don't like them but don't call them cringe
jordan Robshaw
jordan Robshaw Prije 3 mjeseci
@Smipy first 3 r cringe
Sai Ram
Sai Ram Prije 5 mjeseci
Eurobeat adds +20 mph and -10 ego.
Satanic Thumb
Satanic Thumb Prije 5 mjeseci
Idk how people do it, there’s dudes that are blasting trap and driving like 80 on 35.
Mikey Cage
Mikey Cage Prije 2 godina
Top tip: Don't Be The Prick On The Road. 👍 Drive fast but drive safe.
VossWaterKim Prije godine
That's why 4am is the best. You can drive as fast as possible cuz there's like 3 cars on the highway
Bee R
Bee R Prije godine
Luv luv luv ur comment. You said it PERFECTLY 👌🏻🙌🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️
DMAX4333 Prije godine
Good driving videos
Danyael Darlucio
Danyael Darlucio Prije godine
Kyle Aldryn Cabral excuse u
Kyle Aldryn Cabral
Kyle Aldryn Cabral Prije 2 godina
There's a lot of dumbass drivers here in the Philippines Hahaha!
CA_S17 Prije 3 godina
Don’t drive 50mph through a small town centre after only having a car for 3 days other wise you’ll hit a lamppost and write it off like I did :)
CA_S17 Prije 25 dana
@Spartan265 true lmao was 3 years ago now crazy shiii
Spartan265 Prije 25 dana
I mean thats what you get for being a dumbass while driving.
M. Kastro
M. Kastro Prije 2 mjeseci
Sleepy Joe Biden
Sleepy Joe Biden Prije 6 mjeseci
@Krayzie more fun when your blasting near 100 down country lanes 🤷🏽‍♂️
Classic1337 Prije 8 mjeseci
@WAG1 ahahahhaha yeah i do every now and then, me and him still good mates
TheDudeInTheRedHotHatch Prije 4 godina
Use your brain and take in account other driver's possible stupidity. In other words, you might as well go to a track because on public roads there will always be an idiot around that is too busy watching his cellphone or is completely oblivious to what is happening in any of his mirrors. On public roads a golden rule in your car is: always assume the worst...and don't get mad when it actually turns out to be reality.
lollipop goon
lollipop goon Prije 2 mjeseci
Exactly bro I drive while chiefing and still drive better than half these losers on the road people never turning there signal on makes me the most mad becuz it’s an empty lane on hihhway or watever I’m going 90+ in my civic and the stupid b1ch going 50 wants to switch to my lane when they know I’m coming I’m just thag tyoe if driver I like having fun and hearing my engine go vroom even though my vtec isn’t as powerful as the other famous vtecs I still love it and how unnecessarily loud it is
Sk1ds Prije 4 mjeseci
Also, talking about idiots: you might meet yourself coming from the other direction when you do stupid shit like this on public roads.
InsanePorcupine Prije 5 mjeseci
@cool guy The autobahn actually has a ton of rules, there just isn't a speed limit in certain parts. It's also very difficult to get your license in Germany.
InsanePorcupine Prije 5 mjeseci
@Bernat moko The idiots are everywhere, save us.
cool guy
cool guy Prije 5 mjeseci
My dad often drills that into my head since i live in a third world country and road rules are basically non-existent everywhere is basically the auto-ban
Jacob Ramsey
Jacob Ramsey Prije godine
“I paid for the whole speedometer, I’m gonna use the whole speedometer.” My cars speedometer goes to 160 but it won’t get there so I’m out of luck 😂
Julian Brelsford
Julian Brelsford Prije 3 mjeseci
When I was a kid the family pickup truck had a speedometer that only went to 85 mph. I'm certain the vehicle could go faster... on a downhill.
LeonL47 Prije 5 mjeseci
i can never speed up for too long without the paranoia of another speeding ticket
spazda_mx5 Prije 4 godina
Don't confuse your intentions with your ability.
Hartbreak1 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Lulo Lee instead of pleading to my ignorance why don’t you show actual statistics instead?
Lulo Lee
Lulo Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
@Hartbreak1 If you say motorsport “driving” is safe, then for sure you aren’t a pilot of a sports car and have never been. Surprisingly, the annual number of casualties in car accidents comparing 1980 and 2018 remain pretty much the same...
Hartbreak1 Prije 2 mjeseci
@Lulo Lee if that was impossible we wouldn’t have racing motorsports. Also fast is relative, at the dawn of the car era driving at highway speeds in a car was super unsafe, now it’s a common everyday thing. Safety involves multiple factors and proper driving technique is only one of those (though an important one).
Lulo Lee
Lulo Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
@Hartbreak1 “fast and safely” is completely impossible. You can only choose either of those, but not both at the same time.
Backyard Paintball
Backyard Paintball Prije 2 godina
You just messed me up with this. I do autocross and I just had an instructor tell me my biggest problem is overconfidence: "You're gassing before I tell you and braking after I tell you, why am I hear?"
Am I Here ?
Am I Here ? Prije 3 godina
I love the references to bikers. we don't get enough credit for how much thinking, intuition, skill, and critical thinking we put into riding on a daily basis.
Luky_Ban Prije 2 godina
I think you forget the basic thing of racing. Slow in fast out. This can save you from hitting the tree or it can give you some seconds if you are on some racing track.
Castle Bravo
Castle Bravo Prije mjesec
@Ricardo Lopez You don't know how to use Google? Amazing.
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez Prije mjesec
@Castle Bravo yes plz
Castle Bravo
Castle Bravo Prije mjesec
@Ricardo Lopez I sure can... Do you want me to?
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez Prije mjesec
@Castle Bravo can you explain trailbrake
Castle Bravo
Castle Bravo Prije 11 mjeseci
@Ethan Storm I trailbrake. I've found it's a perfect way to get in to the corner fast and then punch out under throttle.
EJ Campbell
EJ Campbell Prije 2 godina
Inspect your car before hitting the roads. I normally do this just in case. Also, I let my car warm up slowly before driving it hard.
Dave S.
Dave S. Prije godine
installing a higher-spec (Leather) steering wheel from the same model/year has improved my weekend sports driving appreciably. Better grip, less effort to grip the wheel etc
ARTIFEX Prije 4 godina
"Playing loud music"" dont play eurobeat loud. its gonna decrease reactions timing by 100% and give you godlike techniques. and makes you go sideways at a corner and cant forget it adds 50 hp more
Jessiebeanie Prije godine
Adding a Tofu sticker to your car adds an extra 150% extra HP. Most Hypercars do this, you can't see it since they make it microscopic, but that doesn't change it's stats because they put a million of microscopic ones in places you won't even see it anyways.
My Channel Lacks Originality
My Channel Lacks Originality Prije godine
I have played Eurobeat in my shitty Ford Ka mk1 many times on my favourite b road. No regrets at all. The short gearing and the wheel at each corner design make it sooooo so fun to drive. Note: I only hoon down that road very late at night.
Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas Prije dan
The only tip I can think of, is never brake going into a corner (Or whilst going around it) Always brake in a straight light and carry the speed through it
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prije godine
If you're a beginner and you just started driving, when driving through S-shaped corners at a decent speed, maintain throttle in between the two corners or you will literally do inertia drift. If this does occur and your car does get tail-happy and you think you wont have enough cornering force to get to the end of the corner safely, turn your steering wheel to the opposite direction in which the corner is going about 3/4 or 1 whole wheel turn and apply more throttle, but don't overdo it. If you overdo it, chances are that you will most likely spin out and have a collision on your hands if you don't know how to control your car using physics. Also, if you are in my local police force, understand that I know drifting is illegal, but if you accidentally initiate a drift and try to recover for *_safety_* purposes, I would say that that should be allowed. I would also highly suggest to practice left foot braking, especially if your car has an FR, MR or RR drivetrain. FF drivetrains are easier to master and with AWD (same as 4WD), you don't have to worry much because the chances are you won't slide at all, because the way to drift in an AWD is to floor the accelerator.
WorldWide2017 Prije 3 godina
#1 tip: Everything happens faster when you go fast. You need to act faster, too.
BondTheOG Prije 4 godina
Put the shifter into 'R', for Race 😉
MxCars Prije godine
Press p at 50mph for power
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co.
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co. Prije godine
You think I was born yesterday? lol
Ali shouman
Ali shouman Prije godine
"P" for piss off
Jackson Barinowski
Jackson Barinowski Prije 2 godina
Nice dad joke
Lucky Rider
Lucky Rider Prije 2 godina
@BondTheOG wait i thought it meant Rocket speed. I was going 240 into 6th gear and shifted it to R and it went like a rocket
Ticcerz Prije godine
“number 2: playing loud music” baby driver: 👁👄👁
Karthik Arumugam
Karthik Arumugam Prije 3 godina
1st tip : buy a car
MijK7 Prije 6 mjeseci
@James Bieber Overrated
Gábor Orosz
Gábor Orosz Prije 11 mjeseci
1Deezylaflare Prije godine
Hell yeah
BlackAF1 ACTIVITY Prije godine
Thx i almost forgot about that
Thats true bro
cristideplush Prije 10 mjeseci
Watched this video so many times, even though i knew about all these things, as i love cars, but when i explained the balance shifting while in a corner if the car is not on load, my friend was like amazed, he never knew about such thing, not that he ever drives fast, but still, i bet there are a lot of people that have no idea about how much weight balance matters while cornering at speeds. Gj with the video, even after so many years :)
Cameron Lindsey
Cameron Lindsey Prije 2 godina
Always run a test on the surface before carving corners, run the road/area with a "pacing" lap to get a feel for the speed on straits and through corners before actually driving in a spirited manner.
Anima Prije 2 godina
Definitely too late to be part of the discussion but I’d definitely add practice braking hard and keeping the car under control if you need to drop the anchor, and especially for track days learn to heel and toe to make sure you’re matching your gears properly and reduce weight transfer. I didn’t the first couple of times and ended up spinning like a ballerina.
tudorjason Prije 3 godina
I heard the 9 & 3 position was being taught in driver's ed now a few years ago. I tried it and it just felt odd. It actually felt like I was in less control of the wheel. I think it's because I felt pulling up or down on the wheel was easier to do in this position rather than the older standard of 10 & 2, and unless you're turning, your hands should feel steady. I think 10 & 2 allows you to keep your hands and arms steadier.
tj Cambre
tj Cambre Prije godine
Cost and shift your wait depending on the turn. Make sure that if your driving fast around tight turns where your hugging the turns and accelerating in the truns 1 use both lanes and use your turn signal 2 make sure your tires aren't bald or close to it 3 feel the car and the road and think 6 steps ahead of everyone on the road.
Razordraac Prije godine
I've got one: just *don't* drive fast when the road conditions are poor, especially in ice.
Thuvaragan R
Thuvaragan R Prije 4 godina
Now it makes sense why we turn the volume down when trying to look at road signs.😀
jordan Robshaw
jordan Robshaw Prije 3 mjeseci
@Upstart Crow what car?
Shanks Prije 4 mjeseci
@Upstart Crow if it has a duel clutch trans and you can switch from auto to manual sport you’ll be ight
A Nother
A Nother Prije 4 godina
RavenPrecept Good drivers manage to do both at the same time. The ones who rely on 'instinct' on the road are the ones who have more accidents. By the way, there is no driving 'instinct''. No human is born knowing how to drive, therefore it's not actually instinctual.
Tim Tam
Tim Tam Prije 4 godina
Epic Supercars Haha I always turn the volume down when I'm at the end of a busy road and traffic coming both ways lol
Austyn Negrete
Austyn Negrete Prije 4 godina
Or when you parallel park
Adam Jacob Adamson
Adam Jacob Adamson Prije 3 mjeseci
TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Intro 00:11 The Position of Your Hands 00:51 Playing Loud Music 01:27 Sitting Incorrectly 02:21 Not Looking Ahead 03:01 Don't Let The Car Coast 03:32 Choosing The Wrong Time and Place 04:00 Outro
Flying squirrel
Flying squirrel Prije 2 godina
100% agree with playing music. I have to turn it down when I’m driving twisty roads or when there’s heavy traffic otherwise, I can’t concentrate on what’s going on. The seat position is also pretty important too and I noticed a big difference in my range of motion and feeling of the road once I sat closer to the wheel and more upright.
Ballan Prije 2 godina
Always learn everything there is to know about your car. Be it mechanical or how it drives to the best shifting times. Slowly increase your speed before flooring it to avoid any surprises and ending up hurt or hurting others
Ben James
Ben James Prije 8 mjeseci
Actually remembering to fill up, my friend and I went out for a drive in his new BMW to see how it was (we both had junk cars at the time) and we got about 10 miles from my house and his car kept telling him to fill up, sounds simple but it seriously ruins the drive
KAL 1 Prije 4 godina
the only wrong thing I do when going fast, is slowing down.
Lobban Prije 4 godina
Sadath Ghouri
Sadath Ghouri Prije 4 godina
The only wrong thing about the fact that u r living is that you are not dead..
KAL 1 Prije 4 godina
Allan Solaryk elloooo
Allan Solaryk
Allan Solaryk Prije 4 godina
hi again
Bryan Lim
Bryan Lim Prije 4 godina
KAL 1 Bloody hell, you've got a like count of 787. Mazda 787B.
lyacinthum Prije 11 mjeseci
Keep space with the car in front of you especially at high speed. I've had some close calls because of because suddenly slowing down
Nancy Lambert
Nancy Lambert Prije 4 godina
Depending on road type you can use edge shoulder line (white) as a guide
Dale Disque
Dale Disque Prije 3 godina
Good, sound advice. I would argue that the hand-over-hand technique does have its place. On the open road or track, not so much but when doing some tight slaloms or autocross events, crossing up the arms will prohibit the driver from obtaining all of the steering input the car is capable of providing.
Paul Prije 7 mjeseci
Most of those tips are like "if you´re thirsty, just drink something"
DJ Kleb
DJ Kleb Prije 2 mjeseci
The most useful and vital tip is the position of both hands on the side of the steering wheel, but a lot of people just fail and put one hand on top, so this is why basic tips never get old, because people tend to fail at the basics
Raphael Aguirre
Raphael Aguirre Prije 5 mjeseci
yeah, seems obvious, I agree, but remember some people can't even aim at the hole in the toilet...
Mayank Shrivastava
Mayank Shrivastava Prije 4 godina
I usually do 225kmph/140mph on the German Autobahn: My Checklist: Speed up only if the road ahead is straight and clear Look out for cars in the other lane ahead of you who might misjudge your speed Practice hard breaking on an open stretch of road with no traffic to do your best when you need this skill the most Get comfortable with the car for a few days or months before testing its limits Only do such speeds in Germany in no speed limit zone or a race track. Nowhere else!
NZbreedsarerare Prije 20 dana
I do 200kph down your average side street in the middle of town and 300kph down your average narrow side streets both 100% legal, you can always get permits from council to close public roads for these kind of things, fuck your autobahn
Cliffracer Prije godine
I reached 260 km/h on the autobahn with light rain. Was lovely.
Mikki Hintikka
Mikki Hintikka Prije godine
shut your mouth. you can go over the speedlimit. you just have to pay for it. follow speedlimit is only for german
abidamn Prije godine
@Jacob Gauthier Because Americans can't be trusted to drive responsibly at that speed.
M Prije godine
@Ivan Elizarov Thank you for sharing your observations, good sir. You've managed to precisely put into words what some can only understand through feel.
CueMaster 147
CueMaster 147 Prije 3 godina
Everything in this video is spot on, thank you...expect one thing. Don't cross your arms in a car with a drivers airbag fitted, because if it goes off, you will more than likely break your wrists/arms! 🙄
Dan Prije 2 godina
Practice learning the width of your car on the near side, I did this by brushing the mirror along over hanging weeds / bushes in the lanes near by(might want to duck tape it or something if the paint etc is important, once you understand the width of the car to the point it's second nature you can really improve cornering, I've raced a lot of BMWs and jags in the lanes over the years and not knowing the width of the car means I've kept up with them in much much lesser cars the worst one being an E46 touring vs my then smart forfour and he couldn't lose me because he just couldn't corner to save his life. Another one would be practice in the snow, as in, if it snows specifically go out at midnight with a mate and play about in it drifting / handbrake turns etc, if you do that for a couple of weeks while it snows you will have such a better understanding of how a car behaves when it's behaving badly to the point you see an exaggerated result of bad cornering technique that any other road conditions seem tame after that. I'd recommend doing it in shit box though, I buckled two wheels my first time :)
Camilo Gomez Keep
Camilo Gomez Keep Prije 3 godina
Such a good video. Specially the part about seating positions and keep the car under load.
ShutterPunk - Walks through Night City
ShutterPunk - Walks through Night City Prije 2 godina
Now thats some QUALITY informative content
Ultigameriowan Prije 4 godina
Stay calm when you get caught behind slower moving traffic. If you get angry with them for being slow I've found it moves your concentration away from driving. This means you make mistakes which could lead to an accident. But, and most importantly it takes the fun out of driving.
dan428 Prije 3 godina
Probably Not A Chicken they’re not trying to get you to speed up dumbass, they’re trying to get you to move the fuck over and let them pass. Amazing that people don’t understand the concept of not holding up traffic behind you. Either you’re passing, staying with traffic, or you’re holding up traffic. Stay the fuck out of the left lane if you’re not passing anyone.
Nathaniel Cleland
Nathaniel Cleland Prije 4 godina
If you want to see middle lane hogs, come to the UK. Undertaking is considered taboo here, but some still do it.
Sioax Aeriken
Sioax Aeriken Prije 4 godina
I live in PR, it's like Florida but inferior in roads and drivers, and pretty much everything else. The "inspections" are also the same, and the drivers license test here is a joke, lol. Here, in a 5 lane road, one lane randomly speeds up and then significantly slows down when a guy who just merged into the right most lane, suddenly swerves across all 5 lanes to dive into the left exit. The road design is just as much to blame as the careless drivers. Other times it's just mergers who just dive in front of somebody while driving slow forcing them to brake hard.
Speeder84XL Prije 4 godina
Ok yeah. I have heard/read a lot that people say "undertake" when passing on the "wrong" side. But it seems more logic that it means to move over, to let faster drivers pass. Du you live in US? Because the drivers there is the worst I have seen - like 5 lanes in each direction and the one furthest to the left is going the same (slow) speed as the one furthest top the right.
Sioax Aeriken
Sioax Aeriken Prije 4 godina
Don't you mean you use the slow lane to *overtake* them? Undertake is the opposite, it's to move over to let a faster driver by, I do for speeders, it's safer that way. Where I live, if you wanna pass, you have to swerve from left lane to right lane and cut everyone off, lol, it's the only way due to the stupid drivers...
Ronnie Hossain
Ronnie Hossain Prije 3 godina
Might not be ideal for the centre of gravity/handling, but I prefer sitting up a bit higher for a better view of the road. The higher your vantage point is, the easier corners and distances become to judge...
boah Prije 8 mjeseci
Last week I took a big left (in which you have to drive with 50km/h) with 100 km/h on a rainy day. Everything was fine until i slightly put my foot on the brake pedal and I almost crashed. I stopped and measured my heart rate and it was 130...
Jaezyn NotNL
Jaezyn NotNL Prije godine
Actual kappa: You can be an amazing driver in every way and conquer corners like a boss forever and a day. Don't think you can do the same in a different car period Learning a car takes about 2 hours for the normal being who's pushing it
Radu P
Radu P Prije 5 mjeseci
been driving fast with loud music from the start. my brain adapted and I can feel the engine rather than hear it, from the vibrations. having a diesel is most likely easier in this case.
Arvind Bala
Arvind Bala Prije 4 godina
I followed the first tip for 9 and 3. I ended up rotating myself for a U-turn
LeSwexy Prije 9 dana
He literally says in the video about hairpins lol use your ears mate. Plus you don't take u-turns fast :') my brainnnnnn
LeSwexy Prije 9 dana
@Jairo Zetino 12 and 8? HAHAHAHAHAHA fuck you're one stupid soul lol. Clueless clown.
JocamiMago Gamer
JocamiMago Gamer Prije 19 dana
Till Man
Till Man Prije 2 godina
@babymae not anymore due to airbags
Oguz Kaan Yilmaz
Oguz Kaan Yilmaz Prije 2 godina
@Jairo Zetino how can you possibly drive in 12-8 man please?
Howard Lau
Howard Lau Prije 4 godina
Actually looking far ahead is a really good and vital tip as it forces your muscles in your eyes to focus on further objects which in turn makes your peripheral vision do the rest and it is much better to gauge direction etc. I fly small airplanes (can't drive yet) and during landing we must raise the nose slowly to arrest the descent and also bleed off airspeed, called the roundout to flare. Every time we do it our eyes must be at the far end of the runway for the same reason. Suggestions to new drivers as a pilot: 1. Do not underestimate fatigue, so many accidents have been pointed to fatigue as it increases reaction time, makes decision making worse and actually make distant and close up vision much worse as well. At night your fatigued eyes adjust at a slower rate therefore you wouldn't have the optimal night vision. 2. Use the IM SAFE acronym pilots embraced for many decades as the best self evaluation checklist before flight (or in this case before driving). I - Illness M - Medication S - Stress A - Alcohol F - Fatigue E - Eating and drinking I am serious on the eating and drinking part, proper nourishment will increase your general performance a lot! If you can't tick off every item then DON'T DRIVE! 3. Study basic risk management/threat and error management. Simply put, weigh risks vs gain. Such as the risk of driving home after having a few drinks is you would probably get pulled over, run into something due to poor reaction time or have a fatal accident due to a combination of human factors. This will cause unnecessary grief and potential injury or loss of life. Weigh those risks and consequences up with the potential gain and make an informed decision. 4. Religiously follow routines. Always do things the same way it's been done, this increases standardisation and therefore decreases the chances of making a mistake. 5. Check... And check again! Checking, double checking and triple checking a safety vital item is normal practice in aviation, and is what made flying so safe. Perhaps drivers can learn from this too?
Evan G
Evan G Prije 3 godina
2:48 Look where you want to go I am mountain bike so sometimes to practice balance and control will take our hands off the handlebars but this can also help with driving Next time you’re on your bike take your hands off the Handlebars and go around corners with your hands off the bars and this will help with balance which will help with the maneuverability of the car because you’ll get used to swinging it through corners but it also help you with looking where you want to go because the real trick of doing this is looking as far ahead as you can to make it around the turn so if you want to know if you’re doing it right just trie the bike track
ibrahim sher
ibrahim sher Prije 3 godina
making sure you know your car well. Usually car guys should know their cars limits and how much it's capable of. knowing how fast your car can carry speed around corners and knowing the road well could mean the difference between crashing and keeping control
Saber Blade
Saber Blade Prije 4 godina
For long drive the best hands position are in between 7-6 (Left) and 5-6 (right).
Sabine Rifle
Sabine Rifle Prije 4 godina
Basically everything said in this video was said by my driving instructor. This video isn't about driving fast, it's about driving in general...
TrainingMacro Prije godine
Learning to drive fast (without crashing your car) is learning how to drive well. Everything you can do/use at a faster speed you can do/use at a slower speed but not the other way around. Fast driving imposes the most restrictions on a driver and requires the best habits out of a driver because if he/she fails to uphold the level of discipline required, he/she will crash. Driving fast also demands the driver predicts the road better than when driving at slower speeds. So again, learning to drive fast is learning how to drive well. Learning how to drive fast isn't about aiming to drive a certain speed though. Learning to drive fast is learning to do the above things successfully and have your speed match the situation according to how you predicted it. As such, speed comes (and I can't emphasize this enough) NATURALLY, you can start off barely hitting the speedlimit during your lessons and end up going well beyond that as you get better at driving. This is why speedlimits are a load of hogwash and not a good measure whether someone is competent at driving in any way. To be clear, I don't think anyone should be driving too fast. But you can't tie an absolute number to this. Numbers are a man-made construct ( :D ) and have no bearing on reality itself. You can however easily determine if someone is driving too fast for his abilities: you will see his responses are slow, incorrect or even non-existant; you can see him driving at speeds that the car can't brake out off in time should something happen depending on what is near... however most of the time people don't actually show these features when they get clocked on a camera or pulled over by the rolling taxation service.
Bandash Rex
Bandash Rex Prije godine
@Mr J i had my driving exam a year ago (germany) and i was never told to feed the wheel. Crossing my arms was the right way. I was allowed to slip my wheel through my hand at the end of a corner too
NO TE Prije godine
I mean, did your driving instructor told you to do trail breaking???? i think it's a pretty advance or begin to advance stuff. I ask all my friends and family and they have no idea what it is.
Ikram Ali Langah
Ikram Ali Langah Prije 2 godina
Driving safely....
Elliot Law
Elliot Law Prije 2 godina
@panvlk im not sure tbh, i passed my driving test about 2 years ago in the UK, and i was never told about "feeding the wheel" pretty much the technique used in this video is what i was taught, either that, or I had one hand on at the 3 oclock position and one at the 7/8 oclock position, just resting it on the wheel basically, had the same hand position on my test as well, didnt even get a minor for it, my instructor said it didnt matter where my hands were, as long as i kept two hands on the wheel, and went straight back to the wheel between gear shifts.
Isaac Cady
Isaac Cady Prije 3 godina
That bit about picking the right time and place is key. In North Georgia (the US state) there are tons of fun mountain roads. If you try to drive on a weekend, you're gonna be on someone's bumper the whole time as they clinch in fear on the swervy s-curves and drive more slowly than is probably necessary. Go mid-day on a wednesday, though... it's like your own private race track. It was just me and the motorcyclists and a couple of bicyclists (be nice and slow down on approach and pass generously; they should get to enjoy these roads, too). Really, this is all excellent advice. Just the basics, but the most necessary information for having fun and staying safe.
KngK Prije 2 godina
As Opposed To The Dumbass Drivers In Atlanta Im Inclined To Go Up There
YC Boyz
YC Boyz Prije 4 godina
Always done everything correct, thanks autocross!:)
WillPower Prije godine
3:45 I was more worried about that E46 than the performance car, god I love old beemers so much
Louis Bryant
Louis Bryant Prije 2 godina
For driving in generall, everyone should self criticize their mistakes so that they are less likely to make the same mistake again. Also, never tailgate, because it just forces the person Infront to slow down.
Deoxide Prije 4 godina
"Playing Loud Music" Eurobeat is not included. It would decrease reaction time by 100%. It also adds 50 hp and godlike techniques. Takumi Fujiwara Confirmed.
MultiplaFan53 Prije 2 godina
No it adds 150+ HP
MizzBrah Prije 2 godina
You mean increase reaction time?
Metal Sosi
Metal Sosi Prije 3 godina
you are a mn of culture i see
Dinu Zaporojan
Dinu Zaporojan Prije 3 godina
Speedy speed boy
Rahul A N
Rahul A N Prije 3 godina
3star2nr Prije 4 godina
Keep an eye on your tire pressures, especially the ratio between front and rear. Adjust it as needed if the car starts acting funny. As you drive longer and more aggressively the tire pressures will start going up and if they get too high you won't be able to turn the car. With my 2016 mustang I like to keep the fronts 1-2psi lower than the rear. It doesn't sound like much but on a whindy road it makes a huge difference to the cornering balance of the car. Kills all the understeer.
B Min
B Min Prije 4 godina
Smaller steering input at higher speeds. Especially when coming up on slower cars and you're going around them
LinoinSenger Prije mjesec
Check your tire temperature and grip. If you just started the car and going down a road; let the tires to warm up before you pedal it. You can feel the tire temperature by braking hard. If your car is sliding when breaking hard than your tires are not up to the temperature(or its a shitbox), give it a few minutes you will see the traction improves marginally.
keikoandgilly Prije 3 godina
9 to 3 is optimal, minimal is 10 to 2 depending on the bend.
Bazzyg Prije 4 godina
Cruise for around 20 mins to warm up tyres before taking bends.
mi ke
mi ke Prije 2 godina
Awd = understeer.
Sparkly Games
Sparkly Games Prije 2 godina
@InformerLabs haha yuh
InformerLabs Prije 2 godina
Awd gang
Sparkly Games
Sparkly Games Prije 3 godina
Nah just send it, and it'll be a good day
Daniel Redheffer
Daniel Redheffer Prije 3 godina
Tim Kreukels Same here. Leaving work last Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I let my RX8 warm up but not the tires. Took off and punched it in second on a left turn. Then proceeded to go almost completely sideways one way and then the other before I reeled her back in. I learned a valuable lesson that day; don't mess around on cold tires especially with RWD 😬
ClickClackBoom Prije 2 mjeseci
I dont know why but for some reason taking a right turn while at high speeds just seems harder for me, does anyone else have this?
Ρομέο GR
Ρομέο GR Prije godine
One's rights end where other people's right begin....respecting that we are all safe! Good video!!
Your Mom
Your Mom Prije 3 godina
Also, another tip, behind the rear tires, there is a switch that enables the W16 veyron engine
Your Mom
Your Mom Prije 3 godina
Jan Siep that's what I said
Lucas Socci
Lucas Socci Prije 2 godina
Not to mention, most of that also works when driving on regular speed
Stevo Prije 4 mjeseci
Always liked enthusiastic driving at night. No bicycles, less cars, can see lights way ahead of a car, downside are nocturnal animals…also tends to be cooler, more risk of ice…
Aarne Ålander
Aarne Ålander Prije godine
Remember that other drivers are going slower or even be stopped due to break down etc. It might be fun to blast through corners but what is not fun is finding out someone's car has broken down behind a blind corner and now you have the option to either rear end the car on the side of the road or go to the other lane. Hmm other lane sounds good! * gets hit by truck *
Cobra427 Prije 3 godina
I always used 9 and 3 after the driving course, it's more comfortable that way anyway
Ravex24 Prije godine
I agree with the general advise but, "never coast"? Naw, son. You have to, and should, at times, coast to as fast as you can. Depending on the turn, it's a must to be fast. If you are smooth with the controls in and out of the coast, no issues.
Aristocrafied Prije 4 godina
My fast driving tip: don't do it in the city. bonus tip: assume 90% of the other people on the road are complete idiots and thus drive defensively. That means alot of people in fast cars are idiots and I myself have seen proof of that.
shreyas207 Prije 4 godina
Best description of how you should drive... Thank you Sir.
A Nother
A Nother Prije 4 godina
Renan P. Jenie I think you misunderstood his idea of defensively. Defensive driving can mean being proactive, rather than reactive, being safe by avoiding the mistakes made by those around you.
Patrick M
Patrick M Prije 4 godina
you're also less prone to get pulled over by the cops if dont drive fast in the city
YAMAURIXT500 Prije 4 godina
Aristocrafied This really has nothing to do with enjoying backroads at speed. But you're so damn right. Have met every single one of these characters...
letskeepearthgreen Prije 4 godina
Aristocrafied the fuck does this have to do with driving in empty back roads?
レム Prije 4 godina
The 1st one is true but only for drivers with automatics, try keeping your hands on the 9-3 position in traffic or on a twisty road in a manual...
ryvoltz Prije 3 godina
Tips to drive fast? Ask yourself these three questions: - Is the road smooth? - Is the road straight? - Is the road empty within the next mile? If the answer is "no" to any of those, don't drive fast.
John Baxendale
John Baxendale Prije godine
Not sure about "always be on the brake or accelerator", nothing wrong with a neutral throttle if you know what the weight transfer is doing - better advice would be, "be aware of weight transfer and how it affects front or rear end grip". Not all cars react the same! :)
Γιαννης Ρωτας
Γιαννης Ρωτας Prije 3 godina
My other tip is to check yours brake level fluid, brake pads and rotors. Check you engine oil and tiers
Robert S
Robert S Prije 4 godina
Drive within the ability of the tyres, not the car.
Subaru Tecnica international
Subaru Tecnica international Prije 4 godina
I have awd therefore I beat all of you ... ha lol 😁 jk go have a pint a chill guys but I really do have awd and I really do beat all of you 😶
Frank Fitzpatrick
Frank Fitzpatrick Prije 4 godina
Robert S Drive within your own ability.
TheDarkFalcon Prije 4 godina
That's why I got them Michelin Sport 4's 👌
Ignacio Conde
Ignacio Conde Prije 4 godina
eeh its those are just the tires i use on my pick up truck. 275 /60-20, actually. bfgoodrich all terrain.
jerome vet
jerome vet Prije 4 godina
while i agree with the tire bit , the "not car " bit is not right ( in my view ) always buy tires that are suited for the cars power and ability, this way you can drive within the ability of the car. ( unless you cheapout on tire , with means you car is to expensive for you , ( not you personaly of course :D )
KoopaXross Prije 4 godina
Ever since getting the RX-7 FC the stock steering wheel is so close to my legs it's hard to get my hands past them when turning. I end up only having fingers on the outer rim around the wheel to be able to pass.
Brian Kim
Brian Kim Prije 2 godina
Wow this video was so useful! Now time to buy the c63 😂
JerryFacts Prije 4 mjeseci
I don't drive excessively fast on public roads. I am very careful, and I have owned some very fast cars. I like the feel of the power and the handling when simply driving them. I may tend to accelerate a bit hard at times, but I am careful to not go to far over the limit. In a 50km zone I may get close to 60km and then lax off back down to about 50km. I try to drive at times of the day when traffic is light. Too many aggressive drivers who like to tailgate, run the stop signs and lights, cut across the road without signalling, straddling the lanes, making an illegal U turn on a divided road, and cut off other drivers. When taking a 30 minute drive to go somewhere I very often see at least 5 dangerous violations each trip. I have seen some very stupid accidents on the road. More than 95% of the accidents that happen could have been very easily avoided. I have no trust in the other drivers around me. I always suspect the other driver may cut me off, or run the light, or not yield right of way, or cut in to my lane without warning. I watch for this type of thing constantly. -- A man got stopped by the cops for speeding. The cop told the man he's getting a ticket for driving too fast. The man asked how much is the ticket and where do I pay it. The cop told the man the ticket is $250 and he can pay it at the bank. The cop told him he also gets 4 points with this ticket. The man asked what does he do with the points. The cop told him when he gets 16 points he can buy a bicycle! :-)
xYdaBx Prije godine
Perfect, i never let off the throttle, my polo 1.0l 45hp is always accelerating on my way to work. Maybe one day it will reach 60 mph
Woof 007
Woof 007 Prije mjesec
Im regretting every single life decision I made in the past when my uncle drives our car 120 kph with one hand while Im sitting on the passenger side
John Dow
John Dow Prije 4 godina
Good tips for the teens and young drivers .
MACIEY71 Prije 4 godina
"Look where you want to go" is so good tip for motorcycles! When you see for example tree outside corner - focus on the road! If you keep focus on that tree, you probably hit this.
Frank Right
Frank Right Prije 3 mjeseci
Most important rule: Never speed in an area you don't know well.
Bray Vdb
Bray Vdb Prije 2 godina
Nice of you to mention the bikers already know how and when to go fast 😅
hunor6 Prije godine
The avoid coasting part was very useful. Honestly, I never tougth of that earlier.
voongnz Prije 3 mjeseci
This is actually wrong. There are many instances where coasting is useful. On the track it's not only useful for fuel saving, but take that away. On the street and track there are many constant radius corners/sweepers and either braking or accelerating isn't right for maximum grip. What you need in this case is a constant speed with maybe a tiny bit of throttle to offset engine braking. Just look at real telemetry or sim racer throttle and braking inputs. Every corner, every situation is different. It's to wrong to say you should either be accelerating or braking and to avoid coasting.
Johnny Hien
Johnny Hien Prije 2 godina
I learned two things.. first is to keep throttle on turns and second is to wake up early to drive.
silver storm
silver storm Prije 4 godina
I only found the deceleration acceleration on corners tip helpful thanks
Hamoud Prije 4 godina
don't drive fast while raining.
Damian Szajnowski
Damian Szajnowski Prije 2 godina
I'm not raining!!!
Freezorg Prije 2 godina
@Michael Allott yikes
Michael Allott
Michael Allott Prije 2 godina
@Cody Zent you're not stupid but you drift on public roads?? Fuck sake, has anyone on here heard of a bloody race track?
Michael Allott
Michael Allott Prije 2 godina
@Freezorg they wear a lot less if you don't drive like an idiot to start with
Velian Lodestone
Velian Lodestone Prije 2 godina
I hate to drive when I'm raining.
DAB Rowney
DAB Rowney Prije 2 godina
So i'm doing everything correctly. You forget about one important thing - brake BEFORE corner, not in. You should have maximum safe speed before corner. In corner You can only push the throttle
NamelessTech812 Prije 11 mjeseci
Looking where you want to go is the best tip for riding anything literally. Some might hate me but I am a cyclist. When I started cycling i always looked on straight ahead and always had to full brake to make a sharp turn, now since I started looking ahead I do not even need to brake, because my brain steers the bike itself and it works like magic. You should try it for anything you ride.
Waiting For A Century
Waiting For A Century Prije godine
Learn the limits of your car. When does understeer occur, when do the brakes lock up, when does the rear end break lose in a FWD and RWD car. Learn how weight shifting while and after heavy braking and when encountering bumps works in car.
Dave Croden
Dave Croden Prije 3 mjeseci
Even on those early mornings, remember that the first rain after a few dry days will make the road feel greasy as diesel and oils wash up. You might know that but do other drivers?
Where's The lamb sauce?
Where's The lamb sauce? Prije 4 godina
My technique is straight line no matter what. If there is a roundabout, drive over it, if there is a sharp bend, plough straight on. That way you will be sure to reach a good and safe speed
Relu Ion
Relu Ion Prije 4 godina
dude u dig the hole frome america to china, i will fly there to see who is fast
Big Crig
Big Crig Prije 4 godina
mustang joke original
Where's The lamb sauce?
Where's The lamb sauce? Prije 4 godina
cider Dixon i have a fiat panda so I can't afford to break and corner as i have spent 3 hours getting to 70
Joh numb Honda
Joh numb Honda Prije 4 godina
dude do you drive a mustang? cause you tried to go in a straight line then you end up drift out of the sharp bend.
Jim Prije 4 godina
Ayy dawg, shortest distance between two points is also the fastest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gehtdi anschasau
Gehtdi anschasau Prije 2 godina
I love driving in the dark, because i can see oncoming traffic before the corner, btw: try to position your hands at 9 and 3 when slaloming streetlights on a parking lot with spinning rear wheels, or on icy hairpins! it won`t work.
Banjie’s racing
Banjie’s racing Prije 3 mjeseci
But my eurobeat… Also, I had no clue left foot braking wasn’t the normal method of braking
Luis Sandoval
Luis Sandoval Prije 11 mjeseci
You just confused 99% of Americans when you said “clutch”
J H Prije 8 mjeseci
With the advancements in automotive technology it is bull$hit the speed limits are so low in America. Active suspensions, antilock brakes, stability control and tire compounds are a few of them that makes cars safer at higher speeds. It would help if law enforcement tried to balance the tickets they give speeders to the tickets they have out to traffic impeeders.
R. Malik
R. Malik Prije 4 godina
Poop before driving for weight reduction
Keenan Brooks
Keenan Brooks Prije 11 mjeseci
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co.
Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co. Prije godine
And empty the indicator fluid and remove the seats and airbags.
tungabunga Prije godine
Holy shit youre not wrong
Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz
Kaidude1234 Hasan Sarfaraz Prije godine
Cut off all your passenger’s limbs as well
Motherfuckin Animals
Motherfuckin Animals Prije godine
Omg me
Matthew Brezina
Matthew Brezina Prije 3 godina
If I'm doing 200kmh I hold the steering wheel with both hands like my life depends on it. Because it does.
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