The Differences Between V6 and Straight-Six Engines

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Six-cylinder engines have nestled within some of the greatest cars of all time, so how does the V-format compare to the in-line alternative?

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Engine Bay by Grant.C

"Mazda MX-6 2.5i V6 vs Honda Prelude 2.3i 4WS Dragrace" by Erwin Lindsen

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Henri S
Henri S Prije 5 godina
Inline sixes are light, simple, balanced, and have the best sound. Inline six is the best engine for sure
Alex Blyth
Alex Blyth Prije godine
Henri S V4 is hot
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Prije godine
And it’s truly simple to fix the long engine problem just make a longer hood to accommodate the longer engine looks so much better anyway from the outside
Enginator Prije godine
DVN, better is not what i would say. It’s more efficient that’s all, but repairs are more expensive of course.
flamburr Prije godine
Ford's old Barra 4.0L is pretty heavy too 😅
Enginator Prije godine
W12 is epic engine
jacplac97 Prije 3 godina
Here's the main difference. I6 will make you stand out in the Inline community V6 will make you a laughing stock in the V community.
sweatyboyjosh Prije mjesec
@kanehebi v6 camaro v6 mustang v6 charger v6 chalanger
psychoAceClap Prije 2 mjeseci
@kanehebi bro he’s talking about a stock v6, formula 1 v6’s are tuned and pushed to the max…
justin Robinson Jr
justin Robinson Jr Prije 5 mjeseci
@LoL XD kids at my school rev their v6 mustang all the time and it so damn annoying😂
Bussin Prije 5 mjeseci
@David doesn’t fucking matter the v6 still beat the v8
Bussin Prije 5 mjeseci
@AlexEsPunkt same thing
Bruno Begic
Bruno Begic Prije 2 godina
Inline six is the most reliable engine configuration by a mile... Almost all million mile cars you see are inline sixes and for good reasons: balance, simplicity, power delivery etc And the reason mercedes is going back to inline six is they want their old glory of making reliable machinery and I'm pretty sure they will succeed
Jeffrey Woods
Jeffrey Woods Prije mjesec
@UnrealOG By the numbers, most of them are probably big-block diesel I6s. They roll out of the factory with an average life expectancy of 1.2 million miles; that’s more than 4x the average life expectancy of the best passenger car engines.
see ya
see ya Prije 4 mjeseci
Taxi's and Police cars in Australia were 90% Ford I6 engines for many years, they hammered the 500 000kms easy with power, today it's all small Toyota Prius vehicles, the rules changed.
UnrealOG Prije 5 mjeseci
Most of the cars that make it to super high mileage are either 4 cylinder or a v8.
Bussin Prije 5 mjeseci
V6 Toyotas: Am i a joke to you?
oranges Prije 11 mjeseci
@Mr Kring precisely.
tcorris Prije 2 godina
Unlike the V-6, an inline 6 can use easily accommodate a sequential turbo charger.
King Boo
King Boo Prije 21 dan
@Hansen Peter sequential turbocharging in a twin turbo setup drastically reduces lag by using one turbo for lower engine speeds and another for higher speeds. Inline 6 engines can easily accommodate sequential turbos because, since all cylinders are accommodated in a straight line, you can basically mount one turbo in front of the other and basically set both on either side of the engine. A V6 engine makes it more difficult because even if it’s not as long as an I6 engine, it’s wider and thus leaves less space to the sides of the engine.
Jonte Mcbride
Jonte Mcbride Prije 4 mjeseci
Ehhh Nissans VQ is the toughest V6 engine out there. It can handle anything
FinnSte Prije 9 mjeseci
i love v6 though... inline also. very pro engines 😎
Clarence Joshua
Clarence Joshua Prije godine
@Hansen Peter Bcoz V-6 need to seperate side-to-side the turbo,also that also make the engine so complex
Hansen Peter
Hansen Peter Prije godine
Matthew Klinger
Matthew Klinger Prije godine
From an engineering standpoint, I think the "balance" part of inline 6's are misunderstood. As he said, the forces balance each other out. This is mainly important for bearing life. This was much more important in the early days of cars but now, we've figured out how to balance forces in almost any engine configuration and also how to make better bearings. The inline 6 configuration does still make balancing a lot simpler. There's no need for balance shafts or counterweights which makes them much less complicated and lighter. Because if this, you can squeeze a few more horses out of an inline 6 because there's less mass to rotate. This also makes them lighter along with the fact that the block design requires less material and you only need one head. So from a driving standpoint, you aren't going to notice much of a difference between a v6 or an i6. The i6 may seem to rev a little easier due to the lessened oscillating masses but that's about it. The smoothness from an engine is only dependant on number of cylinders and firing order and not really the configuration.
Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson Prije 2 godina
"I6 engines are making a comeback" BMW: Am I a joke to you?
ARMORED LP Prije godine
@Bartonovich52 ur a bot
I'mtheOne TosayIt!
I'mtheOne TosayIt! Prije godine
Australian 4.0l Turbo straight six in the Falcon XR6T or F6 Typhoon. Know as the Barra six is one of the best ever straight six engine ever made in the world, it performance is making most other six cylinder engines including skyline engines a joke.
Bartonovich52 Prije godine
Yes. BMW is a joke.
Namen ändern
Namen ändern Prije godine
and mercedes
a9653192 Prije godine
@spudnic88 Yeah Toyota left the inline 6 a while ago, even now they still use BMW B58 engine in their Supra... which really is just a rebadged Z4
two beer
two beer Prije 4 godina
I always liked the I6 engines. Smooth, simple, made the engine compartment look so clean. Seems like they would be perfect for pick up trucks...
Jimmy Broadbent
Jimmy Broadbent Prije 2 godina
Nice car at the start there
Alex Withers
Alex Withers Prije 9 mjeseci
Yes that "KEEP" numberplate is quite distinctive. Can't think where I may have seen that before.....
GLAD I AM MGTOW Prije godine
Ford here in Australia made I6 untill only a few years back.
o Prije godine
ur car
Leo Sypher
Leo Sypher Prije 3 godina
6 in a row, ready tow. The strait 6 engines always have more power in diesels, the strait 6 is naturally balanced as well
alex k
alex k Prije 10 mjeseci
@Lachie Clements try a bmw inline 6
Lachie Clements
Lachie Clements Prije godine
SilverStone I can confirm this, I drive a HZJ75 with the 4.5 I6. It’s a good engine.
Jordan Scheurer
Jordan Scheurer Prije 5 godina
I would love to see the Inline 6 make a come back
Stephen Rowe
Stephen Rowe Prije 2 godina
BMW 330D is inline
Bobby Breidhaupt
Bobby Breidhaupt Prije 2 godina
Chevy just came out with a new inline 6. 3.0l diesel for the 1500 pickup. I'm still disappointed in Volvo for dropping the 3.0l T6 engine though, I wish they would bring it back.
j k
j k Prije 2 godina
Mercades went.Straight 6. But Mercades cost more to repair
MultiplaFan53 Prije 2 godina
BramptonTransitFan84 Prije 3 godina
most buses (and some trucks as mentioned) still have them so.. not fully dead yet
LGZ22 Prije godine
My choice was the inline 6 cylinder engine, because it's more balanced and more importantly, mechanic friendly. While a V6 engine might be more compact, it's more complex than it's inline brother...
TheObiwantoby Prije 2 godina
Times have changed in 2019. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Mazda are all developing or have modern straight 6 engines.
Toffe Persoon
Toffe Persoon Prije godine
Bmw has always have a inline 6 never v6
William Hollinger
William Hollinger Prije godine
Honda is loving the V6 layout honda i dare them to make a v8 odyssey.
Eat black angus
Eat black angus Prije godine
You’re right. The inline 6 is making a strong comeback
B B Prije godine
The BMW 3l I6 in my 530 is the best Engine I have ever had. Smooth rides, no problems whatsoever, great mileage for a 2 ton vehicle and powerful enough for my everyday car. It’s not high performance car (touring), it’s not the most heroic sound you ever heard but for a standard everyday car it’s the best engine I can imagine.
RustyHeartsTOV Prije godine
BMW is most known for their straight 6 engines. Nothing has changed at least for BMW.
D J Hinton
D J Hinton Prije 3 dana
Just thinking back to the days of having a Jeep Cherokee with and inline 6 and a Plymouth duster with a Slant 6, how easy they where to work on. I currently have a Lexus RX with a V6 which is a great engine until you need to change the plugs and coils. Then you get to remove windshield wiper/motor, cowling, intake manifold plus gaskets etc..
RedRider2001 Prije 3 godina
This is the best comparison and contrast of the engines I've seen, and I've seen a few. Plus bonus new I6 engine coverage. Thumbs up!
Anthony DeLuca
Anthony DeLuca Prije 5 godina
You should do this with a v12 and w12 also.
JH H Prije 5 mjeseci
V12 are lighter due to not having two rows of cylinders in one bank which is a weak design so more material is needed to strengthen the engine block therefore increasing the weight, w12s are slightly worse balanced than a v12, but they are still very smooth, and v12s are simpler and easier to maintain as well as being narrower than a w12. The w12 is better than the v12 in length, w12s are generally around 20% shorter than a v12 which makes a big difference if the space in the engine bay is restricted and can also aid handling by improving weight distribution. In a mid engine layout, a v12 would most likely be better overall as it’s much narrower so there is more room for suspension, aerodynamics and weight reduction which will generally make the car handle better and faster in top speed and acceleration especially at high speed.
Steven Sapyak
Steven Sapyak Prije 4 godina
Jimmy S 8.27.17. Change out the substandard L.I.M. Gaskets with metal framed ones from either Fel-Pro, Magnum, or GM/AC Delco along with the plenum by Grey Works, sourced from Rockauto, and you'll have an engine that has the potential for upwards of 300k to 400k miles. Also the coolant needs to be changed every 30k/2yrs. Switch out the DexCool to mixes with any type coolant, 🔧⚙️
Jimmy S
Jimmy S Prije 4 godina
If I owned one and had the cash I would get a ZZP ecu for a Pontiac GTP 4 door car with the Supercharged 3800 engine and play with that thing in the garage all day. I drove N/A 3800 engines and those are boring and slower. I liked the 2006 Pontiac with the updated dash and the info display. But I would like the HUD that shows up on the windshield.
David Johnson
David Johnson Prije 4 godina
Jimmy S And once you resolve the issue with the coolant elbow which is easy to do suddenly the 3800 series II becomes super reliable along with an msd ignition coil pack so it's easy to make it the best engine, many of these engines are shit because you cannot improve them without some serious block rework, none of which the 3800 series requires as I said they're so good they can take 400 hp with no internal block mods. Not too many engines can handle that level of power and remain reliable IDIOT!
Jimmy S
Jimmy S Prije 4 godina
Did I read that right the 3800 series II is shit? Is one making to 300K miles considered bad to you? I will admit the ignition coil pack is not that reliable after 100k miles same goes for the coils and the coolant elbows that crack and leak which Dorman make metal versions that are far better than the plastic shit they used.
MrWati25 Prije 4 godina
I have a V6 now but I rather the straight 6 to me they feel more stabil and run better. I've had 3 I6 engines in my lifetime. They all ran smooth.
Ray Miller
Ray Miller Prije 2 godina
One of the inline 6 advantages that is a 2 in one: most inline 6 engines have 7 main bearings because no two rods share a journal, this means it has a much longer life span and the longer crankshaft has more rotating weight that translates to more torque than a traditional v6.
Levy torregrosa Oliver
Levy torregrosa Oliver Prije 2 godina
The inline 6 engines seems to be the most reliable engines in most domestic made cars and light trucks. Such as Ford and Chevy...
S S Prije 3 godina
I've got a 1993 benz with the m104 straight 6 and it's amazing. I drive hard everyday thru the canyons at lake billy chinook and couldn't be happier. After 3 long hard years (well maintained as far as fluids etc) and a total of 240xxx miles ive never had to fix anything other than a neutral safety switch and AICV. I wish they got more appreciation. Truly amazing motors. Straight 6 for life 💯💯💯
///M-Thusiast Prije 5 godina
BMW still sticks to the inline 6 cylinder engines and I love the 3.0 I6 motor of my M2. Great sound, much torque and a smooth ride.
Revanth Bade
Revanth Bade Prije 2 godina
I drive a BMW 440i which has a 3.0 liter in line six engine. Just love how smooth and linear the power delivery is whenever you demand. Their inline 6’s are the best!
spud mckenzie
spud mckenzie Prije 3 godina
I love my e12 m30
Casey Scheck
Casey Scheck Prije 3 godina
i love my 335i. N54 I6 twin turbo is glorious
donwilly Prije 3 godina
not correct. No engine failure on my 2 BMW's after 30 years driving the same BMW's. It the wrong driver behind the wheel that can break a BMW engine.
Marcus Frostenson
Marcus Frostenson Prije 3 godina
Cough* copy of the m104...
Well that went badly
Well that went badly Prije godine
Interestingly in Australia the Ford 4 litre straight six has proved to be a longer lasting and better engine than the GM 3.6 V6 of the same period. Especially in "Barra" form. But even in the mundane bread and butter sedans it is a smooth powerful and long lived engine that can take abuse and many kms without complaint.
Black Hat
Black Hat Prije 3 godina
Forgot to add the most important thing related to performance v6's vs straight, more crank bearings on an inline 6. Straight six more reliable due to less moving parts. And it's actually alot easy to install a turbo on a straight six.
Benno Krickl
Benno Krickl Prije 3 godina
Another plus for straight six: because it is longer, when mounted transverse with the transmission attached the center of mass is closer to the middle of the car.
William Hoffman
William Hoffman Prije 3 godina
This was a very interesting and instructive video, but after watching it I'm thinking in certain applications we would be better off driving a straight-6 engine with rear-wheel drive, and going a little slower. 400 horsepower? I don't need anywhere near that much to get to work, nor does 99% of the population.
Ryan Kane
Ryan Kane Prije 3 godina
Not a sports car guy, but I do have an inline 6 in my truck. Absolutely love the thing. I imagine it would do ford a whole lot of good if they brought that back (perhaps with a standard transmission option as well).
Saul Uribe
Saul Uribe Prije 2 godina
Interesting how the v6 resonates bolder than the inline 6 counterpart. With exhause split at opposite sides it's like stereo.
Serkan Celik
Serkan Celik Prije 2 godina
I had a straight 6 and have now a V6. Loved the straight 6 more, even the car was a lot older
Dr. Davis Degarbo
Dr. Davis Degarbo Prije 2 godina
My E90 330i has an incredibly smooth feel, linear torque and revs very freely. The 3 series is more of a front mid engine design so the handling is great. Seems like BMW has the inline six working wonders for them. Toyota also seems to think so as they too use a BMW inline six engine.
Paul J
Paul J Prije godine
No they used a BMW vehicle and then just slapped there name on it. Toyota doesn't have a clue on how to make a competitive sports car anymore.
Emma Horne
Emma Horne Prije 7 mjeseci
I love my straight 6, it's so damn smooth and gives a nice burble when sauntering through town ❤️
Adam Green
Adam Green Prije 2 godina
Not long bought a E92 330i and was curious to find out the difference between my I6 and a traditional V6. Handy explanation!
Mr. Butterworth
Mr. Butterworth Prije 4 godina
Long story short, straight-six is technically a superior configuration to V6, which exists mainly for its production packaging benefits. In-lines are very much alive in the Diesel world however.
quacksackerthegreat Starfire
quacksackerthegreat Starfire Prije 3 godina
I'm not a mechanic and barely understand how an IC engine works but from the vehicles I've owned over the last 35 years, the inline engines always seemed to last longer than the V6's or 8's. And the best of those inline engines was the Slant-6. I had three and put over 300,000 on all of them, the bodies they were in rusted through before they wore out
Bilbo T Baggins
Bilbo T Baggins Prije 3 godina
Love my N55 :) But I feel they could've given the M2 a bit more power.
K C Prije 2 godina
Remap it bro
Manuel C. Senn
Manuel C. Senn Prije 3 godina
If anyone paved the way for the streight six, it's Mercedes. They built their first inline-sixes almost 30 years before BMW. And don't forget, the legendary Gullwing had a inline-six engine with the first fuel injection system that made it into production. ;)
John Thomas
John Thomas Prije 2 godina
Love an Inline Six !!! Ford 4.9 in a truck & BMW m54 in car ... both easy to work on and light maintenance.
rationalguy Prije 2 godina
I always liked straight sixes. The Chrysler slant six was durable and simple. I had a couple of cars with that one.. And my first car was a Dodge with that non-performance but durable flathead 6. Of course all these cars were rear-wheel drive.
Gimp Prije 2 godina
I would bet the real reason for the V6 was demanded by packaging engineers for smaller vehicles.
Dan T
Dan T Prije 2 godina
Straight 6's have a main bearing each side of every cylinder, and each cylinder gets its own crank journal, theyre stronger.... hence the massive horsepower straight 6's that have been built over the years.
Tim Hill
Tim Hill Prije 4 godina
I have a 4 litre I6 and it’s very smooth but it’s too big, I prefer a compact car. I like the modern trend of making smaller engines and getting more power out of them by adding a turbo. I think that something like a 1.5 litre turbo six would be good so that it doesn’t take up so much room and this might be more rigid and you’ve still got that sewing machine smoothness.
Devin Prije 3 godina
I got an I6 in my 65 mustang. Damn good engine but has definitely had better days. Sad to see that they're not being used anymore
Hassan Mogri
Hassan Mogri Prije godine
I belief that the inline 6 engine is the best engine ever made. It will be modified easily and be produced huge amount of hp such as 2jz and rb26.
Kairon156 Prije 2 godina
Thanks for this concise video. I have no idea how my internet got me to stumble on Straight-Six Engines, But it's kinda cool to learn about.
weofnjieofing Prije 3 godina
Mercedes Benz and Jaguar are replacing all their v6's with straight 6 for superior smoothness, packaging and lower cost of manufacture. The straight 6 is thriving!
TheGreatLoco Prije godine
The main advantage is in manufacturing, they start with the 2.0 inline 4, then add 2 cylinders to have a 3.0 I6, from there they can make the 1.5 I3 or even the 2.5 I5, by adding or removing cylinders with relatively small adjustments. Making a 3.0 V6 or a 4.0 V8 from an 2.0 I4 is a much more complex process.
Devin Vanvliet
Devin Vanvliet Prije 2 godina
Bmw owner here, inline 6 are the bomb, the have a beautiful sound are easy to work on, and one of the most important, you have a cold side and a hot side in your engine bay
Harrison VC
Harrison VC Prije 4 godina
The most reliable engines with adequate power are all straight 6's. Smooth as silk, fewer moving parts, easy to fix, torquey as hell with a wonderful sound that will put even the most powerful V6 to shame. We haven't seen the last of these things ;)
warren buchanan
warren buchanan Prije godine
even though the inline six is an antiquated design that came about in the 1920's when some car makers started increasing the displacement of their engines to meet the market demand for larger heavier cars . it was easier to just add two cylinders to an existing four cylinder design than create a whole new block configuration . like inline engines because as long as they have a crossflow head , the manifolds are easier to remove , and it is easier to install multiple carburetors than on a V engine . the crank flexing he mentioned is called " crankshaft whip " . it is an exageration to explain the flexing , like when you crack a bullwhip and it flexes . i read something a long time ago in a technical book , it said " all inline six cylinder engines have an inherent high speed imbalance " . they may have meant at very high r.p.m.'s though , like over 6,000 . there have been many good inline 6's made , like the yamaha designed one toyota used in their GT starting in the 1960's , and the nissan L series ( which was developed by adding 2 cylinders to the 1,600CC L series 4 cylinder engine ) , it was rugged enough that they were able to use the block and other components to develop a diesel version . and the toyota inline 6 they used in the crown and cressida , the jaguarDOHC six with it's racing heritage and the chrysler slanted six , which are all excellent engines
Tanner187 97
Tanner187 97 Prije 4 godina
The inline six builds torque quicker and lasts so much longer. Inline six’s were so underrated and should be kept around.
T Ritchie
T Ritchie Prije 5 godina
I've always been under the impression that I6 had more torque and durability than V6! Not sure how accurate that is.
fadingbeleifs Prije 4 godina
T Ritchie just ask my 1969 Dodge Dart with 455,000 original miles on the clock. 225 (3.7 liter) Slant Six. 1996 Dodge Ram 2500, 5.9 liter Cummins turbo diesel, 1,600,000 miles on the engine. 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0 liter inline 6, 570,000 miles on the clock. All still running strong. Only things done were normal valve adjustments, tune ups, and new timing chains when needed.
Lopo2211 Prije 4 godina
yes because less driven parts
Lazy Boy
Lazy Boy Prije 4 godina
Christopher Tuttle this is confusing
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer Prije 4 godina
And this is why Ford Australia made reliable engines in taxis for many many years. The 4L was a longer stroke I6 engine that didn't need to rev at all. The torque produced was a lot more than the comparable V6 brought in from the US ... and the torque was made much lower in the rev range as well. This made it smoother, less stressed ... and actually better on fuel in general day-to-day driving. Also couple this with a turbo from factory ... and it made a quick family vehicle in stock form (stupidly quick when modified) Long live the BARRA 4L and the earlier SOHC I6 engines that FoA had been using.
Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos Prije 4 godina
Jesse M, If that was true, the thousands of semi's you see out on the roads would have a V6 diesel, they do not because a I6 makes more torque more efficiently than a V6 ever could . Lighter crankshaft or flywheel just means the engine will rev up faster, not make more torque. V6's need a turbo or supercharger to make any decent torque numbers.
Stan Torren
Stan Torren Prije 3 godina
The straight 6 runs smoother but are really long the v6 is a lot more compact so a lot of room can be saved but don’t run as smooth
ChiefCabioch Prije 4 mjeseci
The v6 has an RPM advantage, running my Chevy V6 to 8600 in a dirt car against inlines that torsional vibrations usually limited inline 6s to below 7000, that 1600rpm advantage was quite an advantage, 2 years later my engines were banned....
NJ Sullyalex
NJ Sullyalex Prije 4 godina
2004 BMW E46 325xi here, 2.5L I6! Despite having just 184 HP, it delivers it’s torque almost instantly and just goes when you step on the gas! My family is the 1st owner, going on 15 years strong now!
Danny Contreras
Danny Contreras Prije 3 godina
Ive got a straight 6 on my 66 mustang and i wouldn't change it for anything. That little 200 works like brand new even after 52 years. Plus it saves me a lot of gas!
Basih Prije 4 godina
Even though I adore the inline 6, the flat 6 is probably the best 6-cylinder configuration ever.
Car guy NS
Car guy NS Prije 7 mjeseci
donwilly Prije 3 godina
I use both. One straight in the E36 BMW 325i and one V6 in the Ford Capri cosworth. The handling of the Capri is just great/awesome. Still the cosworth makes much more engine noise then the BMW. Way more silent and smooth. In speed their is no comparing. The Cosworth is way ahead
Darkillas EST
Darkillas EST Prije 2 godina
Surprised noone mentioned the main fact that V design (whatever number of cilinders) are more efficient creating more power than inline due to shorter "dead/drag" position of crankshaft caused by 60-90° offset.
Fr35h Prije godine
The I6 is far better than the V6 because its pretty reliable, well balanced, easy to work on, and can handle a lot of power like the 2JZ and the RB25/26
Logan Mailandt
Logan Mailandt Prije 5 godina
forgot to mention that inline 6 engines don't have ignition pulses on the same main bearings twice in a row. ever. because conrods aren't paired on the crank. leads to them lasting a LOT longer... particular when paired with modern metallurgy.
Jared Kennedy
Jared Kennedy Prije godine
My V6 doesn't use a balance shaft and does just fine. The inline six's biggest advantage is the sound usually, but a split pin 60° or 120° V6 will give the same smooth firing order.
MickeyNineLives Prije 2 godina
I've driven and owned both. Straight 6 is just stronger, more reliable and are generally used in better cars imo. My '97 Cresta was the best car I've ever owned (straight 6), currently drive a 530i M (straight 6)
T Brama
T Brama Prije 3 godina
I prefer the in line 6. BMW M52B25 in my 323ti was a great engine. I sold that car, i still regret it. Torque, smooth running and a nice in line 6 sound :-). Tried a BMW 4 cilinder in the 120i. In line 6 is way better an much more reliable.
nickma71 Prije 2 godina
He forgot the main advantage, which is why the inline is not actually on its weigh out. It is still the king of the road with medium and heavy duty trucks. The engine makes more power with better manifolds, that can be more direct. The natural balance also reduces internal drag of momentum.
Jason Neil
Jason Neil Prije 5 godina
Nothing beats the Busso designed Alfa V6. It's based on an inline 6 configuration and uses the inline 6 firing order but takes advantage of the V6 positives making it such a sweet engine. Nothing beats it.
Rob 326
Rob 326 Prije 3 godina
Except for any car with more than 6 cylinders? Or with more horsepower?
Funzo Support
Funzo Support Prije 3 godina
My goldwing motorcycle is a straight 6 1.5L and its just so smooth I think anything bigger (more cylinders) is overkill. A straight will always be smoother than a V configuration.
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez Prije 3 godina
Lots of vintage cars use inline 6 so I love the inline 6
alextheromanian Prije 3 godina
4.0L jeep XJ was a tank of an engine. ive since moved on to 4 cyl turbocharged and currently drive electric. in all honesty though we have reached a point where the V or the W engine can be just as reliable as the straight. design...but if im buying a hooptie and want to work on it myself i think ill always chose a straight 6 over the V
Austin Peterson
Austin Peterson Prije 3 godina
Lets not forget that the torque outputs of an I6 against a similar or the same sized displacement as well as a similarly tuned V6 is usually a substantially higher number making it in my eyes the better platform
AnMSpec Prije 5 godina
I am a fan of Inline 6.. best design
ThatGuyYouKnow Prije godine
@Why Tho yeah
stektirade Prije 3 godina
andrew cadena well the v design takes up space laterally
Matthew L
Matthew L Prije 3 godina
My dad's Jeep Cherokee 4.0 is great plus a good sound from the i6
andrew cadena
andrew cadena Prije 4 godina
The design is clunky. Not that thats its fault, but the size it takes up is a really big flaw
ThatGuyYouKnow Prije 4 godina
Inline 10 is better
John Prije 2 godina
There is usually enough space for a V8 if you can fit an I6. I prefer I6 over V6, but V6 engines sound better to me.
WebNstyne Prije 3 mjeseci
I6 sound sooo much better! Smooth and not fluttery
John Boulding
John Boulding Prije 2 godina
Straight 6 has great torque too
buba426 Prije 3 godina
Inline 6 FTW. The 3.0 in my 328i feels and SOUNDS so damn good 🤤.
ElementsMMA Prije 3 godina
Always loved that straight six in the M3 evo.
Gary Germain
Gary Germain Prije 2 godina
The slant 6 engine has to be the best engine ever made for long life and endurance
RaytheonGaming ☑
RaytheonGaming ☑ Prije godine
This is no bullshit my first car was a 1975 Plymouth Valiant. Great little car, no power but it was reliable as hell
Michael Dunagan
Michael Dunagan Prije 2 godina
Inline 6's have better "starting from 0 mph" performance. I feel the torque off idle in my brother-in-law's BMW M-4 which is the same size as my Toyota Solera's V-6. His has "throw you in to the back seat torque" from 0-60 which I used to only feel with V-8's.
Stephen Rowe
Stephen Rowe Prije 2 godina
"Advantages" ; "Front wheel drive"?????? Who the hell wants a front wheel drive.
Bleak hole
Bleak hole Prije 4 mjeseci
exactly lmao
MmmmRicher Prije 5 mjeseci
normal people, but a plebs like you can't understand
Terry Turner
Terry Turner Prije 5 mjeseci
@alex k I've now driven a rwd BMW and it was more stable than my fwd Alfa Romeo but can't turn as quickly but the Alfa is very very twitchy and direct and not for novice drivers.
Terry Turner
Terry Turner Prije 6 mjeseci
@Mich Was always happy to help lol
Mich Was
Mich Was Prije 6 mjeseci
@Terry Turner Hahahahahahaha brother you made my day
North Prije 3 godina
I love the idea of an inline 6 but if having a transverse engine means my car will look like that one really long Mercedes amg(not the new gtr one), id much rather just have a v6
David Goldfeld
David Goldfeld Prije 4 godina
Fine I will settle for a v48
Alex W
Alex W Prije godine
Nah inline 6 just kicked in yo!
Ranjeet Bains
Ranjeet Bains Prije godine
All good but not even close to my inline 326.
Lucìd Lucìd
Lucìd Lucìd Prije 2 godina
You’d have to have like a ww6
Dd Prije 2 godina
K A Prije 2 godina
V2 twin turbo
sav marjanac
sav marjanac Prije 3 godina
Straight 6, check out the Australian 4L barra motor. With stock internals and a turbo of the side and a remap they are getting over 1000 RWHP out of it and more. Plus cheaper to fix. You only need 1 to 2 cams not 4. Plus you have a lot more room in the engine bay to add turbos or even a blower. The straight 6 offers a lot more potential than the cheap crappie v6 version.
Kyle 1500
Kyle 1500 Prije 6 mjeseci
Personally the only vehicle with inline 6 i have ever driven, was on my stepfather's farm when i was a teenager, a 1984 Chevrolet Pickup, with a straight 6 & three on the tree. Sadly a few yrs afterwards, due to the horrible Michigan roads and salty conditions, the body was so badly rusted, the frame was structurally comprised and unsafe, so the truck was taken to the scrapyard. But the engine and transmission was practically bulletproof, and given the necessary linkage adjustments to the carburetor and choke, it would almost refuse to die.
Roberto Aiello
Roberto Aiello Prije 3 godina
Every engine has its application. However, the inline 6, or straight 6, whichever someone prefers, has more advantages than disadvantages. One that wasn’t mentioned was torque. Inline engines generally produce more torque which is more vital than horsepower. Torque is what creates acceleration. Horsepower only takes over after the vehicle has gained momentum. They tend to be more fuel efficient. They offer the best power-to-weight ratio available. There’s solid reasons why cars like the skyline/GTR and supra used inline 6 motors. And when it comes to full-size trucks, the old ford 300’s could tow just as much as a 351 in the same truck.
Kyle H
Kyle H Prije 3 godina
I have an old 77 ford pickup, and it has the 300 inline 6, and I think I was the only one to ever change the oil in it since ford delivered it in November of 76, They may not be the vest thing for front wheel drives, but they're damn near indestructible and great for rear wheel trucks
leo fish
leo fish Prije 5 godina
The fact that Daimler is re-introducing I6 engines after 25-odd years of V6 generations speaks for itself, really. A nod to the BMW engineers down the Autobahn in Munich :)
Peter Prije godine
To bad you don't fully understand why I6's are being adopted again. I'll give you a hint, EPA.
Nik Gnashers
Nik Gnashers Prije godine
Straight 6 is alive and well in my M140i, and very tunable !
Optimistic Pessimist
Optimistic Pessimist Prije 3 godina
Can't beat the Ford 300-6 for durability. Sure, the inline 6 may not be the most powerful engine ever built, but they'll run damn near forever, and do it with plenty of torque to spare.
corey Wellman
corey Wellman Prije 4 godina
Also inline 6 will naturally make more torque just by design because there is always a full 180° rotation of the crank per powerstroke
Mark E
Mark E Prije 2 godina
After my shitty vg30 blew, I swapped for a rb26 and was instantly in love. I'll go straight 6 any day. It's just a quicker more responsive engine all together
Nick West
Nick West Prije 4 godina
Inline motors also have more torque than the V setups. That is an important fact to exclude when talking performance.
Sam Justice
Sam Justice Prije mjesec
@Jeffrey Woods I don’t know the origins of the jeep i6 but what I do know is that the Ford 4.0 v6 originated from the 80’s and has been revised over the years. From what I’ve heard, it’s the same case with the 4.0 jeep i6.
Jeffrey Woods
Jeffrey Woods Prije mjesec
@Sam Justice The AMC straight-six was designed in 1964, and the 4.0L version in 1986. That is in no way comparable to a V6 designed in 2006.
Rick Moises
Rick Moises Prije 2 godina
Matthew Prather you must be on something because torque plays a big roll in performance tuning. When you tune a car there are multiple factors in play. The main thing to look out its torque and rpm to create what everyone loves which is horsepower. When you put it in the equation HP=(TQxRPM/5252)-(drivetrain loss)to predict what horsepower the car is producing before any real world testing. This is probably one of the most important equation to know right next to volumetric efficiency and turbo mapping etc.
Jay Pattyson
Jay Pattyson Prije 2 godina
Sam Justice like I said, power and torque have more to do with other factors, not layout.
Sam Justice
Sam Justice Prije 2 godina
False. My 4.0 v6 makes more torque (around 20lbs) than a Jeep 4.0 i6. Both engines are of the same time period and have the same displacement.
JohnPaul K
JohnPaul K Prije 2 godina
The ford i6 300 was in almost everything, and had so much torque it was put in tractors and large trucks, and with the manual in the mid 90s was advertised to get 26 plus mpg, in a full sized truck
Yoda Prije 4 godina
Volvo’s Inline 6 was used in fwd cars for a while and is mounted transversely
FatalxWolfsgrin Prije 2 godina
As someone who is just getting into this as a career, convenience matters. I6 all the way.
steve l
steve l Prije 3 godina
1GR-FE is possibly the most reliable engine ever made.
Gerard Klein
Gerard Klein Prije 5 godina
I6 are all also more efficient, you get more energy transfer per stroke which equals less power loss
twistedyogert Prije 3 godina
This is just a layman's guess, but it seems that an inline 6 would be more suitable for luxury cars because of its smoothness.
Dan Whitaker
Dan Whitaker Prije 3 godina
I've had 3 V6 engined cars and now have a straight 6 in my M235i I'd go straight 6 over v6 any day, smoother, better power delivery, better sound etc etc
alfaholic3 Prije 3 godina
I love both but out of my v6 and i6 i prefer my v6
Jas on
Jas on Prije 4 godina
Had a Ford 300 straight 6, and you couldn’t kill that engine. Massive torque.. I had a sunbird that had a 3.1 V6 with a 5 speed, smooth instant power and pull in every gear. (For it’s day)
repawnd Prije 4 godina
I had a Jeep 4L I6, now I have a Mercedes 2.8L I6. Once you have a straight 6 it's hard to change to anything else.
repawnd Prije godine
@M Scuba My merc is also C280, a 1996. Has no issues at all, I love it!
M Scuba
M Scuba Prije godine
I've owned two Mercedes 190E 2.6s and now a Mercedes C280, since when I was a boy the Slant-6 in my dad's Plymouth Valiant was the real deal
K R Prije 2 godina
Supra 2jz gte have a tonns of potential power with proper modification. Great Engine. And that’s why bmw still use them too.
ᛋᛒᛖ‍ᚱᚫᛞᚻᛏ Prije 2 godina
The jeep 4.0 was one of the best L6 ever built. Anyone who says there is some inherent weakness in the design of an inline 6 can be shut up real quick, just show them the nearest XJ with 400,000 miles on it running like new, and say "what inherent weakness"? 😄
Synqie Prije 2 godina
same here! had a e46 straight 6 now have a 2jz in my is300 😛
tibbysteve Prije godine
Love my I-6 Engine. In my E36 325i such an fun and great sounding car. Especially with intake and full exhaust. Just need to get an E36 M3 and I’ll be 😃. But love my 1994 325i 4 door. 5 Speed Manual Trans. Carves the mountain roads in Utah like an dream. 😍😍😍
TpzBla Prije 3 godina
Its typically easier to nestle a Turbocharger with a I6 set up and in most circumstances the I6 is actually slanted in the enginebay to reduce COG, V6 engine bays, especially in FWD applications are typically extremely tight not allowing for much in the way of FI
udo230FL Prije 2 godina
Our daily car is a Chrysler 300 with the Mercedes OM642 V6 Turbo. That is for sure a nice combination. I would change that engine to any inline6 in no way! Defeenitly one of the best engines Mercedes ever build!
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