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On this week's episode, Alex and Gareth find out how fast they can make the £1 Volvo without spending a penny!

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michael cianci
michael cianci Prije 4 mjeseci
I love these episodes, they should be an entire series, vehicle with the highest percentage time dropped sits atop the leader board bonus points for be able to sell parts off of them, do an E class next.
Gorilla Prije 3 mjeseci
would love to see a phaeton ^^
A G N E Z Prije 4 mjeseci
AISURU.TOKYO/AGNEZ/?[Making-love]💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over🍎🍑 HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" HRpost: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
SuperDeco1990 Prije 4 mjeseci
Great idea!!
beans Prije 4 mjeseci
Yeah an old clapped out E class
Bunt’s Adventures
Bunt’s Adventures Prije 4 mjeseci
YES that would be amazing
exSunset Prije 4 mjeseci
Nearly choked myself to death when Ethan said ‘there’s another jack over there’ the corniest jokes always get me
Jonka Olofsson
Jonka Olofsson Prije 4 mjeseci
I wheezed
A G N E Z Prije 4 mjeseci
AISURU.TOKYO/AGNEZ/?[Making-love]💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over🍎🍑 HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" HRpost: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Francis Sutherland
Francis Sutherland Prije 4 mjeseci
These are the sort of episodes that got me into car throttle and what kept me, glad to see a return to form. I am also impressed that the V70 wasn't that much slower given it has 250k more miles, shagged tyres and aged suspension setup for comfort rather than the Skoda's which is setup for track times
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Prije mjesec
I'm not surprised, the considerably reduced weight would almost certainly make the Volvo suspension better,
MGN Prije 3 mjeseci
@BeyerT1 because the suspensions were fucked, these cars have amazing handling and stability
amicloud Prije 3 mjeseci
@bubert lol fair
bubert Prije 3 mjeseci
@amicloud compared to the 20 year old comfort suspension of the volvo, the skodas an f1 car
amicloud Prije 4 mjeseci
lol it's sporty but she ain't a track car lol
Lowry. Prije 4 mjeseci
Jack: the volvo is on its last legs Volvo: survives stripping and all those laps Looks like British last legs are quite different from lets say Estonian 🤷‍♂️😆
ADOLF HITLER Prije 2 mjeseci
Well both are nothing compared to Russian last legs being when the engine has completely decomposed back into the raw materials it was built from
Pontus Häggström
Pontus Häggström Prije 3 mjeseci
Julian Scales
Julian Scales Prije 4 mjeseci
Гарольд Prije 4 mjeseci
Instantly thought of Flexing when you mentioned Estonia lol
William Bishop
William Bishop Prije 4 mjeseci
Vol vo
James Moore
James Moore Prije 4 mjeseci
Don’t let this video fool you into thinking all old Volvos are slow. Some of them are wicked fast sleepers 🔥
# Murdered
# Murdered Prije dan
I’ve been Volvo guy for whole my life. I just love volvos.
meehhhe Of You
meehhhe Of You Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh yea, volvo does two things really well to remain modest: 1. Specs on paper are less then specs in reality. Not entirely sure why they do this, a certified mechanic told me that could be rated for absolute worst case scenario. Top of a mountain in a 100+ degree (38C +) day sort of thing. 2. Have decent headroom from the factory. Probably for reliability reasons since these engines can go literally forever with proper maintenances. Bonus 3rd: play it safe… want to appear slower then they are and don’t want to appear to be competing even if they are directly like with R series. My wagon, has the 3.0L T6 engine. it has polestar tune on it, plus experimental tune on top of that pushing a claimed 450HP. 300K miles strong and when I see a race between two sports cars at the lights I love to join them and pass them… always surprised them to no end when two guys lined up with high performance AMG/M Sport cars dev battling at lights and then I not only keep up but pass them most times. Makes me think I’m in the 500HP range, there is some merit to that as I have damaged my AWD system several times from launching it hard like that. But it surprises everyone when he school bus of car brands passes them.
Matt J Davies
Matt J Davies Prije 4 mjeseci
Even some of the newer stuff can be surprising. I own a V40 5cyl D3 that the previous owner had a polestar performance map generously smeared on it, 202bhp and embarrasses a surprising amount of purpose made diesel hot hatches. Never write a Volvo off...
Max Davies
Max Davies Prije 4 mjeseci
Indeed, one of my dream cars is a V70R
craig855s Prije 4 mjeseci
This car is either 163 or 185PS depending on the exact month of manufacture. I have a 55 plate 185 model with a diesel tuning box on it and the in gear acceleration is plenty to put a smile on my face. (EDIT, checked the engine cover and the car in the vid is a 163)
Naveen Prije 4 mjeseci
"There's a lot of diesel coming in" "There's a lot of EVERYTHING coming in" Man I love this stuff
FatHead1979 Prije 4 mjeseci
@Veeti J I've just watched the original video back and you're quite right it's an inline 5 diesel, although you wouldn't think it from the sound it makes.
Veeti J
Veeti J Prije 4 mjeseci
@FatHead1979 a diesel 5 cylinder
Veeti J
Veeti J Prije 4 mjeseci
@FatHead1979 its a d5 tho
A G N E Z Prije 4 mjeseci
AISURU.TOKYO/AGNEZ/?[Making-love]💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over🍎🍑 HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" HRpost: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
FatHead1979 Prije 4 mjeseci
Also funny because the engine was a T5 (inline 5 petrol) but we all knew what he meant
Sign Deals
Sign Deals Prije 4 mjeseci
I’d really like to see the times with and without the extra passenger. Curious what the difference is.
With Cars
With Cars Prije 4 mjeseci
I'd love to see more episodes like this, and possibly with Subaru's too! I'd love to see that!
Hunter Altman
Hunter Altman Prije 3 mjeseci
I have a 2002 forester and agree
Zach Reynolds
Zach Reynolds Prije 4 mjeseci
perhaps a 99 legacy and 99 outback together, strip em both and see which exceeds on the track and then take em both offroad too
Rafa Aquino
Rafa Aquino Prije 4 mjeseci
perhaps a legacy
Whu Dhat
Whu Dhat Prije 4 mjeseci
Ahh a cheap Subaru would be magnificent, good candidate to take to the ol' mud hole as well
dean king
dean king Prije 4 mjeseci
A forester would be a good shout.
MudSluggerBP Prije 4 mjeseci
Anyone old enough to remember when Skodas’ were the butt of a million jokes.
CJMitchell Prije 3 mjeseci
Yeha me. I drove a Skoda Karoq now 😂😂
Shock Value
Shock Value Prije 3 mjeseci
Why do skodas have rear heated windows? To keep your hands warm when youre pushing it
David Sup
David Sup Prije 3 mjeseci
@GrimStone that's exactly what he was saying
Ilham Prije 4 mjeseci
@Something Else peppridge farm remembers
GrimStone Prije 4 mjeseci
@volvos60bloke czechia and slovakia are still part of eu
Kristeritto ツ
Kristeritto ツ Prije 4 mjeseci
I have a same volvo d5 120kw, but damn, i have it tuned to 160kw and its a diesel monster! And that pure 5-cyl sound🤤 Mine doesnt have any suspension upgrades but it takes corners really well without leaning, like its impressive for a wagon, this one is just shot dead probably😂
cptfrecell Prije 4 mjeseci
Yes they are the best cars in the world
Fachaa Productions
Fachaa Productions Prije 4 mjeseci
The shot at the start line that pulled out of the boot of the car was incredible. Well done!
RCTitan Prije 4 mjeseci
And the pass through the car while stripping it
Lucas Marques
Lucas Marques Prije 4 mjeseci
We NEED more of this. This needs to be a series
Xander Prije 4 mjeseci
Older v70s hold a special place in my heart, I’m sad to see one get messed up!
craig855s Prije 4 mjeseci
Just imagine the laptime if the Volvo was on Pilot Sport tyres.
Andrei Gauna Adamson
Andrei Gauna Adamson Prije 3 mjeseci
And newer shocks
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prije 4 mjeseci
Take the side windows out, kick the passenger and seat out and it would of done it. Oh and why leave the headlining in?
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Prije 4 mjeseci
More cheep car challenges, and a series on an off-roader!! But most importantly Podcast! Love this stuff you do! Keep this up!
goracks69 Prije 4 mjeseci
16:30 What a great shot!!! Never seen an in car to out of car launch! I loved that!
Silvano101 Prije 4 mjeseci
if that volvo had fresh tyres on it it would actually beat the vrs around the track amazing results
Victor Georgiev
Victor Georgiev Prije mjesec
@MementoMori, of course not, cause you have lousy tyres and most likely your car is full of all kind of junk that makes it heavier. Put some sports tyres, remap it properly, get proper brakes and let me know how it is. Also, not to mention the years difference between the two...
MementoMori Prije mjesec
@Victor Georgiev Yeah, not even close, I own a 186 D5 and can tell you it isn't a quick car. Its torquey and fast around the city, but not on a track.
Victor Georgiev
Victor Georgiev Prije 3 mjeseci
Fresh tyres + fresh brakes + remap (if it was the 185hp version) to hit 200bhp, it would have annihilated the Skoda even before it was stripped. After the stripping it would push at least 5 seconds before it. The D5 engine is a monster, even though I do not like diesels.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
@douma2001 It is 163bhp Euro 3.
Andrei Gauna Adamson
Andrei Gauna Adamson Prije 3 mjeseci
@douma2001 This was the 163 lower trim model. At the same year you could get the same engine but with different turbo, ecu, and injectors making 185hp. Easily tunable way up to 210hp
John Baxendale
John Baxendale Prije 4 mjeseci
"The Skoda stayed ahead and that's where it stayed", Channeling your inner Murray Walker there Alex!
a creative name
a creative name Prije 4 mjeseci
Will always miss Murray's Murray-isms
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac Prije 4 mjeseci
sorry I meant "the voice of f1 will never be forgotten
Justin Jerome
Justin Jerome Prije 4 mjeseci
I'd love to see a proper drift build and see you guys actually drift it.
London CREAM
London CREAM Prije 4 mjeseci
Found myself grinning throughout this ep! Would love to see this concept on a stripped down RX8, please :)
Cristinel Iftimie
Cristinel Iftimie Prije 4 mjeseci
It would be interesting to see how many more things you can take off the car and still be driveable.
Ken Kalajdžič
Ken Kalajdžič Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh yes. There's some obvious stuff to be removed still on the car, like the rear side windows.
Bacon CheeseCake
Bacon CheeseCake Prije 4 mjeseci
I would like to see this taken further, there's a lot more weight to be saved
Charlie Belton
Charlie Belton Prije 4 mjeseci
38k for a diesel Skoda Octavia is absolutely ridiculous. Love the episode boys. Quality 🤙
Callum Powell
Callum Powell Prije 4 mjeseci
Love these episodes! Would love too see more of these! Keep up the good work lads!
chris child
chris child Prije 4 mjeseci
These episodes are so cool! You should do a regular car vs it’s gti version!!
Nick Duffin
Nick Duffin Prije 4 mjeseci
Would absolutely love to see more of these! Also really wish we could have seen a lap with no passenger
Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo Prije 4 mjeseci
Haven't even made it to the end yet, but definitely do more of these videos! The more obscure the car the better, like making a land yacht a track car or making some 1L Micra into an awesome handling go kart!
Turner Nye
Turner Nye Prije 4 mjeseci
To answer your question: I had no idea how much I wanted more of these episodes, thank you for asking!
Daniel Barnes
Daniel Barnes Prije 4 mjeseci
Most definitely want to see more! Y'all looked like y'all were having a blast!
Damo Aus_Disco4
Damo Aus_Disco4 Prije 2 mjeseci
These are so much fun to watch. My suggestion would be old versions of new cars. For example, old civic vs new civic, or old Mini vs new Mini, etc. keep up the good work guys. Lovin all the episodes
Ollie Johnson
Ollie Johnson Prije 4 mjeseci
If the next car you do this with has a turbo, try upping the boost a bit if you can to try and increase horsepower
DRIVER46 Prije 3 mjeseci
Great show , love these episodes with weight reduction .
Ew It’s Jack
Ew It’s Jack Prije 4 mjeseci
I love these kinds of videos, and id really like to see a car build series on maybe a Volvo?
Yash Panchbhai
Yash Panchbhai Prije 4 mjeseci
We definitely need more of these videos. Really one of your best videos. Really Loved this one💯
Wotto Rc
Wotto Rc Prije 4 mjeseci
Absolutely love these videos please please do more you're my new old top gear with these ones lol Do a cheap power challenge like can you double the horsepower of a voted car
Shlep Kovac
Shlep Kovac Prije 4 mjeseci
As a Volvo V70 driver I feel sad for that Volvo. Such a great car
Geoffrey Prije 4 mjeseci
Yahhhh I enjoy these videos a bit, but it's such a waste.
richard mackow
richard mackow Prije 4 mjeseci
what a waste of a great car,they say had 25000,and loads of life left.a clean sad,id have bought this. feel sorry for it too.i love volvos great cars.iam a 940 owner.mines has only 195000 miles on the clock,for a 1992 i have 2 other 940s.never gunna get rid!safe in my hands only!👍👍😃😃
Luke Mallory
Luke Mallory Prije 4 mjeseci
This is what happens when idiots cheer on idiots. People who have life too easy.
Martin Ross
Martin Ross Prije 4 mjeseci
That shot of the volvo launch through the boot was magnificent 👏👏👏
Callum Gibson
Callum Gibson Prije 4 mjeseci
Id love to see you guys do a cheap turbo build on mini to see how long it would last
TheBlarghey Prije 4 mjeseci
Love your guys’ podcast! Just listened to all of them over 2 weeks or so at work. Never liked podcasts but you guys are way more genuine and entertaining than all the others!
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia Prije 4 mjeseci
I loved the podcasts too. And they canceled it for this TikTok-styled rubish...
shng sam
shng sam Prije 4 mjeseci
love this! please do more episodes with wacky experiments!! btw, the headliner is falling down, might as well strip that as well
R J Prije 4 mjeseci
More videos like this it feels almost like the whole original gang is back and Alex needs his own channel drive original cars BoNELess or as much weight as can be reduced 💯👊🔥
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prije 4 mjeseci
We NEED more of this. This needs to be a series
Alex Prije 2 mjeseci
I was waiting for Alex to ask "do we want to keep the roof?" would've been fun to see it removed
Jaime Pontes
Jaime Pontes Prije 4 mjeseci
Now seeing Gareth, I want to tell you that I really miss the podcast. It was a really good company on my winter day-offs. Cheers!
dean king
dean king Prije 4 mjeseci
Great vid. For the odd couple of tenths of a second, You should have removed the undertray as it was constantly acting as an air brake! That would have made the difference.
michael cianci
michael cianci Prije 4 mjeseci
take out the dash, headliner, front carpet, rear seat belts, rear glass, seat anchors and i bet you've got it that additional .25 seconds in you.
Peter Prije 2 mjeseci
There was that front loose skid plate under engine also adding drag. Plus remove rear windows. I was wondering if a pole star software upgrade could have been done to the engine too?
XToni1992 Prije 3 mjeseci
@michael cianci Was saying the same thing , lol 👍
TheTrueToe Prije 3 mjeseci
@michael cianci but as a last resort it would work
michael cianci
michael cianci Prije 4 mjeseci
@TheRealTrevo just dumping Gareth would do it easy, but you gotta keep the passenger for banter and facial expressions.
TheRealTrevo Prije 4 mjeseci
And passenger and passenger seat
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Prije 4 mjeseci
This is my jam. Well done boys always awesome content. Doing the UK proud always
Ryan Gorton
Ryan Gorton Prije 4 mjeseci
These are by far the best type of videos, keep them coming!
Alex Young
Alex Young Prije 4 mjeseci
I'd love to see if you can make it faster by adding cardboard body panels to reduce drag.
CesconetoG Prije 4 mjeseci
Now I want an episode 3 where they use the angle grinder more than the spanners
Charlie-George Buxton
Charlie-George Buxton Prije 4 mjeseci
Really do love videos like this, would love to see a Clio given the same treatment
Game Tester
Game Tester Prije 4 mjeseci
One of the best videos yet imo would like to see more of this the cheap vs expensive maybe not all scrap cars but really good be on Netflix or prime soon lads
Josh Ley
Josh Ley Prije 4 mjeseci
I am over the moon seeing this as a recent owner (2 months ago) of a D5 V70 54 plate manual. Love the old horse, 200k miles on it and cost me a grand. Got the 54 because its the last one without a DPF, which has been the bane of my life for the past 5 years in all of my modern diesels.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
Yes, the Euro 3 D5 (D5244T) is an extremely reliable diesel engine. Good design of EGR Valve and no DPF. Mine has 440,000 miles and pulls great. Easy to work on, lots of room around it. You can also get this same D5244T engine in various boats as a marine diesel, under the name "Volvo Penta D3" but it is literally the same engine, same turbo, same injectors etc. In the boat, it is available with 5 different power outputs depending on the installed ECU map... 110bhp, 130bhp, 160bhp, 190bhp or 220bhp. So in your V70, at 163bhp, the engine is well within it's designed power range. I want to remap mine.
RandomReevuze Prije 4 mjeseci
@Josh Ley nice try, but i meant BEFORE they stripped the Germalene Special down ;)
Josh Ley
Josh Ley Prije 4 mjeseci
@RandomReevuze if you're basing things off of the vid, you'll be deeply upset they also come with body panels and an exhaust
RandomReevuze Prije 4 mjeseci
@Josh Ley based on the vid, it's ugly af and looks like it smells of Germalene lol
Chris Hart
Chris Hart Prije 4 mjeseci
@Josh Ley agree the mondeo mk3 looks dreadful now. My father in law has a silver 2.0 ghia automatic estate. Looks like a massive shapeless box. I have a mk4.5 face-lift titanium-x estate 163 powershift business edition. And still think it looks smart for now. Looks great parked next to the mk3 like a spaceship. In comparison The mk3 has 16" alloys they look so small
Dani Santabárbara
Dani Santabárbara Prije 4 mjeseci
This was so much fun, you must be doing these exclusively, brilliant,!!
v811gfg Prije 4 mjeseci
Love to see more like this really enjoyed it.
ZMCC, LLC Prije 4 mjeseci
Awesome video! Thank you all for making it! Any chance that you could make the next video just a touch different? Identical, but install new tires and do a super basic tune up. Basically, just get the older stripped car a chance to perform. Maybe even decent used tires or something? A $1,000 budget and strip. Budget stripping, hmm.
H H Prije 4 mjeseci
Love these episodes !! E32 vs a more modern 7 or S class :)
Paddy Boy
Paddy Boy Prije 4 mjeseci
You should be able to put new sportier tyres on these cars to even it up a bit. Great work guys 👍🏻
ijp90 Prije 4 mjeseci
Would love to see something done with a Yaris!
Michael Backus
Michael Backus Prije 4 mjeseci
Id love to see a rematch where you play with the boost on that Volvo a little. Turn it up till the engine can't take any more!
Callum Dean
Callum Dean Prije 4 mjeseci
I would love to see more public transport vs whatever videos. Those are so much fun to watch... Even more than this 🤣🤣
Big Cazza
Big Cazza Prije 4 mjeseci
for a wagon it handles quite well, my 230kmh capable AU falcon wagon with mad soft single stage leafs needed a welded diff to corner fast, this thing just takes it like a champ
Barry Duff
Barry Duff Prije 4 mjeseci
Definitely saw some fear in Alex's eyes at 16:04. Cut the roof off behind the B pillar but leave the bonnet on and the VRS lap time would have been manageable.
Luke Blackley
Luke Blackley Prije 4 mjeseci
Love the channel guys Keep it up 👍
Bogdan Obogeanu
Bogdan Obogeanu Prije 4 mjeseci
Yes, we want these episodes, they are great 😂😊❤👍
Nemo Speed
Nemo Speed Prije 4 mjeseci
I've actually done that to my Windshield while changing wiper blades..twice to the same car! Lol anyway love the videos keep'em coming.
d.mitchell96 Prije 4 mjeseci
more of these "strip and rip" videos. absolutely love them. you should use a 8th gen civic coupe and pin it up against the Hyundai Veloster N.
Mark C.
Mark C. Prije 3 mjeseci
That was hilarious 😂 Missed quite a few things as well! Roof bars, headliner, seat belt buckles, front crash bar maybe?
Nightlife135 Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh hell yeah! I'd love to see more of this series!! :D
Manny The one
Manny The one Prije 4 mjeseci
You should definitely do more episodes like this. You should do a Ford Focus or something like that
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty Prije 3 mjeseci
One of my most favourite things to do in live, rip the interior out and take little care doing it! Couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂
Kris Bodurov
Kris Bodurov Prije 4 mjeseci
Love it gents, do more of these please!
Broads Boater
Broads Boater Prije 3 mjeseci
Very entertaining! What about doing it the opposite way loading up both cars to the highest weight and racing those?
Thumbii Prije 4 mjeseci
If you want a SERIOUSLY fast Volvo you should look for a T5 from 05-07. 260hp stock but the motor can handle 500~hp unopened. Even better would be the S60R or V70R although that would require more work to make it reliable.
Ollie Wells
Ollie Wells Prije 4 mjeseci
Please do this with a hatchback and compare it to its performance version 👍
Balintiboi Prije 4 mjeseci
7-series, the amount of weight reduced could be very interesting
skkkrt Prije 4 mjeseci
Yesss of course do more of these episodes they entertain the hell out of me while staying at home
Bogdan Buse
Bogdan Buse Prije 4 mjeseci
I would definitely enjoy more episodes like this. I would very much like to see an episode featuring a Ssang Yong Rodius first generation. Stripping that car out would only improve it ( one of the ugliest cars ever ). If you can't get one of those, a Pontiac Aztek would do.
Brandon Stott
Brandon Stott Prije 4 mjeseci
Change the tyres, wheels and suspension and instant handling upgrade 👌
PystolPeet Prije 4 mjeseci
I would have loved to see its springs shortened with the angle grinder to lower that Swedish racing machine :)
Lee Bradley
Lee Bradley Prije 4 mjeseci
Favourite episode so far lads! Loved this one!
Liam Matthews
Liam Matthews Prije 4 mjeseci
I'd love to see you prep a sprint car and do a race weekend at the curburing
Joe Crancher
Joe Crancher Prije 4 mjeseci
Brilliant episode, but I reckon it could have beaten the vrs is you had taken out the rear windows, the headliner and mostly removed the sump cover that was flapping around under the car probably causing a lot of drag!!
Thomas The Wise
Thomas The Wise Prije 3 mjeseci
I am a massive Skoda fan and always get laughed at by my car loving friends for wanting an octavia And well... I aint giving up on getting one after this
Arne Hulstein
Arne Hulstein Prije 3 mjeseci
But what if you would have streamlined it with plastic etc. to improve airflow around all of the holes you have made. That would make the car arguably quicker than the Octavia as weight and power are not the only two factors at play here. Aerodynamics will play a very significant part as well. Perhaps an idea for the next car? ;)
Daniel Díaz
Daniel Díaz Prije 4 mjeseci
Now we want an episode with Ethan putting it all back together!! @CT
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac Prije 4 mjeseci
**swearing intensifies**
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Prije 4 mjeseci
This was so much fun, you must be doing these exclusively, brilliant,!!
eros20V Prije 4 mjeseci
Great episode ! You should try with just the driver in the car ! 😆
NuWorldOrder Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh I love it when Alex and Gareth are together! So chaotic and so much fun. Please feature more Gareth!
Armin A. Kakabaveh
Armin A. Kakabaveh Prije 4 mjeseci
We have a 2008 V70 Classic (2nd gen) and have taken care of it well. It's worth 6 times more than the rest of these 2nd gen V70's, around 120,000 Swedish Krona. Also, can't beat that 5 cylinder sound 😌
Chefcamsey Prije 4 mjeseci
Love the type of content....maybe 4 cylinder fwd vs 4 cylinder rwd
Howy Prije 4 mjeseci
Would be cool to see this on loads of cars just stripped to see how much fun they are as a skeleton
It’stheDerz_ _
It’stheDerz_ _ Prije 4 mjeseci
Please continue the series for sure!!!!!!
NoName Prije 4 mjeseci
If you kept the bonnet and front bumper on, it would vastly improve the aerodynamics. Stripping those components was a mistake.
Danilo Laurito
Danilo Laurito Prije 4 mjeseci
does anyone know if it's possible, somewhere, to find all the lap times on this specific track to compare? They did a lot of laps on different cars, kind of curious to know what car was the fastest and stuff like that.
James Entwistle
James Entwistle Prije 4 mjeseci
You guys should do a two stage teardown, road worthy, then full strip, mint video tho 🤌
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas Prije 4 mjeseci
Christ, that was some excellent driving guys!! The Skoda is an exceptional vehicle and it was just incredible how you managed to get that poor Volvo anywhere near its lap times. I reckon if Gareth brought his elbow inside, the aerodynamic advantage would have given you that extra 0.4!!
Bunt’s Adventures
Bunt’s Adventures Prije 4 mjeseci
Watching these vids makes me want to do this to a car so badly
SPProduction02 Prije 4 mjeseci
Definitely do more of this please :D
Concept Creator
Concept Creator Prije 4 mjeseci
So seeing how you are doing a volvo here, I have an old volvo I am curious about! The 850 or maybe first gen S40!!!
Alex Green
Alex Green Prije mjesec
@Martin what a load of nonsense. Bare bones chassis and 1 out the 6 available engines are Mitsubishi - but that's where their involvement stopped. It was hardly badge engineering when the rest of the S40/V40's design and build was specifically by Volvo - including the 5 other engines. Not the first Volvo to be fitted with a Renault gearbox, either - see the 440 / 480 (engine too in that case). Some phase two S40/V40s had Volvo gearboxes, as a matter of fact.
Markus Gustavson
Markus Gustavson Prije 2 mjeseci
@piuthemagicman i quite enjoy the newer s40's. Not that numb imo. I've had some great street races in that little car. Even kept up and gained time, I might add, on a Lotus Elise once. And that Lotus wasnt stock
W Prije 2 mjeseci
@Eoin Duffin most 850s are nothing special it's the t-5 and r sport that are worth saving, and even then its only the engine thats good
seanocd Prije 2 mjeseci
@Odi te I had a '99 V40 T4 and currently have a '99 S40 T4. Engine and gearbox are ace. Once the various engine/gearbox mounts, sway bar bushes, steering rack bushes and strut mounts are sorted they drive great. Whack a decent set of tyres on the factory BBS rims and they grip pretty well. One of the cheapest ways to get into a well handling sub 7secs-to-100kmph car, complete with all the mod cons you could want.
Odi te
Odi te Prije 2 mjeseci
Dont go for the s40, they kinda trash if you ask me, had one with the t4 engine with pretty low milage and it was nice engine wise but the rest was kinda trash, rather have the 850 then but tbh s60 or v70/s70/c70 is more value then
VS TV Prije 4 mjeseci
You could of removed the back quarter windows, the roof lining and could of swapped the alloys for steels
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