Can You REALLY Live With A Hummer?

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Alex finds out what life is like daily driving a 3.6-tonne road tank!
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Massive thanks to Nick Singh Sahota


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Kevin Pronk
Kevin Pronk Prije 2 godina
Meanwhile in America:
You gotta love how scared most of the car owners were at every junction hahahah. they were like "just drive mate we don´t wanna pick no fight with you"
RKNetwork Prije godine
I feel like that drive-thru situation would be equally complicated in any car when you're on the opposite side.
RELOADIAK Prije godine
in the United States of Kingdom 😂
Double tap Productions
Double tap Productions Prije 2 godina
Literally a young Top Gear presenter! He comes the closest to the Hammond's, May's and Clarkson's
Mishka Sucks
Mishka Sucks Prije godine
“A car tank”... “A cank”... I laughed in an instant.
Ollie A
Ollie A Prije 2 godina
"How much fuel does this use?"
MrCage87 Prije godine
Love how other cars are like 'Nope... not going argue with that!'
The Wild4DayS
The Wild4DayS Prije 2 godina
6.5 L Turbo Diesel? 100% ECO FRIENDLY
kanan bruce
kanan bruce Prije godine
I love how they're so surprised but about 60% of Americans daily trucks
Ender Prije 2 godina
When I drove these in the army, on the highway they very much didn't like going in a straight line, you had to be constantly vigilant. I've always wondered if the same was true in the civilian versions.
Gustav Lantz
Gustav Lantz Prije godine
"This is offroading done right" I'm confused. You are literally driving on a DIRT ROAD. Not much of an offroad test for a hummer.
ChrisFix Prije 2 godina
Dream car(truck) right there!!! One day I’ll get one! One day...! Awesome video guys! Entertaining as usual!
Jeramy Brock
Jeramy Brock
This is such a great video, love seeing a hummer in a UK setting, pretty glorious. I daily drive an H1 here in Southern California, I absolutely love it, get excited every time I walk up to it.
Let's do something
Let's do something Prije 2 godina
Conclusion: You can live with a H1 Hummer in UK.. but those around you can't.
Zach White
Zach White Prije godine
What was it like “living with a Hummer H1” for a day or two? That is my dream vehicle. 06 Hummer H1 black with black top (if not a wagon)!
RichieSA77 Prije 2 godina
This is hilarious- definitely echos of the original Top Gear. Great video - liking these ‘Living With’ episodes
Matthias wallisch
Matthias wallisch Prije godine
Driving this car in a city is like having a Lamborghini i the jungle 🤦‍♂️
cptfrecell Prije 2 godina
The drive thru part was some proper grand tour/ old top gear shit! Props to you!
Ed R
Ed R Prije 2 godina
Am I the only one who thinks that Alex should be a host of TopGear? He actually has a personality. A weird one, but still.