The 8 Greatest Four-Cylinder Engines Of The Last 20 Years

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A lot of four-cylinder engines get overlooked because they have as much flair as a side salad. But there are a few 4-pots that quickly gained iconic status. Here they are!


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Basti378 Prije 4 godina
when you realize 20 years ago was 1997... time flies
Pankaj Ochi Ahuja
Pankaj Ochi Ahuja Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh hi from 2021
TOXIC. RUSH Prije 5 mjeseci
@Hellen Yeller its 2021 now…..crazy isnt it
R3DLiFE Prije 7 mjeseci
My birth year !
dominoes pizza
dominoes pizza Prije godine
@Saba I think anything from 70s upwards is modern
Saba Prije godine
Some 1997 cars seem brand new to me and some of them still look modern,or am i old
AdotLOM Prije godine
All versions of the 3SGE engine made during the 90's were arguably the greatest 4 cylinder engines ever made. Their motorsport pedigree is legendary. They should have put the gen 5 one in the last 2nd gen (or even 3rd gen) MR2's though.
Corsa15DT Prije 2 godina
Thank me later: 1) Honda F20C/F22C 0:20 2) Mitsubish 4G63 1:19 3) VW EA888 2:16 4) Alfa TS 3:07 5) Subaru EJ25 3:45 6) Volvo B230FT 4:31 7) Nissan SR20DET 4:54 8) Toyota 3S-GE 5:23
Jawadul Karim
Jawadul Karim Prije 9 mjeseci
no I will thank you right now
Corsa15DT Prije 11 mjeseci
@Stoyan Zashev you are welcome
Stoyan Zashev
Stoyan Zashev Prije 11 mjeseci
really thank you
Nathan Vonlanthen
Nathan Vonlanthen Prije godine
@Rafsccp ! These german 4 cylinders might be fast and brutally efficient, but they're just not as fun as a Honda B18C for example. Unless you're a total speed freak of course.
Rafsccp !
Rafsccp ! Prije godine
@Nathan Vonlanthen ea888 is just the evolution of the old 827. you can buy a ready car for about 20k plus shipping coz theres only one place in world they can extract 1200hp from a 4cyl of 1970’s. btw quickest 4cyl is an ecotech followed by c20ex tho the quickest chassis car has an ea827 with bits from other variations
FurySxnic86 Prije godine
2ZZ-GE for sure! 180 HP and redline at 8.2k RPMs got me falling in love with it! I own a 2001 Celica with said 2ZZ-GE and i love it to death! Not perfect by any means but damn does it have a charm to it!
Jonnells24 Prije 2 godina
The Toyota 2zz was a pretty awesome engine. Then again, history has shown us that when Toyota and Yamaha come together to make an engine, the result is magic.
Ben Zemanek
Ben Zemanek Prije 2 godina
I would throw on the Toyota 2ZZ-GE as well. There's a reason why Lotus used it for both the Elise and the Exige.
SpeedyKiwi Prije godine
you beat me to it...
Shorts Central
Shorts Central Prije godine
Absolutely love 2zz GE
Ben Zemanek
Ben Zemanek Prije godine
@MercedesCherokee Because there's a much bigger aftermarket for k-series, that's pretty much the only reason why.
MercedesCherokee Prije godine
There's also a reason why everyone swaps k-series engines into those cars...
izzy031096 Prije godine
Joshua Pfeifer The 2zz is a 4cyl vvtl-i engine bro. Used in the early 2000’s celica’s, corolla’s, fielders etc.
Galahadfairlight Prije 2 godina
No love for either the C20XE or the C20LET, the Saab B204 was pretty epic as well.
Caoimhin Saunders
Caoimhin Saunders Prije 2 mjeseci
thank god there's a guy who loves Opel/Vauxhall's aswell
Yanette Quevedo
Yanette Quevedo Prije 4 mjeseci
4age deserved a spot too
RODRIGO EBERSOL Prije 4 mjeseci here is 1600hp.
Nikolai Kvarme
Nikolai Kvarme Prije godine
@Anders Badenfelt true
Anders Badenfelt
Anders Badenfelt Prije godine
@Nikolai Kvarme or the Volvo engine is basically a Saab engine, and Saab was also the first to get some actuall power in it witch Volvo didn't really achive intill the t5 in the 850R
Wood Ant
Wood Ant Prije godine
The 1.6L and 2.0L Twin sparks were fantastic engines, the 156 was a really fun car as well, nice and sharp!!
Manuel Dignani
Manuel Dignani Prije mjesec
With an Alfa Romeo you can say "yes it's stock!"
Manuel Dignani
Manuel Dignani Prije mjesec
3 liters V6 in FWD 🤣 One of the best FWD in car history.
Anthony Pearson
Anthony Pearson Prije 2 godina
The ej22 was far superior...a zero interference engine, could jump time without head damage. Mine currently has 378215 miles.
Andrea Botti
Andrea Botti Prije 2 godina
Another great 4 banger in my opinion is the 1.4 abarth 595 engine. It's small but in some variants produces 190hp, and it can be tuned to much more than that. It's also probably the best sounding "normal" 4 cylinder.
oykegnam Prije 4 godina
Definately the Saab B234R engine, god damn bulletproof and can easily take 400 hp!
Peter Douglas
Peter Douglas Prije 11 mjeseci
Very surprised the SAAB B234R 2.3 did not make the list. It should have. My 9000 Aero stage 3 tune is good for 325bhp
Hywel Thomas
Hywel Thomas Prije godine
The Vauxhall 2.0 Turbo was fab - a flat torque curve from 1,950 - 4,000 revs. Beautiful
MG Tom 87
MG Tom 87 Prije 2 godina
Cannot believe you didn’t include the Kseries engine. Lightweight, powerful for its size. Powering legends such as the defender, mg TF and lotus Elise s1 amongst many others
Sebastian chlebek
Sebastian chlebek Prije godine
The 3s-ge was also used in the second generation MR2 which also had a turbo version the 3s-gte
Ryan Ott
Ryan Ott Prije godine
managed to own 2 engines on this list!! f20c in my ap1 s2000, and the ea888 in my old mk7 gti, sure it only makes 230 from factory (is20 turbo) but with a downpipes and tune your around 350!
Tim B
Tim B Prije 4 godina
The Saab b207 engine was pretty damn good. it pushed more HP than a couple of these easily. A modified b207 was what was used in the Chevy Cobalt SS, aka the fwd car that can beat the GTR when tuned right. Great mileage and amazing power output.
pippaengroda Prije 4 godina
but they are older than 20 years
hellobooom Prije 4 godina
Tim Bajohr the older b204s and b234s were better motors.
EdgeOfPanic Prije godine
The Renault F7R (2.0 16v) could be added too, it has very good tuning potential and loves turbo mods.
Neil MacPherson
Neil MacPherson Prije 2 godina
In my opinion the srt neons sounds awesome, maybe just because I have one. All those little cracks and pops plus turbo spool sounds great.
Jacko Shi
Jacko Shi Prije 2 godina
You forgot one of the best: The Alfa Romeo Boxer. Very nice sound, nice plop plop plop when decreasing speed, very smooth... loved it
Cameron Fray
Cameron Fray Prije godine
should have included the rover K series engine as it was very advanced and used in lots of car and is still built today 25 years after it was launched
PorkChopGaming Prije 4 godina
Engines that should've been there: B Series, K Series, H Series and 4AGE 16 valve and especially the 20 valve.
PorkChopGaming Prije 4 godina
Solaire Of Astora Me too! And OHHH the sound!! And the Rev limiter!!
Alpha Kid
Alpha Kid Prije 4 godina
PorkChopGaming Completely agree, especially with the B series, the B series was the main reason I ever even wanted a Honda they are the most Iconic Honda series (my opinion) and extremely reliable I was actually really shocked to see that they were on the list...
tecnogadget2 Prije 2 godina
Alfa romeo multiair 1.4T. 170cv on a 1.4 that consumes 6l/100km. Insane, and easily tuned for 200cv ♥️
Oxaile Prije 2 godina
PSA 1.6 THP is just 200cc bigger and can do 270hp from factory.
Μάνος Χρ
Μάνος Χρ Prije 2 godina
It's a fiat engine
Fiery Prije 2 godina
Lsj ? Ecotec . Stock forms are alright but the stock rods and pistons are good for about 450hp the block is good well past that . A simple turbo swap with supporting mods usually yields 350-400plus hp . They are simple motors with great reliability as long as you maintain it in spec
Herb Weichmann
Herb Weichmann Prije godine
SAAB B235R is a monster!
Ivan Rivera
Ivan Rivera Prije 2 godina
The SR16VE N1 is at least a match in specific output to the F20C. The former pushes 125ps/l.
Razvan Sodoleanu
Razvan Sodoleanu Prije 4 godina
The C20LET of GM is a nice one. 2.0 L turbocharged, with not sooo high output of only 205 bhp, but enough for the Calibra and Vectra
tamer ursavas
tamer ursavas Prije 3 godina
Easy to modify ans get shitload of hp out of it
hussein gaming
hussein gaming Prije 3 godina
and i owen Vectra A c20xe
hussein gaming
hussein gaming Prije 3 godina
Yes i told him
Jurre Dekker
Jurre Dekker Prije godine
i love the b235 saab engine (after 03 when the sludge problem was fixed) 250bhp from factory and with very easy upgrades/tunes u can easily surpass the 300hp mark
Darkz Prije 2 godina
Stock internal pd1.9TDi (asz/arl) holds up to 350-400hp with only turbo,intercooler and injection upgrades
Dan B Cooper
Dan B Cooper Prije 2 godina
I would like to add a 2018 engine; The Mountune tuned Ford 4 cylinder in-line 2.5L normally aspirated 305BHP engine in the BAC MONO. Super tight package! Pretty impressive. Don't think BAC had been able to add on a turbo or change to a V-engine. Just to tight package! That is pure motorsport porn and design. Love it!
SpaZ X
SpaZ X Prije godine
Never mentioned the Honda k series, which is in the top 5 of the most swapped engines ever. That speaks for its self.
rastophile Prije 3 godina
Surely the Opel / Cosworth developped red top should be in that list, the great 20XE and the turbo version the C20LET should be high on that list. Their fuel economy was great but that's not all. They had really great quality components from stock (pre machined inlet and exhaust ports, sodium filled valves, forged pistons ...) great power and torque capability and great running capability
Lrrr spreader of the variant omicron
Lrrr spreader of the variant omicron Prije 5 mjeseci
@Tony_ δυτικός αμυντικός they actually aren't that expensive And easy to modify
Tony_ δυτικός αμυντικός
Tony_ δυτικός αμυντικός Prije 2 godina
rastophile sounds expensive XD It’s cosworth it’s all performance and I live in America so, there is quite some limited access
Lahiru Nirmal
Lahiru Nirmal Prije 2 godina
You should add the Peugeot 406 2L petrol engine to your list it is really durable but not so economical in city limits yet it gets good mpg in the long run.. mine has done 350, 000+ miles still runs great and has golden yellow oil
SandKings Official
SandKings Official Prije 2 godina
It wasn't in the last 20 years but 69-70 1.6l vw beetle engine (I don't remember the damn name) and its stock 4-speed manual transaxel setup can run a warior sandrail chassis up to 160 mph. 120 on sand with bulky paddle tires.
Brett Viddal
Brett Viddal Prije godine
The Lotus designed GM 2.0L LNF (260 HP) and it's later versions (275HP) That appeared in the Pontiac Solstice GXP and Saturn Sky Redline and is now used throughout GM's lineup including the Camaro and Cadillac ATS.
OliSt Prije godine
1.9 tdi is in my opinion the most common one and its a very long living engine
James Lachance
James Lachance Prije 2 godina
I have the 2.0L LTG ecotec and i am quite impressed. Maybe one day itll make a list like these reputable engines.. the LTG being a newer competitor to the 4 banger clan. Quick note though, i dont beat on the engine, race or modify it. Just as a daily in and out of a highway driving machine, it does super well and good on gas. Like i said, i hope to see good feedback one day by some tuners on the LTG.. :)
Valentin Ivanov
Valentin Ivanov Prije 2 godina
The AR's JTD 4 cylinder cause it has >Good durability >Even better tune potential >Good Economy
VinNumber Prije godine
The B234 and B204 from Saab (2.3 and 2.0 petrols)! 400+ HP on stock internals are possible. Bulletproof unlike the B205 and B235 which suffer from black sludge if not serviced correctly
Peter Boemer
Peter Boemer Prije 2 godina
Some mentioned the Opel engine: The C 20 XE (naturally aspirated) engine from OPEL was the most efficient engine ( fuel vs power , g/kWh) for nearly 2 decades. The engines in the video may have more power, but they are not that well designed and smart. It is a sign of our time that only figures (HP) count.
Tom McGowan
Tom McGowan Prije 4 godina
i know this is about engines from 20 years ago but my fav 4bang was and is the 22RE-Fi by toyota. not in terms of performance but the sheer ability to keep going with nothing but the basic maintenance . rip my 88 toyota pick up. the engine lasted longer than the frame.
MostlyIrishCarGuy Prije 4 godina
Tom McGowan i have the same one in my 1995
CoconutProductions95 Prije godine
I own an alfa 147 with the TS engine. I must say, that everything you said about it is absolutely true.
Meox Prije godine
I completely agree, I got a 1999 156 2.0 TS Selespeed
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Prije godine
I'm surprised that the Neon SRT-4's engine isn't on this list. 220hp stock and with stock internals can handle 500hp.
Janko Stojanović
Janko Stojanović Prije godine
Not an Alfa fan ,bit that v6 3.2 250 hp is a masterpiece.Tried the 156 gta with it . Italians ,they even make the engines go to look beautiful
Chapman1992 Prije 2 godina
I'd call the 1.9 R4 8v TDI from VW group... Yes it's a diesel from the early 90's but the model I had was a 1998 model, owned 20 years later, 250K on the clock, still hauled 2 tonnes up to over 150mph if I wanted it to, or gave me 85+mpg if I wanted it to. Basic engineering, stone age technology, amazing results in my opinion.
Bizarre Prije 3 godina
Saab Trionic 5 Engine. Forged crank and rods from factory, and reinforced pistons. It can easily run 500whp+ without breaking. Usually you run a Trionic 5 bottom end with a Trionic 7 head gasket, (trionic 7 is a newer engine and its head gasket is unbreakable almost) and also trionic 5 cams since they are a bit sharper. You have to lathe the pistons if you are to use a trionic 7 head gasket. But T5 bottom end with T7 head gasket, and also T7 injection, you can go up to 700hp without aftermarket parts and ECU. You might need to get some harder valve springs but other than that you have an awesome 2 liter turbocharged engine! A mix of a B205R engine and B204
GG Espichan
GG Espichan Prije godine
The CA18DET in my Nissan 200sx is also a pretty solid 4 cylinder engine
Jokerman1 Prije 2 godina
You didn’t include the RCZ R... 1.6 4 pot turbo producing 270bhp!.. the most powerful standard production 1.6 in the world 👍🏻
Ian Clancy
Ian Clancy Prije 2 godina
Glad to see the VAG EA888 engine on here. It's not the most characterful engine here but it's extremely refined and stout AF with a tune and a few bolt-ons (317 lbs./ft with just a stage 1 tune and nothing else). That's big V8 torque from just 2.0 liters. Diesels make lots of torque too but don't rev to 6,800+ rpm.
kiwi Diesel
kiwi Diesel Prije 2 godina
Love this vid. I own the 98 rs200z with that blacktop and 6sp. Epic fun car without having to have a Holden or ford large size vehicle and it eats falcons and commodores for breakfast. I also think this should be a two part video. NA and turbo video. Not fair entering both into the same competition.
Qasim Mir
Qasim Mir Prije 4 godina
The F20C is my favourite by far.
Daniel G
Daniel G Prije 2 godina
It's not a "production" engine, but the the V4 in the Porsche 919 EVO definitely deserves a mention. Any 2.0 liter engine capable of producing 720 horsepower is... Formidable.
Josh Moore
Josh Moore Prije 2 godina
I still love the 2.0L Zetec.
Santos Rodríguez
Santos Rodríguez Prije godine
@Inactive Account My words exactly
Inactive Account
Inactive Account Prije 2 godina
Most underrated engine
The OldSchoolGamer
The OldSchoolGamer Prije 2 godina
Definitely not a popular choice, but personnally, I would've included the 1.9TDI ALH engine from VW. Not quite the powerhouse as the engines mentionned, it's quite remarkable for the reliability and fuel economy you can get. Even with a heavy tune and boost, it's still very reliable and susprisingly powerful! At least powetful enough to throw off people on street...
Jordan Matthews
Jordan Matthews Prije 2 godina
4g15t it's a baby evo 1.5L and can tune up to 250bhp but 200bhp - 210 is average without big mods made like fuel pump etc pretty good going for a 147bhp standard 1.5L 👍🏻
lovesthebass Prije 2 godina
Surprised you didn't bring up the B18C5, likely the best NA I-4 of it's time.
Vaibhav Mugulavalli
Vaibhav Mugulavalli Prije 10 mjeseci
Older Fiat inline 4 were so good my dad stil has a 2004 adventure and the engine is strong af revving to 10k and still running strong after 16 is built like a tank not a single engine parts swap.
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong Prije 2 godina
I'm a Ford guy and I'm just in love with my EcoBoost Mustang. The engine is pretty beefy at 310hp and 350lbs of torque.
Thomas Veenstra
Thomas Veenstra Prije godine
You forgot the B234R/B235R from Saab. My mom had a 9-5 with that 2.3Turbocharged engine and that was a true monster!
Paulo Bumaye
Paulo Bumaye Prije 4 godina
Toyota's 4AGE!!!! 20v plus the supercharged variant, the 4AGZE, and the Formula Atlantic version made crazy power from such a small capacity. Can't forget those at all. Saab's B234 off the 9000 Aero is also a crazy motor. In it's day, it's in gear acceleration was quicker than damn near anything Ferrari or Lamborghini had to offer. And it was built like a brick s**t-house.
Funny@more Prije 2 godina
I have an audi a4 b5 with 1.8 turbo engine which makes 150 hp from the factory, but i had it chipped to 200 hp and its really a great sporty engine, had zero problems with it. Could really recommend it.
xRaduX Prije 2 godina
What about the VAG 1.8t AUQ used in the octavia vrs mk1 or the audi tt? I personally think is one of the best engines out there 😍
negoras Prije 2 godina
i love you for putting twin spark engines into this video...They are amazing..So acurate test,well done
Manuel Dignani
Manuel Dignani Prije mjesec
Twin Spark Is an iteresting technology used by McLaren, F1. Efficient and electronical Easy.
Lilla Lufus
Lilla Lufus Prije godine
Id put the b230fk in there because off the amazing tuneing ability and they are like tank engines
Lilla Lufus
Lilla Lufus Prije godine
Nvm i didnt watch the whole video before i commented
Mattias Filander
Mattias Filander Prije 3 godina
I'm an Alfisti so I'm glad to see the TS, but I really think that the C20XE should have made the list. Used in the Opel Kadett GSi 16v and variations of it was used by Chevrolet as late as 2012 I think in the WTCC cars.
Sanne de la Haye
Sanne de la Haye Prije 2 godina
This is not the famous Alfa 4 in line. Not the original TS with Nord underblock. This is Fiat based stuff
Chris Turnblom
Chris Turnblom Prije 2 godina
I don't know about the last 20 years but I was always a fan of the ford 2.3L ...whatever was in my dad's '94 Subaru Legacy turbo Wagan. That thing was impressive.
Micah Sozanski
Micah Sozanski Prije 2 godina
@carthrottle, BTW The 3S-GE was also used in the Toyota Celica Gt-4, some versions of the Toyota MR2, The Toyota Rav 4, and the Caldina, not just the Altezza. The 3S-GE powered Celica GT-4, dominated the rally scene for a bit before the more stable Subaru STI came into the rally scene.
Brett McEwan-jones
Brett McEwan-jones Prije 2 godina
Not quite the engine they used in the celica gt four was the 3sgte. Based on the same design but turbocharged. Also under piston oil channels and a more boost friendly compression ratio
Noah Napieraj
Noah Napieraj Prije 6 mjeseci
The 1.8 liter miata engine can easily do about 1000hp on stock block and internals
Benjamin Fraser
Benjamin Fraser Prije 2 godina
Didn't mention the audi 1.8t engine code atc with forged piston crank and other parts that is amazing as a building platform actually building mine with forged H beam connecting rods and a big turbo
Tom Mim
Tom Mim Prije 2 godina
Volkswagen/Audi 1.8t was pretty iconic. One of my personal favorites
Semir D
Semir D Prije godine
Don’t they burn oil ?
Boosted Prije godine
Personally I find the 1.8t to be better than the next 2.0 tfsi the one in the Audi A3 8p/ Mk5 gti
Ast 86
Ast 86 Prije 2 godina
I have golf 4 1998 gti with agu 1.8t stock 150km ... simple fule map swap and u can easy and safe get 210km more need some little mods
GigaBeeld Prije 2 godina
Wanted to say the same. The 1.8T AGU is a reliable and strong engine.
Pag Gian
Pag Gian Prije 2 godina
@Daniel ivanov economy moter??? Is not fast wtf are you 10 years old?? B16-b18 are a smallest version of f20c
Gabriel V
Gabriel V Prije godine
I think the 3sgte shoulda been here🤷🏽‍♂️, the turbo model had more power, and was more durable, could handle 800+ hp on the stock block
Irving Houston
Irving Houston Prije 2 godina
Over the 30 its the 2.3 quad four h.o imo. Loved mine.
Mr Partridge
Mr Partridge Prije godine
the durable 5sfe used in many toyota's. the one in my camry just refuses to die. my friend the previous owner tried to kill it and gave up. it may leak some oil here and there but it doesnt burn it. i thought it was toast when he drove it all day with a blown out radiator. that was 3 years ago 30000 miles ago. it may not be a powerhouse but its a durable tank.
Alex Vour
Alex Vour Prije 2 godina
pity there is no mention on the 1.4 tsi. lovely sound from the supercharger + turbocharger, the most awarded engine till that day and quite economical if you really want it to
Oxaile Prije 2 godina
also unreliable.
Josh Styles
Josh Styles Prije 2 godina
I personally think Subaru's FA20 engine in the new WRX is a better choice than the EJ25. But my favorite is the VW EA888 :)
Jonka Olofsson
Jonka Olofsson Prije 2 godina
The 2,0 16v Alfa TS engine is quite fun. Not powerful by todays standards but it has a nice top end punch. Not much low end torque but it likes to rev right up to the 7000rpm redline. Quite a characterful engine, i like them.
Datsun510zen Prije 2 godina
I realize this vid was published in 2017 so it may have been overlooked, but the Ford EcoBoost in the Focus RS is making 350ph 440Nm. Respectable numbers for a hot hatch.
CL Deltanion
CL Deltanion Prije 2 godina
Dude... the VAG 1.8t is easily the most common, most reliable, and most modifiable 4 pot around for the last 20 years... they put that shit in everything, and it has put out some amazing power figures over the years, you just cant beat 5 valves per cylinder.
Mathias0712 Prije 4 godina
Opel/Vauxhaul c20xe/c20let feels really alive for just being a 2L engine and the c20let can keep up with r6 bikes. Mine have 330000km in the clock and still running fine
Harry Goodman
Harry Goodman Prije 2 godina
i am a huge B230FT/ET fan and I am amazed you guys put this in as your top 8. Huge respect to you guys. much love from strayaaa
Zach Zwarick
Zach Zwarick Prije 2 godina
ToWelie Mc tOweLL fAceE me too I was shocked I have a 16v swapped b230ft they’re amazing engines!
Christian Moreno
Christian Moreno Prije godine
E30/E36 BMW M42 1.8l or M44 1.9l ..Certainly not in the top 10's, but an engine with huge build potential. N/A or boosted.
リバイアライアン Prije godine
Also the Honda’s B16A engine that salutes “Mugen” types races.
Golf GTI
Golf GTI Prije 2 godina
I'm way late but the 1.8t AWP surprises the hell out of me. 180 hp off the showroom floor. But for $1700 you can get 265 hp 289 torque without changing rods and whatnot.
SoTacAJ Prije 4 godina
Would've liked to have seen a Saab B234 or B204 on this list.
Emiliano Caprili
Emiliano Caprili Prije 2 godina
Do you really think the Twin Spark variant of the infamous Pratola Serra, an engine built only to be cheap in which was added an useless secondary spark plug because the Alfa Romeo customers wanted a Twin Spark, is one of the greatest four cylinder engine of the last twenty years?
Vencedor Uberstar
Vencedor Uberstar Prije 6 mjeseci
2.0L Supercharged or Turbocharged LNF/LDK/LHU Ecotec, Or the 2.4L LE5 Ecotec, should be added to this list.
SLAM Prije 2 godina
Honorable mention must be made for the BMW M10, the only four-cylinder engine ever to win a Formula One championship.
ناصر انيس
ناصر انيس Prije 2 godina
Honda K20/K24. I’d pick that over any one on this list. I’ve heard of ones with the right modifications getting over 900HP out of the stock block.
Elian Morales
Elian Morales Prije godine
F22 is better
Mazdarati Prije 4 godina
still a relatively new engine, but the skyactiv 2.0 in Mazda 3 and mx5 is impressive
Helga ch.
Helga ch. Prije 4 godina
Kaymoney081 Compression ratio
TheAnonymousKing Prije 4 godina
Mazdarati in what way?
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Prije godine
Astra Red Rop from 1988. Brilliant for it's day and gave 200bhp injected and 225bhp running 45 Dellorto's
Justin Hedrick
Justin Hedrick Prije godine
My favorite 4cyls may not be popular: 4G63T K series (K20C1) S14B25 Those are my three favorite. They’re just iconic.
Petr Vrána
Petr Vrána Prije godine
Twin spark by far.. it just needed good oil and to keep an eye on the oil level.. then it would revs forever
Boost Worx
Boost Worx Prije godine
Mercedes m111, saab b204, cosworth yb, peugeot xu, audi bam, Suzuki k9 this lust could go on and on there have been some amazing 4 pots over the last 20 years
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker Prije 4 godina
The way that glass fell, was a cinematic masterpiece! =)
Vincent Borsum
Vincent Borsum Prije godine
Own a 1.8Ts and its a fun little engine, even with just 140hp
MPH Mobile Detailing MPH
MPH Mobile Detailing MPH Prije 2 godina
1995 Suzuki Swift HATCHBACK 4 cylinder engine 1.3L or 1.6L came in 8 valve or 16 valve depending on year. Was very reliable. Called "Pocket Rocket" by Road & Track. Came with Turbo option on GT 100+ hp.
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Prije 2 godina
If we go back just a little further the turbo 2.3 svo engine is pretty bad ass. For as cheap and simple as it is it can make pretty respectable power
Alastair Russell
Alastair Russell Prije 2 godina
A relative newcomer I've only just seen this video. 2 years have passed and no equivalent for Six Cylinders. BMW inline 6's just don't get enough airtime on this channel!!
1boostup Prije 2 godina
The Toyota 22rte Engine should be on the list ! Although in stock form it made 135hp and 175TQ. A simple turbo up grade and more boost and fuel and makes well over 300hp reliable
Detailverliebt Prije godine
I would not necessarily call them the greatest of all time but here are some interesting 4 bang motors: Lancia Fulvia VR4 BMW 2002 tii (Kugelfisher itb) Ducati v4 (the current) VW old Bug (probably the greatest of all time) Ford RS2000 (old Escort - bone grill)
Juan Cruz Frias
Juan Cruz Frias Prije godine
In think you should add the M42 and M44 BMW engines. They are prety fun and durable, and with a lot of tecnology for the time !
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