6 Things You Should Unlearn From Your Driving Test

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The traditional driving test is an archaic system that's desperately in need of an update. So with that in mind, here are six driving test techniques that you should forget as soon as you get your license!

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Elmo Prije godine
On passing my test my driving instructor said “well done, now you can learn how to drive”
Filipeczeg Prije 2 godina
In Poland you can literally fail the test for feeding the wheel.
Drew The Mechanic
Drew The Mechanic Prije 2 godina
Speeding doesn’t kill you, it’s quickly coming to a stop that does
bibasik7 Prije 2 godina
What the hell is going on in the UK?
YolophantHD Prije 2 godina
"Speed ist the enemy" as a german, when I attended driving school we did Autobahn lessons where I would go about 180 Km/h (~112 mph) regulary (mainly when overtakting). It seems to be very problematic if young drivers dont learn 'how to go fast properly'. That is because they will either go fast anyways and wont know how to drive at such speeds or they will slow down traffic around them and make other drivers take unnecessary risks.
Jenachy Prije 2 godina
I had two driving instructors, with one instructing me to feed the wheel and the other calling me an old lady for doing so. Same driving school.
victor berglund
victor berglund Prije 2 godina
Only pull the handbrake when you are taking a 90 degree turn at 60mph.
Jantzen Moore
Jantzen Moore Prije 2 godina
In the US we are taught to drive with the knees to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Eating, lighting one up, texting etc.
RandomYouTubeUser Prije 2 godina
Flashing lights in germany:
NikonJr Prije godine
Love how the BMW cliche is universal 😂
The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day Prije 2 godina
“Drain your indicator fluid”
tjfSIM Prije godine
Thank goodness someone's finally said this! Particularly on feeding the wheel; it is the most ridiculous and inefficient method of steering, and probably originates from a time before PAS was universal and more strength was required to steer. Personally whenever I turn out of a junction, I check every mirror, including the one on the sun visor, quickly check the glovebox, under the seat, check the door bins and then screech off in an uncontrolled manner without using my indicators. It's always worked for me.
TheJociman Prije 2 godina
First thing I unlearned was stopping for red lights
Chace Schnaath
Chace Schnaath Prije 2 godina
Uk driving tests seem pretty strict compared to the us
Lawlzinator Prije godine
The one most dumbasses forget is using a signal when turning or changing lanes
Swosels Prije godine
"speed is your enemy" When I did my driving lessons my instructor told me to go 160km/h at night with heavy rain on the autobahn.
Alexander Terry
Alexander Terry Prije godine
I took my driving test about three years ago. From what I remember, it was fine to not use your handbrake, and "progressive driving" was encouraged, especially on dual carriageways to the point that you'd get a minor for not driving fast enough/making progress. Still meant that you had to be constantly checking your speed ofc.
kr hk
kr hk Prije godine
Thank you!
Spethman Jones
Spethman Jones Prije 3 godina
Hand-braking at every stop???
Dave Prije godine
One of the first sessions my teacher took me to the Autobahn. It was limited to 130km/h but with a Golf in the 90s was quite impressive. You should be taken to the limits in driving school.