8 Mods You Should Do To Your Car First

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Car Throttle

Car Throttle

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If you’ve just got yourself a car then you’re probably already thinking about what mods to get started with! But before you bolt on an eBay turbo kit, here are the mods you should do to your car first!

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Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Prije 5 godina
Let's be honest for a moment here, the first mod will always be to the exhaust.
Γεώργιος Γαλανάκης
Γεώργιος Γαλανάκης Prije 4 mjeseci
To me, brakes and wheels-tires are the most important BY FAR
Shadow_the_wanderer Prije 6 mjeseci
Me buying a dashboard because mine is broken : |
shane kindig
shane kindig Prije 7 mjeseci
Or the sound system 😂😂
DaPinkBublé Prije 9 mjeseci
Da fuk?
Fabian Vinke
Fabian Vinke Prije godine
nah in gta5 its the engine
Yucannt Hahvitt
Yucannt Hahvitt Prije 5 godina
First mod should always be a turbo. Already have a turbo? Add another.
Zakir Khan
Zakir Khan Prije 8 mjeseci
Instructions unclear: I now 5 yrs later with my license being 16 put 5 extra turbos in my car and it blew up
Music Monster
Music Monster Prije 9 mjeseci
Natural aspiration is lifeee. 👌
Jak The Apprentice
Jak The Apprentice Prije 9 mjeseci
Michael Woods
Michael Woods Prije 10 mjeseci
Yes burn the engine right up
BirtThe Great
BirtThe Great Prije godine
@Ivan x97 teslas are electric lol
Maki Zarco
Maki Zarco Prije 5 godina
what about stickers?? they add 100hp for each one
Near Melowski
Near Melowski Prije 3 mjeseci
Cheaper stickers give less reliable power
Benjamin TTWM
Benjamin TTWM Prije 3 mjeseci
Heh I got 8 and it's gone twice as fast since hewhewhew
VITOU Prije godine
K-PaK Prije godine
My entire car is covered in stickers, Even the windshield except a little peep hole to see through.
Notcooken Prije 2 godina
What about painting your calipers red?
QuickQuips Prije 5 godina
I don't think coilovers are that easy to recommend that easily. Lower springs or nicer shocks are significantly cheaper and better riding than entry level coilovers. Sway bars also are a cheap and cheerful upgrade.
Против Глобал
Против Глобал Prije 5 godina
+QuickQuips What's a Quip? xD
Jason W
Jason W Prije 5 godina
The best first mod is always a good set of tires, doesn't have to be on any fancy wheel either, but good tires make the biggest difference in every category. Other than that it really depends on the car/person you cant really make a list.
Samira Peri
Samira Peri Prije 5 godina
Switch to high performance muffler bearings and change the blinker fluid.
Rodrigo Marques
Rodrigo Marques Prije 5 mjeseci
Dont forget that the 710 cap can go bad sometimes causing leaks of all fluids
Niklas Naper
Niklas Naper Prije 2 godina
Samira Peri chrisfix
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prije 5 godina
Bruh those high performance muffler bearings add 50 hp each!!
David Burnham
David Burnham Prije 5 godina
+Samira Peri I once forgot to change my blinker fluid... i was killed in a rearender because the guy behind me didnt know if i was going left or right... NEVER FORGET
agodzadza95 Prije 5 godina
(From an mx5 POV) one of the best mods is chassis stiffening.....Car Throttle already did the roll bar but they should install all sorts of bracing like front fender braces, butterfly brace and upgraded frame rails because it really transforms the car.
WYOGarage Prije 5 godina
When doing weight reduction, take all the steels and other metals to a recycling center. You'll get a few bucks out of it.
Henry Sellers
Henry Sellers Prije 5 godina
Best free mod: during traffic light grand-prix, firmly grip the steering wheel and violently rock back and forth for extra 0.3hp.
xarnoldx10 Prije 5 godina
First mods i always do are intake exhaust tune. Short shifter. Reason being good suspension and good tires and wheels is alot more expensive.
Zuko Gqwaru
Zuko Gqwaru Prije 2 godina
1. Service 2. wheels and tyres 3. Weight reduction 4. Upgrade suspension 5. Brake upgrade. 6. Fit an lsd 7. Fix up the interior. 8. Power mods
Γεώργιος Γαλανάκης
Γεώργιος Γαλανάκης Prije 4 mjeseci
To me, brakes and wheels-tires are the most important BY FAR. ESSENTIALS
Seyelk Prije 3 godina
If you add forced induction, remember to upgrade intake and exhaust. They're a package deal.
Michael Huss
Michael Huss Prije godine
1. Wheels / Tires 2. Weight Reduction 3. Suspension / Coilovers 4. Brakes / Braided Brake Lines 5. Limited Slip Differential 6. Interior 7. Power Up / Tune Up, etc
Hamdan Alharbi
Hamdan Alharbi Prije 5 godina
first mod should be adding a cup holder!!
SAMEER HASAN Prije godine
Dubai CS:GO pros
Dubai CS:GO pros Prije 2 godina
james Sho
james Sho Prije 4 godina
it's called a bitch & for some reason they can vote
HighLander LK
HighLander LK Prije 4 godina
and tofu, like, a lot
Nathan Antilla
Nathan Antilla Prije 5 godina
Locking torque converters have been around for over a decade now. Manuals will always be more mechanically efficient than automatics, but modern automatics are getting pretty close to the level of efficiency that a manual provides.
daKidQuinto Prije 5 godina
Gotta love car throttle and how simple they make their vids. An amateur and an enthusiast will both be able to understand these tips with ease!
Tony Corners
Tony Corners Prije 3 godina
If it's a daily driver, consider lowering springs instead of coilovers. Still a good list!
Dxnny Prije 3 godina
My first mod was a short throw and weighted shift knob :D Function and form coil overs are next! I also relocated my battery to my trunk so I will have room for future mods under the hood :D I already have an Injen Intake and I plan on getting new headers too.
Woodscraps1798 Prije 3 godina
Clarification: if you've got a brand new car, do not go out and change fluids until the manufacturer recommended mileage or time has arrived. Sometimes they have additives from the factory intended to condition the vehicle during the break in period.
DeadOnTarget Prije 4 godina
Wheels and tires should always be first. Took me a long time to accept this. We all want more power but before we do, it's important to transfer that power to the pavement a effective as possible.
Cindy Lawrence
Cindy Lawrence Prije godine
First get the Right headers for the driving/performance you plan. Make sure all the components in th ed exhaust system work well with each other. Then make sure the exhaust components you're putting in will work well with the induction system you plan and the cam you plan to finally install. Then, put in a faster, better, engine management computer with can be reprogrammed to fully work with the mods you did, or want to, install. Do the most extensive research you can FIRST before spending dollar one.
Alan Mac
Alan Mac Prije 3 godina
My first mod would be getting it breathing properly like a decent exhaust system.
Y. B.
Y. B. Prije 5 godina
it's a shame how custom exhaust isn't in this list , it should be on top of it.
DjKinetec Prije 5 godina
I'd say #1 most important mod is new brake fluid. I've almost gotten myself killed in a stock Civic b/c I boiled the brakefluid while driving it hard and almost flew off a cliff when I had to use my E-brake to slow down. It can happen in only a second or two and gives you little to no warning unlike brake fade from the pads getting too hot. Do yourself a favor and buy some Castrol SRF; expensive for brake fluid, but cheap for insurance on your life.
lambusado Prije 5 godina
I would do wheels if I did not have to pay for them to be legal. Also the same for the seats. (in Portugal)
BURD AZZA Prije 3 godina
I reckon your first mods should be making your car more solid, and feel better like stiffer engine mounts, short shift, lsd, suspension, buckets, etc
Monasha Vr
Monasha Vr Prije 2 godina
Pro tip mod: Always add underglow light first
VIDEO HOUSE Mick Svajgr Prije 5 godina
I couldn't help but laugh because I did those exact upgrade in that order on my Miata as well hahahaha Those cars are so much fun to rip around!!
The Grey Ghost
The Grey Ghost Prije 4 godina
First mods always depend on the type of vehicle. I'm looking at a 2006 Silverado diesel so I know my first three mods will be a programmer for extra oomph, exhaust for that nice turbo noise, and tint for privacy and heat reduction. Then I'm gonna move onto headers, cold air intake, bigger turbo, a new transmission, and a few cosmetic things that won't give away the beast under the hood. It'll be sleeper status and I'll win plenty of grudge races with its unassuming exterior
BKFS 0809
BKFS 0809 Prije 4 godina
I removed my engine for weight reduction and got about +500 hp. Thanks Car Throttle!
Ninja Plays Games
Ninja Plays Games Prije 5 godina
first thing you do when you buy a new car is change the tires and delete the carpet. Got it.
Thewhiplash1231 Prije 4 godina
Ctrl Alt Crpt
Против Глобал
Против Глобал Prije 5 godina
When the average salary in your country is 400 euros a month, you can't even afford to buy a car, let alone tune it. :(
Против Глобал
Против Глобал Prije 5 mjeseci
@StormgameR :(
StormgameR Prije 5 mjeseci
@Против Глобал A valjda oce rekli su da ce biti na raspolaganju,ali znas kako je sad kod nas posle promjene vlasti samo sto gradjanski ne izbije
Против Глобал
Против Глобал Prije 5 mjeseci
@StormgameR Није граница, него царина. Доброје за све. Треба и Црна Гора да се придружи, да појача економију, ако хоће раст плата.
StormgameR Prije 5 mjeseci
@Против Глобал Nego sta ti mislis o onom micanju granica izmedju Srbije,Albanije I Makedonije
StormgameR Prije 5 mjeseci
@Против Глобал Hahahaha jes
Specter97 Prije 10 mjeseci
My first mod was replacing the stock air filter for a K&N. Not because of the "power" but because I can simply wash this filter and re-new it. The another mod was buying better tires for better car handling. I've been driving my C30 for four years now. I should maybe replace the fuel jets and de-carbonize the engine but it's been running smooth for the last 4 years with just basic maintenance such as replacing the oil etc.
Nicky Byrne
Nicky Byrne Prije 2 godina
Just inform people that fitting larger wheels can effect the scrub radius and sometimes ruin the handling. Also braided lines dont improve braking distances just pedal feel
Marrda Prije 5 godina
air suspension outperforms coilovers. so I'd say go for and air setup with a leveling system like accuair.
doctajuice Prije 5 godina
Stainless lines, an fittings throughout, radiator, thermostat, oil cooler, magnetic drain plugs (engine and gearbox), chassis bracing, ecu and good tune. Good job, you've completed the supporting mod stage. now you can do whatever mods you want and make heaps of power and your car won't break! The problem is that fully supporting a high horsepower build is expensive in itself. All I named were the first 8 that came to mind. I didn't even start on clutch, motor mounts, shifter linkage, hard bushings, etc etc......
MikoG2000 Prije 5 godina
But the video is supposed to be an introduction to modding. The things you're talking about are serious mods for the experienced modder. Unless the person watching this video knows for certain that they're going for a high horsepower setup, most of the things you mentioned would be a waste of money and some would even be bad for the car. Although I'll give you hard bushings, I wouldn't even think about coilovers until I knew the bushes were up to scratch.
Pizza PowerXYZ
Pizza PowerXYZ Prije 2 godina
1: swap it out for a civic 2: spend WAY to mich money on it 3: Brag about it 4: Photosynthesis 5: oof
Haseeb Sheikh
Haseeb Sheikh Prije 8 mjeseci
@Space Invader bang on mate. And if you're buying an EP3, get it on a ramp or jack it up and stick it on stands and check the underside of the car for rust and corrosion, they're getting on a little bit now and I've seen some shells rotting like mad. Great cars nonetheless, same engine as the FN2 but weighs a little less and is much more tail happy. The FN2 imo is a much better all rounded road car but the EP3 is more fun imo. This is coming from someone who has owned both :)
Pizza PowerXYZ
Pizza PowerXYZ Prije 10 mjeseci
@Michael Gonzalez yes
Space Invader
Space Invader Prije 10 mjeseci
If you're buying an FN2 Civic, check the false floor in the boot and front footwells for water. Usually comes in through the roof under the weather stripping. May also be a bad seal under the plastic window cowl, rear can also be the seals gone bad in the rear light clusters.
EngiNetion Prije godine
@Miko_Pure yes
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez Prije 2 godina
Miko_Pure bruh
Australovenator Tomino_17
Australovenator Tomino_17 Prije 4 godina
stiffer and lower suspention is something you definitely need for an offroad truck...but seriously, can't you make a list that applies to everything?
Max S.
Max S. Prije 5 godina
Especially on older cars, removing rust and preventing new rust should be the first thing you do.
Kabloosh Prije 5 godina
Man I don't know. I feel like I'm getting a lot of those performance related parts stock for my suspension since I have a Subaru crosstrek. I've seen some pretty hardcore off roading with that car. I guess it could have more HP but mines a hybrid and it gets some nice fuel economy and boosting its performance may muck up that.
crpth1 Prije 4 godina
Specially on older/classic cars... FIRST thing to do should be update/upgrade ignition system and I mean from the power source all the way to the spark plugs...Efficiency demands and later anything added to the "air/fuel" will also benefit from it. ;-)
DarkStride Prije 4 godina
I kind of have to disagree with you on the first one if you have a brand new car. Just because the manufacturer sometimes puts special additives into your car's engine oil and other fluids to allow it to break in your engine more easily. Or at least that's what I was told. But if you're buying a used car that seems like a very good first thing to do
Matthew McFarlane
Matthew McFarlane Prije 5 godina
First mod is definitely red brake callipers, easy 15kw per wheel and cheap to do so
Adam Kiehl
Adam Kiehl Prije 4 godina
There's one thing you missed, when you decide to bolt on a turbo, the motor needs a shit load of parts to handle the boost. Forged pistons, new head gasket, new fuel rails, injectors, a larger exhaust, etc. Without upgrading YOU WILL blow you motor. Make no mistake, it's not that easy to just tune your car.
Oliver B.
Oliver B. Prije 4 godina
I found a K&N (or other) sway bar kit made the biggest difference. It is totally cheap, easy to install and the noticable difference was overwhelming. When installing new brake pads and discs, consider installing some brake cooling ducts with them. Proper hoses only cost a few EUR or GBP and are installed easily with a hole saw and some zip ties. Best track tuning you can do when on a budget.
Alystas Prije 4 godina
Speaking of handling, i wonder if a good weight reduction and a suspension upgrade can turn the ill handling golf GTI Mk4 into something nearly as good to corner as the Peugeot 306 Gti 6? I mean turn the understear maniac from germany into a nice lift oversteering daily without speending ludicrous amount of money on it.
Birki gts
Birki gts Prije 4 godina
First upgrade should always be your brakes. Even in a track car, they are the only thing stopping you from smashing into the wall at speed.
Lunar Lone
Lunar Lone Prije 4 godina
1. Give It a Service 2. New Tire and Wheel Setup 3. Weight Reduction 4. Upgrade Suspension 5. Upgrade Brakes 6. Fix Up interior 7. New Seats 8. Increase Power and Torque. You're welcome :)
DW3 Longshot353
DW3 Longshot353 Prije 3 godina
1.exhaust/headers 2.cold air intake 3.tires/rims 4.coilovers 5.brakes 6.aftermarket control arms 7.aftermarket lightweight interior (seats, steering wheel, ext) 8.computer upgrade
barley08 Prije 5 godina
Also when changing wheel size and adding power, Make sure you adjust speedometer so police don't give you a wonderful ticket.
EwilCZzv zv
EwilCZzv zv Prije 5 godina
No strut bar? I find that to be one of the cheapest and best mods you can ever do to your car. Also adjustable sway-bars.
Havelock Vaisey
Havelock Vaisey Prije 5 godina
Wider tyres don't increase 'grip' as frictional force (the force that grips) is independent of surface area.
Charles Garcia
Charles Garcia Prije 5 godina
Personally I did new exhaust rims, and then longtube headers. Now getting into the interior parts
MacKreggin Prije 5 godina
Just a quick note on the coil over mod. Make sure your cars shock mounts can handle coil overs. If not, the mounts need to be bolstered. Failure to do so will be problematic if it is needed.
Drank Bak
Drank Bak Prije 5 godina
As far as owning an old Volvo goes: first step is to swap the engine for a 16v Turbo or V8 and then give it a service.
VizuaLz - vL
VizuaLz - vL Prije 4 godina
Gotta make sure you have a light duty 40in spoiler for faster acceleration and better horsepower
John Avi
John Avi Prije 5 godina
Man. This is the same advice I gave my grandma when she got her Civic. Was hoping for a better list than this gentlemen.
walter gerolimon
walter gerolimon Prije 2 mjeseci
Add a turbo badge on the rear trunk. It will increase the 0-60 time in your own mind.
vitric Prije 5 godina
Service: Well, I can't argue with this. Wheels and tires: Reducing unsprung mass is always great, but suspension geometry is designed to work with the factory wheel and tire combination. Changing tire width and height changes a lot about how these angles work together, so if you're going to spend the time and money on new tires, it'd be worth it to figure out how to adjust your suspension to get the most out of it. That being said, no, you won't "ruin" the way your car drives, you'll just change it from factory spec. More than likely in a negative fashion, if you go too extreme. Weight reduction: This sounds good, but the suspension is designed to sit at a certain level with the weight that the car came with. If you reduce sprung mass without compensating the suspension, you're going to raise the car, and your center of gravity. Sounds counterproductive if you're trying to improve performance. Upgrade suspension: New shocks and springs are always great. But if you're going to do it JUST to lower the car, once again, this changes the way the geometry of the suspension works. At this point, you might as well just adjust it back down to where it was before the weight reduction, but the wheels and tires are still throwing off the geometry unless you bought all adjustable parts and had it alinged, after figuring out your custom angles. Brakes: I don't know how putting "beefier" brake pads on to the existing setup would do anything. Are they talking about surface area of the pad itself? Because you're pretty limited by the size of the caliper. A thicker pad wouldn't do anything, other than possibly not fit. What this section should have mentioned is how to increase the hydraulic advantage of the calipers, with either bigger piston or multi piston calipers. They don't even say to get drilled or slotted rotors, or a "big brake kit." LSD: Can't argue with this, except that it should be noted that it's possible to adjust the aggressiveness of the engagement by putting in more or less clutches. Interior: Who cares what the steering wheel is made of? Why not buy a tighter ratio steering rack if you want tighter steering? A smaller wheel will make it harder to turn, as you're decreasing mechanical advantage (leverage) against the box/rack. Old cars without power steering had huge steering wheels for a reason. I don't see the point in getting racing seats, any modern sports car should have bucket seats that are good enough. Waste of money imo. Power: There are plenty of ways to increase your engines output without individual throttle bodies or blowers. Reducing inertia in the valve train, bigger cam, higher ratio rocker arms, bigger valves, porting, stroking, thinner head gaskets to increase static compression, falt top pistons, lighter rotating masses. The most popular, simple and usually the first done are headers, straight pipes, a more free flowing air intake, and programmers.
Cindy Lawrence
Cindy Lawrence Prije godine
100% right. First chang out to the best headers and exhaust system you can afford. But, all the components have to, first, work together AND should be selected with a careful eye towards the OVERALL components you plan to later install. So think..what cam do I eventually want install? What induction system am I putting in? Some speed equip companies like Edelbrock have full engine kite with the manifold, carb and the cam included so EVERYTHING WORKS TOGETHER. Otherwise... you end up with an engine where all the mod components are fighting one another and the driving experience is awful. The next mod is either get a far better engine management CPU But again a chip you can modify via a laptop to agree with the modifications you have installed. The degree a engine management system can adapt AND enhance the effect of any planned modifications is, today, THE critical consideration in choosing an aftermarket car engine CPU....call a range of speed equip tech assistance guys and LISTEN to what they advise.
MISTER SIR Prije 5 godina
Forgot to mention one very important thing (when buying used). If you are dealing with interior anyways, remove as much as possible and do a proper cleaning. It prevents quick dust and dirt buildup, and really adds to the quality feel of a older car. And you probably also do some weight reduction by removing some pounds of crap that has built up over time :b
DECCAS8 Prije 5 godina
I'd like to see a video like this but for classic/ornamental cars that aren't intended for racing.
aBananaBread Prije 5 godina
service isn't really a mod but just basic car maintenance
SAMEER HASAN Prije godine
100 percent bruh
THAT VOLVO GUY Prije 2 godina
Hes basically saying take care of the car
Loyal Honda Fan
Loyal Honda Fan Prije 3 godina
Maintenance of car can indeed be called mod when you know what you are buying and what you target as an outcome, buying the right parts will give you gains...
k Prije 4 godina
Reminding us in a car mod video...
Usop NZX
Usop NZX Prije 5 godina
He just reminding us bruh
scylla019 Prije 4 godina
You should replace the stock blinker fluid. Carefully drain the blinker fluid and replace it, then check the dipstick for correct level
Jason Bassett
Jason Bassett Prije 2 mjeseci
First mod should always be... Go faster stripes. We all know they add more speed to a car.
WMD-C35 Prije 5 godina
I disagree with the interior stripping for road cars, it doesn't make enough difference on most cars to warrant how brutal it is to drive in, you can usually get around 20 ish kgs out of average cars
Hypesoul Prije 5 godina
This is for track cars... Strip the interior? What the hell do you think I am a peasant?!
Deniukas06 Prije 10 mjeseci
@Ezra Sitt lol
Willy Cumstream
Willy Cumstream Prije godine
@Frik Frak Thats actually clewer
峠レーシング Prije godine
Yes you are
Frik Frak
Frik Frak Prije godine
I put a plastic chair in my car and use my phone with a Bluetooth speaker as a my sound system. Fucken stupid ass tips
CeNoTiX Gaming
CeNoTiX Gaming Prije 2 godina
@Birki gts what do u mean?
Sagar Mahapatra
Sagar Mahapatra Prije 5 godina
Anyone noticed that Car Throttle touched 10^6 or 1 million subs? Congrats CT! Keep up the good work and keep it coming.
cybertree Prije 5 godina
FIRST MODS I ALWAYS DO: ~(Changing all fluids of course, getting alignment etc.) ~*K&N air intake* ~*Dual 3" exhaust.*
Lightspreader Prije 4 godina
I chose to buy a coilover kit for my car instead of paying my bills 😂😂 "I was just going to look". The best part was to mount them on and drive the car... I will never forget that smile
iTZz Kittens
iTZz Kittens Prije 5 godina
No, all you need is a short throw dipstick, Gallo 12 or 24, and a fartcan.
Midnight_Wolf Prije 4 godina
iTZz Kittens a fart can is a forbidden mod and everyone will hate you for it.
Urn A55
Urn A55 Prije 4 godina
First upgrade should always be the person behind the wheel, get a driver behind it that can actually drive. 😉
k Prije 5 godina
Do more videos on your E36! It's awesome
Skippydippy Prije 5 godina
Good imformation for all the newbie car guys. Another thing you can do, is to look up a forum and upgrade path for whatever car you decided to get.
Roasted HD
Roasted HD Prije 5 godina
Nice, i'll definitely keep these tips in mind!!
shockwave1 Prije 5 godina
All these mods together might be around 5k-20k
Loyal Honda Fan
Loyal Honda Fan Prije 3 godina
Not even close...
kreisplatz Prije 3 godina
lmao not at all.Maxmum is about 2k. for all of these.
Tougeninja Productions
Tougeninja Productions Prije 5 godina
@mr42ndstblvd i love volvo 240s 😐 ima buy one and ls swap
ttv Sayoonara
ttv Sayoonara Prije 5 godina
ShakotanStyle Prije 5 godina
L 0 L W T F , don't get coils if you don't have the money, get lowering springs and some tokico's/koni's. Then, get some new rims and tires, after that, exhaust and intake, and then header. I always go for exhaust and intake first, just to free up all that un-touched air. Then the rest is up to you. Total cost is like $1200 for something like a miata or integra.
hexlgaming Prije 2 godina
always ensure your car feels good before starting to mod it; at least if you care about the car...
Stateside Supercars
Stateside Supercars Prije 5 godina
one of the first mods should be a custom exhaust
Boogaloo Barrel
Boogaloo Barrel Prije 4 godina
shouldnt you upgrade the clutch before tuning up a car?
Louis C
Louis C Prije 5 godina
1. A car
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi Prije godine
Read that in James May’s voice
minkah Prije 3 godina
1. Life
istoleurfaceHA35 Prije 3 godina
1. Your parents dance at prom and fall in love and get married so they can have a kid
levi Tangina
levi Tangina Prije 3 godina
1. Gas
Connor Prije 3 godina
1. *E*
King Elvis
King Elvis Prije 5 godina
Wider tread tires don't actually increase tread width, since it's measured in the middle of the tire - only if different offset wheels are used does the tread width increase iirc.
Vtec Matt
Vtec Matt Prije 4 godina
Flywheel and shorter final drive + tuning software if necessary for newer cars
M J Prije 4 godina
Really good advice... wheels and tires, and suspension should be everyone's first mods on tuner cars.... great vid 👍
M J Prije 4 godina
I say coilovers, rear camber arms, front camber bolts... then wheels and tires. And make sure you save up for reputable wheels like rays, work emotion etc. Trust me on this! Best advice for first timers.
Amar Haiqal Che Hussin
Amar Haiqal Che Hussin Prije 5 godina
I wanna add a turbo I wanna add some aero kits I wanna change the rims I want a Titanium exhaust.. *after a wonderful trip to a bank never mind, I can do it in NFS
Romey Romey
Romey Romey Prije 4 godina
CrzyPyromaniac Prije 3 godina
I'll take out all the rust from my Lada and then I'll do the mods and engine swap it for an LS1, V6 or for a better Inline 4 to get a sweet 5 second from 0-100. This thing is slow as hell but it's a Soviet car that is old AF, it's wonderful.
Roman Burlando
Roman Burlando Prije godine
Keep in mind this could easily be a $25k build list.
ronnie.c Prije 3 godina
bought my first car 11 days ago, when starting to save to do some mods and then the clutch goes out.. i used all my cash on down and now out of a car to get to my job haha. life is funny sometimes
Willy Cumstream
Willy Cumstream Prije godine
@Bogdan Paliciuc Yes, i agree
Bogdan Paliciuc
Bogdan Paliciuc Prije godine
@Willy Cumstream well maybe, if you have a place and the tools to do the job. But even with all of those things, changing the clutch is not that easy.
Willy Cumstream
Willy Cumstream Prije godine
@Bogdan Paliciuc Howly doly! I can buy 3 saabs for that money. These parts are easy to change yourself i think
Bogdan Paliciuc
Bogdan Paliciuc Prije godine
@Willy Cumstream a Ford Focus mk3 2012
Willy Cumstream
Willy Cumstream Prije godine
@Bogdan Paliciuc what kind of car you have?
Carla Garcia
Carla Garcia Prije 2 godina
In India you can change the size of your tires which was in the specification of the stock tire
KlockworXMusic Prije 5 godina
Traded in my Volvo for '08 Bentley Continental GT Speed. So, I should remove the back seats, and "upgrade" the front seats to a nice set of bucket seats? Fit a turbo as well, I already have 2 of those. Mmmm, may have bought the wrong car for this.
Craig B
Craig B Prije 5 godina
Usual mods start with a loud back box and a K&N air filter
Paniki_Man Prije 2 godina
I have an ND Miata, daily drive it, and spend almost $20K to mods it. Its very addicting. Start from aero kit, coilovers, wheels, BBK, strut bar, catback exhauat, and so on.. At one point, i should stop...😅
Smug Megumin
Smug Megumin Prije 3 godina
The first thing I do is install a 152mm howitzer Next I replace the wheels with offroad tracks for more grip Then I buy ammunition for the 152mm howitzer But most importantly... I bring it to a tank show
der_kusse Prije godine
@Smug Megumin ahh yes. Sounds like a plan.
Smug Megumin
Smug Megumin Prije godine
@der_kusse if there were no tank shows then plan B is taking it to poland
der_kusse Prije godine
Hmm thought you would bring it to poland.
cijo james
cijo james Prije 4 godina
If i add turbocharge to the engine,what about the mileage?is it decrease or same?
PJ Prije 5 godina
I would say if you don't want to strip your car and make it as fast as possible on the track, but just as fun as possible. After service get better exhaust and light ECU tuning.
ChristOpher DaNiel
ChristOpher DaNiel Prije 5 godina
soooooo is a oil change a mod ?....if so i just moded the fuck out my ride ...HELL YAY
Kesenai Heaven
Kesenai Heaven Prije 4 godina
Yeah aftermarket oil filters and such the AutoZone special
Nathan Antilla
Nathan Antilla Prije 5 godina
First mod on the list: routine maintenance
ChristOpher DaNiel
ChristOpher DaNiel Prije 5 godina
+CookieGuy hmmmmm only fat ones but hay once it gives milk
CookieGuy Prije 5 godina
+christopher daniel Your ride must be so fucking sweet! You must be getting all the bitches now.
Creamated Biscuit
Creamated Biscuit Prije 5 godina
I made Phil in nfs 2015. It is almost exactly the same, including paint job and mods! :)
HuskyWarrior 0029
HuskyWarrior 0029 Prije 5 godina
If you just bought a stock car, always get a new set of coilovers and some sport tyres/semi-slicks. You won't believe how much of a difference it makes and how much faster you can go in a corner.
Sam Max
Sam Max Prije 4 godina
I did all these with my brand new car.Thank you
spiritofthewolf15x Prije 5 godina
You should be taking any car you buy (unless it's new off the lot) to a mechanic to get it checked over, in fact, if you can get it checked over BEFORE you buy it, make the seller pay for it as well.
Hamsterwheel Prije 5 godina
No short throw dipstick? 1/10
Paul Armendariz
Paul Armendariz Prije 3 godina
Janez Demsar
Janez Demsar Prije 3 godina
Nah man I got mine supercharged
Mike McMaster
Mike McMaster Prije 4 godina
Hamsterwheel they're not even a thing
Hamsterwheel Prije 5 godina
Tom Leonard
Tom Leonard Prije 5 godina
@Hamsterwheel Love that car, gl to getting it :)
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