Awesome Affordable Cars For Young People: BMW 330Ci

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If you want to own the mind-bendingly good E46 M3, but can’t afford the M3 lifestyle, then buy the awesome and affordable alternative instead! Introducing the BMW 330Ci…
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E46 330Ci owner: ctgabz
E46 M3 owner: johnmarcar

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Saucyboi Prije 2 godina
The car you want: m3
Owen Olsen
Owen Olsen Prije godine
For anyone considering buying a 330ci, I just bought a 2002 with 108k miles. It runs great, is incredibly fun to drive, and cheap to insure. I’d say the most important thing to do is to get it checked out by a mechanic before you buy one though. It’s pretty common for the older bmws to need a new clutch, and many other fixes which could end up costing more than the car itself. $3000 USD is pretty unrealistic unless you’re buying an absolute beater of an e46, but something around 4500-6000 is a lot more reasonable. It really boils down to what you want to do with the car also, because if you’re not going to be hitting the track often the 330ci is better than the m3 imo but to each their own. Hope some of this helps :)
Ferrari Dave DFWs Reviews
Ferrari Dave DFWs Reviews Prije 5 godina
I had the 330CI Performance Package (M suspension, HP boost, better rims) basically the M3 with less power and man I loved that car, it was SUCH a perfect balance.
Gewel ✔
Gewel ✔ Prije 3 godina
3k for a 330?!?!
Speed Comparer
Speed Comparer Prije 5 godina
The thing is, can you really afford a 330ci? Can you afford things breaking? Can you afford to replace the vanos? Can you afford new tyres, breaks, clutch?
This is my first car and I absolutely love it
ZRaulS Prije 4 godina
My opinion the E92 is the best M3. I'm buying one next week😆
Tarantula Central
Tarantula Central Prije 2 sati
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts Prije 5 godina
The standard of these videos are great! I would love to see car throttle series on television one day.
I remember when i was young... My dad used to put me in a bmw tyre and roll me down a hill.
Rickusty Prije 5 godina
God the E46 coupe still looks AWESOME and so beautiful. It could be sold today and people would buy it. It doesn't look like an old car AT ALL.
"The 330ci cost £3.000"
Roberto Hirsto
Roberto Hirsto Prije 2 godina
Your dream car: M3
Kenny Thomson
Kenny Thomson Prije godine
I owned a 330ci m sport for around 6 years from new. I did over 120000 miles. Only issue was rust to the wheel arches. A fantastic car.
Juan Zamora
Juan Zamora Prije 3 godina
Awesome video! Thanks man. For someone who's been trying to save up for an M3 I think you've convince me enough to go for the 330ci instead it's a real beauty as well.
Leonardo Flores
Leonardo Flores Prije 3 godina
This video literally convinced me to go buy my 330Ci last year, bought it cash with 78k miles for $9400 in Los Angeles. BMW individual Carbon Schwarz (carbon black color now lol) I just did the whole cooling system and let me tell you guys, this car is awesome. It's expensive to maintain, but if you're an adult and have a job and can work on your car it's doable. It's so enjoyable, always puts a smile on my face.
Eric Moulet
Eric Moulet Prije 5 godina
I actually had that exact 330Ci, silver with the e90 M3 rims. fell in love with it, best car ever. however I "totalled" it in a fender bender... needed a new grill, hood, and headlights... cost almost $8k, so even though you'll fall in love and then have your heart ripped out by the car, I HIGHLY recommend buying one
Sky Hunter
Sky Hunter Prije 2 godina
I owned a 325ci , 3 years later got the 330ci , now got Me e46 m3 coupe and love everything about it but to be honest I kinda miss the 330ci it's more reliable and it's not that bad at all .
Ronin Prije 5 godina
You guys have an awesome production with these videos, I'd say Car Throttle could be the new Top Gear!
ChargerAdrian Prije 5 godina
I've actually been looking for a 325ci or 330ci 5 speed with less than 120k miles for decent price but the coupes have held their value so much stronger than the sedans or the awd
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