Stupid Things People Say When Selling A Car

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Here are some of the stupid things you'll hear when selling a used car!
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Engineering Explained

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Komentari: 2 730
colinfurze Prije 3 godina
Had a right laugh doing this with the Car Throttler's, I was robbed I tell ya.
Flaming Shrub
Flaming Shrub Prije godine
She’s solid boooor!! Lol Stamford booor!!!
James Daniels fan page
James Daniels fan page Prije godine
100th comment woo hoo
TheRagingCreeper Prije godine
Id buy a car from ya
harvey 136
harvey 136 Prije godine
I re watched this back about a year later and I realised it was u
MiniFries Prije godine
You could probably make ur own car lol.
grease monkey
grease monkey Prije 3 godina
Is it just me, or is colin the best car salesman ever.
A Modded Blue Tesla P100D
A Modded Blue Tesla P100D Prije 7 mjeseci
Yea I think it's just you LOL
Jack Scrivener
Jack Scrivener Prije 9 mjeseci
@Leon Topodium it’s colonoscopy
yoda Prije godine
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Prije godine
@mynamefrank I find this funnier than I should XD
Colin Prije godine
Yes Colin is the best salesman!
Damn Dank
Damn Dank Prije 2 godina
"the mx5 is too fast" said noone ever
Tracert 5840
Tracert 5840 Prije 10 mjeseci
A stock N/A MX-5 would be outpaced by my 20 year old chevrolet suburban that weighs 3 tons.
Daniel Margarido
Daniel Margarido Prije 11 mjeseci
Don't forget Car Wizard.
Ezra Sitt
Ezra Sitt Prije godine
Lukas Gardeikis Alex’s has a V6, not Ethan’s
Lukas Gardeikis
Lukas Gardeikis Prije godine
I mean... their's has like a v6 in it.
Ranjii der Seelsorger
Ranjii der Seelsorger Prije godine
@Dee Jay of course it will smoke mine, engine failures do create smoke usually.
Stefos Poli
Stefos Poli Prije 2 godina
Who else would like a video with ChrisFix, Engineering Explained, Car Throttle and Doug DeMuro?
lucahoganYT Prije 7 mjeseci
Don't forget Donut Media and Throttle House
lucahoganYT Prije 8 mjeseci
Don't forget Donut Media and Throttle House. And just for the sarcasm and tuning knowledge, Drew Peacock too 😂
UppishBuzzard87 Prije 10 mjeseci
@Mosafa Jeff welcome back to anuvver video from carwow
Muhammad Huzaim Malik
Muhammad Huzaim Malik Prije 11 mjeseci
Hoovie, Yianni, scotty, donut, stradman, burlacher,throttle house, thestraightpipes and Mat Watson too
Ahyaan Prije godine
No scotty
moneyman295 Prije 3 godina
For car youtuber this is one of the most ambitious crossover events in history
Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained Prije 3 godina
Didn't realize I'd have the honor of being in a video with Mr. Furze (shame Ethan was in it)!! My first car was silver as well, Colin makes a great point about Peregrine falcons. The science is clear, they actually are really fast!
Andrei Gauna Adamson
Andrei Gauna Adamson Prije godine
Are you spanish?
Will4May Prije godine
My first car was a gold mk1 cavalier, with white wings because they had rusted so a scrapyard visit was needed :)
Marcelo Guia
Marcelo Guia Prije 3 godina
So what did Alex do for the restraining order? Just wondering...
PPC4 Prije 3 godina
You missed the better version of the engine the VR6 both a V6 and Inline 6 in one!
Rocky?! Prije 3 godina
I like how you said thats doug demuro cool
Ben Prije 2 godina
I love myself a V5 BMW Avant💪 Best car France have ever made.
Kyle Kaye
Kyle Kaye Prije mjesec
Apart from ever single Citroen Or Renault
Zahid Hasan
Zahid Hasan Prije mjesec
Anyway guys I'm selling my Toyota E38 Cabrio. V3 Rotary engine, 75k knots Odo. If you're interested DM me
GlitzyZebra Prije 2 mjeseci
@M A C Reviews are you joking
Timur Dobrianskyi
Timur Dobrianskyi Prije 7 mjeseci
And not to forget the brabus tuning that they put for this beast!
M A C Reviews
M A C Reviews Prije 7 mjeseci
Adam Miller
Adam Miller Prije 2 godina
“That’s Doug Demuro cool” The car world really is coming together
Ramūnas Gudauskas
Ramūnas Gudauskas Prije 3 godina
This is the real HRpost Rewind.
SlavKing42 Prije godine
Yaaa it's rewind time
Stellatecar7634 Prije 2 godina
Ramūnas Gudauskas Doug score on Colin in video
God Prije 2 godina
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Prije 2 godina
Nu jooo
Theo W
Theo W Prije 2 godina
Oh yeah yeah fucking died
Philip Oliversen
Philip Oliversen Prije 2 godina
Alex: any car that been going over 100000 miles needes to go straight to the scarp Also Alex: buys a car with over 400000 miles on it
Bernard Calma
Bernard Calma Prije godine
qwertykevin1 The Mercedes E class still runs no issue young lad. And the 90s BMW too.
Bernard Calma
Bernard Calma Prije godine
Gábor Iloskity true very true
bobby ray of the family smith
bobby ray of the family smith Prije godine
100k miles isn't even that much today most cars easily go beyond 100k these days
Jeep Joseph
Jeep Joseph Prije godine
@Mutated__Donkey it's fine I didnt say it at first
Mutated__Donkey Prije godine
Jeep Joseph well I didn’t have that info. Thought it was just a regular run of the mill charger
Jack Marsho
Jack Marsho Prije 2 godina
"And its NEARLY been doing it all in one journey" absolutely killed me
Blur Ice
Blur Ice Prije godine
Samuel Antwi Nope the moon is 238,900 miles away
Samuel Antwi
Samuel Antwi Prije godine
Went to the moon I guess
Kumar Hinds
Kumar Hinds Prije 3 godina
“With your imperial toolbox and this metric beast, you wouldn’t get too far” lololololololol😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Tah May
Anthony Tah May Prije godine
That made me laugh more than I should have tbh 😂😂😂
Illegitimate Dork
Illegitimate Dork Prije 2 godina
"never had to pop the bonnet it's been so good" Never needed an oil change... In 10 years???
killerdinamo08 Prije godine
@Illegitimate Dork IF they ruin your tires 😅. As there is a slight chance that the bonnet may need to be popped up, but that would be on the Moon, to check if the engine hasn't floated away when it doesn't start and finally decide to scrap it.
Illegitimate Dork
Illegitimate Dork Prije godine
@killerdinamo08 yes. Old air can ruin your tyres and in worse cases, make your suspension go rusty.
killerdinamo08 Prije godine
Why change the oil if it's running? I mean, do you change your air in your tires if they're not flat?
JD JD Prije 2 godina
Oil changes are over rated. Oil is like wine, the older the better
Raf Vierthstein
Raf Vierthstein Prije 2 godina
Thats how reliable the car is 😂
Bacon Prije 2 godina
"Can I get a warranty on it?" *EVIL LAUGHING* that's Colin alright
HongHunter Prije 3 godina
The collab that we never asked for. But the collab we needed.
G_P_Gon Prije 3 godina
DARKM2212 Prije 3 godina
100 like
john beaumont
john beaumont Prije 3 godina
"The dog clearly enjoyed his time on there" - something you never want to hear when buying a car
Stalker Prije godine
Colin is a fkn legend :) Good actor and funny as hell. :) great skits guys. Loved it. I keep coming back to this Vid.
The Porsche Dude
The Porsche Dude Prije 2 godina
"The E26 is Doug Demuro Cool." The best thing I've heard a car enthusiast say in my life.
GRealest _
GRealest _ Prije 3 godina
7:47 "Oooh That's French engineering for you!" "Y...yeah French yeah" 😂💀
UmmYeahOk Prije godine
My father was a big car guy. My first car was a 1988 BMW 325i convertible. Thing had German written all over the car. My father believed the car was British. He thought BMW stood for British Motor Works. I didn’t tell him right away, just let him keep believing, but I did eventually correct him. I think his main focus was American cars. That’s the excuse I’m giving him.
2003 mondeo wagon
2003 mondeo wagon Prije godine
Lol i just realize he just said french like "wait the minute french??!!!?"
thesummergamer Prije godine
Sponge Prije 2 godina
What is a Germany
Teilo Barker
Teilo Barker Prije 2 godina
@Eero Mäkinen v5 is just a number
Lexus Off-Road Adventures
Lexus Off-Road Adventures Prije 3 godina
"Alex, I have a restraining order against you"
Jellyfish Peanut Butter
Jellyfish Peanut Butter Prije godine
I I got a 300zx like yours daniel g
Allister Graham
Allister Graham Prije 2 godina
Read this comment same time he said it
420 Blazeit
420 Blazeit Prije 2 godina
@Nova 😂
hotmojoe Prije 3 godina
“No time for that” 😂
Luis A. Espinoza
Luis A. Espinoza Prije 3 godina
This is their first collaboration?
2760ade Prije godine
Colin is brilliant, really entertaining. Reminds me of the guy who sold me my first car, which was a complete and utter nail, but worth it for the patter :)
MJW Prije 2 godina
This was such a great collab! :D Was really funny to watch.
chanorfade Prije 3 godina
This whole thing was hilarious, so many gems in one. We need more collabs like this
Lt. Skoda
Lt. Skoda Prije 2 godina
Alex sometimes fails in his characters a little and you notice it's an act, but in this Alex feels so natural. I totally buy him being this super-observant, slightly arrogant, perfectionist car buyer. Good stuff.
WeAre138 Prije godine
More of this please, the immense car knowledge killed it. Proper good!
F Vl
F Vl Prije 2 godina
This videos looks like you guys had a lot of fun making it. Love it, you can see your passion/childish enthusiasm
Jerry Knudsen
Jerry Knudsen Prije godine
“Does it come with a warranty? “ *hysterical laughing meme occurs*
Gucci Prije 2 godina
Has anyone not mentioned how hilarious Engineering Explained was? Bloody brilliant!
Name Prije 3 godina
Brilliant video! Very well thought out and funny. Good job, boys. Subbed.
tom meaden
tom meaden Prije godine
I have watched all the CT videos and this is the best, even watching it a year later it is still just as amazing as it was the last 10 times I watched it!
CalculuS Prije 2 godina
Well 170k miles isn't the sweetspot but for buying cheap 2nd hand cars you want them preferably after 120k miles after they had their first big major servicing done.
Garage It Yourself
Garage It Yourself Prije godine
Awesome that you guys did a collaboration with The Furze and Engineering explained. Loved it 😊
wendyandmanny Prije 3 godina
Engineering Explained, a Doug DeMuro reference, and Colin Furze. This video blew my mind, love it when HRpostrs I subscribe to show up unexpectedly together in a video.
Der Zieher
Der Zieher Prije 3 godina
Yes, the snatch reference was unexpected and epic! Love the film and am subscribed to the other channels as well.
wendyandmanny Prije 3 godina
@nissanoo0 from 3:21 to about 3:29
nissanoo0 Prije 3 godina
where can u see a reference?x D
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams Prije 3 godina
Fantastic, also subscribed to all HRpostrs in video and mentioned
Artem Lokhovitskiy
Artem Lokhovitskiy Prije 3 godina
Also movie "Snatch" at the moment when he took shot before take off.
UserNoobus Prije 3 godina
Im a simple man, I see Colin Furze, I click the video.
Arsena Prije godine
So simple, literally most overused comment youtube has goten, theres so much variatons, hell even "Im a simping man, I see Pokimane, I cum." works with this. You are advanced because you had to write it as a comment, and intermediate if you reply.
Truck Spank
Truck Spank Prije 2 godina
.......yes simple
Braulio Ortiz
Braulio Ortiz Prije 2 godina
I am a simple man so I give this comment a 😂 emoji and go watch some RSLASH
FirepoiMo Prije 2 godina
Same 😄
petrusevski Prije 2 godina
awesome collaboration video! Colin`s channel is great place for makers, quite differs from what I`ve seen here now. Nice, keep up the good collaborations!
Jo Awesome
Jo Awesome Prije 3 godina
So cool seeing Colin and Jason. Great video!
Atra Hasis
Atra Hasis Prije 3 godina
I think this is probably one of the funnier things I've ever seen on HRpost. Accurate as well. Cheers!
Joyson Wildhart
Joyson Wildhart Prije 2 godina
"ive got a restraining order against you" "we dont have time for that" lmao
Jefferson94 Prije 2 godina
Ethan saying the mx5 is to fast had me laughing my ass off. No such thing. Plus it’s an mx5
Ad33b Prije godine
When I saw Colin in the car, I was like how is this car still in one piece and has not turned into a rocket or something.
Michelle k
Michelle k Prije godine
"How are the rear springs?" I fell over laughing! Broken, of course! Not hard to replace if you have a husky friend with a prybar to hold the lower trailing arm down while you wrestle the new spring into place. A good time to upgrade to M3 springs while you're doing it.
Ali Taeb
Ali Taeb Prije 2 godina
This is the funniest video I've seen all week !!! Perfect job you guys 👏
Grant Prije 2 godina
You must watch shit vids
Daniel Lowe
Daniel Lowe Prije 2 godina
"Got leather.. you can keep that" lmao!!!
littlemandan 97
littlemandan 97 Prije 10 mjeseci
If only Alex took this much time when buying a car in the past7 months 😂
Octane Street
Octane Street Prije 2 godina
Wow what an amazing cast in this episode! Haha, Furze's part was hilarious.
Adit Newah
Adit Newah Prije 2 godina
Love the collaboration with EE and Colin Furz please do some more
Keelan Sears
Keelan Sears Prije 3 godina
This was amazing. Colin is so fucking funny, I was dying. Excellent work, subbed!
420 420
420 420 Prije 2 godina
That guys hilarious 😂 ... what a salesman 👌🏻.. I was gona put an offer in myself after 2 minutes 😂
RichieSA77 Prije godine
I haven’t seen the whole episode before - it even funnier than the bit with Alex viewing it 😆😆
CrawfordB Prije 3 godina
Love how Alex really did definitely 100 percent go to Engeering explained's house
youkofoxy Prije 3 godina
Actually they really met.
Cassette Walkman
Cassette Walkman Prije 3 godina
Hey green screen counts as being there.
rkan2 Prije 3 godina
crawfordbrown75 It was pretty convincing, till the cat!
NakazatoTakeshi Prije 3 godina
Little did Ethan know that the Touring actually have more horsepower than his MX-5
Bjørn André Fosseli Hagen
Bjørn André Fosseli Hagen Prije godine
Hahahahaha sat in the airport watching it, laughed so loudly that the security came up and asked if I was alright 😅😂
Vasilis Oikonomou
Vasilis Oikonomou Prije 2 godina
You guys make a show, not just a ytb video, I enjoyed this! You should go on netflix
Max Henderson
Max Henderson Prije 2 godina
00:41 is the only time in history anyone has ever complained about an MX-5 being ‘too fast’
Nico Van Der Merwe
Nico Van Der Merwe Prije godine
Brilliant video. I had a good laugh watching this.
Bono Prije godine
"Did you know Brexit wasnt a Breakfast cereal" Damn
Rajveer Jassal
Rajveer Jassal Prije 2 godina
"It rocks and then it stops rocking" LOL😂😂😂😂
Damian Vosloo
Damian Vosloo Prije 3 godina
You guys are awesome keep uploading such great videos
Honza Jílek
Honza Jílek Prije 3 godina
Great video guys, keep them coming! :D
Musab Feltman
Musab Feltman Prije 2 godina
Colin: It's even the same make as the badge. Alex: Excellent, you really know your stuff don't you? Colin: Oh mate, they call me the Haynes manual! 😂😂
Henry Atkinson
Henry Atkinson Prije godine
As someone who has spent many months looking for a 996, Ive encountered too many Furzes selling cars.
kometa0017 Prije godine
Ggggg boys your videos are progressively getting better and better, and awesome! I love the concept and the style of this one!
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba Prije 3 godina
Boys I've gotta be real serious here these vids are amazing I want to thank you lads and your team for these great vids keep on keeping guys cant wait for the next one
speeddemon32 Prije godine
never seen your videos before. this was my first. the Jason from EE was hilarious! and the Doug DeMuro mention was awesome! I loved this video!
mike WIZZ
mike WIZZ Prije 3 godina
Lol it was so funny how they included his insane doorbell system in the video aswell :D
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Prije 2 godina
“And I was here last night” then Alex says that the suspension on the car was disturbing 😂
Jazed FTW
Jazed FTW Prije godine
''It has to work, so we can scratch out British cars'' XD
Juggernautscottie Prije 3 godina
Literally killing myself with laughter over Engineering explained in this video!
RichardiusA5 Prije godine
Matt Watson, Car Throttle, Engineering explained, Doug DeMuro, Chris Fix, and donut media would be the best collaboration ever
عمك 2
عمك 2 Prije 2 godina
The car acne part got me dying😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣
Denis C
Denis C Prije 3 godina
we want for this car to be fun, we want for it to be fast, we want for it to be well engineered, so we can eliminate UK i nearly died laughing Also for me my "practical" choice was 300C SRT8. If it has 5 seats its practical...
IDOOMSLAYERI Prije 3 godina
Last thing I'd do is buy a car from Colin, I've watched him for too long so ik what he's up to 😂😂
iyan manzano
iyan manzano Prije 3 godina
"no hot, cold... no hot, cold... no hot, cold... no hot, cold... just... plateau." HAHAHA
_. Prije 3 mjeseci
I actually read this the same time the vid passed
rkan2 Prije 3 godina
iyan manzano :D
Herbsy Prije 3 godina
I saw this video before, and i didnt realise it was Collin mcfurze lol, always nice to see multiple channels collaps a video! Engineering explained is really a great channel to actually learn something, for the people who dont know it, check it out!
Overwatch Combine Soldier
Overwatch Combine Soldier Prije 2 godina
Ethan: Stupid car Subtitles: German car
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia Prije godine
100% correct.
Randal Fuentes
Randal Fuentes Prije 2 godina
Didn't have the subtitles on, when I saw your comment I turned them on and it really said that, that's funny
Michelle Vlogs
Michelle Vlogs Prije godine
“Would you take 1200?”, lol, “There’s water, can I have some?” I’ve watched this so many times, it still cracks me up, It’s hilarious 👌
FSstudios1 Prije 3 godina
Well i have to admit I was definitely not expecting Colin Furze to end up on a Car Throttle video
Sinule Prije 3 godina
Oh wow, this channel has gotten good again, used to love it back in the two guys one car days, but then it got boring
trifon jacobs
trifon jacobs Prije 2 godina
I guess the car seller is right about silver being ‘the best colour choice’ for the BMW. Since silver is the national racing colour for Germany 🇩🇪
James Richards
James Richards Prije 2 godina
6:33 Colin: *gasps* "Nathan that's amazing!" found that too funny!
sixstringedthing Prije godine
I liked the part where Connor hypnotised Nathan with his line of patter.
ChazzFTW Prije 3 godina
It actually failed in 2013 Due to the rear coil springs being ‘incomplete’ and because one of the tyres was bald. it also failed in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017 and in april this year. seems to have a *great* history 😳
BattyFlaps Prije 3 godina
Great doesn't always mean good.. voldymort did great but terrible things.. and there is sure a lot of history
Nir Haber
Nir Haber Prije 3 godina
I see a lot of profile pictures with the same name! Who the fuck are you!!
DeathEgg666 Prije 3 godina
A cars health is always down to the owner!
idlemessiah Prije 3 godina
@John Cunliffe Not always accurate. My car got an advisory for an emission leak last year but this year it wasn't picked up. MOT is only as accurate as the brain of the person looking.
n325aej Prije 3 godina
@James Mason no, advisories don't have to be put down, it's just good practice to put them down the next MOT might not bother it doesn't mean that they've been fixed
Max NY
Max NY Prije 2 godina
Hilarious!!! Well done, much better, funnier and original than that nonsense on the tele. Cheers mate! Hilarious...
EyesOfByes Prije 2 godina
2:00 Took a while before I realized it's green screen
AllorFh Prije godine
@Havoc on wheels he said wait not what lol
Havoc on wheels
Havoc on wheels Prije 2 godina
@⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ green screen is a curtain that you use it as background in your videos afterwards in editing program you can remove the green screen and put other background and the subject will be infront of it....
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prije 2 godina
wait its a green screen???
Havoc on wheels
Havoc on wheels Prije 2 godina
@JM-C04 ________________________ bro alex didn't went to usa actually.... engineering explained shot the whole thing and sent him... alex back was put before the engineering explained's video and how do you put it like that you use the magic of green screen...
JM-C04 ________________________
JM-C04 ________________________ Prije 2 godina
i dont see it can you explain?
Nicholas Bolton
Nicholas Bolton Prije 2 godina
I don't usually hit the like button, but as soon as I saw engineering explained, I had to like. I love collaboration videos
Faithful Prije 9 mjeseci
Funniest line from this: “That mx-5 is too fast”
AAZZA 22 Prije 3 godina
Phil and Colin? Coincidence? I think not.
Otis Prije 3 godina
You can wear my hat 〰〰🎩
Angel Bermejo
Angel Bermejo Prije 3 godina
Graymatter78 -
Graymatter78 - Prije 3 godina
"In the air tonight"
Robert B
Robert B Prije 3 godina
Cibs H
Cibs H Prije 3 godina
can ethan just take a W for once lmao
Barrow Motorcycle Sales
Barrow Motorcycle Sales Prije godine
This episode properly cracks me up 😂
BattyFlaps Prije 3 godina
Its the Furze man!!! Awesome to see you doing a laugh with him :)
Shootmkiller XD
Shootmkiller XD Prije 2 godina
Colin makes some dope stuff like homemade jet engines lol
Stellatecar7634 Prije 2 godina
So I watched this a few months ago and didn’t know Colin furze was a thing and now rewatching it I’m like ThAtS cOliN fUrZe
Gautam Jayakishan
Gautam Jayakishan Prije 2 godina
Never sell a car to car enthusiast 😂😂
Andy Schofield
Andy Schofield Prije godine
What an amazing collaboration! Can't believe I'm only just watching this.
Remy Prije 2 godina
when he said reliable and then instantly said Germany i actually laughed like i woke up my entire family
Ylli Bajrami
Ylli Bajrami Prije godine
German cars are reliable but people buy them, can’t afford to maintain them and then complain when it breaks and call them unreliable.
Omer Magen
Omer Magen Prije 3 godina
"That's Doug DeMuro Cool"
Zane Dalton
Zane Dalton Prije 2 godina
@Luke It does now.
Luke Prije 2 godina
Should at least, AT LEAST, have 1k likes
Tiger Paw
Tiger Paw Prije 2 godina
T.M.B Prije 2 godina
The most underated line in the whole Video
Datoda Prije 2 godina
To be honest though, he shouldnt be angry, they saved a big deal of money they'll need later to repair the thing lmao
Akuza Star
Akuza Star Prije 2 godina
“With your imperial tool box and this metric beast I don’t think so mate” hahaha 😂😂
LanciaBear Prije 2 godina
This is awesome!!! Two of my favourite channels!!! Third one I'm yet to embark on now!
TheLeakyTap Prije 3 godina
I was looking at a 4 year old prius with around 100,000km and the guy selling it to me said the car is 100% going to go up in value in the next few years
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