Giving Away The E46 Compact To Its Previous Owner

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This week, Alex takes our Project BMW E46 Compact back to Jack Marklew, the previous owner, to see if he would like the car back...

Follow Jack and his adventures with Kenny: jackmarklew96

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Komentari: 808
jacob Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack is a top bloke. It's one thing to say you've got a cold and don't feel well, it's a completely other to admit you're not feeling well in the head. Big ups to him and hope he's on the road to recovery with that absolute beast of an Enaughty6
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur Prije 17 dana
E30shit more like but wish the man well
Driven by the details
Driven by the details Prije 6 mjeseci
@Benaya Jonatan Thats the aim for my new channel
Marty Crush
Marty Crush Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m 42 and have had 15 years of unpredictable mental health. It takes a lot of guts to admit it, this is the first time I’ve said it out loud(typed it out). Good luck to Jack👍
Jay Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now shut up you absolute melt
Redstriker265 Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now lmao you're desperate
Jamie H
Jamie H Prije 6 mjeseci
I really hope his mental health improves he is such a nice guy.
Sdva Prije 6 mjeseci
Not with that car
Driven by the details
Driven by the details Prije 6 mjeseci
Hi Jamie thank you so much - my new youtube channel is aimed at supporting people with the same issues if it kicks off i would love to give back to people who are affraid to come out with there issues
Justin Case
Justin Case Prije 6 mjeseci
Now if only he could get his 3L 6 inline so he would have something to work on ;)
Georgi Mihalkov
Georgi Mihalkov Prije 6 mjeseci
Lately CT has been putting out some really quality content...just top notch stuff.
HCYT Prije 6 mjeseci
They've been doing quality content for years, nothing has changed, it's always been great
Zen Samurai
Zen Samurai Prije 6 mjeseci
Some strong sarcasm here :D :D
Georgi Mihalkov
Georgi Mihalkov Prije 6 mjeseci
@Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia Yeah, the podcast was pretty good. It's a shame that they stopped it and we're getting stuff like that instead.
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia Prije 6 mjeseci
@Hondas are not bad, people who rice them are I liked the podcast a lot, actually. It was the only good thing that remained on the channel. So of course, they canceled it. And now they are doing this Tik Tok bullshit.
Hondas are not bad, people who rice them are
Hondas are not bad, people who rice them are Prije 6 mjeseci
I stopped watching for a while around when they started doing podcasts and stuff instead of their usual good content and the rest of the content was kinda meh but lately they seem to deliver better than ever before
Driven by the details
Driven by the details Prije 6 mjeseci
Hi guys! It’s jack from the video can I just say a huge thank you to all the amazing comments there really heartwarming! Thank you again to the guys at car throttle for doing this it’s been so awesome, as I said in the video I am suffering with my mental health atm i am getting there day by day though - unfortunately I don’t know what’s happening regarding my job at the moment and cannot afford to keep two cars on the road so kenny might be going I am fighting for my job to then make it work so I can take him to shows and hopefully help people out with mental health issues - I’d love to start a HRpost channel with it so fingers crossed it doesn’t have to go!!
Jack davis-Chapman
Jack davis-Chapman Prije 6 mjeseci
@Driven by the details sounds good I’m interested 👍🏻
Driven by the details
Driven by the details Prije 6 mjeseci
@Jack davis-Chapman Thank you Jack thats extremely kind of you - i am hoping to do reviews, tutorials, repairs, and cleaning with my E60 and maybe subs cars with there story attached as to why they need help and support in their life, would also like to do a car club and meets etc in that area maybe for people who are lonely but afraid to admit it
Jack davis-Chapman
Jack davis-Chapman Prije 6 mjeseci
@Driven by the details good lad you got my support. I think you should open a page. It isn’t wrong to need help and I would love to help you out as would many others I’m sure they all would agree Just want to see you do well 👍🏻
Driven by the details
Driven by the details Prije 6 mjeseci
@Jack davis-Chapman Hi Jack i am so sorry to hear that you're going through that I was myself not very well with health issues last year which mostly lead to why i am down these days but i would never take money off people i just want to help people who are in the same position as me and my way of doing that is my new youtube channel, i am hoping it kicks off so 20% of the earnings can go to the mental health foundation and the content helps those come out with issues they have held in! so if people could support me on that channel it would be appiciated
Driven by the details
Driven by the details Prije 6 mjeseci
Hi mate, i didn't realise you was the MX5 guy - add me on Facebook if you can i'd love to speak with yourself :)
Joanne Roddy
Joanne Roddy Prije 6 mjeseci
Jacks my son, he's been over the moon with Kenny! Such a lovely thing to do for him thankyou! And thanks for everyone's support means a lot to him.
Jonas VAG
Jonas VAG Prije mjesec
@Fort Crafter Boss Behold! Yep. Here in Germany, car guys are treated like criminals by now. They keep controlling cars on a daily base, shut them down even if the stuff changed is legally in the papers "if they doubt it" (which they can at any point of their personal dislike, even just to harrass you), we're being shut down more and more by the politics, too. Shit is going down the river quicker and quicker by now. Still remember an article where "rapers", "Child abusers" and "tuners" were actually named in one single sentence all together. Insane...
Fort Crafter Boss Behold!
Fort Crafter Boss Behold! Prije 6 mjeseci
@Driven by the details No prob buddy... Like I said, especially in Europe, everybody and everything is biased against cars, it only varies to what extent they are biased...
Driven by the details
Driven by the details Prije 6 mjeseci
@Fort Crafter Boss Behold! thank you bud my landlord also kicked it off the drive and I couldn’t insure two cars
Fort Crafter Boss Behold!
Fort Crafter Boss Behold! Prije 6 mjeseci
@Driven by the details Hello, I totally get it its okay, and just ignore these haters... Seriously, I am shocked at how the car scene manages to survive in other places from America, since you guys have some ass environmental laws that are only getting worse rapidly, and to add insult to injury, there is decent public transport barring any practical reason for a car unlike the west corridor of the USA where public transport sucks and personal automobile or rideshare is the only way...
Mihail M A
Mihail M A Prije 6 mjeseci
Jonathan Hagerty
Jonathan Hagerty Prije 6 mjeseci
Heartwarming content, glad to see giving the car back to Jack will make him smile.
Gary Mcavoy
Gary Mcavoy Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now ffs I bet your fun at party's
Skynet Prije 6 mjeseci
I want to join you on your escapades!... this is a modern Brit version of revive my ride... which looks like fun! Got an E39 540i here in America that could use some love yeah? My hands are available too..
Oliver W
Oliver W Prije 6 mjeseci
He already has it for sale on Facebook
mr ade
mr ade Prije 6 mjeseci
That was the perfect outcome. Proud of you CT. Not only did you put a smile on Jacks face, you put a smile on mine too (and that's an achievement). Well done lads 👍
jamawl66 Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack's a genuinely solid dude. You guys should get him involved on a more regular basis in all sorts of CT stuff. He'd be a good addition to the crew
ΝικοςΒΠ Prije 6 mjeseci
@Critical Thinker i dont know you but im 100% sure your life is really misserable.
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker Prije 6 mjeseci
And how is *_that_* going to work - considering that he publicly divulged that he has "mental health problems"? What he's just gone and done, is created a LIFELONG uphill struggle for himself, and himself alone. Try convincing the unthinking/intolerant/prejudiced/imbecilic types to support him. He'll be battling them *forever.* Not a smart move.
joelquinn98 Prije 6 mjeseci
Good thinking!
Mvmt Prije 6 mjeseci
What a lucky guy to own such a beautifully crafted car
Nathan Manning
Nathan Manning Prije 6 mjeseci
@Kyle Owen Please can you link me I can’t find his ads
Kyle Owen
Kyle Owen Prije 6 mjeseci
@Nathan Manning Ebay, Facebook, gumtree for like just over 2 grand
Nathan Manning
Nathan Manning Prije 6 mjeseci
@Kyle Owen Where abouts?
Kyle Owen
Kyle Owen Prije 6 mjeseci
And yet he's selling it already?
Martin Prije 6 mjeseci
TheChugnutUK Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack, hope you're mental health continues on the up.
Dave Payne
Dave Payne Prije 6 mjeseci
Absolutely - and well done for speaking frankly about it. Every little helps break down the stigma
madbikeboysins Prije 6 mjeseci
Big ups to Jack for being honest about his mental health. Role model.
Chris Leake
Chris Leake Prije 6 mjeseci
@Critical Thinker That’s a real long way of telling everyone you’re a bell-end.
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker Prije 6 mjeseci
No. No "big ups" for divulging information that civilisations fought for *centuries* to withhold in the first place. What's your strategy to "beat" the ignorant/prejudiced/uninformed/intolerant people of previous, current, and future generations, that never would have needed to have been dealt with, had he not publicly divulged that information in the first place? Here's how *_I_* think he can "big up" himself again: Put your health back in the Pandora's box you took it out of. Get rid of the Car Throttle video content discussing the "matter", delete all comments pertaining to it, delete all the internet information about your health that is both there now, and will ever rear its ugly head in the future, search everyone's premises for backups of recorded content discussing your private health matters, dig up the whole world to try and do the same, erase everyone's memory of your health situation, cause the ignorant/prejudiced/unthinking/intolerant to all of a sudden not be those things. THEN, then he (just) might have redeemed himself with his private medical information. I don't see how your point of view (or to be frank, ALOT of commenters here) are seeing this exposure, as "good"?
Adriaan Visser
Adriaan Visser Prije 6 mjeseci
I was gonna make a witty joke about how you guys would never be able to sell it and therefore you gave it away, but I’m genuinely happy to see it back at Jack and I’m super happy for the dude. Good on ya!
eUK95 Prije 6 mjeseci
Why is nobody talking about how hard that valeting guy is grafting (for free!!)
Warren Prije 6 mjeseci
Scratching the car
ChazzFTW Prije 6 mjeseci
@eUK95 I actually saw Alex there while he was shooting this video, was amazed to see him so close to my home haha
eUK95 Prije 6 mjeseci
@ChazzFTW awesome!
ChazzFTW Prije 6 mjeseci
he’s called piero, he’s done some of my tyres and he is an absolute legend, he saved me at 10:30pm on Boxing Day
Shaky Hand Pictures
Shaky Hand Pictures Prije 6 mjeseci
No shit, !
Bearded Bodger
Bearded Bodger Prije 6 mjeseci
GIVE JACK A JOB!!!! WE WANT MORE JACK!!! He’s relaxed in front of the camera… #Morejack !!!
charlie winters
charlie winters Prije 6 mjeseci
Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas Prije 6 mjeseci
@Cameron Henderson We could have a #JackOff
Shamus125 Prije 6 mjeseci
#MoreJack 💪🏻
M Dauti
M Dauti Prije 6 mjeseci
Hire Jack, more Jack!
Tim Prije 6 mjeseci
@Cameron Henderson new both jack’s, double jack action my guy
Daniel Sarquez
Daniel Sarquez Prije 6 mjeseci
From a person with depression, hard times need great people, you guys were just a life saving, seeing that kid smile is freaking awesome, so much respect for all crew at Car Throttle
Dwayne Hicks
Dwayne Hicks Prije 6 mjeseci
Stay strong jack 💪 mental health is tough but there's light at the end of the tunnel , we all have our Deamons Don't let them beat you.
Mac Prije 6 mjeseci
Well in Jack, being open and honest shows such strong character and hope everything gets better for you mate. You seem like a very sound guy and you deserve it
Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett Prije 6 mjeseci
As someone who also suffers with mental health, well done for speaking about it Jack! Something men don't do enough!
Sam Barrett
Sam Barrett Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now yeah being busy and you can't speak about something that's killing blokes daily. You're a clown.
Erik M.
Erik M. Prije 6 mjeseci
Not to be ungrateful, but I expected more episodes on this car after seeing what was done to the Micra that inspired it
HJ M20
HJ M20 Prije 6 mjeseci
They need views, and this project didn’t interest people
TheMandem69 Prije 6 mjeseci
Nice 850 on the profile pic
Padraig Rabbitte
Padraig Rabbitte Prije 6 mjeseci
They do abandon projects quite a bit but it’s usually not their decision it’s the company, like if the views are put sufficient then it’s cut sadly
Thijs Kennis
Thijs Kennis Prije 6 mjeseci
@Liam Downer Maybe make an effort to watch the video mate, it's in it.
Liam Downer
Liam Downer Prije 6 mjeseci
Where is the exhaust??
Aaron Albert
Aaron Albert Prije 6 mjeseci
Wouldn't it be hilarious if he said he didn't want it back after those mods lmao
Diggerzz Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now crack a smile you miserable git
S41m_ldn Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now yur replying to every comment just to hate on this channel, just go back to your playlist if you don’t wanna watch it.
Angus Barrett
Angus Barrett Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now but its fun content no?. ..
Misa'Dventures Prije 6 mjeseci
I wouldn't want it back, the rims and color just isn't my thing, no way I'd go for a ride on that.
Pengwin Prije 6 mjeseci
Please do more with Jack! He's my favorite guest you guys have ever had. He seems like a genuinely nice person and I would love to see more of him!
Tomos R
Tomos R Prije 6 mjeseci
Made my heart melt. Love what you did
j a
j a Prije 6 mjeseci
Great video, really hope his mental health improves and fair play to him for mentioning it, takes a lot to tell people and it's the first step in getting better, love to you all ❤
Wayne-R- Prije 6 mjeseci
Well done mate and I hope this car puts a smile on your face everyday
Timbre Prije 6 mjeseci
Good on you guys! Loved seeing this vid; Jack is such a nice guy and giving him Kenny the compact is a super thing to do. Hope it will bring him lots of smile miles!
Gareth Ballinger
Gareth Ballinger Prije 6 mjeseci
Fantastic stuff, well done CT team! Jack, huge thing to admit you've been struggling, fair play to you mate. Enjoy the head turns, happy times and fun that Kenny will bring! If you're ever in South Wales, I'll go for a brew with ya! Keep smiling mate
Trudles Time
Trudles Time Prije 6 mjeseci
Bet that was a bastard to film/edit with ALL that backround noise. POOR Ethan !
VDubya Prije 6 mjeseci
Big love to Jack. Keep up the good fight man, we're with you
Adam Qurabi
Adam Qurabi Prije 6 mjeseci
Such a nice guy! He really deserves his car back after these nice mods!
gobee Prije 6 mjeseci
This guy has the right mindset, "It's given me days out" That's what it's all about, glad he got it back!!!
Ryan M
Ryan M Prije 6 mjeseci
Damn! This is the kind of content I love seeing in the morning! You guys are awesome and Jack seems like a really awesome person!
Tony Bhogal
Tony Bhogal Prije 6 mjeseci
What an amazing thing to do..! And to Jack, stay strong fella, hopefully there are better times ahead bro
Sean Prije 6 mjeseci
That is a fantastic gesture from you guys and I hope it does help Jack on his road to recovery
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson Prije 6 mjeseci
Great gesture lads - wishing Jack all the best for the future and Kenny a long long life
Luke Oldham
Luke Oldham Prije 6 mjeseci
Such an amazing video, Jack seems like a top lad and so good to see a smile on the face! Absolutely brilliant to see!
MadMaz Prije 6 mjeseci
Man he's so nice, the way he says thank you after, you say we all like him, hope his mental health improves! I'll look out for a fellow beamer boy!
Russell Smith
Russell Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
This is absolutely lovely. Great stuff, Car Throttle, and bless you, Jack. Hope you get out on some wonderful adventures.
Edward TC
Edward TC Prije 6 mjeseci
What a nice thing to do, hope Jack enjoys having his Kenny back on his drive
D Bassi
D Bassi Prije 6 mjeseci
Fantastic work lads, glad to see Jack smile. Get well soon bud.
brandon Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack seems like a proper good bloke! Top content!
Driven Dream Garage
Driven Dream Garage Prije 6 mjeseci
Catching up on this series and love the work on the car AND the work for people CT is doing. So many good feels lately. Keep up the awesome work and congrats on your continued recovery Jack.
Bloggerul Roman
Bloggerul Roman Prije 6 mjeseci
Glad to see this. Keep going Jack you got this. Also nice gesture CT:)
klue42 Prije 6 mjeseci
Lads this is wicked! Soo important to have a focus right now, really helps with the mental health side of things, cars are brilliant for this. Hope to see some more project car content soon :)
Darren Partridge
Darren Partridge Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack, what a legend for openly admitting to mental health struggles. Great to see CT by chance gave this boost! Lets see more of Jack on the channel, great guy!
Your Only Driving Asylum
Your Only Driving Asylum Prije 6 mjeseci
Amazing Job Guys !! Definitely A Great Idea & Huge Respect !! Well Deserved !!
Ben Aston
Ben Aston Prije 6 mjeseci
Thats a top thing to do lads, good on you all! Jack, keep doing you like the DeutscheDwarf said, hope things look up for you fella. I struggle with my noggin too and it's a hard slog, just know youre not alone!
Tom Bottoms
Tom Bottoms Prije 6 mjeseci
Actually brought a tear to my eye! What a great bloke❤️
Slipper Prije 6 mjeseci
Brilliant thing for you to do lads. All the love for Jack
Purple Snowflake
Purple Snowflake Prije 6 mjeseci
Best of luck to you Jack! Keep going dude. Cars keep me sane.
Nigel Bannister
Nigel Bannister Prije 6 mjeseci
What a legend! Keep well Jack and Jenny!!!!
Alan Greatorex
Alan Greatorex Prije 6 mjeseci
Hero's on both sides. Keep sharing the love and keep smiling
abzen Prije 6 mjeseci
Very heartwarming clip. As someone who has been living around mental health, I think we should be able to discuss it openly and help those dealing with mental issues. Big Ups to Jack and hope he enjoys the newly improved E46 compact!
nashrace Prije 6 mjeseci
Top job guys. Well played Jack, it pays to be a nice guy!! 👏👍
Jeremy Barker
Jeremy Barker Prije 6 mjeseci
From someone suffering with a long term brain injury i can relate to Jacks daily issues, that was a lovely thing to do so well done chaps.
B B Prije 6 mjeseci
This almost has car sos vibes and I love the fact you gave the car back to Jack 👌🏻
Nigel Marumahoko
Nigel Marumahoko Prije 6 mjeseci
Brilliant content! Love the content especially when you guys feature awesome people like Jack! Too bloke who is able to talk openly about mental health! Love it! Big ups to you Jack and big ups car throttle for showing us that it’s ok to be nice, it’s ok not to be ok as well!
Car Obsession
Car Obsession Prije 6 mjeseci
What a great and heartwarming video - well done guys!
Summus Hieremias Clarkson
Summus Hieremias Clarkson Prije 6 mjeseci
That is an exceptionally high quality job on that Car, looks spectacular. I would be embarrassed to be in the same hemisphere as it though.
paul hartshorne
paul hartshorne Prije 6 mjeseci
I always thought you lot were nice guys you've confirmed my opinion and more, well done fellas keep making people smile.
Cliff Crabtree
Cliff Crabtree Prije 6 mjeseci
BRILLIANT !. This has made my day. Enjoy driving Kenny, Jack !!.
k sturmer
k sturmer Prije 6 mjeseci
Awwwwwwww!! Absolutely wonderful!! Anyone who suffers from a mental health disability deserves a society and top lads that care about them. Well done, Car Throttle, well played old sports!!
2bi Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack you seem like a great guy. Ive been through some dark times myself but with help and talking about it Im alright now and works as a Chef. Its a huge positive to admit you are not feeling good. Take care and hope you will be better soon❤️
Carl Medlin
Carl Medlin Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack is such a great guy. The positivity from the community is so nice to see too. Hope the darker days pass for you Jack and you get to the end of the road of recovery.
Albert Lira
Albert Lira Prije 6 mjeseci
I love wholesome carthrottle. Brings a tear to my eye
Matt Young
Matt Young Prije 6 mjeseci
Loved this lads. I reckon there’s some great content to be made with a Car SOS vibe but around mental health. Doesn’t take much to cheer up a struggling petrol head. Even something as little as a surprise driveway service would go along way for a lot of lads
barrymccloskey Prije 6 mjeseci
Man doing the washing has some enthusiasm! loving the energy there brah! Class. 1:07
Ryan Starr
Ryan Starr Prije 6 mjeseci
Well done guys! It’s hard as a man to admit you’re having mental health issues. I know from experience! Awesome to see you guys helping someone out in your own unique way! Much respect! Love it!
Kae Blossom
Kae Blossom Prije 6 mjeseci
Earned yourself a cheeky subscribe there lads, courtesy of this A+ wholesome content 👍
Geoff Jones
Geoff Jones Prije 6 mjeseci
Wow 4 people disliked this video.... how tragic are some humans! Well done lads lovely gesture 👏
Joe Tee
Joe Tee Prije 6 mjeseci
well done CT , keep up the good work
Michael Slater
Michael Slater Prije 6 mjeseci
What a humble guy couldn’t agree more with what the lads did for him!!! Top stuff lads and all the best Jack man hope to see you at some car shows 👊👊
MagnetPull Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack was already very likable and natural in the video where you picked up Kenny, glad to see him again!
T G Prije 6 mjeseci
You’ll get through it Jack! Nice video :)
Ally Crawford
Ally Crawford Prije 6 mjeseci
Seems a cracking lad does Jack. Well done guys 👏
AzerNo5 Prije 6 mjeseci
Fair play boyz. That was such a nice thing to do. You legends
Luciel Campbell
Luciel Campbell Prije 6 mjeseci
Can we appreciate how fricking quick that guy looks like he's cleaning the car,.
Ben Guppy
Ben Guppy Prije 6 mjeseci
Big respect to Car Throttle & Jack 👊🏼
Greg Preston
Greg Preston Prije 6 mjeseci
good to hear about mental health, I've really struggled as a nurse during the pandemic and the vids and the podcast has honestly kept me going through it al, big love guys
Steve Cox
Steve Cox Prije 6 mjeseci
As someone who suffers from mental health, this is superb. Hope Jack continues to improve. Top work from the CT guys as usual! 👏👏
Houseless Not Homeless
Houseless Not Homeless Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack life gets better trust me it might not seem like it sometimes but it really dose... Alex you are a star :)
asatru-ash Prije 2 mjeseci
Stay strong jack there will be better days mate to come 💪
Ariz.K Prije 6 mjeseci
Jack was just surprised even till the very end. Hopefully kenny keeps him and everyone he knows happy.
Gibblip. Prije 6 mjeseci
Good lads Kenny is gonna bring a bit of happiness back to him fingers crossed he sees a bit of brightness out of the day. Good luck nice fella. Jenny your a star. 🌹🙏🌟
Ichinojo Prije 6 mjeseci
Kenny Compact was one of my favorite cars you guys worked on! Sad to see him gone so soon, wish you could’ve done more. Perhaps Jack can continue Kenny’s modding?
Shevantha Ranasinghe
Shevantha Ranasinghe Prije 6 mjeseci
Hope you doing better now buddy! Also super job giving the vehicle back!
AJ Prije 6 mjeseci
Aww you guys are AWESOME! Ill be sure to look out for it, not like im going to miss that lol
Daniel Hopcroft
Daniel Hopcroft Prije 6 mjeseci
You guys are legends ❤️
Max Lechuga
Max Lechuga Prije 6 mjeseci
You're dope Jack, hold strong!
Banglish123 Prije 6 mjeseci
That's a lovely feel-good video. Good work everybody.
Charlie Prije 6 mjeseci
I hope Jacks family and friends are listening . Well done CT 👍
KingKarlito93 Prije 6 mjeseci
Awesome thing to do guys well done!
Alistair Blackhall
Alistair Blackhall Prije 6 mjeseci
Absolutely brilliant and major respect to Jack and the car throttle team. It takes so much courage to admit you're struggling let alone on a major HRpost channel
Dovydas Grigiskis
Dovydas Grigiskis Prije 6 mjeseci
Anyone else felt anxiety and cringe feeling building up inside when you saw the car cleaning guy washing the car at Mach Speed? xD
Testacorsa Prije 6 mjeseci
yep, and not cleaning the wash mittens once while washing the entire car. Scratch city!
Chapps Prije 6 mjeseci
Love this guys, such a kind gesture
Jon G
Jon G Prije 6 mjeseci
So cool. I still miss my past cars... I would be kinda sad to see it get totally upgraded then someone else gets it haha
steve staff
steve staff Prije 6 mjeseci
Saw this car in Drayton Bassett today looks really good in the flesh Glad it's back with Jack
Dominic Richardson
Dominic Richardson Prije 6 mjeseci
Aw Jack's such a legend, I hope he feels better and hope he really enjoys the motor.
Gunnar Eli Sigurjonsson
Gunnar Eli Sigurjonsson Prije 6 mjeseci
We love you Jack and we want you to smile ❤️. Be good brother
bbmikej Prije 6 mjeseci
I love the car because it is one of those things you would do in a video game but would never do to your daily driver. And now it is going back to someone who seems like he enjoys the quirkiness of it.
Ollie Matiah
Ollie Matiah Prije 6 mjeseci
Alright, can we have more Jack now? CT Crew could always use a number 4
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Car Throttle
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