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Watch Rory's review of our Up! here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8KVd...

This week, the guys target their second car to make a healthy profit on. Find out how they get on!
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Honda Civic Type R

Nissan 350z

Komentari: 1 045
Jayson Prije 5 mjeseci
I think we need more Jack presenting. Took the lead like a pro in Alex's absence
Marciaus007 Prije 4 mjeseci
Vote for kicking Alex out. 😂😂😂
Superhands Gaming
Superhands Gaming Prije 5 mjeseci
Alex doesn't want to like this comment 😂
Aiden Johnson
Aiden Johnson Prije 5 mjeseci
I approve of the Jack and Ethan car buying duo. Lets have more please!
Naufal Kusumah
Naufal Kusumah Prije 5 mjeseci
Yea Jack got that confident without too obnoxious lol
Josip Suk
Josip Suk Prije 5 mjeseci
@Brian McIntyre he will have to improve on that yes... 😂😂😂
Andrew Pyvovarov
Andrew Pyvovarov Prije 5 mjeseci
Ethan didn’t check the oil cap for milky residue! That breaks my heart to see such a tradition being forgotten 😢
Mickey Ramirez
Mickey Ramirez Prije 2 mjeseci
He's past that. He can change a clutch now
Ben Ertl
Ben Ertl Prije 5 mjeseci
Same, I was waiting for it!
SUAS Media
SUAS Media Prije 5 mjeseci
I flipped my first one after i hit some standing water 😆
Barrack Obama
Barrack Obama Prije 2 mjeseci
@henk jeoma didn't quite flip it from the handbrake but landed in a ditch on a mound of dirt with no wheels touching the ground, for some reason I decided to get back in it and try reverse 🤣save to say that didn't work
Matt Prije 4 mjeseci
@Giancarlo Montiel lol
Giancarlo Montiel
Giancarlo Montiel Prije 4 mjeseci
Imagine if it where sitting water
Shivanand Shivu
Shivanand Shivu Prije 5 mjeseci
@henk jeoma Q
Matt Prije 5 mjeseci
@henk jeoma same except I flipped mine after towing a log about after I yeeted the handbrake out the window trying my handbrake turn skills out too
Ash Prije 5 mjeseci
Ethan's character development holy shit
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi Prije 5 mjeseci
@Ian Townsend agreed
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi Prije 5 mjeseci
Ethan has always known a fair bit lol. It must’ve been an act
Augusto Rocha
Augusto Rocha Prije 5 mjeseci
It puts a smile in my face all day :3
Lint Prije 5 mjeseci
@Ian Townsend either that or he’s getting better at remembering the script 🤣
Peter Molnar
Peter Molnar Prije 5 mjeseci
He knows too much now 😂😂
Tom Prije 5 mjeseci
How have we got this far into a car buying and selling series without anyone saying “OLD AAT YER AAAANNNNNDDDDDD”?
Collin Burke
Collin Burke Prije 4 mjeseci
I was joking about that idk if that’s true lol and idk what you mean by is that aliexpress
Marciaus007 Prije 4 mjeseci
@Collin Burke Is that aliexpress...
PneumaticFrog Prije 5 mjeseci
@MrLincoln87 mike is a real prick unfortunately.
Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds Prije 5 mjeseci
@Colin Pretty sure Mike owns a car dealers in Sheffield
Colin Prije 5 mjeseci
I wonder is Mike Brewer not allowed sell cars outside of his contract with WD. Would be brilliant to see him show up here when buying a banger! :D
robster230 Prije 5 mjeseci
LOVE these longer episodes. Enough to sit down for my tea and enjoy
Laurence Leech
Laurence Leech Prije 5 mjeseci
Or while processing it…
Zerynthia Sallis
Zerynthia Sallis Prije 5 mjeseci
Quite right, had some nice cheese on toast while enjoying the vid :)
Saldanha Prije 5 mjeseci
"No one likes to put it in dry" grande Bruno xD
Vasco Ferreira
Vasco Ferreira Prije 5 mjeseci
@Dinis Paulino mesmo, tuga a falar inglês não engana 😂
F 2k20
F 2k20 Prije 5 mjeseci
Grande Bruno crl. O Camões de 2021
Gonçalo F95
Gonçalo F95 Prije 5 mjeseci
A piada mais portuguesa possível, orgulho ♥
Davide Lourenço
Davide Lourenço Prije 5 mjeseci
bem me parecia que o gajo é Tuga
TxomanDiMorais Prije 5 mjeseci
@Dinis Paulino o sotaque revela tudo hahahaha PORTUGAL CARALHO
William Harris
William Harris Prije 5 mjeseci
First they became Top Gear and now they’ve become Wheeler Dealers (OLD AAT YA AND) 🥰 🥰🥰🥰!!!!!
FlyingTurtle Prije 5 mjeseci
@Lash195 they would have been the perfect replacements when clarkson hammond and may left.
Nathan Manning
Nathan Manning Prije 5 mjeseci
Best thing about HRpost. Endless possibilities for these creators. It’s the future of entertainment.
Lash195 Prije 5 mjeseci
More entertaining than than the current Top Gear.
Michael Sillence
Michael Sillence Prije 5 mjeseci
@Keith Livingstone bottom gear dealers
Savage Stingy
Savage Stingy Prije 5 mjeseci
"And on that bombshell..."
EC Prije 5 mjeseci
Love how Jack kept the Saab. It was slow as balls but it’s genuinely a really nice looking car
AroPersson Prije 3 mjeseci
​@EC Oh my, I didn't know this... definitely something out of place😅
EC Prije 3 mjeseci
@AroPersson I know Saabs are pretty rapid. But go watch the video, he bought it for £500 I think and there was clearly something wrong with it
AroPersson Prije 3 mjeseci
I drove a saab like this, sedan, 1.9 ttid (bi-turbo diesel model), stock with 180hp, remap around 215hp, is very far from the concept of slow car mate! 😂
Rae Kim
Rae Kim Prije 5 mjeseci
@EC saabs are good for rolling races. Awesome on the highways.
EC Prije 5 mjeseci
@Rae Kim If it was in good condition then sure, but I seriously doubt it with that particular Saab. Idk if you saw the video it was in, but it almost lost a drag race to a damn Multipla 😂
JackTheDruglord Prije 5 mjeseci
Controversial opinion but I’d actually pay more for scuffed up standard colour wheels over black ones.
Chris Gibson
Chris Gibson Prije 2 mjeseci
@Charles Fox l
JJ B Prije 2 mjeseci
Nah the black looks class
Kylirr Prije 5 mjeseci
Black wheels can look good, but the wheels in standard colour look better since you can take in more of the details of what is objectively a pretty attractive wheel design.
TassieLorenzo Prije 5 mjeseci
@Toby Corbin Black wheels are all about the reflections, just like black cars. IMO, black cars without bright work look quite dated on silver wheels. Silver or machined wheels look much better on a black Mercedes that has lots of chrome bright work to tie it together.
Eye Patch Guy
Eye Patch Guy Prije 5 mjeseci
Black Wheels are the sort of accessories that car theives and that men in their 20's who act like teenagers appreciate. Not particularly classy. Then again, some cars work with black wheels.
Arttu Matilainen
Arttu Matilainen Prije 5 mjeseci
Nice to see Jack still driving the Saab. Would love an update whats happening with it.
Saab life
Saab life Prije 5 mjeseci
Should get him self the 2.8 v6
Peter Molnar
Peter Molnar Prije 5 mjeseci
@Amir Ali Yeah, but I recall something like new doors etc from the podcast 🤔
Amir Ali
Amir Ali Prije 5 mjeseci
@Justin Hedrick it's gone
Justin Hedrick
Justin Hedrick Prije 5 mjeseci
I wanna see more of his 300ZX
Amir Ali
Amir Ali Prije 5 mjeseci
@Peter Molnar pretty sure golf got written off
ashley dickens
ashley dickens Prije 5 mjeseci
£5k - what a bargain - well done boys and especially Ethan! Who knew..? £5k!! Amazing
Kylirr Prije 5 mjeseci
The chill Jack and Ethan combo needs to be used more often.
Mr.Mister Prije 5 mjeseci
The black wheels look a bit tacky imo. I probably would have just refurbed them in silver and keep the original look.
xParallax Prije 5 mjeseci
Dont forget you paid like £80 for the Autotrader advert bollocks 😂
Alex Cusdin
Alex Cusdin Prije 5 mjeseci
@George L why?! I'm the one pointing out it's a lot to spend on one advert.
George L
George L Prije 5 mjeseci
@Alex Cusdin yeah that's 13% lol I hope you don't run a business
Vauxhall fan
Vauxhall fan Prije 5 mjeseci
@Alex Cusdin I was going to ask who Joe Public but I think I leave it at that
Alex Cusdin
Alex Cusdin Prije 5 mjeseci
@stevenc1984 but it's disingenuous to not be up front about the cost of the advert they've chosen. Even if it's free to them is £75 to Joe public 😂🤮
stevenc1984 Prije 5 mjeseci
Rory probably got it them for free
Adam Qurabi
Adam Qurabi Prije 5 mjeseci
CarThrottle always make my day! Cheers guys!
Jack Prije 5 mjeseci
Love seeing that saab still going, thats what they do best, still provide useful service after years when most other stuff is dead
Jay Mason
Jay Mason Prije 4 mjeseci
Jack and Ethan duo was actually very refreshing, love you Alex, I really do; been watching for 5+years now, but that was a nice change, Jack is good as a lead every now and then! And well done Ethan, you’re becoming a proper car guy! Far more than myself
AussieDaz87 Prije 5 mjeseci
Absolutely love this content! Keep it coming boys!
Arnold de Vries
Arnold de Vries Prije 5 mjeseci
Best series in a while! Please keep on doing this and trade up shitboxes to save enthousiast cars
AbsolutSickness Prije 5 mjeseci
Um abraço ao Bruno e a todos os tugas espalhados pelo mundo
ricardo Sanchez
ricardo Sanchez Prije 5 mjeseci
RORY IS A LEGEND!! Love seeing him on here🥳🥳
Carlo Massimo
Carlo Massimo Prije 5 mjeseci
I'm loving this series!!
Foot to Pedal
Foot to Pedal Prije 5 mjeseci
Z4 Coupe is a great choice! And yes, that is coming from someone who bought one recently too. Seems like they're starting to get the attention they deserve. Great video guys!
kristopher bell
kristopher bell Prije 5 mjeseci
@OMEGA ARMS hell yeah my low mile coupe isbworth more than i oaid for it
Foot to Pedal
Foot to Pedal Prije 5 mjeseci
@OMEGA ARMS Yeah 5k is an insane deal!
OMEGA ARMS Prije 5 mjeseci
The prices are going up everyday 😭
Tommyboi 666
Tommyboi 666 Prije 5 mjeseci
"No one likes to put it in dry" 😂
Urban Jentry
Urban Jentry Prije 5 mjeseci
Can’t believe was able to deliver that line stonefaced
Wolf VonTyr
Wolf VonTyr Prije 5 mjeseci
This is exactly what I've been waiting for! The trade-up challenge! Thanks guys, you're legends.
mistreku Prije 5 mjeseci
I can't believe the prices you get in the UK, un fuckin believable. That coupe goes for more than double in the rest of EU. Very jelly!
ThreeOnDeck Prije 5 mjeseci
Canada is worst
tSp289 Prije 5 mjeseci
@ShreN As a proud FIAT owner (Bravo 1.9 Sport), I can tell you that yes, people value German cars. Or Japanese cars. Just generally cars where bits don't fall off as you're going along. I mean I love my Bravo but in 2 years I've spent more in parts than I have in fuel.
Nox Prije 5 mjeseci
In The Netherlands the cheapest Z4 coupe has 180k on the clock and sells for €19,950
SimpleCarGuy Prije 5 mjeseci
Cheapest coupe is $20000 in US, I’ve always loved those and in fact have the next gen e89 z4! Also, have a few dozen videos about it on my channel.
KruQ Project
KruQ Project Prije 5 mjeseci
Except you cant do much with the car anyway because 99% of mods are illegal in UK OR the insurance decides to go so high up it end up on Mars
lugar2005 Prije 5 mjeseci
'As we all know, no one likes to put it in dry'
Mayank Mishra
Mayank Mishra Prije 5 mjeseci
Starting scrolling through comments as soon as I heard that haha!
Francisco Glória
Francisco Glória Prije 5 mjeseci
it had to be portuguese to make one of those jokes
Michael Kenny
Michael Kenny Prije 5 mjeseci
This is something I love flipping cars on a budget it’s great and refreshing can’t wait for the next episode 👌👏
Speedystig Prije 5 mjeseci
Finally !! A proper series that we can follow - good to see you back to your ways ! Loved this
Jordy.55 Prije 5 mjeseci
Lovin the series hope you guys keep going with it
Y Prije 5 mjeseci
This is actually a great series,really entertaining and interesting
UK Abandoned Mine Explores
UK Abandoned Mine Explores Prije 5 mjeseci
Good to see how far you could keep all this going :)
RightHello Prije 5 mjeseci
I really hope they carry these series on and maybe keep flipping until they reach a certain amount or car
vmgc12 Prije 5 mjeseci
Great to watch. The editing is on point with music and everything. You guys have come a long way and it's so nice to see the genuine passion you have for cars still remains the same and friendship as well. Keep it up guys, thumbs up from Montreal
James Strutt
James Strutt Prije 5 mjeseci
Loved this episode, great cars these! Had one similar to this but a roadster version, had fun with it then sold it on and made 1k profit on it!
Jacob S.
Jacob S. Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank you for keeping with (relatively) cheap cars and not jumping up to cars that more expensive and unrelatable for most people!
Simon Palm
Simon Palm Prije 5 mjeseci
Great show. I have bean following you fore a long time😊 Just want to say I really love this new series!
AveragePal Prije 5 mjeseci
Proper good little series though lads. You're like professional now 🤔
Vauxhall fan
Vauxhall fan Prije 5 mjeseci
Ignores the little race but it a great series tho
Jonah Sargent
Jonah Sargent Prije 5 mjeseci
I met Ethan and jack in a service station last Monday and have been curious as to what they were doing ever since. They did not disappoint!
Rafael Gonçalves
Rafael Gonçalves Prije 5 mjeseci
I really like watching jack and ethan doing this kind of stuff
diavoloucraino Prije 5 mjeseci
Love this series lads - excellent content
Lint Prije 5 mjeseci
Another great episode. I think I prefer the ones with the three of them, they bounce off each other very well.
timprice5 Prije 5 mjeseci
Great car choice guys! Looks good in that grey and importantly the correct engine. Not sure I'd have taken the black wheels unless they were minters as you've just traded a set of wheels that needed a refurb for another set of wheels that need a refurb 🤔
Matte Prije 5 mjeseci
This series is going to be awesome, please don't end it
J.w Prije 5 mjeseci
love this series so far, Keep it up!
David Johansson
David Johansson Prije 5 mjeseci
I have 0 interest in cars but these guys “wheels” me in. Love this show!
BMW Nut Prije 5 mjeseci
Car looks smart. Only thing I’d change is leaving the silver wheels on.
Kevin And His Car
Kevin And His Car Prije 5 mjeseci
I love this series. please please keep it going past 3 episodes!!!
Rory Elliston
Rory Elliston Prije 5 mjeseci
Big fan of this series and the content coming, more please 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Patrick Prije 5 mjeseci
I was honestly looking at Z4 coupes right at the start of the pandemic but thought that'd maybe be an awful first car. Looks great on the black wheels!
Mr BennPulse
Mr BennPulse Prije 5 mjeseci
Theyre a women's car anyway mate and butt ugly lol
LAWLESS 500 Prije 5 mjeseci
Have a look at 2.0 Z4 E85/86, my second year of driving and the insurance was £1400/year with admiral, it’s now my 3rd year and I pay £1000/year, would be less but someone reversed into it while it was parked up :/
Luke Cowell
Luke Cowell Prije 5 mjeseci
@sean kiing you can't get classic insurance untill you've had your licence for a certain amount of years. Otherwise 17 year old will be driving around in old m3/m5 paying £200py on insurance. Once I had my licence after a year I think it was I had a 205 gti 1.9 (mi16) that cost men £150 a year to insure as a classic
Sean Newton
Sean Newton Prije 5 mjeseci
@Slide WaysYeah I was ill have a look if I can see what company it was
Edward Walker
Edward Walker Prije 5 mjeseci
If you want something with a bit of power that wont cripple you, have a look at the DS3's. You can pick them up pretty cheap and the sport models are great fun. Insurance is the cheapest I've seen for a 1.6+
MrSluby Prije 5 mjeseci
9:09 Jack the absolute tip rat in his £500 saab I just love it haha, Can't beat a bit of bangernomics. You should do a video after 12 months if you've still got it.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Prije 5 mjeseci
I was honestly looking at Z4 coupes right at the start of the pandemic but thought that'd maybe be an awful first car. Looks great on the black wheels!
Matt Snook
Matt Snook Prije 5 mjeseci
I love them Ethan, but my god. Ryan needs the spotlight more, what a guy!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Prije 5 mjeseci
The chill Jack and Ethan combo needs to be used more often.
SpartanArmy117 Prije 5 mjeseci
Confused about the dyno results. I thought BMW claimed like 255 on those cars so it seems like a really good result
Kepusu Prije 5 mjeseci
Love these Flip videos. Great content
The DocMack Car Channel
The DocMack Car Channel Prije 5 mjeseci
Looks like the N52 power plant. Great engine. I have that on my 330i E90 great engines. That oil filter housing is one of the concerns though as it sits directly over the sepertine.
Hoofy Prije 5 mjeseci
I'd be so gutted to sell that Z4 it looks gorgeous
Altair Prije 5 mjeseci
I was just thinking this, it looks so damn good
Aryan Patel
Aryan Patel Prije 5 mjeseci
you guys definitely should host top gear, your videos are amazing!!
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Prije 5 mjeseci
Best Series yet lads , keep up the good work !
Reckless Rogue
Reckless Rogue Prije 5 mjeseci
To not even look at the WRX breaks my heart plus doing those up fetches a great profit right now. But loving the channel and especially this little series.
Felixthehousecat9 Prije 5 mjeseci
still love that saab daily! would be fun to see it in a review of some sort later on :D
Saab life
Saab life Prije 5 mjeseci
I rate that good comment
Danny Taggart
Danny Taggart Prije 5 mjeseci
Imagine if they had found a 2007 Toyota Vitz those things have truly stood the test of time
Stephen Deadman
Stephen Deadman Prije 5 mjeseci
Loving this ! Great video again can't wait to see were you end up with this!
LionBrutal Prije 5 mjeseci
Really love these series 👌👌
Wend0lZe Prije 5 mjeseci
this series is amazing!!
NxthxnTBX08 Prije 5 mjeseci
I do like BMW’s. But it would be nice to see another car being bought. Like Audi or Mazda or Hyundai
Michael Staunton
Michael Staunton Prije 5 mjeseci
An enjoyable video keep up the good work guys 👍
gabriel radu
gabriel radu Prije 5 mjeseci
Every time I’ve see your Saab Jack, I miss my old one. Good choice with it mate.hope will last you much…enjoy
Dani Santabárbara
Dani Santabárbara Prije 5 mjeseci
This is such a great idea mates, very good job, cheers
Greg Prije 5 mjeseci
Bruno is awesome! He's a mad man with NA power on the BMW 4 pots. Glad to see him on here, cheers mate!
Jakobín Prije 5 mjeseci
you should definitely continue with this series
Daniel Marriner
Daniel Marriner Prije 5 mjeseci
Congrats at over 3 mullion subs guys! Filly deserved! 👏
Coenjor Prije 5 mjeseci
ah yes mullion
AM Prije 5 mjeseci
Love Jack taking lead for a change!
Jonathan Cox
Jonathan Cox Prije 5 mjeseci
Loving these video series, It's great you guys put effort into the cars too to make them decent, in reality most used car dealers do the absolute bare minimum, and sometimes quite dodgy practices to get maximum profit
LukeeyMc Prije 5 mjeseci
When Alex said "join us next time" I was like no way is it ending already 😢😂 Thankfully it didn't😁
Valiant__EU Prije 5 mjeseci
and now i have to wait a week for the next episode......love these episodes lads, great job!
Ownzii Clutch
Ownzii Clutch Prije 5 mjeseci
Love this series!!
Stigs722 Prije 5 mjeseci
This is the best series ever on this channel !
Lamaramaman Prije 5 mjeseci
Jack and Ethan, worked like a charm!
Chip Skylark
Chip Skylark Prije 5 mjeseci
Great video more Jack Ethan and Alex. You decide the order 👍
Koosh Kangaroo
Koosh Kangaroo Prije 5 mjeseci
Very very much enjoyed watching Ethan and Jack drive and video the z4
Genie Prije 5 mjeseci
I finally start to learn to drive and this channel shows up! Currently binging your videos!
Marco Costa
Marco Costa Prije 5 mjeseci
Pelo pronúncia este Bruno é português, Grande Bruno, força
Diogo Stuart
Diogo Stuart Prije 4 mjeseci
Reconheci também pela pronúncia e só depois voltei atrás para ver o nome. XD
Tröpž Prije 5 mjeseci
O nome também não engana 😂
Lewis Gardner Photography
Lewis Gardner Photography Prije 5 mjeseci
I completely agree with the E36's going sideways. Our Targa 328i went side ways at 160kph through a concrete power pole
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Prije 5 mjeseci
Another great video guys, well done.
Doug Jones
Doug Jones Prije 5 mjeseci
Loving this series how far can you go? On a strange note for some reason the bleeps you use on your vids are driving my dogs mad I actually think the pitch hurts there ears,but it didn’t a while back.
mattdulwich Prije 26 minuta
“So much space for activities” ….. Classic Step Brothers quote!!
Sam Reid
Sam Reid Prije 5 mjeseci
This is such a good series! The channel is getting better and better by the day 👏🏼
VogeGandire Prije 5 mjeseci
...has Ethan sneakily became the best bargain negotiator since Mike Brewer? 5 grand is an absolute steal.
Colin Prije 5 mjeseci
I like regular cars being flipped so the Up and Z4 are winners IMO!
o0julek0o Prije 5 mjeseci
I was close to getting one of these just a couple of weeks ago, but went with an F21 M135i instead. Hard to find really nice examples.
Brendan 50
Brendan 50 Prije 5 mjeseci
Been wanting to replace my bmw badges as well and not sure whether to go the cheaper route with them or pay for one thru bmw. Curious which ones they bought
kid Prije 5 mjeseci
amazing series! lov it!
drake6143 Prije 5 mjeseci
Would love to get one of those Z4 coupes for that price here, you never see them under 20k.
Wormth Prije 5 mjeseci
love the way jacks still driving the saab
Øyvind Hanstad
Øyvind Hanstad Prije 5 mjeseci
Yes, another great video, love these challenges😀🇳🇴👍 Smashing z4👌
Qiik Prije 5 mjeseci
That's great daily driver! Would love to have it👍
HenryMania Prije 5 mjeseci
You've done really really well with the Z4, because they are coming back into fashion since people just say "I drive a Supra m8" right after they point at their parked Z4....
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