Can A Non-Car Guy Change A Clutch?

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Car Throttle

Car Throttle

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Project Z3 is back, and this week Alex challenges Ethan to fit a performance clutch.

Huge thanks to:

BDS Motorsport

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Komentari: 1 386
Kubaz2308 Prije 6 mjeseci
Every time I see "can a non-car guy" in the title I just think to myself: "Ahhh poor Ethan... not again"
N C Prije 5 mjeseci
He will soon be a car guy
Connor Sherry
Connor Sherry Prije 6 mjeseci
@Kubaz2308 it always makes for some good entertainment with the little struggles . At least he can change breaks even if it’s 40 minutes a pop 😂
Lukey-Joe Prije 6 mjeseci
Poor dude 😅
Ingens_Scherz Prije 6 mjeseci
He's the Karl Pilkington of the auto world.
BrianLTU Prije 6 mjeseci
@Connor Sherry facts
Mark Emerton
Mark Emerton Prije 6 mjeseci
Prediction: Ethan’s credibility as ‘a car guy’ will overtake the rest of the channel and he’ll go do his own thing and build a 500hp Turbo K24 swapped Jazz and casually set a FWD record the ring. Comments on his videos will include “incredible footwork as ever” and “I can’t believe this guy started out as the ‘non car guy’ on car throttle” and “lol did you spot that red MX5 getting chopped at 03:44”
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac Prije 5 mjeseci
CT:bullies ethan ethan: **giorno's theme intensifies**
1one3 Racing
1one3 Racing Prije 6 mjeseci
He COULD. But he honestly doesn't give a shit.
JPotts Prije 6 mjeseci
You guys really need to teach him how to lift properly, he's going to hurt himself. - A Person with Back Problems
Wanted797 Prije 8 dana
They are telling him how to do it, though they probably should show him.
Kian Owen
Kian Owen Prije 2 mjeseci
To add to this thread, also pressuring him to use power tools that he doesn't feel comfortable using was a big fkn no no for me. Instead of laughing at him struggling with it, show him how to do it safely. The risk of injury reduces dramatically when someone knows what NOT to do with a tool, and their confidence goes up. The odd joke in a £x car challenge, pretty funny. Actually causing a risk of losing some tendons. Just dumb
Insert name Here
Insert name Here Prije 3 mjeseci
They do actually try he just ignore them even in this video when he’s lifting them gearbox you hear Alex saying ‘straighten your back, straighten your back’ while Ethan’s hunched over it trying to lift it with his back
J600 Prije 4 mjeseci
Adding to this, herniated bottom disc at 32.. Can't even pull my socks on the morning let alone cough or sneeze. Nothing macho about stupid lifting!
JPotts Prije 6 mjeseci
@DestructionNL this is probably how my own back problems started. Pushed myself too hard, too many times, because I could.
Chuck Under Fire
Chuck Under Fire Prije 6 mjeseci
I keep asking myself “Is this adult bullying?” And then asking “Do I enjoy watching adults getting bullied?”…. All of which is answered in the last 3 minutes.
Chuck Under Fire
Chuck Under Fire Prije 6 mjeseci
@EMAX that’s a very different topic in my mind. But here goes. A: No… they probably aren’t being good role models. But I would say they’re being pretty typical friends. B: I actually WAS bullied for a large portion of my childhood. Pretty heavily, and not at all mildly. It’s why I had the thought to begin with. But this and that are very different things. Why? Because his friends are there to congratulate him when he’s done, and he’s clearly appreciative of having done it. C: We’re allowed to see what they have presented to us, and from what I see there are likely as many circumstances outside of car repair that Ethan gets his jabs in as there are here.
EMAX Prije 6 mjeseci
@Chuck Under Fire would you consider they are being good role models? have you or any of your family been bullied? I realise this is an entertainment channel, but some folks might see this as an acceptable way to treat friends and acquaintances.
CUSTARDP00DLETK Prije 6 mjeseci
Only real problem is the lifting part everything else is fine.
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne Prije 6 mjeseci
@Chuck Under Fire AMEN BROTHER. All those crying that this is bullying I would venture to guess aren't people of very good quality character. What do they think should happen? They should gather around him a say "Oh poor Ethan" "Let the real man do it and you go home to beddy bys"??
shmickist Prije 6 mjeseci
It's not cool hey
suicide_kid Prije 6 mjeseci
The best part is seeing how happy Ethan gets when he drives the car
OnMatterz Prije 6 mjeseci
Dont wanna see him suffer. I want to see him learn and be helped
Kian Owen
Kian Owen Prije 2 mjeseci
@OnMatterz nah that is when you're elbow makes a 90degree with you're forearm parallel to the ground. Still would be easier to do at low level sitting on a stool if possible
OnMatterz Prije 4 mjeseci
@Cruse Gaming man there is a thing called working hight and i think its like your head hight or something
Cruse Gaming
Cruse Gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
@OnMatterz and when he was putting the wheel back on. So much easier and safer to just lower the car a bit so he doesn’t need to lift it like that. Or even sometimes I have it really close to the ground and I sit down and use my knees as like a stool for the wheel. Saves my back
Anders Kisen
Anders Kisen Prije 6 mjeseci
@OnMatterz Yep! Its supposed to be fun, if its not fun. Why do it as a hobby? I would rather watch Ethan be happy and proud that he accomplished something. Instead of miserable and borderline bullied...
OnMatterz Prije 6 mjeseci
@Anders Kisen i know how frustrating cars can be. If you are trying to get into it. It is nicer when people decide to be helpful and not push you until you make wrong decisions. Should never make someone lift with their back either, thats so dangerous
Tom Carrington
Tom Carrington Prije 6 mjeseci
Pretty impressive to be honest a clutch is a big job and ethan seems to be learning quick 😂
Jack Vinall
Jack Vinall Prije 4 mjeseci
To be fair it is a rear drive car, which is easier than a fwd clutch change, from experience my 2006 Golf gti clutch was a pig, I’d feel bad for Ethan if he’d purchased a fwd in the first place and had to do the clutch.
Krystekk Prije 6 mjeseci
Sorry for a dumb question but in the video they didn't use a tool to align the clutch so that its in the center. Is it necessary to use the align tool on BMWs or not?
Tyson Elder
Tyson Elder Prije 6 mjeseci
"It's just big Mechano, isn't it?" He totally gets it now
Robbie Smith
Robbie Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
I just broke my back watching Ethan pick that bell housing up.
Jacob K
Jacob K Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan, you are an absolute champ. Good on you for sticking with it even with all the BS
Yoan Carlove
Yoan Carlove Prije 6 mjeseci
Rookie mistake, grab some eye protection when working underneath a car. Ideally you would wear them almost all the time regardless of what you're doing on a car. Underneath though is a big big no-no to go without them; gravity is a bitch.
Rui Silva
Rui Silva Prije 6 mjeseci
That and the regular trainers, he should've had steel toe capped boots on
张世超 Prije 6 mjeseci
“Citroens you can drive without wheels but this is a BMW”-Bruno, 2021
Onely one
Onely one Prije 6 mjeseci
Well technically true, every hydro-Citroën can drive on 3 wheels only
Daniel Tunberg
Daniel Tunberg Prije 6 mjeseci
A smile comes over my face everytime I see the "can the non car..." and I just feel, I can connect to ethan and his struggles, when I too try to wrench monkey. Thank you from Stockholm 🙂
Mohammad Debes
Mohammad Debes Prije 6 mjeseci
Alternative title: Ethan gets bullied for multiple hours
ZJS 0113
ZJS 0113 Prije 2 mjeseci
I've only watched maybe 5 to 10 car throttle vids and Ethan gets bullied in them all. It's quite embarrassing to be frank but the content itself is interesting enough
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis Prije 6 mjeseci
nope.... lets not glamorize bullying.....
theGabe Prije 6 mjeseci
When you volunteer to do something and you know you are not going to enjoy it we say In my country "running into a forest of d_cks with a wide open mouth"
William Bishop
William Bishop Prije 6 mjeseci
Gold 😂
Pablo Mato
Pablo Mato Prije 6 mjeseci
Top Gear is staged, I just hope this is too, otherwise it's getting on the wrong kind of way
Sval Plays
Sval Plays Prije 6 mjeseci
Full props to Ethan, because he definitely gives it a go. Respect.
Tyson Elder
Tyson Elder Prije 6 mjeseci
"It's just big mechano, isn't it?" Ethan gets it
Raw Asparagus
Raw Asparagus Prije 6 mjeseci
"It's never just one more is it?" He catches on quick
darek4488 Prije 6 mjeseci
Please teach him how to lift things before he hurts his back!
Alexander Klein
Alexander Klein Prije 6 mjeseci
@Johann Kuhn Yep, hurt my back lifting a similar weight. The main issue was I was picking it up off a bench that was around chest height, so to get the lift needed I stupidly arched my back, instant pain. Fortunately it was purely muscle strain and I rested it and went to a physio to recover as I really didn’t want a chronic problem.
Johann Kuhn
Johann Kuhn Prije 6 mjeseci
@Jerry 340 You'd be surprised how little it takes. NEVER lift with your back. A Getrag 250 is 30kg according to the internet, which is enough to cause a back injury.
Jerry 340
Jerry 340 Prije 6 mjeseci
It’s super light he’s at little risk and was acting like he was struggling
Lint Prije 6 mjeseci
CT is brilliant, it’s basically mates, laughing at each other while they repair cars, having a good load of banter and joking with each other. Please keep it up 👍
Troy Larsen
Troy Larsen Prije 6 mjeseci
Shoulda made him do it in a driveway with jack stands, an actual everyday situation
Shelby Shum
Shelby Shum Prije 6 mjeseci
I swear Ethan's just acting. He's actually CT's OG mechanic.
Aaron S
Aaron S Prije 6 mjeseci
Just want to say, thanks Ethan for doing this! As someone who is actually interested in cars and hasn't done this job before, you have helped motivate me to try more adventurous mods.
Decipher13 Prije 6 mjeseci
Poor Bruno comes to deliver a part and gets roped into a day of work doing what Alex and Gareth normally would do. Lol
O H Prije 6 mjeseci
I loved his face when Alex said he'd be there all day...
Shadow Prije 6 mjeseci
They probabaly gave out the clutch for free as well...
DAAN Prije 6 mjeseci
Yeah, Honestly I hope he did invoice some hours. 😂
Danko Stojanovic
Danko Stojanovic Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan, you have to return your non-car guy card now. Respect
Timbre Prije 6 mjeseci
Bruno is an ace, helping out and giving advise. Great vid, so glad Ethan is finally enjoying his project car!
Gambomambo Prije 6 mjeseci
I feel like the headgasket is in dire need of replacing (by Ethan of course)
ray bleakley
ray bleakley Prije 6 mjeseci
@wanderinggentile alternatively BMW = having to borrow your friends Lexus
wanderinggentile Prije 6 mjeseci
@ray bleakley BMW=Broke Man Walking.
ray bleakley
ray bleakley Prije 6 mjeseci
@wanderinggentile or a new wiring loom because BMW
wanderinggentile Prije 6 mjeseci
It's a BMW. It'll need one soon enough.
Tschäpetin Prije 6 mjeseci
Idk can we call Ethan a non-car guy anymore... we should call him an expert of the non-car guys
EV1L Works
EV1L Works Prije 6 mjeseci
Who the hell dislikes a CT video, especially when Ethan’s doing mods
Tom Cowley
Tom Cowley Prije mjesec
The BSHTE, or the British Society for the Humane Treatment of Ethan. Or this could literally be BSHTE.
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Prije 6 mjeseci
@mat k This was the first Car Throttle video I've disliked and that was exactly why. Teasing him is funny. Potentially giving him lifelong back problems isn't funny.
mat k
mat k Prije 6 mjeseci
Those who disagree making ethan lift a gear box on his own 3 times.
A Balakrishnan
A Balakrishnan Prije 6 mjeseci
The people who dislike realize the suffering Ethan is going through.
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen Prije 6 mjeseci
@MrSupermugen And yet, here you are both commenting and having watched it. You look like a bit of a prat writing this.
Imbrium Prije 6 mjeseci
My genuine reaction to seeing this: "Ahahaha great, they're torturing Ethan again." He did seem to hate it a lot less this time though. Let's be honest, after changing a clutch there's no other job on a car that will intimidate you. He should be proud.
Dre666 Prije 4 mjeseci
Props to Bruno for his patience explaining/showing Ethan how it's done
MrMaddog Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan "couldn't" make his own turbo kit. He can't do all the welding and bending of pipes etc.... or can he??
M. vdW.
M. vdW. Prije 6 mjeseci
Let's find out in the next episode: "bullying Ethan for 48 straight hours"
Stuart Humphrey
Stuart Humphrey Prije 5 mjeseci
really enjoying the videos in this series. My suggestion: Can Ethan port the manifolds and fit some more aggressive cams?
Thomas Ashman
Thomas Ashman Prije 6 mjeseci
I haven’t watched it yet and I can already feel the pain 😂
matthew merrick
matthew merrick Prije 6 mjeseci
I was like oh god lol
Maximilian Kohs
Maximilian Kohs Prije 6 mjeseci
I love seeing Ethan do that. That is so satisfying. I really connect with you on a different level because I myself always feel incompetent and bad, when working on the car but in the end - if you kept going - it all works out. Best feeling
Tonny Prije 6 mjeseci
This was brilliant and a blast to watch. Hope more of these are coming!
Antony Prije 6 mjeseci
"Oh my god that actually looked painful did you get it on camera" 😂
RichieBitz Prije 6 mjeseci
It’s all in good fun and enjoy watching these videos and I have to say as someone who likes learning how to do things on cars it’s nice to see someone learning these things. Get on Ethan! A clutch is quite a big job to be fair.
Robin Forrest
Robin Forrest Prije 6 mjeseci
Haven’t watched yet. But I have full confidence in Ethan 👍 Some time later… I think it would’ve been easier without Alex and Gareth. But you got there. Well done that man!
József Szabics
József Szabics Prije 6 mjeseci
I enjoy these series so much Ethan. Poor guy I know you’ve suffered a lot during these sessions… Good flipping work though 🤘🤘
Bob Broughton
Bob Broughton Prije 6 mjeseci
Actually really want a Z3, loving this series!
Lidekys Prije 6 mjeseci
So glad to have Z3 back! You guys need to be a bit easyer on Ethan though :D
The Bimmer Barn
The Bimmer Barn Prije 6 mjeseci
Great job removing those broken exhaust studs! Going to write that one down and keep it in my back pocket for the next time, the drilling method takes too long 😭
Risky Bicky
Risky Bicky Prije 6 mjeseci
this has probably been explained in the lore. But how did Ethan even meet these people hahaha
URBAN WIND Prije 5 mjeseci
His brother knows the car throttle founder and he met Alex when they started working together for the company.
Norwegian Mountain Biker
Norwegian Mountain Biker Prije 6 mjeseci
I think he started with being hired as a camera man
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Prije 6 mjeseci
Im guessing he and alex were roomates and it all spireld down from there
Joe Mergens
Joe Mergens Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan must be proud! I remember his first oil change on camera. He's come a long way.
Rahman Aridho
Rahman Aridho Prije 6 mjeseci
I can't stop laughing when Ethan picking up the bell housing for 3 time🤣😂😏
Christoph Naduweißtschon
Christoph Naduweißtschon Prije 6 mjeseci
I feel bad for Ethan (really) but at some point of all carguys lifes we all had to went through that torture and bullying of our friends. Ethan will probably be a great mechanic some day!
Christian Vann
Christian Vann Prije 6 mjeseci
I love a Friday video from you boys! Great way to start a weekend 😁
Thomas Diakos
Thomas Diakos Prije 6 mjeseci
I love this series, it’s my favourite car throttle series 😂😂😂
Dry Bones
Dry Bones Prije 2 mjeseci
The best part for me is I am basically an Ethan. Also Alex shouting “WOW” at power tools firing up makes it 😂
Car guy NS
Car guy NS Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan has a pretty good taste in cars nowadays, for a non car person
em vee
em vee Prije 6 mjeseci
@Nieto looool
Nieto Prije 6 mjeseci
@Ericbuyslunch This just confirms it
Ericbuyslunch Prije 6 mjeseci
he bought a convertible pt cruiser for the 5000 car challenge...
LittlePK7 Prije 6 mjeseci
Well done Ethan mate! You've come so far and can do much more than me anyway!
Devon Smail
Devon Smail Prije 6 mjeseci
The lads: taking about a Z3* Alex: Nearly like an MX-5
Matt Abraham
Matt Abraham Prije 6 mjeseci
Doesn't everyone like watching Ethan get forced to work with cars against his will. Quality content here. Could you add a wood interior in the z3, Ethan's wood needs to be part of it
Danny Clifford
Danny Clifford Prije 6 mjeseci
These are the best! Ethan working on cars is about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
curt the mk2 kid
curt the mk2 kid Prije 6 mjeseci
🤣 I flipping love these Ethan DIY videos 🤣 go on lads 💪
bono0298 Prije 6 mjeseci
Absolutely love this series, Z3 project is a little dream of mine one day!
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas Prije 6 mjeseci
This is brilliant stuff guys!! I don’t remember laughing so much at one of your clips!! And HOW clean was Ethans Beemer underneath?!
Joe Webb
Joe Webb Prije 6 mjeseci
This sir is brilliant. Great entertainment. Keep it coming
Tristan Dauod
Tristan Dauod Prije 6 mjeseci
I replaced the clutch on my '01 boxster by myself with 2 jacks, 2 jack stands, a decent set of tools and a day of patience. Hardest part was getting the exhaust off/on with the extremely limited space. And the WORST part: I had to do it all over again, right after, because I needed to replace the flywheel (I didn't, initially, to try and save $900🤷‍♂️😅)
Lynn McKenney
Lynn McKenney Prije 6 mjeseci
This has to be my favorite series on youtube. I had a 1.9 z3 for awhile, a lightweight flywheel is an absolute blast on them. It DOES chatter...but....100% worth it, it revved like a sportbike and rev matching was a dream with the lightweight flywheel! Huge congats to ethan!!
Sean Coombes
Sean Coombes Prije 6 mjeseci
These are just pure comedy 😂 Bringing back old Top Gear vibes 😁
RoseOfHizaki Prije 6 mjeseci
I need Ethan's *"This f**king car!!!"* as a ring tone.
Tom Prije 6 mjeseci
Forget a turbo, I think Ethan would love a good supercharger whine!
Ann-Marie Newbound
Ann-Marie Newbound Prije 6 mjeseci
Massive step up from a brake job. Other than an engine swap/r&r the clutch has to be one of the harder jobs to do. Been waiting to long for this, go Ethan.
Ricky B
Ricky B Prije 6 mjeseci
You guy crack me up 😂 Ethan u are defo getting better love to see u turbo it against the clock
iDoThings Prije 6 mjeseci
Would love to see you include a part price and what it would cost to get it done in a garage compared with the time spent changing yourself
Oliver Beck
Oliver Beck Prije 6 mjeseci
"Bruno, you're here all day" Bruno - "Whut"
Oliver Beck
Oliver Beck Prije 6 mjeseci
@tamber Thanks. Thomas Radstrom in the Focus, great times.
tamber Prije 6 mjeseci
nice pfp
ShiftMotoring Prije 6 mjeseci
Definitely the wrong clutch and the wrong flywheel. They reused a Dual-Mass Flywheel with a grippier clutch which will increase the chance of failure of the flywheel and reduce the drivability with the power level the car has. A lightened flywheel and a more appropriate clutch would outperform what was installed by a lot.
ShiftMotoring Prije 6 mjeseci
@4 Seasons So for the car they're driving - BMW M44 engine, road use with the occasional track time, and maybe a bit more power by the time they're done with BDS: An sprung organic clutch with a lighter flywheel will make a massive improvement to performance. The organic material allows a bit of slip so you can drive in traffic, the lower mass will allow for an actual measurable increase in acceleration (f=ma, if you reduce m but keep f the same then the acceleration will improve) and on that car it will be perceivable well into 3rd gear. By going to a solid flywheel and sprung clutch you've also increased reliability in a track scenario. If you want to get really specific, sell a kit designed to fit an M20 clutch to an M42/4 engine. It's good upt to about 350hp, and then after that you can select a different clutch. You get an increase in NVH with the extra performance, but its still useable and won't affect reliability. The DMF is still in place, and having a button clutch like that will start to tear up all the rubber dampers every time he changes gear since there will be no slip. That flywheel will start banging and carrying on in a few thousand kms from that let alone the fact it was already old.
4 Seasons
4 Seasons Prije 6 mjeseci
Can I ask, what would be a more appropriate clutch? Like what type of clutch?
IWileECoyote Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm so glad this series is back!
Mateusz Cebula
Mateusz Cebula Prije 6 mjeseci
The next episode should be like: can non car guy make a engine swap to a v12
Diarmuid Mclaughlin
Diarmuid Mclaughlin Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan done well, would love to see alex teach him how to
Gaute Nytrøen
Gaute Nytrøen Prije 6 mjeseci
Maybe Ethan wants a SUPERCHARGER in the z3!? It will give him the lower hp he’s looking for🤫😂
5 Prije 6 mjeseci
m50 swap
HenryMania Prije 6 mjeseci
@Dylan Maclean You sir have just described Bisimoto 1000hp Honda Odyssey in a nutshell
JD Kap
JD Kap Prije 6 mjeseci
@Dylan Maclean Make it a 2jz swapped plus that massive turbo you suggested and let Ethan drag race it against Alex&Phil =D
Dylan Maclean
Dylan Maclean Prije 6 mjeseci
No he needs a massive turbo. For the first second it will have less power. Then the lag will end
Ze Germanz
Ze Germanz Prije 6 mjeseci
Good to see Ethan experiencing the joys of BMW undertrays 🤣
Daniel Zussman
Daniel Zussman Prije 6 mjeseci
I love this series. Keep it up Ethan
Hector Soto
Hector Soto Prije 6 mjeseci
This series is great keep it up!
Martin La Grange
Martin La Grange Prije 6 mjeseci
Make him do either an outer CV joint or a cambelt ! He'll go insane !
Toverschaap Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan is really my spirit animal for sure now! He is the true king of this channel. Prije 6 mjeseci
I want to see Ethan fit a turbo to the Z3, and do a more successful job than Alex did with Phil.
Freddie Hill
Freddie Hill Prije 6 mjeseci
I just love this series. What's next on the menu for the car and Ethan?
Rens Luschen
Rens Luschen Prije 6 mjeseci
I feel like Ethan cant change a headgasket 😂
Hagrid Prije 6 mjeseci
I got my qualifications after 3 years in the garage but Ethan is like year 1 mechanics and I understand, but respect to the man for putting himself out there and learning it none the less.
Laith Albatal
Laith Albatal Prije 6 mjeseci
Swapping it to an inline 6 for sure would be impossible for ethan 😂
Shibby's Tube
Shibby's Tube Prije 6 mjeseci
Well Ethan is now officially more of a car guy than me as one of the only things I've never done (yet) is change a clutch. Good job Ethan 💪
faisalleeds Prije 6 mjeseci
Well played Ethan, this is definitely not an easy job. Also it looked like you may have been broken about 3 times!
ajcoopa Prije 6 mjeseci
Alex putting the housing back on the ground every time had me rolling... but my back hurts just watching Ethan pick it up.
JAYP CARS Prije 6 mjeseci
I haven’t watched this yet, but if Ethan can do it, I know nothing is impossible. (No offence Ethan ILY)
Thomas Prije 6 mjeseci
You need to do a lamp check, you've got a tail light out. I've done a motorcycle clutch several times, which is a half hour job, but never a car. Now that I've seen what a pain it is on a car I think I'll make sure and pay someone else to do it. 🤔
PaganAndProud Prije 6 mjeseci
Have him rebuild the entire engine 😂😂 that would be a fun video
R118GSiVVC Prije 6 mjeseci
Keep up the great work Ethan!
Ben Dyson
Ben Dyson Prije 6 mjeseci
great video! must be nice for ethan knowing he has 3 other guys there who know exactly what to do, and can fix anything that might go wrong. plus none of it on his dime. ha!
S B Prije 6 mjeseci
Something special about seeing Ethan trying to do stuff to his car whilst being absolutely clueless at the same time, just grand that.
CB Prije 6 mjeseci
im impressed ethan could lift the gearbox let alone 3 times, when i first started as an apprentice when i was 15 i could only just lift it.
S L Prije 6 mjeseci
I think Ethan should buy a Subaru next, I hear they're very reliable and super easy to work on.
Jake Armstrong
Jake Armstrong Prije 2 mjeseci
Have you every heard of the words head and gasket xD
lost in wales
lost in wales Prije 6 mjeseci
If I can strip a subaru to bare shell and rebuild it again then anyone can!!!
Gavin D
Gavin D Prije 6 mjeseci
Genuinely the funiest thing I've seen for ages! picking up the gear box moment 🤣 poor Ethan is olive oyl from pop Eye. Brilliant 👏
Adam Qurabi
Adam Qurabi Prije 6 mjeseci
I love it whenever Ethan does somthing the video always has Non-car guy in it😂
Liam Watts
Liam Watts Prije 6 mjeseci
This is awesome, I feel like Ethan when I work on my car😅
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed Prije 6 mjeseci
Alex making the odd short person jokes about himself is too much 😂
OzzY Prije 6 mjeseci
What a brilliant episode. Made me laugh 🤣
Brian T
Brian T Prije 6 mjeseci
Ideas for more ethan videos: Timing belt or chain, valve stem seals, final drive ratio change, cv boots, wheel bearings, changing the vanos fluid, hair dressing
Kieran OPC
Kieran OPC Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethans character is so good i genuinely dont know if he loves or hates cars😂😂
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed Prije 6 mjeseci
The confidence at 1:06 completely contradicts how he’s feeling at 10:42 😂😂 how every car enthusiast feels at 10:42
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