What Your Exhaust Smoke Is Trying To Tell You

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Car Throttle

Car Throttle

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Unusual smoke from your exhaust is rarely a good sign, so here is a round-up of the possible diagnosis, be it good, bad or seriously ugly.
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Komentari: 1 578
JoshhM97 Prije 5 godina
Simple rule of thumb
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy Prije 5 godina
I put a potato in my exhaust because I didn't like the white smoke that was coming out. I get a little lightheaded and sleepy while driving but it's been fine so far
Shika Racing
Shika Racing Prije 5 godina
If you own a Subaru, you get all 3 at once.
tojejik Yo
tojejik Yo Prije 4 godina
Suddenly everyone in cold weather countries has possible head gasket failure on their minds
kilésengati Prije 5 godina
I really love this educational series. Unfortunately, I know the kinds of smoke too well.
statesidesupercars Prije 5 godina
The only smoke coming from Subaru's are the owners vaping...
GetPfizerVaccineAndClaimYourFreeViagraBox Prije 5 godina
What does Tesla's black smoke means ?
NeedsMore Kai
NeedsMore Kai Prije 5 godina
this video actually cured like 100% of my stress
Craig Gradidge
Craig Gradidge Prije 2 godina
Thanks for this vid, very helpful. I have blue smoke from a diesel car on start up, looking at possible worn piston rings or gasket seals, a quick compression test has shown things arent good.
Lowie T
Lowie T Prije 5 godina
"you got blue smoke coming from your exhausts"
hellcat1988 Prije 5 godina
You can tell a lot from the smell of the smoke coming from a car as well, though breathing in that smoke can be harmful to your health. A strong sweet smell is usually radiator fluid. Transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and engine oil each have their distinctive smells as well, though you'd have to know them to tell them apart in most cases.
Ma passion
Ma passion Prije 5 godina
White smoke means we gotta new pope
FDB Prije 5 godina
Red smoke means it's that time of month.
Clint Hightower
Clint Hightower Prije 4 godina
Excellent video! Clear and concise! I need to use some of your technique on my channel. Thanks for sharing.
batchnerd Prije 4 godina
I've also noticed that a turbo seal failure on the turbine (hot side) can lead to lots of white smoke with a distinct oil smell.
Sword of damocles
Sword of damocles Prije 5 godina
My exhaust smoke tells me its to cold to go outside.
Daniel Sadjadian
Daniel Sadjadian Prije 5 godina
I love cold starts. Just hearing the engine trying to warm up, seeing the condensation fumes and listening to the sound is great :)
Pavlo5.0 Prije 5 godina
what if I have 10 foot flames coming out of my exhaust?
Scott RC
Scott RC Prije 5 godina
Every time you start a Land Rover Defender four polar bears die
Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon Prije 5 godina
Really informative video!:) more like this would be awesome!
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