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This week, the guys challenge themselves to buy any car on eBay, sorting by time ending soonest. But what will they get?
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MR G - GHX Prije mjesec
Can we just make 5 seconds of silence for the person who bid over £1600 on that old fiat uno 😔
Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton Prije 26 dana
@Connor, the android sent by CyberLife I'm thinking the seller has a 2nd account and bid on it himself to try and push up the price. I've known a few that have done it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires on them.
Cody Kamminga
Cody Kamminga Prije 26 dana
@patriotbarrow Turbo I.E. definitely worth more
DarkDestroyerGaming Prije 28 dana
Technically it is similar to the Inbetweeners Fiat Ciquacto
frankenbeatles Prije mjesec
I’m just glad they didn’t win
qwertie Prije mjesec
They almost made the same mistake...
Ben Tipton
Ben Tipton Prije mjesec
Surely this is now Jack’s turn to do a 48 hour in the car challenge?! More luxury than Alex’s challenge and appropriate in size ratio 🤷‍♂️😂
Daedelus Prije mjesec
It has a metal plate behind the backseat, so you can't (normally) get into the boot from inside the car. That might turn into more of a challenge than you think!
Sam Prije mjesec
Mike Yorath
Mike Yorath Prije mjesec
Or the both do a in the car challenge at the same time and last one get out gets to buy it
CJAOSHENY JC Prije mjesec
A smart car. It's Mercedes so it's luxury 🤣
Sevin E46
Sevin E46 Prije mjesec
A must!!!
Chris K
Chris K Prije mjesec
Challenge: Everybody has 4h to buy a car for less than 1k. If they still have some money left, they can modify the car with the rest of the money. After this they drive to Germany to go on a lap on the Nurburgring. Who ever drives the fastest lap wins. Of course you can also choose a different track and country but I think the Nurburgring would be cool since the first part of the challenge is to get to the track and the second one is to do a fast lap.
Ash R
Ash R Prije 22 dana
It seems cliche but it's actually a great test!
Guilherme Ferreira
Guilherme Ferreira Prije mjesec
@Daniel White boOhOo yOu cAnNoT dO tiMeD LaPs Its a shitbox. Even if they would time them theyd still get overtaken by everyone.
Daniel White
Daniel White Prije mjesec
Whats the point when Alex is by far the quickest driver. Need far more point systems than this. Also you can't do timed laps of the nurburgring
Darren Budgen
Darren Budgen Prije mjesec
x porter
x porter Prije mjesec
Pretty sure Top Gear did something like this for 500
Em's Tek Tube
Em's Tek Tube Prije mjesec
“Floor it. Floor it.. No, Jack Floor it…” “I’m flooring it!..” “Oh really?!?” 😂🤣
MR G - GHX Prije mjesec
Imagine the same scenario in the Uno 🤣
MartyTheGamer Prije mjesec
"It is being sent!"
Albert Lira
Albert Lira Prije mjesec
I need to know how many cars Jack owns. I feel like this guy has a ton of cars.
Blue Shrimp
Blue Shrimp Prije mjesec
@Finn ice I wanna own how many he owns car jack's.... Wait
D Carbs
D Carbs Prije mjesec
@BrannDailor As 2 of the commonest cars ever built, it was more usual to be less than a ton than more.
BrannDailor Prije mjesec
@D Carbs the term "usually" implies there are exceptions. Also thanks for reminding me that I need to turn off notifications while on tour.. time to try and fall asleep again.
D Carbs
D Carbs Prije mjesec
@BrannDailor Unless it's an original mini or Fiat 500.
Albert Lira
Albert Lira Prije mjesec
@Dino dang that's Savage
james billings
james billings Prije mjesec
im lost for words what an absolute gem i would love one of these in this condition im mega jealous
Kris_T_1982 Prije mjesec
Apart from being a lowly 1.6, it's a really nice car, and far better condition than the price would suggest.
DarkDestroyerGaming Prije 28 dana
@Anony Mouse Cartax Check The official government Reg Check site would have clocked that when they checked.
cooolsimon282 Prije 28 dana
@The Noble Hacker Did you miss the part where I said 4g63
Cris l
Cris l Prije mjesec
@cooolsimon282 just m50 swap it
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse Prije mjesec
The body looks a bit dented for only 49k but for that price it's a steal. The owner listed it way to cheap. I would want to plug a proper diag machine in check it hasn't been clocked though, used BMWs are a minefield. They attract that sort of owner.
TheCoolDave Prije mjesec
That is ebay for you... sometimes you can get a great deal, other times, no so much.... For the miles, that is dam good deal but, with the age you need to worry about some things... Still good deal..
micglou Prije mjesec
That 'weird' place of rust below the window is very likely because either somebody tried to steal it or locked the keys in the car...during the 'fishing' they damaged the paint under the seal.
Cris l
Cris l Prije mjesec
Nope, my e36 has it. Seal has never been touched
Erevos85 Prije mjesec
nah, just an ordinary BMW.
Shaded_LP Prije mjesec
@hhn2002 Mine had too. Its a common place for e46s. Also Fords has the same problem from my experience.
Tim Hazelwood
Tim Hazelwood Prije mjesec
@hhn2002 I guess that galvanization only lasts so long. Anywhere where water can accumulate can be a breeding ground for rust. I guess that after 14/15 years all bets are off. It's such a small area on the Boy's car that some rust proofing would look better than the real thing. I love these videos and can't wait for the next.
hhn2002 Prije mjesec
my e46 has rust to the right of the windshield seal in the middle. random place. could easily be the case here as well.
Les Rogers
Les Rogers Prije mjesec
It's got the optional indicator package too!
Lewis Prije mjesec
Dead joke
murry001 Prije mjesec
You have to pay a lot extra for that feature!!
Lou Prije mjesec
Joseph Phillips
Joseph Phillips Prije mjesec
A very rare feature!
Fan Tastic
Fan Tastic Prije mjesec
That fiat uno perfectly encapsulates the utter madness of car prices this last year.
Z-Trip Prije 5 minuta
MX5 mk1 start at 10k here🙄
Surge Prije mjesec
I love how Jack is still driving around in that SAAB from the challenge video.
SweCreations Prije mjesec
It is nice though
I've got a Jaag and a Staag!
I've got a Jaag and a Staag! Prije mjesec
I love these cheap car challenges! Ending soonest especially as it's so risky!
Phadodas Doktrin
Phadodas Doktrin Prije mjesec
Last time i was this early, Diesel was still considered friendly to the Environment
valtteri mehtonen
valtteri mehtonen Prije mjesec
@TheShinyShow my bad, lost in the translation.
TheShinyShow Prije mjesec
@valtteri mehtonen Yep, it's about being economical, not being kind to the environment.
oli546 Prije mjesec
@valtteri mehtonen hrpost.info/history/qbSblNizqKdrloY/video
valtteri mehtonen
valtteri mehtonen Prije mjesec
@TheShinyShow well.. remember Clarkson and oldish top gear?
korbitr Prije mjesec
If you convert the engine to run off of E100 biodiesel, it is.
Sinky Prije mjesec
Jack fell in love with the car the moment Alex turned the laptop round! 😂
Glen Peacock
Glen Peacock Prije mjesec
Never seen Jack grin for the entirety of any other video 😂
Metalface Prije mjesec
I would literally watch bi-daily content from you guys. I swear I am addicted to Car Throttle.
Martin Prije mjesec
Aren't we all! I think they should expand their reach, start a motorcycle channel and call it "Motorcycle Accelerator"
Ignacio Romero
Ignacio Romero Prije mjesec
A challenge I would LOVE to see is a blindfolded car guessing game. It would be hilarious to see Ethan trying to guess a car only by hearing the exhaust note, the sound of the doors closing or being a passenger in a test drive. Love the channel, greetings from Spain!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Prije mjesec
I would literally watch bi-daily content from you guys. I swear I am addicted to Car Throttle.
RogerM Prije mjesec
A great challenge, would be finding a shirt that actually fits him
ianstarcroft Prije mjesec
This week's episode proudly sponsored by Mothercare.
Ivan Jovanović
Ivan Jovanović Prije mjesec
LordR0dders Prije mjesec
Roger don't get your todger in a twist
Schrodinger’s Cat
Schrodinger’s Cat Prije mjesec
Damn, rush Alex to the burn ward🤣
theOriginalNani Prije mjesec
Or a new red cardigan
Joe R
Joe R Prije mjesec
I live for Alex's brewer impression 🤝🏻
James Harker
James Harker Prije mjesec
Love how happy Jack was when he found out it was an E36 👌🏽😂
Randomvideouploader Prije mjesec
Now we need all 3 on separate laptops bidding on cars individually so there’s competition to get the best bang for your buck. They might even be out bidding eachother which would be hilarious 🤣
AJ Prije mjesec
Watching this video makes me instantly regret selling my rust free clean E36 316i coupe, wasn't fast by any means but dam one car that actually helped me get through hardtimes before covid. I only hope that Jack buys this and runs it as a daily awesome car!! Great episode guys keep up the good work.
Alex t.m.s
Alex t.m.s Prije mjesec
Already know this is gonna be a good one 💕
HazardousFromage Prije mjesec
This was a great challenge and I hope they do another with the same concept
HomeCrush Prije mjesec
That was a pretty exciting episode… watched it 13 days ago. You 3 make a great trio and put out entertaining videos. Quit making us wait so long for another good video ha ha ha
Roy Liber
Roy Liber Prije mjesec
I find it funny how literally this was the second car they found... Also its one of the cleanest car they ever bought on this Cheap Car Challenge. Quite surprising if you ask me lol
Robert John Allan
Robert John Allan Prije mjesec
Always love the content Something to note, Alex the car "expert" has bought some utter lemons. Then on a random ebay purchase turns out best car purchase yet
rustyroo82 Prije mjesec
Love how that E36 seller cost themselves money. In the quick skim read before they bid, all I saw was the rusty wings bit 🤣 I'm guessing everyone else did the same
MPH Animations
MPH Animations Prije mjesec
This car is such a good deal, you could call it a Jack-pot! 😉
Patrick Hannaway
Patrick Hannaway Prije mjesec
His could be the best one yet. Love this time on a Friday. Keep up the great work lads
dolita windo
dolita windo Prije mjesec
I would literally watch bi-daily content from you guys. I swear I am addicted to Car Throttle.
I’m Sonny
I’m Sonny Prije mjesec
I’ve never come across a channel I enjoy more than Car Throttle, please do more challenges!👌🏽
Pedro Prije mjesec
Please play this game again. But next time take your time to have a clear, strict set of rules that FORCE you to be pushed to weird bids!
Mark Alibozek
Mark Alibozek Prije mjesec
I have a feeling Jack is going to buy it by the way he closed the door.
BossBoiLemonLimeDew Prije mjesec
I’d love to see a first car challenge for the car enthusiast.
Steven Sharp
Steven Sharp Prije mjesec
You guys should be the new Top Gear team, much more enjoyable than the current lot!
JDM guy
JDM guy Prije mjesec
Gave up on TG when Clarkson and Co. left. The current presenters don't compare.
Owen Roberts
Owen Roberts Prije mjesec
The most emotion I've ever seen from Jack was due to an e36. It really is the simple things in life I guess...
SKRMZ Prije mjesec
we need a 'no BMW' rule on this channel for atleast a year gosh
The Rolling Troll
The Rolling Troll Prije mjesec
Awesome litlte video! I don't think I've ever seen Jack THIS cheerful. Also that car just yells 'clean, honest car'. Love it!
A Mc
A Mc Prije mjesec
Just loving these cheap car challenges. Keep doing them. Oh yeah - please. They are super entertaining.
Hoogie’s Imports
Hoogie’s Imports Prije mjesec
I'd love to see a challenge where you guys buy a car with the smallest engine displacement you can find. Let's see some sweet little econoboxes!
Caspar Wolters
Caspar Wolters Prije mjesec
Please do more of these videos, love watching you guys buying cars!
curtis manning
curtis manning Prije mjesec
You know that feeling when you don't want a video to end.
LukeeyMc Prije mjesec
I love all of Car Throttles challenges, they're so unique and awesome dudes tbf.
Lucan Dan
Lucan Dan Prije mjesec
We need a race between Alex and Jack, each with his best car...
Meekurabu Prije mjesec
Absolutely stunning car for the money! Maybe take it in for a full inspection? Upgrades are always nice, even for a daily!
R Zedd
R Zedd Prije mjesec
Please do more road trip challenges they are so fun and interesting to watch
PrivateBAustin Prije mjesec
To be honest the last thing I was expecting was a solid car for a great price.
Cameron Wright
Cameron Wright Prije mjesec
What a peach of a car. Even with it's current low mileage it's still worth doing a manual and I6 swap tho! That interior looks still new!
Veer Ramjoorawon
Veer Ramjoorawon Prije mjesec
i'd love to see you guys compete try to buy and sell a car for the most profit
Toby Wood
Toby Wood Prije mjesec
Too many times has eBay rejected my higher bid at the last second and cost me some great cars. Or you could look at it having saved me a lot of money and a lot of rust repair.
maggsy Prije 18 dana
I recommend an auction sniper if you definitely want a car and you haven’t tried them already!
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty Prije mjesec
This is exciting! Love the eBay videos! Should buy Ethan a car now same way!
Sp1derBen Prije mjesec
Ahhhh awesome!!!! My first car was a 318is Coupe in very similar spec to this. The only difference was I had leather/cloth seats, professional aftermarket Parrot BT kit and surprisingly a full toolkit plus a working glovebox torch. 😍 Jack, just F-ing buy it! 🤣
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi Prije mjesec
We need more challenges like that :D
qwertie Prije mjesec
The number of times Ethan got surprised that the car had only 49K miles is hilarious!!
MADDOG GAMER Prije mjesec
I’d like to see them do this but buy each other a car from the last minute eBay and then do a road trip I couldn’t imagine the crazy things they’d buy
crm2507777 Prije mjesec
Alex’s Mike Brewer impressions are the best 🤣 can you do the walk next time please ? Maybe a montage 👌
MosukeKodoSan Prije mjesec
Next video should be swapping the e36 for jacks e39 and seeing how ropey it really is... and if you can put a massive turbo on it and roll some coal 😄
tyson505 Prije mjesec
I would love to see a restoration video on this lovely E36! Pull those small dents and get rid of the small rust area and this thing is mint.
Spyros Vranos
Spyros Vranos Prije 11 dana
This car deserves to be cherished. So original and nice, love it even though its an auto. Listen to the engine, purrs like a kitten...
Ash Mk1 escort
Ash Mk1 escort Prije mjesec
That’s a right find! Carnt wait to See what’s planned for it, Jacks saying “smells like someone has been done up the rear end “ 🤣
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid Prije mjesec
Man I felt like I was there with you boy's!! The ups and downs and almost getting a Fiat for more than the E36!!! 👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cliff Crabtree
Cliff Crabtree Prije mjesec
FANTASTIC BUY !. Great to be in on it with you guys !. Another winner from CT !. 😉
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Prije mjesec
The most emotion I've ever seen from Jack was due to an e36. It really is the simple things in life I guess...
doliio volay
doliio volay Prije mjesec
The most emotion I've ever seen from Jack was due to an e36. It really is the simple things in life I guess...
Jonibravo Prije mjesec
It fits Jack perfectly! Awesome win!
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Prije mjesec
That’s such a great price, and the cars in such good condition
Ben Dowel
Ben Dowel Prije mjesec
Classic, one of the more enjoyable episodes.
juan pablo
juan pablo Prije mjesec
6:32 in - 'its so clean' - did you guys miss the thread showing in the tyre? 🤣
Haseeb Sheikh
Haseeb Sheikh Prije mjesec
Tbh I missed that but my eye was on the underside, looking for the tiniest spot of rust. But wow that tyre needs changing ASAP!
RM Prije mjesec
Or the speedometer not working.
Randomvideouploader Prije mjesec
Good spot there 👁
jkken1 Prije mjesec
Great episode and a steal, an absolute gem that is
Michael Ford
Michael Ford Prije mjesec
Brilliant! More of this please! First car I owned was a manual 1.6 of these. Free from a friend.
Darren M!
Darren M! Prije mjesec
You boys did so well with that. Good work.
LleidrLlŷn Prije mjesec
That's the best E36 interior I've seen in a long while! Even the fabric on the door cards has held up. An interesting route to go would be swapping in the M42/44 twincam 16v engine (can be had for as little as £150), and you could even get Bruno at BDS to tune it up for you afterwards! Please don't do the M50/52 conversion that has been done to death on these cars.
Mythbuster Prije mjesec
4-banger S42-replica sleeper would be really cool to be honest. But then this is such a low mileage car, it might just be worth preserving as it is, since E36 prices are shooting up.
Analbeard Prije mjesec
That’s a good buy 👍 that’ll be a great example to look after, nice one. Was the jack expecting it to smell like a fanny farting competition? 🤣
Mythbuster Prije mjesec
Holy shit even the glovebox isn't sagging! Waaaay too good to be a daily driver to be honest. Love it! #E36gang
Damien Lee
Damien Lee Prije mjesec
Alex's face when he starts a car and it doesn't make sussy noises gets me every time.
kevat310 Prije mjesec
You guys have come up with a great idea for a video for buying each other Xmas presents.
Viktor Kreisz
Viktor Kreisz Prije 29 dana
I was happy withyou when you bought the bmw! Pretty good purchase! Well done! I love your enthusiasm about working sunroof!
adsfinch Prije mjesec
Hey Ethan! It was nice to see you out in the wild today with your family, I was the guy who said “Alright Ethan? Didn’t expect to see you” just after getting out my van, I know you don’t know me but I’m so used to seeing you on HRpost it’s hard not to react like bumping into an old friend 😂 I wasn’t going to say anything but you clocked me clocking you so I felt it would be weirder if I didn’t say anything but I didn’t want to intrude whilst you were with your family! If any of you (let’s be honest it’ll be Jack or Alex 😉) ever put the wrong fuel in a car or need a car’s tank draining for whatever reason call me, I work for fuel fixer our number is available on google and I’d be happy to make a video showing how it’s done with you. Though if you’re (as in Alex or Jack) going to do it though do it in Cumbria as that’s where I’m usually based, I’m just covering this area whilst the guy who covers this area is off. Can’t wait for the podcast to come back! Take care from Adam the fuel fixer :)
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner Prije mjesec
Genuinely funny and interesting videos Alex Ethan and Jack, fair play lads. P.s how about a celebrity car guest feature called “Car Throttle Bodies” ?
TurboReplin Prije mjesec
This is the best purchase you've done. And it is all by pure luck xD
Esprit1086 Prije mjesec
Love all the videos, wish they were a lot longer
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor Prije mjesec
That N/S rear tyre looked a bit fruity on the inner edge… 😂
Martijn Kösters
Martijn Kösters Prije mjesec
As ridiculous as the idea sounds, the bidding was brilliant to watch!
DavidMuic Prije mjesec
Such a bargain Alex,lovley condition aside the rust and that it needs a proper detail,for 1500 pounds its perfect!
noAIMnoSKILLnoKILL Prije mjesec
"that's a weird area for rust to form" Well for a BMW I guess because that was like the only spot my 2009 Skoda (basically a VW Polo) was rusting. Other than the trunk hatch, the buyer actually surprised with that because I legit didn't notice
Geordie Ian
Geordie Ian Prije mjesec
This is a great challenge do more of these!!!!
Leon Charite
Leon Charite Prije mjesec
I'm with you on that one jack.. e36 just have something that grips your heart 👌
Focused Man
Focused Man Prije mjesec
I had a 1.6 auto E36 coupe on a P reg a while back, was a great car and really well built too. We'll done Jack on your new car.
84impalaguy Prije mjesec
Challenge! We need to see this little gem at its best, and with that miserable little 1.6. I'm thinking an MPG test.
Sefik Empowerment Coach Villasante
Sefik Empowerment Coach Villasante Prije mjesec
Passenger rear tyre looks iffy when you looked underneath it.🤔🤔 Great purchase never the less 👌 👏
H12ST_D Prije mjesec
If Jack doesn’t buy it … I will 😍
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor Prije 24 dana
Oh my goodness - an E36 316i Auto... That sure takes me back. I worked at a BMW dealership when the E30 was replaced by the E36 - what a huge leap forward that car was in terms of space, comfort and driveability. Actually, the 1.6i engine, in my experience, was also the much smoother and more 'zingy' option compared to the (vastly more popular) 1.8i - and, if you used the auto shifter a bit like a sequential gearbox, you could better keep the engine in the power band for much swifter progress.
Zak W
Zak W Prije mjesec
I think we can all agree we need more of these.
Alex Oehler
Alex Oehler Prije mjesec
I mean, an S54+manual transmission swap video series with this car would be amazing
Cristobal Arriaga
Cristobal Arriaga Prije mjesec
“SEND IT” “I’m sending it! It’s being send” That make me laugh more than it should
Gabriel Galvão
Gabriel Galvão Prije 28 dana
This e36 is my dream car. I can't believe you bought it at such good condition and amazing price!!! I've to say I'm kinda jealous haha
D. Prije mjesec
Jack's E39 530d looks CLEAN!
lindsay aaron
lindsay aaron Prije mjesec
between this video and the last series it seems like you can get pretty decent cars for cheap, i wouldn't say the same here in Canada
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