Living With A Renault Twizy: What It's REALLY Like

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Car Throttle

Car Throttle

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Driving in the city is usually boring as hell. But when you're behind the wheel of a Renault Twizy, everything changes for the better. Here's how...
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Mr Swipe
Mr Swipe Prije 3 godina
This is like top gear when it was actually really good
Immortal Prije 6 godina
I laughed my ass off! Car Throttle sure is one of the mose amazing channels out here on youtube.
Angel Prije 5 godina
I actually think this car has a lot of potential.
WAS DA SOOS?! Prije 2 godina
im kinda confused about the batteries, is it double or tripple A's?
N7 Engineer
N7 Engineer Prije 2 godina
Top Gear could use this guy. Although it looks like hes doing just fine on his own.
GyroDynamics Prije 3 godina
"My car has carbon fiber, the doors go up and the drivers seat is in the middle."
cat intensifies
cat intensifies Prije 6 godina
"Wanna go on a date?"
BradTheThird Prije 6 godina
"I'm gonna try to not knock your stall over..."
Matt Saigon
Matt Saigon Prije 6 godina
This guys is hilarious. He would be great as one of the new Top Gear presenters.
Alan Simpson
Alan Simpson Prije godine
Rear wheel drive and with a Renaultsport honed chassis. Great fun. I drove one of the base model ones, with no doors, about 35 miles down a dual carriageway a few years back and it was hilarious. I thought people would hate me for doing 40 but the reaction was brilliant. Not so good when I had to do an impromptu charge at a petrol station though and the Twizy pulled too much current and crashed their cash tills. Oops
ZesPak Prije godine
I've had a twizy for a week now and I've had some nice cars. None have been as unanimously loved as the Twizy, everywhere you go people are super interested and really positive about it.
MetalTrabant Prije 3 godina
This was quite similar to the one where Clarkson tested the Peel P50, great video!
Deranged Pranks
Deranged Pranks Prije 5 godina
The new Top Gear wouldn't have failed had they hired you.
ADIGA!|Cheezo Prije 6 godina
i think Alex can make anything on wheels sound good if he reviews it XD except the prius
William Barwick
William Barwick Prije godine
I can imagine Jeremy Clarkson driving this and doing pretty much everything Alex does.
SteelSkin667 Prije 3 godina
This thing looks genuinely fun to drive around. It's a shame that it's so expensive for what it actually does.
juiuffophiguo Prije 2 godina
For those of us who like small, light-weight sport cars, this looks excelent! Just imagine if they could put like, what, 100 horsepowers in it?
Kuldeep Rao
Kuldeep Rao Prije 3 godina
This car needs a better battery , speed of 70miles, windows , music system and a car rack and this will be perfect
everadept Prije 6 godina
That car is so green it has a tree in it.
BuzzinsPetRock78 Prije 3 godina
I've seen these cars been delivered to the renault dealer, it comes in a crate, sideways to the driving direction of the truck. Really weird for a car :)
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