How To Be A BMW Driver

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BMW drivers follow a strict code to make them superior beings. Here, for the first time, is an exclusive look at BMW's elite school of how to be a true BMW driver.

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Special thanks to General Assembly for the classroom!

Komentari: 6 858
GhostSickness Prije 5 godina
As a BMW driver, I can confirm that this is 100% accurate.
Misterlikeseverythin Prije 2 godina
Also, you cannot get overtaken. Being overtaken while driving a BMW is a sign of weakness.
AKdsad100 Prije 3 godina
If you you think your job is worthless, imagine that someone is putting an indicator part on a new BMW right now somewhere around the world...
dingdingdingdiiiiing Prije 2 godina
Based on what I've seen on the road, I'm sure there's also an advanced class.
Nomad Jedi
Nomad Jedi Prije 4 godina
Having a BMW is such a safety measure. I'm not afraid to mess up and drive recklessly because everyone is already expecting it.
Charles Prije 2 godina
“This is not Audi class”
Engineering Explained
Engineering Explained Prije 5 godina
Ethan is my spirit animal. Always hated on by the bros. Stay strong Ethan!
Tim M
Tim M Prije 2 godina
I love how this is a cross-contental truth. England, USA, Germany...
Eliteiel Prije 4 godina
I drive a BMW and I can confirm that this video is almost accurate. I live in Germany and i have to use my right hand for the steering wheel and mostly my left for the middlefinger.
SuperbPancakes Prije 2 godina
Even though this is comedy
Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral Prije 5 godina
As a BMW driver I would say he is not even exaggerating.
HotNoBeans Prije godine
The dislikes are form BMW drivers who “don’t think they are like this.“
Mr.Rexxyy Prije 5 godina
All BMW drivers use indicators. It's just that the bulbs emit a light which the poor people can't see.
DeathLotus Prije 5 godina
"Gavin, there are ladies present and this is NOT Audi class" lmfao!
GERstarBROT Prije 5 godina
As a BMW Driver, I can see that i've got a lot to learn.
Waateb Prije godine
That One Guy
That One Guy Prije 5 godina
When driving an M3,
The Porsche Dude
The Porsche Dude Prije 2 godina
"Here's a example of a good BMW Driver,"
CrawfordB Prije 3 godina
As a bmw driver I can confirm I attended and passed this class.
Parker Varin
Parker Varin
Seriously thank you. My friend recently bought a BMW M3 and he had no clue how to drive it properly, so I sent him this. There needs to be more properly educational content like this.
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