Here’s What An Engine With 432,000 Miles Looks Like Inside

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This week, we've taken the heroic high-mileage Octavia to VAG specialist Volks Techniks where we'll pull the engine apart and show what damage, if any, has been done.

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Adam ski
Adam ski Prije 3 godina
In eastern eu these skodas are common to see with 1M kilometres (600k Miles)
justsmileonme Prije 2 mjeseci
@x18BritishBillx18 the car got registered in 2000 so its just math 435.000miles divided by 18 years (this episode date) = 24166 miles /year or ( 38884km /year ) which is insane amount of commuting or was a taxi(uber) at one point
Haggis Muncher
Haggis Muncher Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't forget the Dacias with enough miles to get once around the universe. You know the ones with the suspect squeak, blown out shocks and steering wheels taken off and put on upside down. You gotta do what you gotta do.
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal Prije 6 mjeseci
@hank 1 me too they pretty rare. I live in India.
SMJ Official UK
SMJ Official UK Prije 7 mjeseci
@peter E No way has he still got the car ??
zepter00 Prije 7 mjeseci
@peter E your days volvos are few in whole world. There is milions of Octavias I 1,9 TDI.
Pickamove Prije 3 godina
The legendary 1.9TDI :). These engines refuse to die.
Pickamove Prije 5 mjeseci
It's as VW/Audi had really great engine designers who knew what they were doing, but then the next 2.0 TDi never came close to the supreme reliability of the previous generation 1.9 TDi's. I still drive my 2000 1.9TDi and not going to change until something really expensive fails, such as turbo. 398 thousand in clock atm going strong and pulls extremely well :). Ive just made sure to change oil every 10 thousand and block EGR. It seems can also get good money from the 96kW versions, which was the highest power TDi versions.
Christian Eck
Christian Eck Prije 5 mjeseci
Just liked that comment at 1.9k likes😂,on another note I just aquired a 2001 VW Jetta TDI with 345,000(just rolled over today)
amorag59 Prije 6 mjeseci
@Jerry Baustian The PDs are huge in the swap world. BSM/EGR delete, nitrided lifters and she'll go long as you maintain her.
Spencer Gordon
Spencer Gordon Prije 8 mjeseci
What about the 1.9 Volvo diesel ???
DaliGuy Prije 9 mjeseci
The most impressive thing about 1.9 engines is how blocked every opening can be by soot and still runs close to new
Peachy Prije godine
it boggles my mind how engines can go on for SO LONG when you imagine the actual operation and high temperatures and speeds going on inside it
Aaron G.
Aaron G. Prije 9 mjeseci
Diesels are built like tanks compared to gasoline engines, that’s only one part of why they work
PleaseDontWatchThese Prije godine
Thats why its important to keep your oil filled and replace it often. The moving engine parts don't touch but have a thin layer of oil between them. The oil is basically a wear part like your tires or brakes that take the brunt of the wear in your engine.
AtlasHonda Pakistan
AtlasHonda Pakistan Prije godine
Specially hondas
The South Chinese Schizophrenic Kangaroo Rampage
The South Chinese Schizophrenic Kangaroo Rampage Prije godine
Genius engineering
Kristóf Soma
Kristóf Soma Prije godine
It's a diesel,and if u take proper maintenance,which good amount of people dont,it runs for a lot
Stay Positive
Stay Positive Prije godine
That's amazing! I'm sitting here with a car that has 150k miles. I've owned the car since it had just over 20k and have taken decent, not perfect, care of it so I decided I'm going to put some money into common repairs and maintenance this year. So far I replaced struts, rotors, brakes, alternator, and starter. Next, I'm going to replace the bearings and suspension parts going out. Soon I'll have the timing belt replaced and changed some less common fluids in the car that often get neglected. I would like my car to last me at least another 3-5 years and $1-2k in repairs is nothing compared to car payments over 3-5 years. I do most of the work myself of course which saves at least half the cost on repairs or maintenance. Thanks so much for this video!
Levente Ifi
Levente Ifi Prije 2 mjeseci
You must have a happy car :)
GoldCurency o
GoldCurency o Prije 2 godina
Dyno test would have been cool to see. Wondering the horsepower it’s making now compare to new.....
Special EDy
Special EDy Prije 3 godina
My daily-driver 97 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.3L V6 has 419,000 miles, I changed the rod and crank bearings last year and the old ones still looked brand new. My parents bought it new back in the day and I inherited it a few years ago when my Stepdad passed away. I would say that the most important factor in the longevity of a vehicle isn't just the attention to maintenance, its the habits of the driver. My mom used to be a mechanic, Grandpa made her rebuild the engine in his pickup after she blew it up at the age of 17. My stepdad was the one who taught me how to work on engines. Between them and myself, every driver has been mechanically inclined enough to not beat the crap out of the van. The plan is to try to get it to 500,000 miles, by that time it should be 25 years old and I can hotrod into some crazy sleeper since it wont need to pass emissions.
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Prije 2 godina
Nine times out of ten, if you change the oil at regular intervals, your engine will last at least 200,000 miles. This engine looks great. I would love to see what the clearances are on the crank, bearings, pistons, and cylinder bores.
D Glenday
D Glenday Prije 4 mjeseci
It's great to watch this video. I had a 52 plate 1.9tdi Octavia Estate from 2005-2019. It was the best car I'll ever own. The original battery lasted 16 years. Most of the problems were electrical like a door that wouldn't open and headlights that would suddenly go out! I once got over 99 mpg - stuck the car in 5th gear and chugged along a country road and the mpg went off the scale. It only got up to 200,000+ miles, but I wish I'd kept it running now. Cheers.
Lunicat Gaming
Lunicat Gaming Prije 2 godina
The smell is probably the old blinker fluid
Jarred Woolis
Jarred Woolis Prije godine
@Paul Wells I think your sense of humour filter is ready for replacing
Trapper50cal Prije godine
Or worn muffler bearings.
Lunicat Gaming
Lunicat Gaming Prije godine
Paul Wells r/whooooosh
Paul Wells
Paul Wells Prije godine
Really blinker fluid, some people are gullible, the only fluid a car needs is petrol oil and anti freeze, diesel if car is diesel other than that no blinker fluid
Akshay Prije godine
Hey guys chris fix here
Charles Buckley
Charles Buckley Prije 2 godina
It’s a diesel at 400,000 miles your breaking it in
E34Benzin Prije godine
@Rango Legend says that he's still drunk to this day.
Rango Prije godine
Jojo Haha no man, YOU are the legend for being drunk and telling us! Such a legend!!
SouthernAutoDiy Prije godine
800,000 she's just becoming a good motor, 1,100,000 miles she's in her prime, miles of death 2,999,999
Bstr Prije godine
It's just getting warmed up😂
children in my basement
children in my basement Prije godine
haha true
strabismus090 Prije 2 godina
Absolutely a beast of an engine! Your examination undoubtedly proves that regular and proper service will ensure longevity of the mechanical parts. One comment I would like to make: The "hand-testing" of radial- and axial play of a turbo axle at room temperature, as shown @9:06, is hardly a measurement of it's wear. The axle, on which both turbine blades are mounted, is mostly supported, particularly radially, by oil pressure during operation. The thermal expansion also contributes significantly, expanding the axle and ensuring lower tolerances. During operation the axle essentially floats on a thin film of oil. Only when highly exasperated amounts of play is observed can wear be suggested. This behavior is very often seen in vehicles driven in urban environments, with frequent amount of stop-and-start behavior. The oil can not reach optimal pressure in such situations due to temperature/viscosity and the absence of input power on the oil pump during stop. I feel that the video does a poor job of representing this. The examination is presented as: "...however, as predicted at this stage, we have very fine amount of free play". This is by design and not due to wear.
Fans Lights and others
Fans Lights and others Prije 9 mjeseci
This is amazing to see a car with such high mileage look so good
Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson Prije 2 godina
Diesel engines last longer because they're literally running on a lubricant rather than a solvent.
TsLeng Prije 2 mjeseci
@moinmoin you crazy.
Niko Prije 2 mjeseci
Idk why i liked peoples arguments in this comment section as I genuinely have no idea whats what
Charles C.
Charles C. Prije 4 mjeseci
@Elan Jacobs That is unfair. The most pronounced characteristic that differentiates diesel from petrol is its lubricating properties. It doesn't matter that it is a solvent in this case because it is far heavier than petrol, so is the only one of the 2 capable of feeling like vegetable oil to the touch and engine lubrication. It doesn't help that most petrol is served with 20% or so ethanol content which causes high wear to sealing rings, so by acting the smartass you actually appear to be ignorant
Bilge Tonyukuk
Bilge Tonyukuk Prije 5 mjeseci
chip chop
chip chop Prije 10 mjeseci
Felt truly fantastic
Devonte Foreman
Devonte Foreman Prije 2 godina
"If you look after an engine, there is no reason it should prematurely die." I raise you a 3 valve Ford triton.
Richard Marták :3
Richard Marták :3 Prije 3 mjeseci
@swedishgamer01 God damn 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Armand Curti
Armand Curti Prije 3 mjeseci
swedishgamer01 Prije 6 mjeseci
@plumberwrx I raise you with a B5254T2 Volvo Whiteblock. Or crackedblock in my experience. My V70s block cracked when it was new at 5000km lol
plumberwrx Prije 7 mjeseci
I place a ej257 on the table
AskBeforePlaying Prije 11 mjeseci
@Yaga Shura I see your ford, chevy and scirocco and raise the VW W8. It can be a reliable engine if _very_ well maintained, but generally very unreliable.
Pilgrim777 Prije 2 godina
"Happy little valves and pistons" - Bob Ross
ACDC1998Zippo Prije godine
Adam Ross, boss of Volks Techniks
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson Prije godine
Dang, I missed that episode. Ok, let's get a little crazy. we're going to mix some vandyke brown with a little burnt umber and cadmium red and maybe there's a little carbon deposit that lives right there and another one over here whatever you want just have fun with it.
Ranjeet Bains
Ranjeet Bains Prije 2 godina
Pilgrim777 It needs a happy little friend.
Marten Trudeau
Marten Trudeau Prije 2 godina
Good message about car care, great mechanic, great owner, thanks for the video.
Issac Newton
Issac Newton Prije godine
It helps that it spent most of its time at operating temperature. Constantly driving one less than 10 miles before letting it cool back off, builds up more carbon and wear. Warm climates could better get away with constant 7-10 mile commutes but in the cold especially, the motor never fully warms up. In those cases, a coolant pre-heater will be beneficial.
Russ and Duths skitts adventures !
Russ and Duths skitts adventures ! Prije 3 godina
Got to be one of the best mechanics I’ve seen most wouldn’t of even thought about the carbon sealing things
DIY Garage
DIY Garage Prije 3 godina
I guess I'll keep my MK IV Jetta TDI for another 10 years atleast.
Nels Blair
Nels Blair Prije 19 dana
@Cesar Fernandes I have a bachelors degree in chemical engineering and assist in teaching a course in organic chemistry. I am certified as an engineer in training, drove diesels plenty of times, and have repaired trucks on the roadside. I don’t know how to further educate myself on the topic. Cesar, which of my statements was not absolutely completely perfectly accurate? Which one? You attacked me instead of my arguments. Your approach is not one of sincere argumentation. I encourage you to educate yourself.
rkan2 Prije 24 dana
@Nels Blair You can currently buy at least EURO4 retrofit DPF for these... Waiting for EURO5 but I doubt EURO6 to be possible with these anymore
Jakob Cars
Jakob Cars Prije godine
10 maybe 100
arebrec Prije 3 godina
Until the drivers side window regulator goes on you. Then you'll want to set the thing alight.
Cesar Fernandes
Cesar Fernandes Prije 3 godina
Samuel thank you! I am happy you are keeping your MK4 until it dies. Will be doing the same for both of mine!Cheers
bemused Prije 3 godina
I have a mercedes sprinter that has done almost 500k miles in 4 years. The engine (like this one apart from the EGR) looks to be in almost perfect condition. Regular oil changes and a bit of care for the vehicle goes a LONG way
B C Prije 2 godina
bravo! helping people to learn to recycle. i do hope that you are aware of volvo petrol engines? they were building engines that lasted literally millions of miles back in the 60's. 3.2m is the record i believe, but there is also a 500k mile club, as it is expected standard. i'd like to see a battery powered car that has done over 100k!
CasterTown Prije godine
Turbo-Diesel is a pretty great setup for a commuter car. I don't know why its not more common.
G Martin
G Martin Prije 2 godina
I have the same 1.9 in my 03 Golf with 265,000 and still runs like new, I did bypass the EGR valve at 77,000 miles due to carbon buildup but other than that I’m very happy. 👍
Marian S
Marian S Prije 3 godina
The number one reason why this engine is so healthy is... No short trips! It always got weeeeell up to temperature, burned off a lot of carbon and just stacked mile after mile in it's ideal operating ranges. Continous speed motorway miles are generally like no miles at all.
Kenny_Fa5 Prije 2 godina
@Starwarman1 yep
Starwarman1 Prije 2 godina
@Kenny_Fa5 5w 30?
PilsPlease Prije 2 godina
my car which is a gas car manages its best fuel efficiency and overall performance between 65-80 mph on the highway at about 1,100rpm. It puts out most of its power at a low band and then only 10% at the upper RPM band.
Spank Themonkey
Spank Themonkey Prije 2 godina
Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal nothing wrong with a little fap
Scottish Smurf
Scottish Smurf Prije 3 godina
pescod96 trust me mate I have suffered from MS for the past 10 years and even tho I'm not wheelchair bound can't even manage 20 yards I need my car even for the shortest distances
nodlimax Prije 3 godina
10 years ago I had a room mate and he always spoke very positively about Skoda Octavia models from that time because they are so reliable. So I'm not surprised about the state the engine is in.
Onuma Prije 2 godina
Goes to prove what we already know: Proper maintenance is the single most important factor in keeping your vehicle running smoothly for as long as possible. Very cool to see.
Ross Fripp
Ross Fripp Prije 2 godina
It helps that it was doing so many long trips. Lots of 5 mile stop/start drives from cold harm an engine far more per mile than a 300 mile drive.....Still, brilliant!
Nik Prije 2 godina
“The fact that we opened up this engine could be the reason it only does another 100k, instead of another 400k” May have been a better idea to repair a broken car, not one that’s fully functional.
Nik Prije 2 godina
Denny041087 show us what? The inside of a fully functional engine? The fact that it has done 400+ miles and there was nothing wrong with the engine, what were you expecting to see? Fully functional internal components with regular servicing and looking after the car as per manufacturer specification. Just saying it’s a shame by opening it up it has reduced it life(before they open it up again) by 30% if not more.
HawkEyePerspective Prije 3 godina
Thats a good mechanic! He felt bad for taking apart such a well built engine. And he acknowledged that it may be the reason the engine doesnt last as long. Smart guy. Ill bet it lasts though.
Kampung Kampung Petshop
Kampung Kampung Petshop Prije 2 godina
Je Bon
Je Bon Prije godine
Love 1.9TDI, I bought a Seat Ibiza 10 years ago, and now I went back to a 1.9TDI (Polo) again to add more kilometers, probably the best engine that AUDI has made. Have you changed the engine mounts too, judging from the video they look weak.
Victor Grasscourt
Victor Grasscourt Prije 3 godina
To keep an engine in this condition, what brand of oil would you recommend?
Adam 444 777
Adam 444 777 Prije 7 dana
It really is amazing to still be able to see the cross hatchs perfectly looks like theirs no scoring on the cylinder walls so an oem filter was definitely used with every change stay away from k&n air filters they are absolute trash and kill whatever vehicle they are put in
Mohammad Talib
Mohammad Talib Prije 2 godina
It's a diesel engine. You'd have to really drive poorly for it to go bad. Diesel engines tend to last a very long time and have over half a million miles on them before they die out.
Liam Sutcliffe
Liam Sutcliffe Prije 2 mjeseci
@daarupappe cheers mate 👍
daarupappe Prije 2 mjeseci
@Liam Sutcliffe Matt Farah's Lexus LS400, search it up
Shrek Prije godine
Duramax go nok nok
Liam Sutcliffe
Liam Sutcliffe Prije godine
PilsPlease do you have a link for the story? Would love to read it 👍
MAX MORITZ Prije godine
@PUBG Handguns only the ALH, that was a reliable engine, BEW and BRM where pieces of shit
Abdul Keyum
Abdul Keyum Prije 3 godina
I really think you should go all out on this car, make it look and drive like new!
Mi Ka
Mi Ka Prije 2 godina
And smell like new.
Chris M
Chris M Prije 2 godina
It's a diesel. If you want to see something really impressive, go look at the Toyota Tundra that rolled over the odometer, more than 999,999 miles, while being used as a farm truck with only basic preventative maintenance. Toyota bought it back from the guy so they could take it apart and look at what components were failing after 1 million miles.
splash Prije 3 godina
Ive seen a VW Jetta that had over 1 million kms and it was in for an oil change at the dealership, when the service guy was telling me that it was still driven by original owner and it had 12 sets of tires installed over its life. Other than regular maintenance, he said they have never opened the engine. Thats inpressive!
slagletoby Prije godine
Good vid thanks! I put 393,000 miles on a Chevy Tahoe 5.3L then sold it to a friend. He drove it for 5 years and put another 100k on it until it bleed out from leaks all over. Original motor, tranny, starter, exhaust and more. Never had to replace the rear wheel bearing only the front at 250k. I ran Mobil-1 synthetics throughout. ☝️
Vikturus22 Prije godine
This was back when engines were well made.
Quality Retards
Quality Retards Prije 2 godina
I've seen a 1 million mile+ Ford 7.3L powerstroke that looked brand new on the inside of the motor. Also semi trucks regularly go a million miles before needing rebuilt, so when you think about it cars and gas engines in general are pitiful.
Jonathan Foust
Jonathan Foust Prije 2 godina
We don't have Skoda in the U.S. but I have driven a few. Honestly my favorite state deprived car manufacturer. (A manufacturer that doesn't have a market in the U.S.) My experience with them was from my rotation to Poland last year. If you travel anywhere to Europe, please learn how do drive a manual transmission (gearbox).
Señor Cartmenez
Señor Cartmenez Prije 2 godina
my 2004 toyota camry has 305,000 miles (490,000km, roughly) and runs like a top. It's whisper quiet, rides smooth, steers great, and the only indication of the mileage (besides the odometer) would be the peeling clearcoat on the roof of the car.
Georges Mcfly
Georges Mcfly Prije godine
please keep this car ! it's a treasure to protect
Borginator Prije 3 godina
I can't believe that engine has 432k miles, looks like it's under 200k, must have been very well maintained! Alex, I hope to see you get that car up and past 1 million miles someday! #MillionMileŠkoda
Bradley Harrell
Bradley Harrell Prije 3 godina
It's not so much the miles, it's more of the weather the car is in and how good the owner takes care of the car. Seems this guy did his oil changes on time lol
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Prije 3 godina
Very good engine. We had the same in our Seat Leon 1M and sold it with 372000km. Oil changes every 15000km.
S P Prije 2 godina
Amazing really, I remember going under my first car a 1976 Truimph Spitfire and wondering where half of it had gone.
SuperDogLover567 Prije 2 godina
Great job on taking care of the car.
Lane Hogger
Lane Hogger Prije 3 godina
Adam makes a good point. The fact that they have now disturbed the engine means they have probably shortened its life quite a lot.
Trevelyn Waung
Trevelyn Waung Prije godine
Hmm...I just wonder how my engine looks after 550,000 miles on it and still going strong! Kudos to Toyota Camry!
Surgie Studios
Surgie Studios Prije 3 godina
I like how the intros for these videos, the mileage count is the actual mileage count when they got it
Camden Brown
Camden Brown Prije 3 godina
The skill it takes for a mechanic to take that all apart and put it back together blows my mind.
Legoman98 Prije godine
The fact that it is a hydraulic flat-tappet camshaft and it has barely worn is amazing.
Bryan Jones
Bryan Jones Prije 3 godina
Not only was that car properly maintained, but it was properly driven too. That means not driven near full throttle/higher rpm until fully warmed up. But it was driven a bit hard regularly once fully warmed up, but then driven lightly for the last several miles to let the turbo cool down. It was also driven regularly- never sitting for very long- and properly maintained and fixed. That kept all the seals good, kept the moisture out of the engine and brake system, and also kept rust from many surfaces that get hot when ran (and probably the owner washed it regularly too). That's why it has such good wear and low carbon. There is something to be said for mechanical sympathy... something that most drivers today don't even know exists. *Most vehicles suffer serious damage by being driven long AFTER something obvious go awry.
J DeLuca
J DeLuca Prije 2 godina
@way2easy97, also Again, it's excessive idling that's bad. It's best to just start the car, wait a minute, then go.
J DeLuca
J DeLuca Prije 2 godina
@way2easy97, look at videos of cars/trucks/heavy equipment that have had excessive idling (with no load) vs vehicles that didn't. It's more than proven that idling does prematurely wear the cross hatch on cylinder walls, contributing to increased oil consumption and compression loss. If the engine is idling too long. I know what your saying, and I didn't believe it either at one point, but with the research and videos I've seen, it's more than just a myth. Obviously people want their cars to be warm in the cabin on cold wintery days, which needs the engine warmed up. Unless it's a more modern car with electric heaters in the vents. But cars that have a cold start, typically have an increased idle speed to compensate the lack of load on the engine (and multiple other reasons).
way2easy97 Prije 2 godina
@J DeLuca yea I don't know where it has been proven, sure there are some articles about stuff like that, but the articles that I did find didn't have any links to studies or anything. What I found from a random dude on a forum, “no load reduces pressure against the bore and polishes the surface”. I don’t think that the oil on the cylinder bore needs a high pressure exerted on it by the piston rings to properly function. The cylinder should still have an oil film protecting itself, if anything I think less load would produce less wear. Intuitively speaking this remains true for many other things for example to drill through something faster you would apply a greater force. Additionally, if it really was true that it does significant damage to cylinder walls cross hatch then I think we would hear more about the damage caused by idling. For instance, police cars idle for a ridiculously long period and later get sold and continue to last a long time. It also doesn't make sense that idling wouldn't be properly designed for as long idling would be an expected use case for things like high traffic areas. I don't even see anything like having excellent idle protection advertised by oil companies or anything. I think the only wear that occurs from idling would be about the same amount of wear from just the total cycles or rotations on the engine from normal operation.
J DeLuca
J DeLuca Prije 2 godina
@way2easy97, it's been proven that anything over a minute at idle is doing damage to the cylinder walls' cross hatch. Diesel and gas engines.
way2easy97 Prije 2 godina
@J DeLuca I would say that a 10 minute warm up is a bit unnecessary, but certainly not horrible for the car. He has plenty of mechanical sympathy just for the fact that he lets his car warm up.
Ian Board
Ian Board Prije 2 godina
I had a merc 300d that had 360k miles on it when I sold it. I did all the work on it myself. The little stuff on the engine (water pump, vacuum pump, alternator, etc...) wore as you would expect, but the cams, valves, timing chain, were all fine. I kept mobil 1 in it and changed it religiously. That engine wasn't even close to wearing out. What surprised me more than the engine was the transmission was still in good shape - no weird shifts, slipping or flares. One thing about the car in the vid is that it has a timing belt, not a chain - that's probably gone through at least 3 or 4 of them so it has had some servicing.
powerhx3 Prije 2 godina
I don't think my 1.9 TDI is going to make it that long. The -40 starts are taking a beating on it lol
Jim H.
Jim H. Prije 3 godina
I worked at a company where the outside salesmen used their own vehicles to make sales calls, a couple of the guys had 4.6L V8 powered Crown Vics with over 400K miles. At least with the Fords, they’re relatively overbuilt and underpowered making for a theoretical long life engine. Cops and subsequent Taxi drivers loved them long time Sorry for the rambling, cool video:)
Nicholas Watson
Nicholas Watson Prije 10 mjeseci
I sold my 14yo Octavia 20v Turbo with 175,000 miles on the clock and it still had it's original full exhaust system. The only issue with the car was one of the drivers seat bolsters had collapsed. They're a fantastic car.
skeelo69 Prije 2 godina
My VW is a 2.0 Tdi , has covered over 184k miles , 1 owner from new(i'm the 2nd owner) has never missed a service,has had all required components replaced as and when required,runs and drives like new. I will maintain the service record.
Paddy Gun
Paddy Gun Prije 6 mjeseci
A company I work for there is a van with a 1.9 TDI that has 51000 miles, it still runs good and has never needed engine repairs
noisia nphonix
noisia nphonix Prije 3 godina
First octavia with 1.9 TDI is the best quality!! A lot of friends still use this car with no issues. Just basic maintenance.
yetus_deletus Prije godine
My Honda Civic Ferio (7th gen) has 285,457 km on it from the time we bought it in 2011 and it still runs remarkably with no problems at all
Stank Planks Skate
Stank Planks Skate Prije 2 godina
That was amazing and very impressive.
Yesman 2
Yesman 2 Prije 2 godina
Had Skoda Fabia vRS which reached 300k. Would still have it if it hadn’t jumped off the road one night in the rain. Now own a Skoda Yeti 2.0 tdi with 311k. Have to agree the 1.9 is an amazing engine. But the 2.0 in my Yeti is still going strong, fingers crossed I can get it to at least 500k.
Placeholder Name
Placeholder Name Prije godine
These VAG 1.9 TDI motors are sturdy. My friend has done 800k on the original motor in his A6. Thats kilometers. Still gets good gas milage as well. Not bad for a 23 year old beater. This Skoda is always from when VAG cars tended to be galvanized quite well compared to other cars from that time.
GreenTea💚 Prije 2 godina
That's the thing with diesel engines though, the cylinder and head might still hold for decades but literally everything else around it starts to break 6 years after.
Stephen Dartnall
Stephen Dartnall Prije 2 godina
Decent, sensible drivers add to it 100%
tessitori Prije 2 godina
My 2003 1.9 Tdi VW Wagon had 504k miles and still running very strong when I died in a crash. The 2003 1.9 Tdi Sedan with 345K miles is running better than ever. Use good oils is key; spend the most you can on oils especially if the car is tuned and driving hard. A daily Italian tune-up has kept my EGR from Gunking up.
Foxxtrott1100 Prije 2 godina
This proves how good modern motor oils are.
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold Prije 2 godina
The vehicle I bought new in 1996 will definitely turn 400,000 miles this year. It had the original engine, transmission, axles, and exhaust system. However, this is likely the last year for the NV3550 manual transmission.
Research and Build
Research and Build Prije 2 godina
Easy to do when you dont live in a snowy salty area. Also good manufacturing techniques. If Bob on the assembly line had a shitty day, then 120,000km later you will have a head gasket fail because he didnt do as good a job as usual, etc.
Richie P
Richie P Prije 2 godina
These engines are legendary!
Abekat Prije 3 godina
A friend of mine owns a Citroën Jumpy van with almost 1.600.000 kms but, in order to reach that mileage, he had to change the engine twice during all these years. Nonetheless, it seems Diesel engines are built to last almost forever.
Mário Podolan
Mário Podolan Prije godine
These cars just seem to go and go, I keep seeing them on the streets but not in the repairshops. They just won't die bloody hell
Detailing&Tuning Prije 3 godina
You should put the car on a dyno to test its current horse power vs the new horse power.
Craig Scott
Craig Scott Prije 3 godina
Those PD engines are torquey little fuckers - you get max torque from about 1600rpm so they feel pretty rapid in the small cars they're fitted to
Jahas Mitäsmitäs
Jahas Mitäsmitäs Prije 3 godina
Theee is video valled "can you restore cars HP?" go check it out.
TheGrungeManiak Prije 3 godina
235Nm isn't that weak.
Russ Cattell
Russ Cattell Prije 3 godina
Well this engine, a TDi could loose power from a tired turbo, dirty injectors, worn rings & bores, valve seating & finally cam wear. As chummy said apart from a little play in the turbo shaft, there is bugger all wear. I venture to suggest this old gal is close to factory tolerance on output.
S. White
S. White Prije 3 godina
Juš Murnik is there a dyno that records low enough hp/kw figures? 🤣They might last forever +/- a few years, but they won’t pull the skin of a rice pudding.
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers Prije 2 mjeseci
I have one of these cars; it's an 04 model and it'd done 165k when I got it. I think it used to be a taxi and it didn't look like it had been well looked after - the oil was gummy and very low indeed. I cleaned it up, replaced virtually everything on the underside along with the cam belt, water pump and alternator, put some cheap all-weather tyres on and it's been serving me well for the past three years. It's a basic comfy economical load carrier which will last for years. It's cheap enough that I can afford another fun road vehicle on sunny days.
stroķi Prije 3 godina
I have seen dozens of 1.9tdi with 500 000+kms. My father's Audi blew head gasket recently. When removing head at 300000km it had pretty much no visible wear inside. Just a little bit of carbon build-up.
MrcabooseVG Prije 3 godina
There's no way that camshaft hasn't been replaced, they do go bad on these engines and it's not exactly uncommon
Miguel Angel Aguirre
Miguel Angel Aguirre Prije 3 godina
I have a 2003 VW Golf TDI with 470,000 miles on the clock, and still running great.
Master Ed
Master Ed Prije godine
Imagine taking apart a tank and putting it back together, must be a nightmare. All those little bits then the large heavy bits.
James Hare
James Hare Prije godine
I put 400000km on a 2000 golf 2.0L manual gas engine. She still ran awesome when I lat her go for a new VW.
Explorer from the East
Explorer from the East Prije 3 godina
Today I understand the importance of regular car servicing at regular intervals. Thanks !!!
TheShadoghost Prije 2 godina
Curious to know around about future on how much it costs to do this rebuild correctly
Евгений Гордин
Евгений Гордин Prije 3 godina
mechanic said very smart words, regular service and good oil. that actually what makes engine do 600k+ miles
Daniel Finch
Daniel Finch Prije 2 godina
I once had a mechanic tell me oil is oil. I didnt believe him and I still put decent oil in my astra h it's done 136000 and never had engine problems. Just changes the spark plugs and ignition coil yesterday, they been in there since new.
Jacob Sweat
Jacob Sweat Prije 2 godina
only valvoline and all the good additives got my '85 400sbc chevy c10 through two rollovers
masscomnet Prije 2 godina
. . . and Tufoil
Ignas Mamavicius
Ignas Mamavicius Prije 2 godina
Nowadays a lot of new cars use 1.2 turbo something engines (small ones with big turbos) lots of power and small mileage before it runs in to problems. Trying to do 600k+ on them would be impossible even with regular service and good oil.. So your words don't apply to all engines and cars.
falkobit Prije 2 godina
@herobo123456 3000, 7000 oil service?? in my 360.000km audi a4 avant 1.9tdi year 2002, oil change is over 30.000 and it drink 1kg oil every 15.000km.(shell helix ultra ect at around 9eur/kg) and yes i can tell that 1.9tdi avf serie engine is over military grade ;-)
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin Prije 2 godina
My first car was a first gen Honda prelude si I got it with 460k miles on it. Had lots of problems from clutch to overheating but it would not die. The number of times it overheated and I just kept driving was nuts kept oil and coolant in it and it just kept going and going lol
BRAD LYON Prije 2 godina
I've got myself a beautiful MK1 Skoda Fabia PD100 with 110k on clock it runs better than any diesel I've been in myself. Its got the full VRS kit on it also with straight thro and a remap
Alastair Archibald
Alastair Archibald Prije 2 godina
I have a Skoda Octavia with... wait for it... 1092 miles on the clock! Mind you, I have only had it 18 days. It's an SE L 1.5 TSI DSG in Velvet Red, and I'm very much enjoying it during the morning and evening commutes, not least because my last car (a VW Golf SE 1.6 DSI manual) had manual AC, whereas the Octavia has climate control. I got a sweet deal as an employee, since the aerospace company for which I work also owns a nationwide car dealership in the UK. I intend to take very good care of this vehicle. I had an Octavia L&K as a company car, and about the only thing I really appreciate about that over my current squeeze was the adaptive cruise control (mine has normal cruise). There are three really thoughtful extras: 1) The umbrella under the passenger seat 2) The ice scraper (which doubles as a tyre depth gauge) behind the petrol flap 3) The little clip to the right of the windscreen for car park tickets.
KRAZEEIZATION Prije 2 godina
I know someone with an 02 Octavia 1.4 petrol that’s never serviced, running with engine management light for 5 years and still goes! Old VW related products are great! Pity about the new stuff.
レム Prije 3 godina
The 1.9TDI engine is one of the best engines made by VW in terms of reliability. Tight spaces in Audi A4's and A6's of that period make it hard to work on, but with regular servicing that engine can be a million-mile hero.
レム Prije 3 godina
Mário Fonseca It all depends on how it was treated, for example, my dad bought an A4 B6 (2002) in 2005 from a woman that worked in an Audi dealer in Slovenia, the car was immaculate with 90k kilometres on the clock, it's still running like brand new years later with 154k kilometres on the clock with the biggest repair (aside from regular maintenance) being changing the engine mounts. In terms of maintenance, the biggest job you can have is changing the timing belt.
Mateja Đokić
Mateja Đokić Prije 3 godina
Mário Fonseca you got a bad Bora man. My cousin have on work VW Bora 1.9 TDI 2002 with 1.730.000km and its running very good. Most of taxi cars here with 300.000km are piece of shit, strange noise, vibrations, low power etc. Its about how you treat a car, not about what car do you have.
Mário Fonseca
Mário Fonseca Prije 3 godina
I had a 150k miles VW Bora with a 1.9 150hp engine for 2 months, and i sold it right away. Worst car i've ever owned. Every time i pushed the engine a little bit, it developed a new strange noise, vibration, rattle or whatever. The handling was very, very bad, the interior quality was also very bad. The only good thing about it was the fuel economy :P
I like pie
I like pie Prije 2 godina
A turbo can last that long? Wow.... hope Volvo’s are good too
PequlaTV Prije 10 mjeseci
Personally one engine that is always impressing me is the 1.4HDI from Peugeot/Citroen, they used it in the ford fiesta as well as the peugeot 206, c3 and all the cars of the age That little engine can go for ever, but it does tend to leak from all the gaskets, valve cover, head, even the oil sump. I own a ford fiesta that i gave to my mum, she is driving it nearly daily to go to the work and back home, so arrount 80km daily. It has 400 000km on the clock and its running really good. And i aleady replaced the starter 2 times bc during winter we have -15C weather for arround 3 days in a row 5-6 times a year and thats when the oil is really stiff, so it has a hard time crancking, also that bosch computer likes to shit arround with the cold starts under -10C. On all i tested so far every singel one has the same problem of needing to instatnly crank after the glow plug light goes of or else it will crank very long when its under -10C So a list i would make of the best diesels ever are (the onese i see often over 600 000km with the original engine): Peugeot/Citroen 1.6HDI (2005ish till today, its the same one) VW 1.9TDI Mercedes OM611/OM646 (2.2l) - TAXIs
nickoloes Prije godine
I dont think opening it up has shortened its life one bit. The new gasket will seal properly and wear and get covered in carbon just the same. Who knows, might have had the engine swapped once upon a time too.
Thomas Young
Thomas Young Prije 2 godina
My old man has a s reg golf tdi 90bhp and has done 330k miles on same clutch, turbo and exhaust And drives perfect it’s been well serviced over the years
Daniel Fl.
Daniel Fl. Prije 3 godina
THIS IS NOT FAIR!! The 1.9 TDi is not engine. It's a masterpiece.
Sidik Prije 2 godina
you should of driven a golf mk2 with a 1.6D engine now thats a master peace
Quadrifoglio 4
Quadrifoglio 4 Prije 3 godina
Gravemind You easilly find jtd with over 600.000 km on the clock and still going strong all original not even a head gasket and also rumors of 800.000 so just google opel 1.9 cdti as its exactly the same engine alfa derived jtd with aircooled aluminum oil sump.
Gravemind Prije 3 godina
@Quadrifoglio 4 All of those engines you listed will not last as long as a 1.9 TDI and I don't what you are on about those engines idle very smooth can't feel a single vibration coming into the car with them and they rev smooth too.
Quadrifoglio 4
Quadrifoglio 4 Prije 3 godina
Uhm it's tapping is not the quietest, injection is simple mechanic and idles rougher compared to common rail, has higher emissions.... Makes a good tractor engine but no "masterpiece" to me. Ever driven a JTD, Multijet, CdTi or TiD? Probably not btw they are no masterpiece either just tap less, idle smoother, pull all the way to 4500 rpm, more elastic and burn cleaner
Daniel Fl.
Daniel Fl. Prije 3 godina
They could have tested it on any other engine, which would be worn down. This is perhaps the best engine VAG Group both has and will ever produce.
velociraptor4554 Prije godine
I own a 110 hp seat toledo 1.9 tdi with some upgrades, reaching 170 hp,it sounds like a freaking tractor about to destroy itself, but man,it sure won't
HoneyedHylian Prije 2 godina
I have a question about my high mileage car. My car has 429k miles on her. I take her for routine oil changes at walmart (pit crew,) have the tires rotated regularly, replace the air filter when it's dirty, go to yearly state inspections for insurance, and replace the brake pads when they get squeaky. Is there anything else I should be doing? I don't mind spending the money to have any services or replacement parts. I got this car as a gift for my 16th birthday 9 years ago, so she's special to me and I want to take good care of her.
Alex Prije 3 godina
Looking at the underbody on this gives me indescribable envy. Living in the rustbelt sucks...
crxdelsolsir Prije godine
Honda engines have been transplanted in so many cars the actual distance traveled is enough to clock several instrument clusters and even outlive them. Legend says Honda engines are so long lived they just keep being circulated, from one owner to the next, one chassis to the next, one project to another and handed down from one generation to another outliving virtually anything it meets.
Aaron White
Aaron White Prije 3 godina
What brand engine oil lubricant was used for this car? I remember you saying in previous video that the car had one previous owner: what did they use regularly?
Simon Hare
Simon Hare Prije 2 godina
There has to be some dancing of the unscrewed oil filler cap (cylinder blowby) at this mileage surely?. My Mk5 2.0 tdi 140 at 213k does a bit. Starts well enough, not quite as well as a sub 100k er though. :)
Stephen Griffin
Stephen Griffin Prije godine
Totally amazing vid one VW tragic here,unbelievable mileage.Yes it pays to look after your engine.
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