10 Differences Between US And European Mustangs

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Car Throttle

Prije 5 godina

Boring European legislation means that US-specification Mustangs look cooler and perform better than their European brethren. Here are 10 ways in which they differ...

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Komentari: 5 940
Jake TheGardenSnake
Jake TheGardenSnake Prije 5 godina
The American ones also come with a 6 pack of budlight and a 12 gauge
MrTorgue Prije 4 godina
Great video actually, I enjoyed it. I knew of some of these regs from TG and my British neighbor and such but to see something like the bonnet vents not available in the UK is LUDICROUS.
Michael Benedict
Michael Benedict Prije 5 godina
And i thought $4 per gallon here a few years ago was ridiculously high. And after this video, i feel really bad for European car buyers :(
Rocket Freeman
Rocket Freeman Prije 4 godina
This is more like American vs UK Mustang not Europe
Amir Hassan
Amir Hassan Prije 5 godina
I'd love to see one of these on the McLaren 650S! I've heard there's quite some differences between the US spec and EU spec. Love these videos, by far one of my favorites!
WolfGrid Prije 3 godina
so, UK now represents whole europe?
Dimes On His Eyes
Dimes On His Eyes Prije 4 godina
$7 a gallon I'll never complain about $2 a gallon ever again
corvettez06usa Prije 5 godina
I love watching all the action shots and angles of these new Mustangs in the video, even after considering I have one in the 5.0 flavor in my garage.
tscooter22 Prije 4 godina
Very interesting video! Here in the United States, we have become used to watered down European automobiles. Well, that's how it was for a long time, so perhaps that has changed.
Paoloh Prije 2 godina
This is US vs UK. the UK is all but representative for Europe. It's the least European part of Europe.
Erich Lavelle
Erich Lavelle Prije 4 godina
Our mirrors aren't power foldable though. My Accord I had in Japan had them and I loved closing them when I parked. So handy. I haven't owned a single car that didn't have paint scraped off the edges of the mirrors with the exception of that one. Such a great idea even though US doesn't have the parking space problems Japan and Europe does.
ChriPusch Prije 4 godina
Thats not even EU anymore... lel
UncleanerBullet Prije 5 godina
On the part where you told about less power because of rhd steering, you were talking about UK version... how about the rest of the EU that doesnt need rhd steering?
Alfred Shell
Alfred Shell Prije 5 godina
The main 1 i knew already as i saw some euro spec Mustangs while i was stationed in Germany with my U.S. Spec Mustang was the different tail lights. Didn't notice the other differences though so that's cool.
Aristos Player 1
Aristos Player 1 Prije 2 godina
The v8 shells more than double compared to the ecoboost. I was expecting the numbers to be the other way around considering the tax and the fuel price.
3dotsOneSpace Prije 3 godina
Hi just a quick question, how good this car is when it comes to reliability? I'm thinking about getting a conv. brand new (about 70k$ in my country) or could get a used, low mile one (probably hardtop) , for about 35k$
illitero Prije 5 godina
I'm really digging the clear taillights. Especially how they have a single amber for the turn signal instead of the irritating sequential turn signal. I hated seeing it on earlier mustangs when it was just a mod. Now that it's standard for some reason just makes it worse.
Schniebel Prije godine
shockwave1 Prije 5 godina
Well are we talking about Europe or UK?
funkingitup Prije 4 godina
I haven't been a fan of everything on your channel, but this was extremely well put together. Unlike a lot of shitty ten list channels, you knew the material and did your research. Nice work, man.
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