10 Things We Miss Most About Old Cars

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Modern cars are festooned with touchscreens, airbags, beeps and bongs. Sure, they're safer than ever, but there are a few features of old cars that we really miss...
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Komentari: 5 436
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Prije 6 godina
What I miss most about old cars... is the fact that you were driving an actual car. Not a mobile computer.
Rylan Prije 3 mjeseci
I think that’s mostly because automatic transmissions.
Jack McDonald
Jack McDonald Prije 2 godina
boomer moment
Angel Dedousis
Angel Dedousis Prije 2 godina
Damn straight.Without esp abs auto braking system and hi-tech stuff just like screens.Engine car gearbox nothing alse
TinLizzie1927 Prije 3 godina
Matt Smith agreed!!!
Steve Carras
Steve Carras Prije 4 godina
Matt Smith same with buses
Nerd By Northwest
Nerd By Northwest Prije 5 godina
the thing i miss most about old cars is the styling
Rylan Prije 3 mjeseci
@Dodgefam1098 05 how old
Whayo AjRed YT
Whayo AjRed YT Prije 2 godina
Nerd By Northwest especially the white walls. And the bouncy ass suspension.
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije 4 godina
DUHITZMOPARGIRL 101 Not to mention it'll outlast pretty much anything you see on the road today as well.
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije 4 godina
Nerd By Northwest me to man.
Dodgefam1098 05
Dodgefam1098 05 Prije 5 godina
Nerd By Northwest same we got a very old car and better than the new one
doryanthes67 Prije 5 godina
I love the simplicity of my 2005 Subaru: - Key that looks like a key. Turn it and the car starts. - Handbrake that you use your hand to operate that makes a clicking noise. - Gear stick (shift) which is tremendous fun. Who wants to drive a dodgem car with two pedals? - Radio/CD player for entertainment. That's it. It's just a basic, comfortable, machine for driving me from A to B and it works every time and costs me next to nothing. I'm never selling it. Why would I buy an ugly, modern car that is mainly made of plastic and offers a lesser driving experience? Where is the value proposition? I do not care if people "look down" on my older model. I look down on them for being sucked into a never ending 3 year cycle of wasting money. But it's their money so I don't care.
scope Prije 5 godina
What I absolutly HATE about most new cars is electric power steering. It doesn't give any feedback, you never really know what happens to front wheels.
Rylan Prije 3 mjeseci
I was told to drive my mother’s car to drive her friend home last night because she doesn’t have a license. I almost hit our truck because I didn’t realizing I was steering left, I drive a 1967 and I can actually initially tell where my wheels are pointing.
I love Sheen
I love Sheen Prije 3 godina
yea theres nothing like driving a car yourself, not having your car drive you based on commands from the steering wheel and shit, theres nothing like making a turn with the force of your own arms! you really feel like you're driving the car
Fox McCloud 007
Fox McCloud 007 Prije 3 godina
Power steering in a 60s era muscle car also feels that way to me.
Doug N
Doug N Prije 4 godina
My last three cars have had electric steering. It does have a very numb feeling but I can't say that it makes the car unsafe to drive. Actually the amount of power assist decreases with speed so at highway speeds there's almost no assist at all. The boost comes on full at parking speeds. I've gotten to where I appreciate it.
Evan Dickson
Evan Dickson Prije 4 godina
scope drove for the first time the other day and you are absoulutely right. Half the time when making maneuvers in tight space I had no clue where the car would go because I couldn't feel the wheels.
D Filice
D Filice Prije 5 godina
I miss having manual heat and A/C controls. Nowadays they are imbedded into the digital on-screen controls of a GPS/Radio/Phone system. It was nice to just turn a knob to get nice hot air directed at my feet instead of taking my eyes off the road to fiddle with some complicated onscreen display.
Daedalus304 Prije godine
My 2001 Mazda 626 has slider switches for the ac, even easier, just reach over slide it across and you've got nice cool air
Joe Santiago
Joe Santiago Prije 5 godina
I told my friend that my truck had no remote and that's one reason why I liked it and, I shit you not, he asked me "Then how do you lock it from the outside?"
𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓹𝓪𝓲
𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓹𝓪𝓲 Prije godine
[Insert Facepalm Meme Here]
demoniack81 Prije godine
@Viking88 ...has he never used a chainsaw or a wheed whacker?
Pölymuuri Prije 2 godina
@Zero SAAB :)
Hover Dover
Hover Dover Prije 2 godina
@Jean-Luc people nowadays treat anything like a phone.
dadabg Prije 3 godina
I hope you are joking!
Andreas Hein
Andreas Hein Prije 4 godina
In 20 years: What we miss most about cars: The Motor
Shea McLoughlin
Shea McLoughlin Prije 2 godina
With the way things are going in 20 years time the we'll probably miss most about cars is driving them
Doug N
Doug N Prije 4 godina
You mean the internal combustion engine? I hear ya. I'm really looking forward to a cross country road trip in an electric car that takes 2 hrs to charge so I can go another 200 miles. My current gas engine car has an 18.5 gallon tank and gets 40 mpg. Nearly 700 mile range. It can be refilled in 5 minutes.
weesh Prije 4 godina
Brbhave2p00p Prije 5 godina
It's 2017 and I'm still dreaming of owning a carbureted v8. Ahh the days when you could fix cars on your own :)
I love Sheen
I love Sheen Prije 3 godina
of course you are! everyone loves classic v8s except for wallets
Sargent Apple Pie
Sargent Apple Pie Prije 4 godina
I miss the shape of old cars 🚗
Sargent Apple Pie
Sargent Apple Pie Prije 11 mjeseci
@A HRpost Channel with No Name Yes, I like the look of box cars. Particularly classic minis
A YouTube Channel with No Name
A YouTube Channel with No Name Prije 11 mjeseci
Boxy cars?
Gursimran Singh
Gursimran Singh Prije 5 godina
throttle response , fun to drive , solid body (safety) , engine structure ( indirect fuel injection systems ) , manual gearbox😍😍
MoistAvocado 23
MoistAvocado 23 Prije 5 godina
I miss how good they look! All the stupid curves today are crazy!
LegoWormNoah101 Prije 2 godina
*cough cough* Lamborghini *cough*
ddkoda Prije 4 godina
I miss metal instrument panels a lot. In many instances they were really jewel like works of art.
Yannick Gamper
Yannick Gamper Prije 2 godina
"Acts like natural weight reduction" LOL that's gold!!
abandonedcoconut Prije 6 mjeseci
“And rust is really tasty”
EleMP EleMP Prije 5 godina
Older cars actually look like they where designed by people who like cars. Not some fat environmentalist looking for a paycheck.
CptChuff2 Prije 11 mjeseci
@CJ Colvin I have a 96 Bronco
A YouTube Channel with No Name
A YouTube Channel with No Name Prije 11 mjeseci
@CJ Colvin Except a Toyota
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije godine
@Commando ! Sounds awesome brother.
𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓹𝓪𝓲
𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓹𝓪𝓲 Prije godine
Stimulants i like The only safety features I want are just ABS and airbags. Nothing more.
I love Sheen
I love Sheen Prije 3 godina
oh, and i forgot one thing.. money.. what care manufacturers care about now is money.. modern cars break in a few years and if something happens.. well forget fixing it on your own, anything breaks? well you're up for one expensive repair! classic cars were made to last.. because well.. they're still around! which means one thing, they still work! i doubt any cars built today still runs in 20 years and fixing a classic cars? well a few simple tools and you can do something they'd charge 100s of dollars for on a modern car
Dapinder Sandhu
Dapinder Sandhu Prije 4 godina
manual gear shift the most enjoyable thing in these old cars. i miss that. and car key
𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓹𝓪𝓲
𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓹𝓪𝓲 Prije godine
william 911 turbo s You sound like a kid moron. Go back to playing Forza.
Rasim Kazi
Rasim Kazi Prije godine
@William 911 Turbo S For you it's horrible but for us manual is fun and because automatic is more faster than manual because the machine chance the gear not the human
Patrick Patrick
Patrick Patrick Prije 2 godina
@William 911 Turbo S lol.
Robert Petrea
Robert Petrea Prije 3 godina
William, you are a complete moron.
William 911 Turbo S
William 911 Turbo S Prije 3 godina
manual gearboxes are horrible. it is not fun but fast dct paddle shifters are sooo engageing(can not drive a stick)!! i love sports cars
Dakota Carney
Dakota Carney Prije 4 godina
I miss the fact that on old cars, it's all motor. no sophisticated electronic engine systems, just plain old motor. Which means you can feel everything that's going on as you're driving the car.
Rafael Đurin
Rafael Đurin Prije 3 godina
And normal person can fix it with basic tools
largol33t1 Prije 4 godina
Damn, you're making me cry. My dad's old 700-series Volvo was like that. It had a tiny 4 cylinder but when you drove it, you felt everything: the tires, the road, the car swerving around each corner. I miss that car and it wasn't even the turbo version!
Aniceta, Raphael Franco S.
Aniceta, Raphael Franco S. Prije 5 godina
Old cars are humble.
Terence Stark
Terence Stark Prije 5 godina
It also feels like older cars were actually made to last. -.-
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije godine
@Commando ! Awesome brother My 96 F150 has a 5.0L (302) Windsor V8 as well with 209,000 and still going strong as well. I have a video of it on my channel if you want to come see it sometime. Here's the link belowhrpost.info/history/n7qVnsyWgaaCeJw/video
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije godine
@Commando ! Awesome brother. What engine is it.
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije godine
@Fox McCloud 007 You can also do a restomod on em as well.
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije godine
@MarcoGamer640 Sounds awesome brother.
Matu Fujiwara
Matu Fujiwara Prije 2 godina
@Matt Bates i know its a old comment i would like to say my opinion. oh yes how fast the rust comes out on the modern cars. it mostly cause our climate is very wet most of the year. most of the modern cars, cant make it out of body quarantee, when they already have rust. plus engines. older times, carmakers tried to make cars last longer and longer cause then people would by their cars. but then carmakers noticed that if cars last so long, nobody buys new cars. so they started making everything wear faster. when older cars engine could do 1 000 000km without bigger problems, then nowadays cars. when i worked at one place, than there were cars, driven under 200 000km and their piston rings were already worn out, and their engines were burning oil like hell. you cant see older cars much on streets cause people bought newer cars cause they were modern and sold old cars for little money. and the guys who bought the older cars were just fooling around with them. for example. one man told me a real story. when the russian time ended in estonia(i live here), then all the cheap economical modern japanese cars took over and all the old russian cars prices were really really down. and this mans sons bought these cars for candy price and did all kinds of stunts. he said that there was a new car every day.
c4azy 74
c4azy 74 Prije 4 godina
i loved the fact that you could smell the petrol once it came out the exhaust and that you could take it for an MOT , make it road legal then put a huge engine in it along with a supercharger and no limiter so you could do around 190 mph in something like a lada riva
Nélson Alexandre
Nélson Alexandre Prije 5 godina
in Portugal is rare to see automatic cars 😃
markoftheus Prije 3 godina
I like that older cars had far less environmental regulations. And with the EPA being less involved, you could actually modify your car they way you want without getting into any trouble.
Sergi07131 Prije 4 godina
Actually, pushing the clutch to start the car is very healthy for the engine! I always do that even though it is not required in my car...
Jay Kovacs
Jay Kovacs Prije 5 godina
what i miss most is the mechanical throttle cable! Especially when i put on the cruise control in my old E39 and the pedal "disappears" under my right foot... such a nice feeling :)
Wesley Havi
Wesley Havi Prije 5 godina
My dad still has his Peugeot 504 estate from 1973. Believe me, you really don't need a mechanic to fix anything on it... just proper tools, the owner manuals and meets with other enthusiasts
Viking88 Prije 5 godina
I drive a Volvo PV444 (among others) from 1951. Been in the family since it was new. Just goes and goes. All you need is a toolbox, some oil and something all men used to have, basic mechanical skills. No computers or electrical problems. Just a simple engine, straightly built car without problems. And damn good looking.
MoldyWorm Gaming
MoldyWorm Gaming Prije godine
My daily is a 1975 Mini and I have to say it’s a joy to drive I love the beautiful simplicity of the interior, there is nothing un-necessary about it, just three pedals, as steering wheel and a gear knob! What more do you want?
Vladislav Robinson
Vladislav Robinson Prije 3 godina
You know you purchased the right first car when you have 8/10 things on here :)
John Meyer
John Meyer Prije 4 godina
In addition to the key point, I miss metal keys. All my vehicles still use a standard key to start, but carry around the big plastic wrapped key and key fob really weighs down my pocket.
NewRiski Prije 4 godina
I miss the manual gearbox so exciting and a exercise for your hands and miss the handbrake the good old times
Duckman Prije 3 godina
I drive a 90 silverado and I love it. Its got the ability to be worked on without a mechanic, simple interior, better design and although she may be old shes got it where it counts under the hood with that old V6
Ridiculous Vloger
Ridiculous Vloger Prije 4 godina
I love the car designs between 1970 till 2000 to me it's like golden times for cars
Mr. Berlingo
Mr. Berlingo Prije 3 godina
I still have an old car (2001 Berlingo), when I change it, it looks like nearly everything has alloy wheels these days, so I'll be missing near-indestructible steel wheels (FYI I have small centre VW Scirocco hub caps on the Berlingo, so don't even get the problem of the all over plastic wheel trims getting mashed on kerbs!)
LogyCPM Prije godine
The thing I miss about old cars is the grunt of the engine, but the thing no-one misses is no power steering.
The Tdi boy
The Tdi boy Prije 2 godina
Manual gearbox, handbrake, wind down windows lucky I still have these 😁
Mathias Hjersing
Mathias Hjersing Prije 5 godina
I miss rear window louvers. Currently have a Opel Manta B and it look awesome with it
Ayman Dots
Ayman Dots Prije 6 godina
i miss the price !!! 😨
Rider Nakal
Rider Nakal Prije 3 godina
Ayman Dots YEA!
FREEDOM 24v Prije 3 godina
Zhemin Lin aaaaaaccttuuullllyyy no. 20k back in the 90s is 30ish k now..... Most american trucks that costed 20k where fully loaded crew cab diesels....
Nedko Genov
Nedko Genov Prije 4 godina
julien grandmougin new cars have a high price
Junuvo Jam
Junuvo Jam Prije 4 godina
Zhemin, in the olden days people actually had backyards, now you buy a new house, you cant fit a car between them they are jamed in that tightly, may as well live in an apartment, which is what I suspect all the no-funocrats would like us to do, that and catch a bus...
168 CHRIS.C Prije 4 godina
I ain't rich, as a petrolhead
NPC #2056765
NPC #2056765 Prije godine
The thing I miss about old cars is the lack of aero, I miss boxy cars. My favourite being the 1979 ford thunderbird. Not so much angry lines but hard lines.
Tadly Prije 2 godina
I miss the look of the old cars! Back then they were so beautiful and i fell in love with the mk 3 golf cuz it just looks good! On the first look i fell in love with it! The cars in these days make me feel like: "no thanks mate"
Fox McCloud 007
Fox McCloud 007 Prije 3 godina
What about being easier to repair, or having airplane style seatbelts that were adjustable and didnt lock up on you when you leaned forward?
John Karl
John Karl Prije 4 godina
I miss the automatic seat belts, the old car smell, cloth interior, and the chrome door handles, and the fact that you don't need to push on the brake pedal to start the car, which most new automatic cars have nowadays.
pontus laurell
pontus laurell Prije 3 godina
Cuba is a heaven on earth for car enthusiasts :) i would love to go there and watch a 50s car drive around with a modified tractorengine ^^
Very Enigma
Very Enigma Prije 3 godina
I miss the taillights on the old cars, the new ones are all slammed and mashed together for cheaper costs but the old ones were well defined and independent from one another
mannequinfukr Prije 4 godina
I miss all of the room you had (at least in my experience). my knees would be very close to the steering wheel in my grandmother's van (I have to move the seat all the way back, and it feels too close still), while in my grandfathers 89 f250, I don't need to move the seat at all
J.M. Mencias
J.M. Mencias Prije 4 godina
I miss cars with two sticks: One for the transmission, one to switch between 2wd and 4wd.
Rohan G. Nair
Rohan G. Nair Prije 5 godina
Manual transmission is still normal in India
Rafael Đurin
Rafael Đurin Prije 3 godina
@Stryke me too
DefinitelyNotML Prije 3 godina
but are crappy 5 or 4 speed transmissions (especially on tata cars)
Miko Pekkola
Miko Pekkola Prije 3 godina
ELJ Productions
ELJ Productions Prije 3 godina
In sa the only manual cars are granny driven cars or bmw suvs
prathyush prem
prathyush prem Prije 3 godina
4dacause what lol?? Americans dont know how to drive a manual???.
Mayhem Mike
Mayhem Mike Prije 5 godina
fuckin right about about the a-pillars. making wide left turns in my car can get dicey
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Prije godine
Idk about this but back then more people actually drove cars in multiple colors like red, blue, green, yellow, and even purple. Now its all black gray and white.
Business Dude
Business Dude Prije 4 godina
Old cars look, sound, and completely are better. My favorite classic is the vw sambabus. I love the Lancia Stratos and Alpine 110
AgonizedBarrel2 Prije 5 godina
I miss the unique design. Common cars now a days all look the same
Gamer Prije godine
the area i live in HAS THE SAME CAR 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚙🚙🚙🚙
Gravemind Prije 3 godina
Audi, Mercedes and BMW are all in the cloning business.
Sam Lung
Sam Lung Prije 4 godina
what unique design? box shapes and squares with a simple interior. Back then i couldn't see a difference from a Mercedes and a Honda.
Steve Carras
Steve Carras Prije 4 godina
Darren White that's for sure
Jovin Flores
Jovin Flores Prije 5 godina
Wish I could like this multiple times
Frank Benincasa
Frank Benincasa Prije 4 godina
I liked the feel of the road whenever you drove an old car
Wyatt Larrick
Wyatt Larrick Prije 3 godina
I miss the mechanical aspect of old engines. Everything is hard to fix because everything is controlled by a computer it seems.
bansheeflier1015 Prije 4 godina
Honestly I like my R56s steering wheel. Though I have large-ish hands, so it being more chunky helps.
Affordable Motoring
Affordable Motoring Prije 2 godina
I miss not having plastic engine covers, analogue speedometers, when u knock an old car, u know that thing is made of steel by the sound it makes. Nowadays most cars sound like they are made of hard plastic when you knock with your hand. Also miss reasonably soft seats. Miss regular tyres that are not low profile, steel wheels too. Miss not having too many entertainment in the car, i used to talk to my co passengers while driving, nowadays they are almost always looking at a screen. Miss steel chrome plated hubcaps.
Caleb Prije 4 godina
Idk man, I test drive a mini and I loved how weird the key was. It fits the car
X Æ A-XII Prije godine
the steering wheels. the backseats being a sofa, the bmw e9, pop up headlights
Retro 8821
Retro 8821 Prije 3 godina
Someone who owns a car company should watch this and it's sequel and design a modern car with modern parts but still having all the things that make old cars so epic
timmytubede Prije 5 godina
Sound is also a thing, engines in old cars usually sound good (I really like the sound of my mums '94 Volvo 965 3.0) but in nowadays in many 'normal' cars you have like a 4 cylinder TDI or something. And to be honest I don't really like the awesome powerful sound of an engine like that. Even my parents new hybrid car sounds more exciting than that. It makes spaceship noises when stepping on the gas. And yeah old keys were cooler than all those keyless go systems. You can still get mechanical handbrakes, even in 2016 cars. I like the design of older cars, which is mostly "form follows function" so that it is good to drive and you have enough space inside and not "pressed through the wind tunnel" just for aerodynamics
vincent marical
vincent marical Prije 6 godina
I miss the sound off older cars, nowadays you can barely hear the engine
Gravemind Prije 3 godina
Yeah I know that feeling I drove a Ford Fiesta and it was so quiet below 3000RPM that shifts came a bit late. My normal car I can shift right every time and tell you the speed I'm doing without looking down at the speedometer.
Xxyz 260
Xxyz 260 Prije 3 godina
More Animals Less People Then. [WARNING] Fiat Multipla
BeGods Warrior
BeGods Warrior Prije 6 godina
+Camo Gunman did you have to say prius? gosh, just hearing that word has ruined my day off. :-)
Camo Gunman
Camo Gunman Prije 6 godina
+vincent marical damn you are dumb. If you can't hear engine noise you're either blind or own a prius.
Musclecarlover7 Prije 6 godina
Ahh, that sucks, sort of a tradition my dad has. South Australia is more lenient with that when it comes to cars that are already on the road as long as it's not too loud
tormod Prije 4 godina
I miss reliable timing chains. So many cars now have weak chains that streches and snaps. And they tell you it never has to be replaced. I would rather have a timing belt instead with a known intervall.
MrBirba2011 Prije 3 godina
I know it is a little bit too late, but one of the things I miss the most are those beautiful, badass chrome bumpers.
Thomas Wouters
Thomas Wouters Prije 3 godina
What i really miss about old cars is the sound of shutting a door. It used to sound more mechanic if that makes sense
Rishabh Pathak
Rishabh Pathak Prije 5 godina
You could pretty much service your own car, changing the oil filter, air filter, spark plugs etc
Luke P
Luke P Prije 3 godina
I miss the interiors of old cars :(
Dubstep Addict
Dubstep Addict Prije 4 godina
I miss the small, aero style. This is why the S2K and MX5 will forever be my favourite car. I had an 03 Sunfire, totaled it due to black ice, so I got a 2015 Elantra. The new car is great, especially for 20, but it's large, boaty, and feels like it's designed for people who just wanna get from A to B. Feels like the passion is gone. Not to mention I had to take apart THE ENTIRE DASH AND THEN SOME just to put in a goddamn air filter.
James Rose
James Rose Prije 4 godina
i own an old 82 corolla and i love how much personality it has, it will develop a problem but 95% of the time will mysteriously just not be there and never come back xD
Honkey Kong
Honkey Kong Prije 4 godina
I always liked the little triangle windows on driver/passenger doors that was perfect for us smokers.
Dan R
Dan R Prije 4 godina
I miss being able to use my heat a/c controls without taking my eyes of the road while wearing mittens! (No mittens when using the A/C!) Rotary volume controls on the radio. I will miss my manual the most. Have '14 Honda Accord with 6 speed manual.
Jameson Prije 3 godina
I miss the fact that old cars didnt have computer controled engine parts, including break, gas, transmission, ect. And older cars cant be hacked and driven by a computer.
Boogeyman Prije 5 godina
the joy of driving a manual car is something elae😍😍😍
jorgey4 Prije 5 godina
I actually had the damndest thing happen about a month ago, where I was at a gas station and this woman's car stalled just in front of the pump. she couldn't reach with the nozzle and me and another guy asked to help her push her car up, but we couldn't, because she couldn't shift her car in neutral, for whatever electronic system that was the authority on that. good thing the gas station let her borrow a gas can.
Mikosch2 Prije 5 godina
True, that point about the interior. Old cars, you have a shifter, a handbrake, and buttons for basic functions. Nowadays you get in and wonder whether this is a freaking Airbus or what.
Aleksandar Lenhart
Aleksandar Lenhart Prije 4 godina
yeah work like Groundbus
Delorean Prije 4 godina
the thing i miss the most about old cars is their styles because my dad has a Volkswagen Bug and I love the interior of it because it's all rustic looking
Bronco Belligerence
Bronco Belligerence Prije 3 godina
I like my truck, it's new enough to have decent equipment without going overboard. Then there's my Miata, basic as hell and enjoy it so much. I work for CarMax and every time I step into a new Mercedes or BMW or even KIA, I have to spend a minute trying to figure out how to turn on the lights or release the hood or adjust the climate controls.
Anth0ny_unplugged16 Prije godine
the thing i miss in old cars that they were way cheaper :)
REDSLATE Prije 5 godina
Pushing the clutch in to start is fine. Prevents the car from jumping if it's left it in gear. My car's two decades old and has this as a safety feature.
7 individual
7 individual Prije 10 mjeseci
Very improtant point: old Cars have character / car soul 😃 My friend had a Renault Megane with that stupid plastic key card...one time it felt on the ground and 200€ flew away 😂
Harry Tran
Harry Tran Prije 4 godina
I missed the most of all spare tire carrier with swing away tailgate.
Arran Ferguson
Arran Ferguson Prije godine
Do I get a bonus point for spotting the Haynes manual error? That MX-5 looks awfully like an S2000 😉
The_Great_Gavino Prije godine
Classic cars (mainly from the early early 90s and lower) are becoming more and more unpopular because everyone is into the new shit. I have many friends who own cars from the 70s and 60s and even the 30s that have better performance than a SRT8 or a Mustang GT. All facts. A friend of mine owns a 1967 Pontiac Firebird, all white with a 588 cubic inch big block, he's running 8 seconds flat.
Jonne Kommenttaaja
Jonne Kommenttaaja Prije 5 godina
i miss the most about old cars the looks and the modeling
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije 5 godina
Also car companies gives there cars weird names.
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije 5 godina
Exactly but blame safety, government, and pedestrians.
Firemarioflower Prije 5 godina
@CJ Colvin Plus gigantic badges, oversized or narrow headlamps, pompous grills, weird angles and dents everywhere. It's not attractive.
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije 5 godina
A lot modern cars looks like nothing but cheap plastic eggshells on wheels and have these big fat buts.
Firemarioflower Prije 5 godina
@ButterSquids Fuel efficeincy for the eco-fascists!! Real petrolheads go for PASSION! and simple driving pleasure. Expecting supercars to be efficient is so stupid and hypocrite.
Fluffy Hunter
Fluffy Hunter Prije 5 godina
I miss the noises, reliability and the classic manual transmission
Avarickan Prije 5 godina
I agree on fixing old cars. Though granted all the old cars I've fixed are Ts, and As, (so ancient) but they're so much nicer than modern cars. It took an hour with two people to change the battery in my modern car, because some genius decided to put it under a metal bar, and a fuse box. When it comes to weight I'm not sure if older is better. I've seen plenty of old cars that are built like tanks.
Brayan Nexon
Brayan Nexon Prije 5 godina
This video is so true that's why I have a old 1982 gmc sierra. by the way you forgot to mention that old cars are easy to modify as well modifying new cars is expensive and not as effective
allwrighty100 Prije 4 godina
When it came to sounds, you couldn't beat the old cartridge 8-track cassette.....well you could really.
Vasek Cekan
Vasek Cekan Prije 5 godina
My brand new Honda Accord has a twist turn key for the ignition, a manual gearbox and excellent visibility with thin A pillars while still being very safe, along with a regular non electronic hand brake.
protectthebrand Prije 5 godina
@Vasek Cekan Ha I made you comment... oh wait
Vasek Cekan
Vasek Cekan Prije 5 godina
antuan XII you just made a new comment
protectthebrand Prije 5 godina
@Vasek Cekan you just made a new comment
Vasek Cekan
Vasek Cekan Prije 5 godina
antuan XII then quit making brand new comments
protectthebrand Prije 5 godina
LikeWildFire Prije 3 godina
Using your arm strength to steer the wheel when making manouvers. Ah, the days of no power steering
Ken Chappell
Ken Chappell Prije 5 godina
I miss the little vent windows and the dimmer switch on the floor. I miss ashtrays and bench seats. I miss opening the hood and being able to find the spark plugs. I miss being surrounded in a metal. (Bam ! - Hit a deer, wash off the blood and fur and keep driving - Not even a dent) I miss the old styles. They had character.
David Prije 4 godina
You also missed one more thing, the extreme smell of fuel while the car is idling.
soulassassin0g Prije 4 godina
I miss having to check if every door was locked before walking away and then having to walk back because you forgot to roll up the window.
Liam Regan
Liam Regan Prije 3 godina
I miss how easy it was to steal cars back then, me and my friends used to steals cars I the night, drive them around all night and return them to the owner and we never got caught
Guy on a chinese motorcycle
Guy on a chinese motorcycle Prije 4 godina
I miss my 76' Moskvitch because its so reliable and cheap. You can fix it with hammer and a wire. Or you can buy 60k km looking like a brand new 70hp "masselcar" which torque can beat some i6 engines.
Barney Likes Kids
Barney Likes Kids Prije 5 godina
How is a manual gearbox an old feature? Almost all cars are manual here in Switzerland
Vladislav Robinson
Vladislav Robinson Prije 3 godina
mydarlinglana yeah they are.
mydarlinglana Prije 4 godina
I thought most 18 wheelers and box trucks were manuals still here in the US.
CJ Colvin
CJ Colvin Prije 4 godina
L'Assassin du 50 I wish America could still use manuals in they're cars and trucks.
L'Assassin du 50
L'Assassin du 50 Prije 5 godina
Manual gearbox is still the norm in Europe, but not in America, where you're allowed to learn to drive only in an auto since longer (70's). So when you're a American car enthousiast, you usually have an automatic gearbox. Funnier, and safer (i'm talking about thieves : Most people can't drive it).
Alessandro Citterio
Alessandro Citterio Prije 5 godina
Barney Likes Kids 'murica man
Lucas Aldrich
Lucas Aldrich Prije 5 godina
Here's some things I miss about old cars Powerful big block engines 3 on the tree transmission Push button door handles Vinyl interior (white, red, blue, green, grey, etc) Vinyl tops Very heavy doors Manual windows Coul induction hood
Minusartifact55 Prije 5 godina
I miss the design of old cars. they just look so much cooler that what we have today
Paddy eyre
Paddy eyre Prije 5 godina
I own a 70' Opel gt and I laugh at people in newer cars... All I did was add coil overs and fifteen 52 runs and what a beauty
Banzaisam Prije 4 godina
I'd love a car with tea and coffee facilities in it.
David Carbines
David Carbines Prije 4 godina
Pure mechanics that you can feel and fully control manually, not numbed and altered through electronics.
Hendric Kneip
Hendric Kneip Prije 2 godina
The most I miss are real exhaust pipes
Ronald van Kemenade
Ronald van Kemenade Prije 5 godina
When a heated steering wheel comes standard, but you have to pay extra for a spare tire, you just know things are going south... Mostly I miss the ride itself. Nowadays, even luxury saloons are tuned for performance: It makes them safer and it looks better in the sales brochure, I get all that. But since the ride itself can't be expressed in numbers, it's prone to get sidelined.
Donnie Montoya
Donnie Montoya Prije 3 godina
I drive my dad's old 85' GMC K20 pickup. The closest thing I have to a computer is the stereo. And she's manual too ;)
David Grauvogl
David Grauvogl Prije 4 godina
I miss cars that don't drive for you. Keep your traction control, stability control, auto braking etc etc etc. Just like the manual, maybe we would be better drivers if we were forced to be more engaged with our driving.
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