Can A 30-Year Old E30 M3 Keep Up With A New G80 M3?

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Prije 7 mjeseci

For your chance to win a BMW E30 M3 and support a great cause, enter here:

This week, Alex takes the legend that is the E30 M3 and tests its performance against the brand new G80 M3 to find out how far the game has moved on.

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focused ford
focused ford Prije 7 mjeseci
The E30 definitely has the looks, but the newest M3 has the immense speed. I'd have the E30 any day, but the best M3 to me is the E46.
Edgar Aranda
Edgar Aranda Prije mjesec
@Chris naughty naughty ☝🏼
Dom Toretto
Dom Toretto Prije 3 mjeseci
E46 is a girls car in the looks dept
korallrev Prije 3 mjeseci
after like 2010 we all kno that the c63 is the way to go...
Stefan V
Stefan V Prije 3 mjeseci
Could not agree more. Exactly that.
ghulam raza
ghulam raza Prije 4 mjeseci
by CDMC Prije 7 mjeseci
Biggest difference is that as the years go on, nobody will remember G80 M3, yet everyone will remember the E30 M3
Nick Mkhize
Nick Mkhize Prije mjesec
Nailed it.
Daniel Prije 3 mjeseci
BMW 🐰 edition
dosko Prije 5 mjeseci
No not really. Most M3s are remembered by enthusiasts for some thing.
Jusvibin Prije 5 mjeseci
The g80 will be remembered for those ugly ass grills ngl the whole car itself dosent look bad but the grill ruins it
Tim D
Tim D Prije 6 mjeseci
@Seb G Yes you can still get the g80/82 as a manual, but only the standard m3/m4, not the competition one
Bradley Z
Bradley Z Prije 7 mjeseci
I'm amazed how quickly Ethan developed a motorsport personality.
C Adams
C Adams Prije 2 mjeseci
In the woooorld!
Simeon Bell
Simeon Bell Prije 6 mjeseci
I‘m like 4 mins into the video and reading this my thoughts are „this must be a meme“ 😂
Daany Prije 6 mjeseci
It’s been half a decade
T. Dahle
T. Dahle Prije 7 mjeseci
Quickly=5-6 years?
Omar Moustafa
Omar Moustafa Prije 7 mjeseci
The guy was trained by Ben Collins what do you expect
Tyler Heyes
Tyler Heyes Prije 7 mjeseci
215hp out of an 80s 4 cylinder is insanely impressive
Starsten Cahl
Starsten Cahl Prije 2 mjeseci
@Burn the joooz I’ve always wondered, do americans really think the engine layout is the single most important factor for hp?
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse Prije 6 mjeseci
@Burn the joooz Maybe an American V8. European ones were already making a lot more than that :P
VAPORPUNK24 Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now What a stupid comment.
Andre Zesna
Andre Zesna Prije 6 mjeseci
238hp in the Sport evo with 2.5liter. In germany no one leave the s14 in Stock. Average HP of the most M3s is around 250HP. In DTM spec they get around 360hp out of it. My M3 has allready 180k km on the clock.
Andre Zesna
Andre Zesna Prije 6 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now what are you talking about??
Robert Prije 7 mjeseci
Before anything else, I just have to give huge props for the editing on this, it was phenomenal. The tracking shots with the drones, how you integrate the performance and other figures within the shot and making it a 3D text so that it exists within the shot itself and is not static, great camera angles, and that beautiful transparent shot between the two cars demonstrating their stopping distance at 14:18 , I'm thoroughly impressed by the editing, really great job guys. And of course a great video overall as well, both cars are awesome, the E30 will always be a legend and we can always appreciate it, while the new kid on the block shows how times and performance have changed. Also love that little twist at the end, another great shot with the cars moving to the side and your choice of car coming in the middle :)
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi Prije 6 mjeseci
Finally someone who doesn’t hate on the G80
Boyan Petrov
Boyan Petrov Prije 7 mjeseci
I’ve noticed that as well. Really high level of video editing and filming. Also at the end of the video where the M3 E46 showed up in between then was amazingly done.
Steve Hasler
Steve Hasler Prije 7 mjeseci
AfterEffects 3D tracking! Very clever software isn’t it, and also skilful use of it by whoever edited. (Ethan or Jack?)
Jon Donnelly
Jon Donnelly Prije 7 mjeseci
You can mod the e30 to make it quicker, faster steering rack etc, but you can't do much with the G80 to make it look better.
Daniel Prije 3 mjeseci
@DK Danis The new M3 is like all other new BMW. Big engine, but not too big because taxes and fuel economy - one, two turbochargers. That's it. It's not any engineering miracle. And well, faster? Everything can be made fast. Handling also matters. And design.. And those teeth.. damn rabbit 🐰
TC AUDIOBOOKS Prije 4 mjeseci
A wrecking ball would make it look better.
DK Danis
DK Danis Prije 6 mjeseci
@Madirishman3 well you can completely put everything different to the e30 only left the chassis even that will have rollcage but then what's left from the stock car you can make it time attack car with active aero but you can do that too with g80.
Madirishman3 Prije 6 mjeseci
@DK Danis most enthusiasts who know there stuff would have no trouble doing that stuff. Harder stuff is fitting turbo s50's, S62 or better. Then you'd have some serious competition for your new one
Mark E34-535-SPORT
Mark E34-535-SPORT Prije 7 mjeseci
@DK Danis I would still take my modified E30 over the mess that is a G80.
craazyy22 Prije 7 mjeseci
For me the winner here would be the E30, It got the looks, charm and strong personality. Also its always more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.
naycnay Prije 2 mjeseci
​@DK Danis I live in Jersey. We have speed limits of 40mph (legally) and lots of short, twisty, tight roads everywhere. Our town centre has lots of 20 zones and bumpy roads. Driving something like the G80 M3s is fucking awful. It's big, its stiff and you get into "loose your license" territories before they become fun. I drive an E46 M3 which is already on the brink of being to big and fast. My mates late 80's Porsche 924S is a fucking blast though.
Andre Zesna
Andre Zesna Prije 6 mjeseci
Its not only bout that. The e30 m3 Was a Real touring race car and has Real genetics . Plastic trunk Cover. Different steering to the 325i. Sport gear Box and its also handmade. If you would own a e30 m3 you could feel what big difference the m3 make to the normal e30. For me the e30m3 is no comparison to any other M3 that came after it.
Eatinbritches Prije 7 mjeseci
@DK Danis Hwhat?? lol. That doesn't make sense, in what context is a driver with a slow car blame his car and not his skills? If anything driving a slower car fast is the better way to build your skills, since you have to push your car so much harder to get the most out of it. This is partly why slow car fast often winds up being more rewarding. Also bare in mind, "slow car fast" is a bit of a misnomer when you're talking about cars that were still built to be driven fast. Like this E30 M3, or in my case an AW11 MR2 and roundie BMW 2002. More than quick enough to be hilarious good fun, even if they don't make much power. Even with a billion dollars and access to the finest fast cars, I would still have these classics to hoon because they're more rewarding on the back road. There's a sweet spot of performance, actually, a fine line between "enough" and "too much". Watch a few hill climb videos with prepped classic lightweights making less than 300 HP - they're stonking fast, much too fast even for an enjoyable road car.
Sparky Prije 7 mjeseci
@Eatinbritches lightweights are the best. As Chapman said adding power gives you speed in the straights, losing weight gives you speed everywhere.
Sparky Prije 7 mjeseci
@DK Danis James Hunt said the most fun he had was driving an old A35 van. Senna said the purest motorsport he drove in was in karts. They knew what they were talking about. When you can drive something flat out all the time is a lot more fun than driving something well within its limits.
Pokerclown 79
Pokerclown 79 Prije 7 mjeseci
The E30 and this whole generation of BMW’s were very distinctive in their appearance, very easily recognisable. The current gen bm’s are just a tad euro box looking.
Adrian Prije mjesec
I daily a e34, this bimmer generation is great
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry Prije 7 mjeseci
What accelerates faster? The price of the E30 or G30?
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry Prije 6 mjeseci
@mad catterz yesss
mad catterz
mad catterz Prije 6 mjeseci
E30 all day broski
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry Prije 7 mjeseci
@J D so true
J D Prije 7 mjeseci
@Dillan Mistry I can't believe BMW diluted the M cars so much. They should have followed Porsche's ethos with the GT cars. Did they forget the M stood for Motorsport. They was designed to be driver focused
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry Prije 7 mjeseci
@J D yup
David Hiscock
David Hiscock Prije 7 mjeseci
Considering the age and technology differences , the E30 has nothing to be ashamed of . Pretty respectable really
Diseasel Prije 7 mjeseci
Those numbers are all very impressive but it still looks like a bloody beaver. I'd take the E30, thanks.
Xogo Prije 7 mjeseci
You can't deny that every time they make a new M3 they improve on it's performance, it's just a shame that every time BMW takes a step forwards in speed they seem to take a flying leap backwards in appearance. The G80 is an excellent driving car, but you wouldn't want to be caught dead inside something that looks that much worse than it's competition.
Mythbuster Prije 7 mjeseci
But seriously, we need a laptime for that E46, especially if you could get your hands on a CSL. I bet it would be waaaay closer to the F80 than you'd expect considering it has decent power, ABS and great suspension geometry.
Night Driver
Night Driver Prije 6 mjeseci
Hmmm... No. Technology came a long way. It even loses to the E92 GTS (Hockenheim paints a more accurate picture than the Nordschleife).
The Beatnik Detective
The Beatnik Detective Prije 6 mjeseci
@the brelon Probably not, I think you'd have to look to the next V8 powered generation for that.
the brelon
the brelon Prije 6 mjeseci
The E36 M3 is not that far from the G80 M3 lap-time-wise, so the E46 M3 should squeeze itself between the 2. Can it go in the 35s?
The Beatnik Detective
The Beatnik Detective Prije 6 mjeseci
Yeah with short straights like this there isn't much scope for the G80 to take advantage of the power differential.
Brad Kearns
Brad Kearns Prije 7 mjeseci
That grill on the new m3 is bigger than the whole e30
Daniel Prije 3 mjeseci
@Viktor Romaikin No. It looks like a rabbit
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse Prije 6 mjeseci
New BMW front looks like the bad piggies from Angrybirds
Sohale Maqsood
Sohale Maqsood Prije 6 mjeseci
The new m3 is different & new , that's all , ya all ,will get used to it ,wait for it
Up Wave Flash
Up Wave Flash Prije 6 mjeseci
And it way too ugly
Dave Prije 6 mjeseci
Its gopping.
stu bee
stu bee Prije 6 mjeseci
The E30 was brilliant but as a de-tuned racing car there were some issues when using it as an everyday driver. My two favorite M cars for regular use are actually the E28 & E34 M5s although the E46 is also good.
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas Prije 7 mjeseci
Amazing machine but she’s definitely not a looker. Give me old school any day.
Jazenkow Prije 6 mjeseci
@Lisa Beck Not only grill. This whole BMW looks like prefired Alfa Romeo Giulia with VW plastics and fake leathers...
Kaelin the Drake
Kaelin the Drake Prije 6 mjeseci
@Sparky It is a divisive design choice, but I can see how someone could like it. The front end in general looks good. The lines are good and it looks aggressive. It is just that the grill interrupts things a bit, but they continue the lines of the grill onto the hood, and mimic the angled lines of the lower parts of the grill into the lower intakes, and the main horizontal line at the front perfectly lines up with one of the lines in the grills and goes all the way across. I don't think the grills look particularly bad. I think the real issue is the way the lower intakes on either side of the grill end. They angle inward and I really don't think that was the right call. Gives it a not quite as aggressive look. A hard edge angled outward might have worked better. Sure it would have made it look like it was smiling, but with how aggressive the lights and the rest of the design was, it would come off as more of a devilish smile. Probably would have made it less divisive. That's just my two cents, and I don't have photoshop to figure out a way to visualize it so it could look worse. The minds eye is not the same as real life soo... don't sue me. :P
Sparky Prije 7 mjeseci
@cČips you asked for it, you’re blind.
cČips Prije 7 mjeseci
Call me blind but i love the front of it. But back lights not a big fan (looks a like a Lexus from the back)
Lisa Beck
Lisa Beck Prije 7 mjeseci
Agreed. The front grill on the new car is really NOT pretty
Rivelino Prije 7 mjeseci
G80 - "Not tonight mate" E30 - "This way, Sir. May I take your coat?"
VRG AUTO Prije 6 mjeseci
G80 may be faster, but E30 wins our hearts forever!
thedarkknight1971 Prije 7 mjeseci
Having previously had the E30 325i SE, and being a teen in the 80's... I'd still have the E30 M3 all day.... 😎
Pigeon Poo
Pigeon Poo Prije 7 mjeseci
I'd love to see a fiesta ST on that track. And to have seen how fast the M3 could have gone to brake in the same distance. Good fun, thanks
Shreyash Anand
Shreyash Anand Prije 7 mjeseci
It is amazing that the E30 is faster than the Toyota GT86. 25 years of suspension technology should equate to at least 2 tenths on this really short track. Not negative 3 tenths
Jawaad Zulqernine
Jawaad Zulqernine Prije 6 mjeseci
Quite a silly comparison
Night Driver
Night Driver Prije 6 mjeseci
BMW > Toyota. Always.
diotough Prije 6 mjeseci
GT86 is ~50-100kg heavier and has less power. Question is: how hard did they try to get the lap time?
hellomadet Prije 7 mjeseci
e30 m3 is group A race car , Toyota GT86 is playful sports car. What is the point of this comparison?
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield Prije 7 mjeseci
The Toyota is probably much heavier than the E30
Calx_Royal Prije 7 mjeseci
I’d still rather have the E30 that G80 grill is just hideous
IIIRattleHeadIII Prije 3 mjeseci
The problem with the G80's grill is the mesh pattern, otherwise the lines flow really nicely into the two nostrils/kidneys. If the mesh didn't have a horizontal pattern, but a vertical or honey comb pattern, it'd be much better. Otherwise I'll take the E30, I like small, light, nimble cars, even though it's outdated. And it does look better.
Aditya Pratap Mehta
Aditya Pratap Mehta Prije 4 mjeseci
I like it
NICULL Prije 5 mjeseci
the entire g80 is just hideous. Yes its fast, sounds good, handles well. Has absolutely no character and personality, generic plain boring looks. i would not call this an m3 it looks exactly the same as the last 2 ones just slightly bigger and a different grille. Sad what car design has come to today.
George Morley
George Morley Prije 5 mjeseci
Calx_Royal Prije 6 mjeseci
@LogiForce86 I’ve seen it in real life to lol like just a tiny bit better but enough to change my mind
The Back Roads
The Back Roads Prije 7 mjeseci
Editing appreciation time. Very clearly lots of effort put into this one guys, well done!
Edwin Prije 7 mjeseci
Uk pulis
Aydin Sengun
Aydin Sengun Prije 7 mjeseci
@CME you're right. The lighting wasn't balanced properly from the shots inside the car (the outside was completely blown out or Alex's face was too dark), you could see the mic peeping in and out of shots, the inside shots weren't framed as well as they could have been to avoid seeing the rear camera, and the mic set up and audio was just really quite poor. Overall, just not up to the standard they've been setting with past videos. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say that it might be a new crew or something.
CME Prije 7 mjeseci
Honestly editing was kinda shit on this one, they fucked up the drone shot and the size comparison was just awful. I assume they pay an editor, the composition and cuts itself are good, it's just like he had a bad hungover when editing this one.
George Gamer
George Gamer Prije 7 mjeseci
Segafishy Prije 7 mjeseci
It's like when BMW ask me every now and then to upgrade my near 20 year old E46 M3, why would I want to?
naycnay Prije 2 mjeseci
Ha. I went up to the local BMW dealership once to get a part I ordered and had a nose around the new models. Some younger, mid-20's salesman was walking me through the M2 (the first year models of them). Out of curiosity, from the hype of them being the "new E46", I took it out for a drive and I told him it's just soulless. It was a "nice" car, but it just didn't appeal to me as someone who likes that mechanical rawness. I flipped it back on him asking if he'd ever drove a nice E46 M3. Apparently he'd only moved a few non-M's around the parking area. Gave him the keys to mine for 20 minutes whilst I went to drool over all the fancy Porsches and Astons. When he returned he was like "yeah, I like that a lot".
TheVladooo Prije 7 mjeseci
The E46 is the perfect compromise of the 2. Modern enough to be fast, safe and fun, but old enough to be beautiful and still have the old school BMW feel. I had a 2002 330ci on coilovers with a 5 speed and it was such a blast to drive.
Ajoo 129
Ajoo 129 Prije mjesec
@Track Time Videos Agreed, it's fucking crap... Honestly, if you just borrowed it, its fun... It's all fun until you owned it and you have to deal with the maintenance cost lol
naycnay Prije 2 mjeseci
@Track Time Videos What makes the E46 special is that it is a 3.3L, inline 6, NA with 330hp. It might feel gutless for a car of that power, but it has long gears, a high rev range and pretty linear power through the whole range. It's still 300-350hp levels of quick. The engine is reliable and the clean cars are good. But it's not an engine I want for a track toy. The odd session when the car was newer? Maybe. Its too fiddly and complex and hard to get more out of without FI. Saying that, mine has the 4.44 ratio diff in it and it's a wildly different machine with that alone. 0-60mph or 0-100kph is so close to 4 seconds.
Track Time Videos
Track Time Videos Prije 2 mjeseci
@naycnay compared to turbo'd cars yes they feel gutless. Depends what you are used to I suppose. I have since been in plenty othersand passed plenty on track days to know they are far from being the fastest thing around. I wouldn't expect a clear BMW fanboy to agree.
naycnay Prije 2 mjeseci
​@Track Time Videos Gutless? I mean, the worst part about the power is final drive ratio of the LSD but that can be changed with OEM parts BMW released. Still no slouch though, just tall gears. But it depends what you are after. Non of the old M3s are great track cars without all the classic mods, nor are they supposed to be blisteringly fast. They are supped up sporty 2dr saloons/sedans done with a degree of elegance and luxury, which they did better than anyone else. In that requirement, the E46 is the best M3 to many people, with any from the E92 and older being in contention... The E36 is probably the most polarising. Also, I've seen a lot of E46 M3s. The unreliable ones have tell-tale signs of poor or misguided maintenance by at least one owner, drivers who don't give the car the mechanical sympathy they need and people who keep them outside in all weather conditions. I've seen M3s with 50K miles with £10K's into maintenance records that feel like basket cases and M3s with 200K miles and fuck all maintenance that drive beautifully and never break. Doesn't matter how much you service the car, once it's been mistreated by someone for a period of time, it's a shitter. You probably bought, or created a shitter.
Balackman Prije 6 mjeseci
​@Track Time Videos I hate having to fix VANOS, leaking valve cover, OFH, main seal, cracked subframes, leaky cooling etc. Despite all of that I still love E46s. These cars have a cult following for a reason or perhaps we are all masochists.
Porsche & Pizza
Porsche & Pizza Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m just going to say it now… Ethan has turned into such a AWESOME guy to watch. Genuinely funny stuff
Jacob Phillipson
Jacob Phillipson Prije 7 mjeseci
You should do a vintage or older tire, compared to a new track based tire, would have some really interesting results
Kuma_Score Prije 7 mjeseci
I would take the E30 M3 any day both for looks and since I would imagine older cars being easier to work on and modify to make a really fun project car
Unknown Name
Unknown Name Prije 7 mjeseci
Well not that easy if you can weld metal propperly... It will just fall apart if not taken care of it
Xantho Poulos
Xantho Poulos Prije 7 mjeseci
I love how the uk plate covers part of the grille and makes the car look better. Looked up g80 front end conversions and god is the stock front end ugly
Craig Rae
Craig Rae Prije 7 mjeseci
“…it’s always going to be an old car with a four-pot, soft suspension, and slow steering.” Moog and Marty would like a word…
Aaron S
Aaron S Prije 6 mjeseci
Exactly! E30 with an LS swap and modern suspension > all
Nathanael Ciranni
Nathanael Ciranni Prije 6 mjeseci
@William Hardes thats exactly what my e46 compact is!
Tobias Leininger
Tobias Leininger Prije 6 mjeseci
yes, all the E30 is lacking is the correct engine. It was designed as a light and nimble car not max horsepower. Mine has an s38 in it, much fun :D
William Hardes
William Hardes Prije 7 mjeseci
@Nathanael Ciranni little car with a big donk. the heavens align.
Nathanael Ciranni
Nathanael Ciranni Prije 7 mjeseci
Gotta love Black Chops!
Ethan Jack
Ethan Jack Prije 7 mjeseci
I have to say that a E36 M3 repainted with proper paint and corrosion protection is the best M3 imo.
Andre Zesna
Andre Zesna Prije 6 mjeseci
@Роман Игоревич Because the e36 is very cheap. But prices are rising. The M3 Was planned with modified Version of the M42. Watch BMW e36 STW . You will love it.
Роман Игоревич
Роман Игоревич Prije 6 mjeseci
Роман Игоревич
Роман Игоревич Prije 6 mjeseci
@Andre Zesna bad balanced but still every Nurburgring dash cam has at least 1 e36 even not m3 and just 326
Andre Zesna
Andre Zesna Prije 6 mjeseci
It looks good but its not handmade like the e30 and its Bad balanced. The e36m3 Was planned as 4cylinder. Also the interior has Bad quality. I love the s50
Ring Bimmer
Ring Bimmer Prije 7 mjeseci
You have such good taste
Scott Vasey
Scott Vasey Prije 7 mjeseci
Love it! Had my 997 Turbo there Monday and got it up to 110 on the straight. Sure it could do more but that was enough for me over the hill on the brakes bouncing 😅
SuNSe7 Prije 7 mjeseci
Lets just spare a moment to appreciate the absolute mint condition of the e30 m3... I mean ... IT IS FENOMENAL
AuthEnthuse Prije 7 mjeseci
Would you look at the production values and dynamic shots in this video! You boys are hitting it out of the park! Well done!!
Guillaume Tsogbe-Hamel
Guillaume Tsogbe-Hamel Prije 7 mjeseci
30 years old styling is better, thats for sure.
SupGizmo Prije 3 mjeseci
The G80 fits this era of blandness or even ugliness much like the music of today whereas the E30 looks 80s 😎. My son thinks the same and he is 14 so it is not age.
E34Benzin Prije 6 mjeseci
@Martin No way. The E65 is still as ugly and offensive to look at as it was 20 years ago.
Martin Prije 6 mjeseci
@Tyrox 222 Most people fall in love with cars from the time when they were young and couldn't afford's their age that generally dictates which era or decade of cars they loved and want to later own when nostalgia hits them 30 or 40 years after they were young. Which is why you should be buying good examples of desirable 1995 ~ 2005 model cars now which will increase in value when nostalgia soon hits those who are in their 30''s and 40's now. It's another reason why most '40's, 50's , '60's and '70's era cars have probably peaked in price as the number of people who reminisce about these cars and want to own one become fewer.
Tyrox 222
Tyrox 222 Prije 6 mjeseci
Yes, there are numerous decades where cars looked the best in general like all the way from the early 30s to the late 80s/early 90s that was the end of that period.
Guillaume Tsogbe-Hamel
Guillaume Tsogbe-Hamel Prije 7 mjeseci
@Martin there is always a nostalgia factor but something thats ugly won`t pretty because of nostalgia.
Steve Waller
Steve Waller Prije 7 mjeseci
When the M3 was launched it was a homologation car for Touring car racing, at the time I liked the look of it but lusted more for 325i Sport with the six pot.
Never thought I'd say this about a BMW, but the G80 would definitely look much better after a head-on collision! I still can't get over that hideous pig-snout, I just can't look at it and it's so bad that it makes anything else about the car irrelevant to me. RIP BMW... 😢
GTAmaniac Prije 6 mjeseci
@KozziKozzovitch I saw it in person a couple of days ago and all I have to say is the huge nostrils don't look nice at all
KozziKozzovitch Prije 7 mjeseci
Have you ever seen it in real life though? I did not like it at first, but when i saw it in person, it looked much much better.
Apache Helicopter
Apache Helicopter Prije 7 mjeseci
Get over it🤣
Just Cruise
Just Cruise Prije 6 mjeseci
I love this show. It's what Top Gear used to be. Great work lads. A pleasure to watch.
vincent chew
vincent chew Prije 6 mjeseci
Awesome comparison. Kinda wish you did a rolling start at 50 or 60 since the power between these cars are massive. Throwing the e46 m3 into the mix would be interesting too.
Rokus van Os
Rokus van Os Prije 7 mjeseci
Your videos been getting better and better! Keep up the good work guys
rb3248 Prije 7 mjeseci
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a front plate improve the looks of a car.
The 12th Dimension
The 12th Dimension Prije 6 mjeseci
The E30 is such a perfect looking car, all the proportions are bang on and has an undeniable BMW presence. The new one has much better performance but looks like a mess.
Drunken Hobo
Drunken Hobo Prije 7 mjeseci
Watching that lap in the G80 makes me wonder how much slower Alex would go with all of the computers turned off (if you can even do that). That thing was unbelievably planted for a RWD 500 bhp 1730 kg car. Might be an interesting video idea.
theBMWF48dude Prije 7 mjeseci
both of these cars are awesome IMO. owning both would be a dream come true. by the way Alex this E30 is the same one you drive a few years back.
paul skipp
paul skipp Prije 7 mjeseci
The real question is, will anything look as good as the E30?
Armando Campa Martínez
Armando Campa Martínez Prije 7 mjeseci
Now THAT is one superbly produced and edited video, great job lads
Boyan Petrov
Boyan Petrov Prije 7 mjeseci
Awesome video guys! I enjoyed every bit of it, nice work!
Dermot Foley
Dermot Foley Prije 6 mjeseci
The E30 still looks great .. a truly classic design
Krisztián Kovács
Krisztián Kovács Prije 7 mjeseci
You can win the race with 6 turbo chargers and awful infotainment screens, but you can't beat the E30 with that ridiculous styling.
Victor Verkoelen
Victor Verkoelen Prije 6 mjeseci
I feel like the e30 doesn't get enough props for how light and nimble it is, of course it won't beat a newer car on a track like this but for instance while rallying you can take a lot of speed through corners for such and old car
Christopher Burke
Christopher Burke Prije 7 mjeseci
Part of me is glad to see the e30 driven like it was designed to be and part of me feels sorry they’re being so hard on the old man
MetalVII Prije 7 mjeseci
11:09 Can we just appreciate that the E30 isn’t in last place on the board.
Adrian Randall
Adrian Randall Prije 6 mjeseci
I was surprised it was faster than the Toyota. Made my day.
Tejas Prije 7 mjeseci
The E30 just looks timeless. I’d have that over the G80.
Da Osta
Da Osta Prije 7 mjeseci
I saw multiple new M3s and M4s and I have to say that I hated it before just based on pictures and videos. It really is better in real life. My conclusion: It needs the Euro style numberplate and it's a beautiful car, just not a photogenic one...
Jamie Gavin
Jamie Gavin Prije 7 mjeseci
Would like to see how the f80 and e92 would do (Alex please make it happen)
MG 95
MG 95 Prije 6 mjeseci
You have to remember the e30 in the 80s was a weapon. Today we are use to diesel cars that are faster than ferraris from back then. Great video guys👌
LafcadioTheLion Prije 7 mjeseci
I’d take the E30 any day of the week
Tomato Prije 7 mjeseci
E46 is the best looking M3! I would quite like a non-Evo, pre 95' E36 M3 for the 'purity' 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I explain jokes to make them less funny
I explain jokes to make them less funny Prije 7 mjeseci
for the first time in history, grandma will actually call the grandson ugly.
BiscuitPuncher Prije 7 mjeseci
Not the first time :-(
I explain jokes to make them less funny
I explain jokes to make them less funny Prije 7 mjeseci
@CroBoy no, why?
CroBoy Prije 7 mjeseci
are you drunk?
Roderickmoose Prije 7 mjeseci
the e30 is definitely prettier
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse Prije 6 mjeseci
They have all been pretty ugly since the E46
Marco Elkes
Marco Elkes Prije 6 mjeseci
Nope 👎 it’s not
Zhila Muhammed
Zhila Muhammed Prije 6 mjeseci
@Big Steve we literally said it’s personal preference .....
ᴍᴀɢɪɪᴄ Prije 6 mjeseci
@Big Steve think you might need a pair if that's what you see, the E30 is gorgeous
Big Steve
Big Steve Prije 6 mjeseci
Definitely not, looks like a pair of 1980s NHS glasses
AstroBoi_999 Prije 7 mjeseci
Respect to Alex for saying what on his mind. Always been of the e30 and e46 but u gotta give it to the man for being blunt 🙌🏻
Aaron Hussain
Aaron Hussain Prije 5 mjeseci
The fact the E30 is faster than the GT86 is actually a compliment to how capable it still is - even after 35 odd years!
M4D_MARK_XTr3Me Prije 7 mjeseci
With a decent engine, sus etc you could make a nicely balanced car out of the E30 Modern cars just aren't built to last because components etc are built to fail. Plus that grill on the new one is like an advert for maccy D's 🤣 I will agree with everyone here when I say well done on the editing, very professionally done, nice work 👍👏👏👏
Joshua Devonshire
Joshua Devonshire Prije 6 mjeseci
I really wanna see an E30 build with modern suspension, modern brakes and straight 6 engine but still keeps the looks of the classic. Just enough to bring the E30 up to the hype around it because oh my dog, it's pretty.
CorollaVirus4AGE Prije 7 mjeseci
E30 vs a GT86 would be an interesting challenge
alka1ine Prije 6 mjeseci
Honestly, after having a few E30s over the last 20yrs, I feel like most of the things he's critical about would all be "solved" with solid front control arm bushings and urethane subframe bushings...maybe a steering rack from e36 or z3 too, but I've never felt steering was slow at speed in my e30s, just annoying parallel parking or u-turns(the rare times I don't drop clutch to do an easy u-turn of course). I'm not sure how old he is, but I get the impression he grew up with most cars making "unnecessary" HP too easily and absolutely thrashing the drivetrain and bouncing off limiter sometimes feels wrong to him, but that's how the E30s like it on the track. Just treat them nice before and after to keep them happy for many miles to come.
Chao Qi
Chao Qi Prije 6 mjeseci
It's actually pretty incredible that the E30 M3 is a 35 year old car and keeps up with a modern sports car with similar power.
Meganoob BG
Meganoob BG Prije 7 mjeseci
The tragic thing about this test is if the E30 had horse power close to 400, it would have dusted the heavier G80.
Esh Prije 7 mjeseci
it cant , but i'd much rather drive an e30 than the g80 edit: oh dear god i've started a warzone in the comments
E34Benzin Prije 6 mjeseci
@Ingvar Good point! lol
mad catterz
mad catterz Prije 6 mjeseci
@Might be Eli lmfao you killed me with first comment
Might be Eli
Might be Eli Prije 6 mjeseci
@James McGogan I have more friends than u, I would choose it then sell it on dumbass
Might be Eli
Might be Eli Prije 6 mjeseci
@藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac just sell it on bruh
Nathan Korte
Nathan Korte Prije 6 mjeseci
Well we now know who to avoid on the road due to poor eye sight. Lol
alfie sole
alfie sole Prije 7 mjeseci
Alex really needs to be top gear. This was made so well
GeneralCuster14 Prije 6 mjeseci
The G80 is undoubtedly faster and (in my opinion at least) sounds incredible, but the front end is right up there with a Fiat Multipla in terms of looks. I'd take the E46 all day long. Also, impressive to see that Colin wasn't *that* far behind the G80 in terms of pace, despite being 20+ years older!
TheRealFLX81 Prije 7 mjeseci
A whole video without mentioning the horrid naked mole rat grille? Geez, that must have cost BMW a pretty penny. Props to Ethan for not vimiting all the time while having to look at this monstrosity.
Cris l
Cris l Prije 7 mjeseci
@TheRealFLX81 yeah its definitely not beautiful, just not that bad especially if it has a darker color. The regular 4 series tho, that does not look better in person. Incredibly ugly front end.
TheRealFLX81 Prije 7 mjeseci
@Cris l Dude, I ve seen way too many of them already, living in Southern Germany. Eye bleach doesn't suffice to eradicate the horror.
Cris l
Cris l Prije 7 mjeseci
doesn't look that bad in person. It looks terrible in photos
Taha Alvi
Taha Alvi Prije 7 mjeseci
Alex you have a massive amount of respect from me for remaining honest and not bending over backwards for the fans
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Prije 7 mjeseci
As an E46 M3 owners that ended made me quite happy.
8weapons Prije 5 mjeseci
Man those G80’s are so aggressive looking. Love it BMW
Tyler Turnbull
Tyler Turnbull Prije 7 mjeseci
I'd happily have an m3 e30 as it would look so nice lowered black with a body kit change out the engine to something I can put a blower on going out the bonnet
matthieu zglurg
matthieu zglurg Prije 5 mjeseci
To be fair, the E30 M3 was a coupe version of the 3 series. That is now called the 4 series, so a more accurate comparison would have been with a modern M4.
keyhole150 Prije 6 mjeseci
Love the rolling stats part at around 2:01, great video editing there!
luchipunchi98 Prije 7 mjeseci
can you guys please upload raw onboard footage of the fast laps on CT extra? Would love to see some of that.
Wraith Calling
Wraith Calling Prije 7 mjeseci
I have always loved the E30 and always will. It was quick for it's day, but 30 years of progress says a lot.
casualsuede Prije 7 mjeseci
The e30 reminds me of an athlete in top shape. The G80 is like the same athlete stacked with cybernetic implants and chemical inducements. I'd rather have that pure mechanical engineering than artificially enhanced computer programming
David Mason
David Mason Prije 2 mjeseci
Considering the old M3 for a good one is around 150k I'd say that was a win
Jaime García
Jaime García Prije 4 mjeseci
Awesome e30 time!!! No electronics, very light, i love this car!
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Prije 6 mjeseci
The new M3 is growing on me now, wasnt sure at first because of the grill but I think I like it. The weight though 😮
Faraz Hanif
Faraz Hanif Prije 7 mjeseci
It's crazy how in 30 years with way more driver aids and horsepower the BMW M3 has only got 11% better around the track. 😉
Simeon Bell
Simeon Bell Prije 6 mjeseci
Incredible how bmw got so many horsepower out of that small engine back in the 80‘
veezo85 Prije 6 mjeseci
Should have tested the E30 M3 with a manual transmission M3. That would have been at least 2 seconds closer between the 2...
Michael Hofmann
Michael Hofmann Prije 7 mjeseci
0:71s Quicker on such a short lap... that is quite impressive...
R. S. Robertsen
R. S. Robertsen Prije 7 mjeseci
If I'll be the first to say, I'll say it. I LOVE the G80 M3's grill. BMW's styling really comes together with the M models.
Enric Limbaga
Enric Limbaga Prije 6 mjeseci
Ethan's face on the lap records is just priceless XD
vkgiotis Prije 7 mjeseci
I think that if you did a rolling start then the difference may have been much less. The M3's quick acceleration makes the difference bigger.
D C Prije 7 mjeseci
E30 is absolutely iconic and is a sad reminder that BMW could once produce attractive stylish cars with class, the current stuff is awful.
daniel gustavsson
daniel gustavsson Prije 7 mjeseci
Would be fun to see the difference between the m5 e60 with 507 hp and lower weight around the track
Pierré Grobbelaar
Pierré Grobbelaar Prije 6 mjeseci
I have seen what an Tuned E30 can do and it's also the only bmw that i would consider.Maybe the 330I as well.We have an E30 here running under 10sec quarter miles.Then there's also a roadworthy one that runs nitro's and goes like a jet on steroids 😁
Pablo Álvarez López
Pablo Álvarez López Prije 7 mjeseci
"these optional carbon bucket ceramic seats" killed me 🤣
sv_cheats 1
sv_cheats 1 Prije 7 mjeseci
E30 with an s54, e46 steering rack and k&w suspension. Perfection
Sevin E46
Sevin E46 Prije 7 mjeseci
Hey Alex, Can you please do a comparison of the G80 M3 vs the E46 M3? That would be great as I think the gap would be much closer. 🔥
paul robinson
paul robinson Prije 7 mjeseci
trouble is with these sorts of comparisons is that motor technology has moved on more in the last 30 years than it has in the last 90 years before it!!!
Andre Prije 5 mjeseci
@paul robinson I agree but i was saying 90s sports cars have some nice tech too, not too diferent from today in some cars
paul robinson
paul robinson Prije 5 mjeseci
@Andre new cars are fat and ugly compared with 90s cars!!
Andre Prije 5 mjeseci
No much since the 90s in japan.. you are comparing an NA car with a Turbo. Turbo Sports Cars from the 90s can kick new cars
paul robinson
paul robinson Prije 7 mjeseci
@CT is infant grade content now I'm not on about quarter miles times or top speeds you plonker. I'm on about technology, (re-read my post) that is in cars now that was not invented 30 years ago. Also look how far cars have come with crash technology to!
rayn man
rayn man Prije 7 mjeseci
Yeah but that's the whole point of these sorts of comparisons....
Barrett Oliver
Barrett Oliver Prije 7 mjeseci
Those spinning animations were sexy , well done to the team
RP21 Prije 6 mjeseci
I saw alex's old e36 driving around in blackburn yesterday. Still looks amazing.
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