What Does Half A Million Miles Do To A Car?

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This week, Alex visits VAG specialist Volks Techniks to get a full health report on the 540,000-mile Audi!
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Komentari: 5 331
Peter Flanagan
Peter Flanagan Prije godine
This was my wifes company car in 04/05 , recognised it straight away as it was the first prestige car we had ..
Manc Flyer
Manc Flyer Prije 21 dan
Looks good!
jake atkinson
jake atkinson Prije 24 dana
@Matu Fujiwara totally agree. Have never understood why people aspire to have the most common cars on the road, ie BMW and Audi. Surely they are the opposite of aspirational. It’s like people “aspiring” to live in a half million pound house on a new build estate in Milton Keynes; nobody does it.
PapergunStudios Prije 3 mjeseci
Yo u got a R6 SICKK my dads got one of those
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos Prije 4 mjeseci
Bloody hell!
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Prije 4 mjeseci
That's insane. Whoaa
yusuf sesay
yusuf sesay Prije godine
An Audi with half a million miles someone tell Scotty he’ll be surprised
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije 6 dana
@Tyler Johnson yes but the cost of changing timing water pump every 100k is at 1200 dollars along with other goodies they find. Found German cars are engineered for lots of repairs. they do it for a reason
Giddy~Sialo Prije 6 dana
🤣🤣🤣Nailed it!
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije 7 dana
I can see a Toyota not an audi, unless it has had 20k worth of repairs
King Aza
King Aza Prije 7 dana
I'm fucking surprised 😯
Zvonimir Kljajić
Zvonimir Kljajić Prije 17 dana
There's no 10 year old Diesel Audi in Europe that hasn't done 300 000km's Scotty is talking rubbish
LazerLord10 Prije godine
lmao, the amount of rust under that thing is less than a car with 10k miles in the rust belt.
dannyboywhaa Prije mjesec
American cars use cheap metal, they’re rust buckets - even Fords in the UK were rust buckets back in the day! German cars are solid. This car probably never lived near the coast though and was probably garaged overnight etc etc... if you look after a car, it’ll look after you!
Me Prije 4 mjeseci
@Leo Ipek I saw the aurora borealis there once
Leo Ipek
Leo Ipek Prije 4 mjeseci
@La Verdad Buscador it’s an Albany expression
La Verdad Buscador
La Verdad Buscador Prije 4 mjeseci
@Christopher Morreall where you relocate too?
Christopher Morreall
Christopher Morreall Prije 4 mjeseci
@La Verdad Buscador I'm from utica too.
Sérgio Freitas
Sérgio Freitas Prije godine
This NEEDS to be restored, and it deserves a bloody good clean, impressively good state for the mileage, I wouldn't even give it 250000... I have a bit of a medium-mileage hero myself, these vehicles have deserved and won their way to keep going on the road instead of falling to the scrapheap, plus less than 2000 quid is not so much.
Paul Gilraine
Paul Gilraine Prije 9 mjeseci
@Christopher Rosas you have a busy time in front of you
Christopher Rosas
Christopher Rosas Prije godine
@tom murphy there's some room, but I have had to move some things to get to certain parts.... ofcourse it doesn't hurt that I've been working on vehicles most of my life so I've got a pretty good knowledge on them
tom murphy
tom murphy Prije godine
@Christopher Rosas there must be a lot of room under your hood
Christopher Rosas
Christopher Rosas Prije godine
@rob malcolm ofcourse the life of a vehicle also can be determined by how the driver drives it and in what conditions the driver is driving in...... for example for where I live in San Antonio, TX, one would do well to drive a car more gentle as the heats we can get during the summer can kill a car quickly..... same if I lived closer to the coast where the salt in the air could cause the frame and such to rust out and have abnormal wear, but someone who lives further north or in a climate where it doesn't get as hot can get away with driving a bit more agressively
Christopher Rosas
Christopher Rosas Prije godine
@rob malcolm the compass also has a track record for not being very reliable, but with enough TLC, you probably could get one to 500k easy...... just gotta stay under the hood and fix a problem as soon as you find it
Fauciouchie Prije godine
Just bring it to Eastern Europe and the high mileage will magically shrink.
Paranormal Extract
Paranormal Extract Prije 3 mjeseci
@Fauciouchie "very nice mazda"? Would take this audi over any Mazda.
Oscar Price
Oscar Price Prije 4 mjeseci
@Justin Martin 2600hp from a 2l seems extremely impressive! What's your source?
Oscar Price
Oscar Price Prije 4 mjeseci
@Justin Martin they certainly did come up with some innovative ideas and built some awesome engines (even if they're dirtbikes are trash). I just personally prefer a larger displacement and rwd. I also find that most Honda owners cannot fathom the idea that people don't have to love there car and the RACE INSPIRE COSMETIC ENHANCMENTS they've added.
Oscar Price
Oscar Price Prije 4 mjeseci
@Justin Martin It is physically impossible for an engine 850,xxx without replacing parts. And what about audi? Audi is one of the worst engine manufacturers of all time, known for shitty engines. I've owned 3 bmws that are happily north or 400k.
rob malcolm
rob malcolm Prije 7 mjeseci
@Oscar Price I'm not a big Honda fan more Hyundai and toyota but they aren't really bad cars even if they aren't my taste you can't deny the quality and longevity of a Honda period
Conor Fensome
Conor Fensome Prije godine
Would love to see it repaired to its former glory, road to 1 million miles!
Jamie MacGregor
Jamie MacGregor Prije 6 mjeseci
@uli wank
Monses Garza
Monses Garza Prije godine
uli don’t ever do that again
Jason McNally
Jason McNally Prije godine
I'll have it !
BedfordViking 13
BedfordViking 13 Prije godine
aztecducky Prije godine
Yes please
Gabriel P.
Gabriel P. Prije 7 mjeseci
Bit late to the party, but in case anyone wonders what half a million miles actually means, it's around 870k km.
Pot Prije 2 mjeseci
@Toaster_GmbH Audi 100🤌🏻🤌🏻
Sir Arsen
Sir Arsen Prije 4 mjeseci
i couldn’t decide should i buy ild mitsubishi with 290 000km+ but now i got little hope that i can pull this out
Toaster_GmbH Prije 6 mjeseci
@no name best car ever. As soon as i have soom money i get a quattro of my audi 80 model and give it some stupid strong engine and make it look like one of those r34 skylines. (Funfact: audi 80 with bodykit looks just like one of them althoug it might just be me but it definitely has the same vibe)
no name
no name Prije 6 mjeseci
@Toaster_GmbH audi 80 👌
Toaster_GmbH Prije 6 mjeseci
Nice my audi 80 already has half of it. And im pretty sure it would survive double of that if I'd be driving that much.
Michael H
Michael H Prije godine
I currently have Golf TDI with over 650K on it. The odometer quit working at 1000000 KM or 621K so the exact mileage is an estimate. It's in excellent shape. I have other customers with anywhere from 300k to over 500K. My "mileage champion" was a 99 New Beetle with over 780K miles
Saxon Winther
Saxon Winther Prije 6 mjeseci
When they said 500k miles I said there’s no way a 1.8t went that long. When I saw it was a TDI I realized it is possible
rkan2 Prije 5 dana
@Xynos Tasos Yeah but it wasn't really even VW but Bosch, who have done Diesel pumps, injectors and computers for many many vehicles
Xynos Tasos
Xynos Tasos Prije 5 dana
@rkan2 correction: VW got Common Rail technology IP from FIAT but INDIRECTLY. In fact, not every TDI engine is common rail, but most after 2010 actually are. ..."After research and development by the Fiat Group, the design was acquired by the German company Robert Bosch GmbH for completion of development and refinement for mass production."... So VW has acquired FIAT's common rail technology through Bosch.
rkan2 Prije 24 dana
@Xynos Tasos Erm... Source? Why would VW license something from Fiat??
mynameis no
mynameis no Prije mjesec
@The Trashman uk uses miles. 2.0TDI s in Europe are stinky, shakey and bulletproof. 1.9tdi's even more stinky more shakey and absolutely refuse to die. Eastern Europe is full of 1.9ALH mk4 golfs with 600k that still have that much left into them.
Xynos Tasos
Xynos Tasos Prije mjesec
The TDI engine is bulletproof because VW licensed the IP from FIAT's JTD engine. Which is trully indestructible.
Alex Greenwood
Alex Greenwood Prije godine
Does Adam have his own HRpost channel? I think he needs his own HRpost channel. A Straight-to-the-point kind of guy, "This car needs this. Let's get it done."
Stojke013 Prije godine
I think that the car deserves to be restored, as it was taken care of it's whole life and it has served well.
Ray Cch
Ray Cch Prije godine
@Alexander Zamani aren't they out of business where do you get the parts from!
Kasper Kjærsgaard
Kasper Kjærsgaard Prije godine
My recently bought very 2’nd hand Volvo S60 has - so far - 465.000 km at the odometer. It’s in very good condition so my aim is to keep it serviced and take good care of it as long as possible.
Dean Nel
Dean Nel Prije godine
Stojke013 those engines is tuff as hell could still go up to 1 million miles
Alexander Zamani
Alexander Zamani Prije godine
100% take care of my saab at 200,000 miles, i'd want to restore it if it makes 300,000+
Always learning
Always learning Prije godine
When well maintained, an engine could surprise every person, especially these PD. Great engines.
Olaf Rave
Olaf Rave Prije dan
Had a 2001 A4 b5 1.9 tdi with 190.000 km on the meter. It drove like a charm and ran great! I found out later the meter had been worked on, so it had at least 450.000 km’s. Drove like new. Had 2.0 TDI’s with half that mileage which needed new turbo’s, heads, etc etc, not to speak of the newer petrol engines…
Range Ryder
Range Ryder Prije godine
I had a Olds 88 with 320k miles when I bought it. About 400k when I sold it. It still ran just fine. Those cars are severly underrated.
Seriksy Prije godine
As long as you service your car regularly it can run for a looong time. Things tend to get expensive if you wait as long as you can
Error Prije godine
We demand High Mileage Hero series 2 Those who also want like this comment.
Ellenor Bjornsdottir
Ellenor Bjornsdottir Prije godine
darjanator Prije godine
I had one of those. 1.9TDI 130 hp (flashed to 175), 6 speed, FWD, had it for 5 years (from 174k to 320k km). Still miss it once in a while. 'twas a really good car.
\RED Meulengracht
\RED Meulengracht Prije godine
Hige Milage Hero!!!!
High Mileage Reviews
High Mileage Reviews Prije godine
If you want content like that, my channel is entirely high mileage car reviews!
Kal Hughes
Kal Hughes Prije godine
Stefanko71 Prije godine
This thing has basically made it to the moon and back and is in relatively good condition what a great car!
Conor Kavanagh
Conor Kavanagh Prije godine
Definitely restore it like you did with miles! That was brilliant!
MetalTrabant Prije godine
That's in really good condition for all those miles! My '05 Lancer is in much worse shape underneath, and only done around a quarter of what this A4 did so far, and was cost 10 times more...
The Pharcyde
The Pharcyde Prije godine
1.9 TDI it's just the best 4 cylinder engine ever made. I had a Skoda Fabia 52 plate with the very same engine on 170k and on 300000 miles I got rid of only because of leaks every so often. Engine would last easily 500000+ miles if serviced every 10k
J12 Prije 10 mjeseci
The PD is easily one of the best engines ever made, they really are bombproof!
rkan2 Prije 24 dana
This likely has AVF/AWX :P The ALH, AGR etc is even more reliable lol
Mr Stout
Mr Stout Prije 7 mjeseci
Not the "bxe" engines haha Mines up on 253000 miles and had to rebuild the camshaft and piston rods and bearings Found out after that literally all other pd engines are minted except for the bxe, which is prone to sending pistons through the block, typical lol
Tamarin Wilson
Tamarin Wilson Prije godine
Well done. I was frankly quite surprised to see any Audi with this sort of mileage.
Pierre Etienne schneider
Pierre Etienne schneider Prije 10 mjeseci
This thing is a trooper. Keep it alive and restore it to health.
Ahmed Taqiyya
Ahmed Taqiyya Prije godine
The oil pump was chain driven until 2006 then they changed the sometimes failure prone chain to an interference drive. This was even more unreliable, and in 2009 they increased the depth of the shaft fitting and returned to an improved chain drive. I doubt anyone who has a VW 2.00 Diesel manufactured between 2006 and 2009 would see 100,000 miles.
xRockon495X Prije godine
Would love to see it repaired, road to 1 million miles!!!
campkira Prije godine
It would cost more than buy new one....
evansisgreat Prije godine
This! Not Matt Farah's 1,000,000 mile not Lexus!
Ponnappa Ganapathy
Ponnappa Ganapathy Prije godine
All said and done looks in pretty impressive shape for under 2000 quid to have a brilliant car that can easily do a million miles, if not more. Definitely add it to your long term fleet and is even practical enough to serve as a daily driver or crew vehicle. How about another Miles type series after this lockdown is over. Maybe a timed lap around the Nurburgring
LongTimeAgo Prije godine
I love high mileage hero stories like Miles! Please do this one as well and bring it to the Nordschleife!
Eoin Kenny
Eoin Kenny Prije godine
I would run for the hills before buying that ! I know it’s just for the purposes of illustrating what condition it is in after star ship mileage like that. Interesting stuff 👍
Paulo Heaven
Paulo Heaven Prije 6 dana
Definitely do that! Any repair you'll make on the car will exceed its value anyway. If you don't wanna exceed its value you don't do nothin. Although the goal is to have it to top-spec again and bring it to even more-astonishing mileage right? So for the sake of it just do it!
Matt Heafield
Matt Heafield Prije godine
Get it the love it deserves, restore the car to show room condition and give the engine some good cleaning and maintenance. High Mileage Hero V2
Adam Hilton
Adam Hilton Prije godine
Please do another high mileage hero series. I’d love to watch. I’d buy it come to that! #CarThrottle
jistin yermaw
jistin yermaw Prije 15 dana
Would definitely be interesting to have the work done and see exactly how many miles the car could do. If it clocks all the better. Maybe get a little backing from Audi as to show the endurance of their engines. We all know Herman engines take a licking and keep on ticking
Mike Zerker
Mike Zerker Prije godine
Make Junior another high mileage hero!! I loved what you did with Miles, and the same should be done for this car.
stitronic Prije godine
Do it another high mileage season. That’s are a great car. Cheers guys from Brazil 🇧🇷
watchingitallhere Prije godine
Not bad for a vehicle that's had more service than a NASA space shuttle.
bbbf09 Prije 4 dana
Then again shuttle mission typically travelled over 6 million miles * between services* at speeds of 17,000mph ...so...!?
bbbf09 Prije 4 dana
@Kifter Yet you believe in cars and the internet? SOme science is real ...some not so, eh?
kontra k
kontra k Prije mjesec
@mr machinist haha dude 200 000km is nothing, vws, audis go 500 000km + no problem, saw a bunch of them that have even more than 800 000km
Brian Fretwell
Brian Fretwell Prije 11 mjeseci
That would be low mileage for a British train they can do 1.5 - 2 million miles. I think they may get better servicing though.
TrackVic Prije 11 mjeseci
Oil service every 20k miles? Ouch
mohcen Bdj
mohcen Bdj Prije godine
Alex is so funny 😂 and a real car guy .continue I love your channel 💙
Fogster Prije 7 mjeseci
Same here
KingProne Prije godine
1500 pounds is ok to get this back on the road. imagine this being a higher speced model. worth saving.
Dally Singhson
Dally Singhson Prije 8 dana
Imagine all the car payments ypu dont need to pay.
william arden
william arden Prije 5 dana
Being an audi I'm sure it has cost almost as much as the cars MSRP to keep it going
Dimitar Penchev
Dimitar Penchev Prije godine
Very reliable Audi A4 I had one of this for 10 years and had ZERO troubles with it, despite the fact that it was often driven like a stolen (1.8T engine)
Mark C.
Mark C. Prije godine
Another high mileage hero 👍🏻 it deserves to stay on the road with that amount of service!
rkan2 Prije 24 dana
@Sidik V6 also? :D lol no wonder
Sidik Prije 11 mjeseci
@Nikola Gnjatic Ma ima ali u kurcu. Svaki je 2.5 TDI pod fabrickom greskom. Nije to kao Mercedesov motor bez greske.
Nikola Gnjatic
Nikola Gnjatic Prije 11 mjeseci
@Sidik ti si bas glup ovaj ima 1.9tdi a tvoj ima 2.5tdi ja se slazem s tobom da su 2.5tdi smece ali ima nekih dobrih 2.5tdi motora
Sidik Prije godine
@Mr.SlapHappy your a noob im telling the truth
Mr.SlapHappy Prije godine
@Sidik Lol copy paste noob.
C Prije godine
Just goes to show that just about any car that is well taken care of and maintained can last an incredibly long time.
None Given
None Given Prije godine
Providing these PD engines are given the correct spec quantum longlife oil regularly they will run to colossal mileages without issue - they sound a bit tractor like but go very well when remapped. Probably the best diesel engines ever made.
Corbin Pearce
Corbin Pearce Prije godine
I’m actually not too surprised the car was in as good shape as it was for the mileage. A car doesn’t get to 500k without having proper care, and on the flip side, I think mileage on a car is potentially endless as long as you fix things and keep it clean. That doesn’t mean it’s economically viable to push a car on that long, but it’s possible.
Nigel Barratt
Nigel Barratt Prije godine
Glad I watched this - I now know that my A6 2.0 TDi PD is only just run in with 303,000 miles on the clock. I had it at 17,000 miles still under warranty and it's as good as it was then. The secret is best fuel, best oil and best servicing. These things really are bullet-proof if you look after them! It has no DPF and the last smoke reading was 0.03 compared to the pass limit of 3.0, at nearly 300k miles, and the top's never been off the engine except for one glow plug.
ItzTJ Prije godine
Keep the car and you’ll be known as the person that has the most miles.
Piet Van DenBroek
Piet Van DenBroek Prije godine
@WesterM that's cool and all but i don't remember asking.
Armistice Prije godine
Wait till a billionaire comes and hire driver to drive a car on a remote area 24/7 for a few years
ItzTJ Prije godine
WesterM ok 👍
WesterM Prije godine
"Irving currently holds the Guinness World Record for the highest vehicle mileage on a personal car, with over 3,000,000 miles on his 1966 Volvo 1800S!"
ItzTJ Prije godine
Brimz never give up mate that’s the key to success
JeZZGro Prije 6 mjeseci
They sell this car in my country, like "awesome, like brand new!", they almost all have 150.000-250.000 km.
Smenny Prije godine
Had one exactly like this for a year or so, had almost half the milage of this one, but it was falling apart badly. Never ending list of problems, fix 1 thing 2 new things pop up, just not worth fixing in the end. But it was a very comfortable car, and the 1,9 is a pretty good engine with a small tune. The quattro system in these are amazing, never once got it stuck and super fun to slide around with during winter! Too bad there's just too many problems with old VAG cars
xEvilNeverDiesx Prije 9 mjeseci
Miss my a3 quattro 1.8t. Super reliable, super comfy, pretty quick and paintwork looked like it just left the factory even after 20 years. They just don't make them like that anymore.
Ashley Sutherland
Ashley Sutherland Prije godine
Seeing how forward the engine sits past the front wheels no wonder the air con condenser is prone to damage
Nehtiyalyr Prije godine
Kudos for the previous owners for looking after the car so well and regularly...
Norbert Prije godine
High Milage Hero for sure! It Could be Miles' little brother! Miles and Junior! I hope that it will get the same amount of attention as Miles! I love all the high mileage hero episodes so I'd love another car to be added to the collection! Let's just pray that Audi is as nice as Skoda!
ledzpg Prije godine
This car is in a VERY good condition for the mileage. Not perfect, but much better than many other cars I've seen with a quarter of this mileage.
DestructionNL Prije godine
Watching this again, i'd like to see a new High Mileage series with this Audi, but i do think a car of this age and with this mileage.. Well, you should'nt want to get the car back into perfect condition, let's fix it up to "good enough" shape. Miles and Junior show that VAG did make good cars at some point.
Chris Wales
Chris Wales Prije godine
I agree, I have a 2003 Seat Leon. Owned it 14 years, the mileage isn't ast high 150,000 but it's very reliable and still good to drive. Not sure if the more recent VAG cars will last as long.
Ionut marius Pop
Ionut marius Pop Prije godine
Only a PD engine can take so much abuse ! Legend!💯
zepter00 Prije 8 mjeseci
VP TDI last longer.
Anthony Roman
Anthony Roman Prije godine
I'd legit love to see this as another High Mileage Hero! Getting these cars resto'd is great...it makes for a fun series.
ImmersiveGamer83 Prije godine
High milage heroes inspire me to look after my car and keep it going. Up to 77k miles so far and all good so far touch wood
Shaun Walford
Shaun Walford Prije godine
Do a challenge where you see how many miles you can do in a day, week, and/or a month.
LeuAlex Sound
LeuAlex Sound Prije godine
Ive have the same model but in gray. Such a great car. 20 years and only 170k miles. :)
Spartacus Prije godine
i had one of them, used to constantly break the bottom ring off the rear springs, but great car
bumbumjackson Prije godine
This A4 deserves to be a high mileage hero! Well taken care of to this point... so it simply just deserves! ;)
MTG Foil
MTG Foil Prije godine
Yes! I agree!
VincentTG Prije 7 mjeseci
Audi's are tough cars. I own an A3 quattro and I am more than pleased with it.
Prtz Prije godine
I always thought German vehicles where not made to last that long. 100k and it is considered junk vs a Japanese made car. Well anyway, this is impressive.
Itchy Scratch
Itchy Scratch Prije godine
Well this makes my 2004 B6 A4 tdi look low mileage at 250k.I hope it can do a good few more miles yet! It seems to be everything else on the car that can't last as long as the engine and that's what gets them scrapped when it gets too much to maintain.
Itchy Scratch
Itchy Scratch Prije 24 dana
@rkan2 - these don't have a DPF 😁
MR.J Prije 24 dana
@rkan2 it's a petrol engine, on a side note I do drive 98 % on highway like roads
rkan2 Prije 24 dana
Doubt the DPF will last 500k unless you do highway only...
MR.J Prije 2 mjeseci
my 2000 polo is a baby next to it with its 112k miles on it (legit miles to)
datsuntoyy Prije godine
I hope my Audi S6 holds up this good. My A4 certainly didn't, Pistons at 65k miles and a cylinder head at 95K. Both just rolled 100K. Neither are babied by any strech of the word.
iLupi Prije godine
Hopefully this thing makes it to a million miles like that Lexus!
Renata Košir
Renata Košir Prije godine
@T5' tuned Wow. Well that are some numbers. Nice
T5' tuned
T5' tuned Prije godine
@Renata Košir they already did all three have more than half a million 1 has 560k 2nd has 507k and my daily has 649k
Renata Košir
Renata Košir Prije godine
@T5' tuned Very glad to hear that. Hope they serve you well.
T5' tuned
T5' tuned Prije godine
@Renata Košir i have a 3 volvo's i know the quality
Renata Košir
Renata Košir Prije godine
@T5' tuned A Volvo P1800 did around 5 million and 3 hundred thousand kilometers. Engine was rebuilt 2 times but still lasted around 2 and a half million kilometers in one cycle. Swedish quality.
Anthony English
Anthony English Prije godine
One thing I will never miss about my old VW-Audi is the endless bills!
snow Prije godine
My first car 3 years ago was a Honda with about 300,000 miles on it still run great no problems
Thom Prije mjesec
Love the mention of nut covers. Those things get launched in a random Direction any time I change a tyre
domingo fernandez
domingo fernandez Prije godine
You guys should make a video on fuel system cleanings and whether or not they really work
Vlad Michael
Vlad Michael Prije godine
ok lad lets go with another season of "high mileage hero" , i rly want to see this car clean asf :DD
Florin Ovidiu Matei
Florin Ovidiu Matei Prije godine
Me too
Sonst nichts zu tun ??
Sonst nichts zu tun ?? Prije godine
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Prije godine
for 500k miles its mint. i have seen 50k cars crumbling.
Undergrad Loki
Undergrad Loki Prije godine
Sweet Herb I would also love to see another “high mileage hero series” loved the first one! xD
aymene charaf eddine
aymene charaf eddine Prije godine
i would love to make it in a mint perfect condition and try to take it to the one million miles bullet than take it back to audi and put it in their showroom
barry phillips
barry phillips Prije godine
Be fair, the overall condition of the car given the mileage is very good really and yes it has been very well looked after by the previous owners. Lets face facts MOST cars do not get anywhere near this mileage and look half as good as this one. I used to drive to drive a 2010 Toyota Hi Ace ( D4D ) which when it was recently sold had about 1.100 000 ( 1.1 million ) kms new owners are very happy and find it hard to believe the mileage, burned no oil that i am aware of, started first time every time, and it still had a bit of grunt, performed well.
killerdinamo08 Prije 20 dana
It's every mechanics dream to solve such easy stuff on a such used car ❤.
MJay Nets
MJay Nets Prije godine
If I was in england, I'll definitely bring my car to this guy's garage !
FDG Prije godine
spend the money, get it perfect, get it to a million miles
Chris Turner
Chris Turner Prije godine
@Issac Newton Great advice, I have been considering it. Though, I visit dealers throughout the UK and I think it'll hurt the image of our company if I did that because they invest alot on image. I get a new car every 3 months because of the lease agreement. So tempted though just to get an old volvo and drive it a million miles.
Issac Newton
Issac Newton Prije godine
@Chris Turner Have them give you an allowance of 80% the current cost of running a leased car to save them money, and keep your own vehicle on the road for a million miles. It could become a rolling advertisement for your companys parts as it keeps "running and looking great using our company parts!"
Chris Turner
Chris Turner Prije godine
@J0n1t I work as a sales rep for an automotive aftermarket company. Would love to keep a car long enough to rack up a million miles. Though, we use leasing companies but this coupled with insurance and fuel, the costs are astronomical.
Snarl616 Prije godine
And add a Super Touring A4 livery.
J0n1t Prije godine
@Chris Turner what tf are u doing man xD
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks Prije godine
About 7 years ago I bought a passatt 1.9 pd, same engine as this audi, it had 250k on it when I got it and over 300k when I sold it about 18 months later. I've seen it driving around recently so it's fair to assume that it's probably done 500k by now, if not it must be getting close. I know a guy that runs skoda octavias as taxis and it's not unusual for them to go past 500k. The pd engine is brilliant and probably the last diesel engine that hasn't got loads of stupid emissions crap on it. By contrast my Renault traffic has done 120k and the dpf is blocked. I've been told by 3 different mechanics that it's beyond repair and I'm lucky to have got that sort of mileage out of it? If I find out that is true I will be royally pissed off, 120k over 4 years in a commercial is very light use and I will never buy another one but I don't know of a decent alternative, it would seem that all modern diesels are crap?
Colin Osborne
Colin Osborne Prije 11 mjeseci
I had a mate with an Austin Princess. When he had it serviced at 63K he was advised to get rid quick. Apparently everything was worn out. Even the throttle linkages were sloppy. No wonder there are none left, - even in Cyprus!
RandoTopical Prije godine
I want to know how the previous owner decided to put on a new timing belt at 500000 miles. Insanity.
Zeph Prije godine
id love to see another high mileage hero series
having_a_normal_one Prije godine
Yes, do another high milage hero! This car has been looked after so well for all these years. would be a shame to let that go to waste
onionman500 blin
onionman500 blin Prije godine
Fix it FIX IT *FIX IT*
Rich Secker
Rich Secker Prije godine
Nice car. I'd leave the brakes until the pads need changing and fix other bits now and again. Air con is useful but not essential.
Peter Sargeant
Peter Sargeant Prije godine
I once had an Australian Ford falcon that had done 1.6m km, 1997 ex taxi. Still running on it's original motor when I sold it.
Stef Hannington
Stef Hannington Prije 7 mjeseci
Get it all sorted. It's a beautiful car and needs the love.
lazar lukic
lazar lukic Prije godine
I keep forgeting that 500k miles on a clock is rare in the Western countryes. My 530k VW Bora is still going strong on our bad roads. Its used as a work car so last 200k was with about 400 kg of tools in it.
Glenn Spanjaard
Glenn Spanjaard Prije godine
Drive to the AUDI factory in one tank of fuel
zepter00 Prije 8 mjeseci
@Vlad Mihai it was AGR not ALH
Bryan Crysell
Bryan Crysell Prije 10 mjeseci
2008 a4 s line tdi... Southampton to Neckarsulm....The original Audi ( Nsu ) plant on one tank with 50 miles left. I was stoked!
Atarv Hegde
Atarv Hegde Prije godine
@eternal_slavo Well, how about Berlin to Stalingrad? Or Moscow?
Atarv Hegde
Atarv Hegde Prije godine
@eternal_slavo Berlin to Stalingrad in One tank... Try that.
All Hail Mafakas
All Hail Mafakas Prije godine
From Berlin to Warsaw in one tank??
CaptHollister Prije godine
Looking at the service records, this car went long distances between yearly oil changes, as is customary in Europe. Flies in the face of all the North Americans who insist that oil should be changed every 2nd day. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but so is changing oil every 3000miles/5000kms. There's a reason why quick lube franchises are practically non-existent outside North America.
Doomsday Prije godine
My dad's Jeep Cherokee has about 460,000 miles on it, never broke down yet. My old Camaro has about 740,000 on the body, had an engine swap at about 400,000 miles. Not too shabby eh?
Franklin Samuel
Franklin Samuel Prije godine
Very impressive. My 2013 Jaguar XF is just about to turn 310,000 Miles. Would be great to know if there are many other "modern" cars of a similar age that have covered this sort of mileage. Look after them, and they will look after you 👍🏼
McGinley - Hebridean Photography
McGinley - Hebridean Photography Prije godine
had a B6 1.8t A4 once, £250 and was three different shades of grey. Absolutely loved all of its 197k miles on it. Would definitely buy another one
Biker Gremling
Biker Gremling Prije godine
Andrei Prije godine
Yes please
Kalmar Wingfeather
Kalmar Wingfeather Prije godine
Christian Mathews
Christian Mathews Prije godine
I agree!!
Gazz R
Gazz R Prije godine
+1 hmh season 2
Ben Tullett
Ben Tullett Prije godine
Totally agree
Frank Casey
Frank Casey Prije godine
I’m curious as to how much of the work HAS to be done to pass inspection. Here in Texas airbags don’t have to be fixed and AC does not need to be working to pass inspection so remove those items from your estimate then the cost shrinks a lot. It’s kinda ironic that the service book is filled with all the expensive dealer service work but the egr valve was never serviced in half a million miles what’s up with that?
Flowster1000 Prije godine
The guy who synced the impact wrench to the music is a LEGEND!
TheOystei Prije 4 mjeseci
A lot of the super high miles cars have been long distance highway commuters, and that is really the easiest miles on a cars I've had 200k (km) cars come in that where far better than 60k km cars that lived in the city when I was a mechanic. Also such commuter cars tends to have fairly good service history due to often being work related travel, or just that they spend so much time in the car they like it to be in good condition.
English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)
English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED) Prije godine
I was actually told by a garage to put tape over the airbag light or remove the light itself not too long ago so it would pass its MOT
Count Dracula
Count Dracula Prije godine
TOP TIP: Every year restore to former glory a high mileage hero! They deserve it! High mileage hero Series 2!
Ryan Matthews
Ryan Matthews Prije godine
It’s not a top tip, so don’t say it is. Stop stealing comments!
Nileycat Prije godine
Yes we need more high milage cars on the roads
Aaron Aaron
Aaron Aaron Prije godine
If it wasn’t for the cost I’d love nothing more to do this !
Hayyaan Anwar
Hayyaan Anwar Prije godine
A girl showing off her boobs in her profile pic stole this comment and got more likes
Sajjaad Ahmed Vajeth
Sajjaad Ahmed Vajeth Prije godine
Was there a follow up to this episode? Would love to see it again on a better bill of health
Hugeshift Prije godine
Would like to see a new high mileage series
Yobbo Preset
Yobbo Preset Prije godine
The sad thing with cars like this is that after all these years and miles of service, it will be one relatively small but critical component failure (disables the car or puts a warning light on that fails the MOT) that eventually sends it to the scrapyard. High mileage cars in the UK are worthless, and components on modern cars are expensive. I'd love to see this one restored, but it's still only going to be worth £2.50 even if perfect. In the UK people don't want high mileage cars unless they are pennies.
A40 Divine
A40 Divine Prije godine
This is the first time I've ever seen someone actually point to the subscribe and recommend buttons. Subscribed
Dominic Zuk
Dominic Zuk Prije godine
Much like the other comments, give it a new lease of life, have the two high mileage heroes together. I love 00's VAG.
Stephen R
Stephen R Prije godine
Same... Always the tightest
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