14 Reasons Why Cheap Cars Are The Best Cars

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Buying a cheap car that you haven’t had to save up for is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, and here’s why!
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Komentari: 4 550
RB Prije 2 godina
The moment you realise the cheap car is the car youre saving for
Cloud Duster
Cloud Duster Prije 2 godina
I don’t care if the car cost me $100 or $10,000, I’m still going to treat it with the same respect.
Djordje Ristic
Djordje Ristic Prije 5 godina
Even if it's cheap, it doesn't deserve to be punished... If I had a cheap car, I'd probably take care of it just like an expensive one. They have a soul too! :)
nomaru Prije 2 godina
Fun fact: some of these car is more cheap than iphone x
Brian Velez
Brian Velez Prije 3 godina
This inspired me to buy a cheap car out right. It’s not a bad idea. Under 2k that’s gets me from point a to point b. I wouldn’t treat it that bad but definitely a bit more loose
Grato Nite
Grato Nite Prije 2 godina
I can't do that to my 2004 car. He was with me when I had nothing. He's my greatest pal.
Super Trini Gamer
Super Trini Gamer Prije 4 godina
You're not a car guy if you don't care about every car.
lfc777372 Prije 2 godina
Can we take a moment to appreciate that someone stood in a trench to get a totally unnecessary fly by shot at
Brad Mason
Brad Mason Prije 4 godina
My current car is a £350 Peugeot 206, and she's great, Problem is I'm a first year driver and my car insurance is £1800 for the year...
Mike Solutions
Mike Solutions Prije 2 godina
I love cheap cars. I treat them with utmost respect. Quality oil, regular maintenance, and they serve me well. I don't push my luck with them. No overreving, regular oil checks, good sets of tyres (cheap).
LordAnestis Prije 4 godina
All cars deserve the same respect.
Reuben X
Reuben X Prije godine
I would drive a rental more carefully than my own
Stalin Prije 5 godina
No car is that cheap when you add tax and insurance to it :(
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Prije 2 godina
I just love this Alex. We've had old cheap cars for 25 years until the last 2 years. And although we like our new cars it is much more stressful. I still look at old cars and think of getting one for its character etc. I look at all sorts so love your different videos like this and when you buy different cars on a budget. Keep these videos going. I just love em!
SkyScourgeGod Prije 4 godina
Whether expensive as hell or cheap as fuck, I'd feel bad for any car that was either wrecked in an accident or was sent to the scrapyard to be parted out and crushed for being too broke down. Stuff like that brings tears to my eyes, and I have to do it to my precious 528i fairly soon for being wrecked in an accident. I loved that car, and it tortures me to know that I have to bury it forever... :'(
mojsijemm Prije 3 godina
Pure truth. I own 2003 Peugeot 406. It has more than 500 000 kms, full of scars and bumps but it is best car which I had opportunity to drive. It doesn't matter if it is loaded with 500 kgs or empty it is comfy and runs. Thumbs up for old cars.
Matthew Moore - Tech Café
Matthew Moore - Tech Café Prije 5 godina
Don't forget, Cheap cars are also cheap to repair, easy to work on, and cheaper to insure. And there are some cheap cars out there that are also very good. Like a Miata, Or a used Honda Hatch. Or a Subaru Brat. All very cheap. But also good.
Nawfal saad
Nawfal saad Prije 3 godina
great videos Alex..this is exactly what the youth of this generation need to understand, that a cheap reliable car is a much better deal to get into at the start of life or career as it cover all the basics.
Louies Miguel
Louies Miguel Prije 3 godina
Don’t you ever disrespect cheap cars
james64ibm Prije 2 godina
The one car I loved most was my dad's '01 Golf - smallest engine, no bells and whistles. It was 7 years old when he bought it, it looked and felt like new, the clutch action was just perfect, it never missed a beat, I did some proper off-roading in it, it always used a little less fuel than the trip computer indicated, it could for unknown reasons do a real 10 kph more than advertised, it drove me and 3 of my friends with skiing equipment to the Alps and it did eventually give its life to protect its passengers when its story came to a close in an unfortunate encounter with a pesky soulless SUV.
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