10 Awesome Car Technologies That Never Took Off

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We love it when engineers come up with innovations, but as brilliant as they might seem, sometimes they just don’t catch on. Here are 10 that never went mainstream!

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Chrysler Turbine

Bose suspension

Sinclair C5

Sinclair C5 2

Sinclair C5 3

Sinclair C5 4

Sinclair C5 5

Steam Train

Steam Car

Ford flying car 2

Ford flying car

AeroMobil 3.0

Tucker 48

Tucker 48 2

Tucker 48 3

Tucker 48 4

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mujjuman Prije 4 godina
we need that bose suspension
J Andersen
J Andersen Prije 2 mjeseci
We need it for boats too. To stop seasickness.
Murat Adam
Murat Adam Prije 7 mjeseci
Absolutely, that was what picke my interest mostly, even I believe they don’t bring it to avoid drivers past speed brakers in high speeds, but it seems very comfortable, so they should use that.
Firoze Khan
Firoze Khan Prije 10 mjeseci
@Ame Lot not really that good
TractorGuy19 Prije 11 mjeseci
Sounds good!
TheCoolDave Prije godine
I'd love to drive that old Lexus with it, just to see how much better or worse it is than my 2014 Lexus...
Luke Jacobs
Luke Jacobs Prije 2 godina
How about a radio system that shocks a person, other than the driver, when they touch the radio buttons
TackleTheDog Prije godine
I would love that to prevent my grandpa from putting on this awful radio station XD lemme listen to my classics, not this horrible warbling voice accompanied by metal nails on a humongous chalkboard 😂😂
Mike McMaster
Mike McMaster Prije godine
Luke Jacobs who hurt you?
Dojfes fiskebod
Dojfes fiskebod Prije godine
@Burako Shimazaki Me too, im so happy BMW still does buttons
Burako Shimazaki
Burako Shimazaki Prije godine
@Dojfes fiskebod so do I hence my frustration lol
Dojfes fiskebod
Dojfes fiskebod Prije godine
@Burako Shimazaki many people still prefer button's..
daan menjoie
daan menjoie Prije 3 godina
Regarding the EM/Bose suspension I can elaborate a bit why we don't have it already in cars I work for a company that supplies shock absorbers and suspension systems. And the reason the EM suspension is not yet in production is due to the following reasons. 1. Regulation : Every safety component (steering, braking, suspension,...) that can work fully electronic needs an mechanical and/or hydraulic back-up. That is also the reason we still have brake lines and a steering column. So an EM system also needs damping in case of an electrical shut off, and this means an passive back-up system in parallel that interferes with the EM system. 2. Power Consumption : Every electronically damper consumes power, which in the end comes from the fuel we put in it. The current active suspension systems can consume more than 4 kW of power in extreme conditions, and from the literature I found these systems consume more than 5 kW in normal use. This means without considering the losses of converting this power, you lose almost 7 hp or the fuel consumption goes up. Also every OEM is investing in electric cars and these systems will just eat away battery, in cars where people are already not really sure about the range they can achieve. At this moment it is simply a no-go to use a very high tech system that will make the car consume more power, while there are systems that can give a huge improvement which only use 150 W on average. 3. Production cost : the dampers are still quite complex to build in high numbers, so the price goes up. If you look at MB magic body control which is an € 5500 option on a € 110 000 car, the supplier will probably ask about € 3000 for the system. And MB charges extra for the added complexity to the production line, and also the control algorithm needed to make the car drive. My guesstimation is that these systems will be costing over € 10 k for the end consumer. 4. Driving pleasure : When we experimented with active suspension, the first thing we noticed was the feeling of detachment. This is dangerous because there is no sense of reaching a limit until it is too late. So the system was tuned to be a bit worse on comfort to regain the steering and grip feeling. So if you want this in a non-autonomous vehicle, you have to tune it to be not ideal in comfort for safety and driving pleasure. So again why waste € 10k in a system that cannot be used in it's full potential, and will be negative for the fuel consumption if you can have a € 5k (or less) system that will have a neglectable influence on fuel consumption and can be used for it's full potential. EM suspension will come in the end, but probably only in autonomous vehicles, because of the steering and handling feel. Sorry for the long text, but I hope this gives some explanation why it is not yet here.
Let’s take a walk
Let’s take a walk Prije 5 dana
This is the best answer I have seen ever.
daan menjoie
daan menjoie Prije godine
paul broderick theoretically yes. But the current algorithms and controller strategies are not ready yet. Especially with systems that not only react but also act. Also it has to react properly in real life situations, unlike the video. You see that they have controlled events and tune the car accordingly to have the best response. In real life a pothole or bump is quite unique and needs a custom tuning setting.
Raheel Shaikh
Raheel Shaikh Prije godine
Since don't know how many years I never could figure out why this technology never saw the light of production but after reading your comments I now understand better. Thanks a ton for the detailed explanation.
paul broderick
paul broderick Prije godine
Very interesting and thank you. Surely the system could be 'tuned' to at least give some positive feedback of true driving conditions? Just a thought.
Tom Pelle
Tom Pelle Prije godine
Great explanation
Grzegorz Zawadzki
Grzegorz Zawadzki Prije 4 godina
0:15 - Gullwing doors 0:40 - Turbine engines 1:07 - BOSE Suspension 1:34 - Small, electric, inner‐city transport 2:25 - Rocket brakes 2:45 - Steam engines 3:09 - Flying cars 3:43 - The tucker safety widnshield 4:10 - The rotary engine 4:40 - Modular bodywork
alba 100%
alba 100% Prije mjesec
Your crazy of what
meep 1478
meep 1478 Prije godine
The rotary engine isn't used much now😔mazda planned to make the furai supercar with the rotary in 2007 but then it failed and Mazda kinda abandoned the rotary after the RX8 which wasn't as good as the RX7
hrt sgwr
hrt sgwr Prije 2 godina
gullwing door got me came up with meme.... some kind of wikihow memes
Matt Gibbs
Matt Gibbs Prije 2 godina
@Falconeer English is pretty German in origin.
Matt Gibbs
Matt Gibbs Prije 2 godina
@The Captain Flowers the whole video.
Daniel Ibrahim
Daniel Ibrahim Prije 3 godina
I’d invent an indicator that BMW drivers use.
GolfLima1 Prije 11 mjeseci
id try to invent a safety system that stops audi drivers being the worst drivers
EhrabMoney Prije godine
I would invent a bmw without plastic engine vitals....
Cody Kamminga
Cody Kamminga Prije godine
Пацантрэ ВащеРебята they’ll just take the bulbs out
Chevycamaro5296 Prije godine
It flips up a middle finger on either side
cheesefruit200 Prije godine
superedwinx Prije 4 godina
The Bose suspension is the best one to be honest
J Andersen
J Andersen Prije 2 mjeseci
@Mai Eden It isn't that good.
DEVIL Prije 2 godina
@J d "needs no maintenance" oh really? you do realise that mecanic suspension can fail too right? with vibrations and shocks, the bolts and all that can detach itself,a part can break over time and so on. so it's not an excuse at all.
Bush Hejira
Bush Hejira Prije 2 godina
superEDWINx yes it was they should honestly implement it on luxury cars because if you’re buying a rolls Royce you should be able to afford that
SMGJohn Prije 2 godina
+OrfiCaldaRi 200lbs is like 90kg which is fucking nothing for a car, sure if you make a sports racer but majority of cars are not racing cars so therefore the heavy thing makes no sense, 90kg is piss light, I think the fuel alone in a car weights more than that.
Fionn O'Brien
Fionn O'Brien Prije 2 godina
Watch out for your tools the car will eat them😂🤣
Magnus Likes Tanks
Magnus Likes Tanks Prije 4 godina
Thank god those rocket brakes never, *cough*, took off..
Hydratedkoalaeatingvegemite Prije godine
They pushed to the ground
Car boi
Car boi Prije godine
OatmealTheeCat Prije 2 godina
just stop lol
Random Weird Videos
Random Weird Videos Prije 2 godina
*ba dum tss*
spookq Prije 2 godina
Good one mate
Яасир Шахид
Яасир Шахид Prije 2 godina
2:59 steam cars weren't actually slow for the time. They had really good torque and some of the cars could even go well above 60 mph.
ROAD TRIP! Prije godine
bloemundude There were some steam cars that produced steam on demand, wich was a lot faster than boiling the entire water tank, while the regular steam car took about 30 minutes more or less, these took about 5 minutes or less to create steam. Watch Jay Leno's garage, he has some examples of these kinds of steam cars. I think a more better reason they never took off was safety, a boiling steam tank exploding right next to you is something you definetly dont want
Яасир Шахид
Яасир Шахид Prije 2 godina
@bloemundude Yeah, but then the gas cars of that era too did take some time (tho not as much as steam) and a lot of manual effort to start, compared to which, steam was superior at the time. The electric starter motor just killed off steam and also the other electric cars of the time.
bloemundude Prije 2 godina
slow to heat the water initially on startup, though
Blackbode Prije 2 godina
If cars could fly, 50% of all drivers would fly above someone else's car and try to land on it...
Jessiebeanie Prije 11 mjeseci
@Igor Grodzki *Ibishu Pigeon, it's literally named after a bird.
Giovani Mejía
Giovani Mejía Prije godine
@Harpreet Singh Do you know that every fucking new technology start like that you shtweped? Probably 150 years ago a shtweped carriage driver was saying "Even if no horse carriage exist, it would probable be to expensive and only a few rich people would haven them...¨. Point is, dont be shtweped. Every new thing its expensive at first because it hast been perfected.
Firecat246 Prije godine
hey jimmy lets play jenga with cars
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh Prije 2 godina
Even if flying cars did exist...they'd probably be too expensive and only a few rich people would have them....
Ethan Picken
Ethan Picken Prije 2 godina
So true though Ü
Eon Gaming
Eon Gaming Prije 3 godina
I would definitely add indicators to BMW's if I was an engineer.
Asami Cat
Asami Cat Prije godine
I were
Helge Schneider
Helge Schneider Prije godine
Why has nobody thought about removing the driver from BMW's? Seems like the best solution to me.
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation Prije 3 godina
Hehehehehehehe it’s there I think the stalk just keeps breaking for whatever reason and that’s funny cause it never gets used😂😂😂
RAGNES7 Prije 3 godina
well, if ur still young, try and go for Engineering :)
Visionery1 Prije 4 godina
The Bose suspension is incredible ... even better than a Citroen!
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation Prije 3 godina
I mean it didn’t take off fuck this suspension shit is bouncing around in my head now😂😂😂
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation Prije 3 godina
Hehehehe no wonder it took off cause I have no idea what either of those things are 😂😂😂😂
Sondre Kjærsdalen
Sondre Kjærsdalen Prije 3 godina
Øystein Jakobsen
Øystein Jakobsen Prije 3 godina
Audi has that now - using cameras and AI with pressurised suspension to get the same result
Scott Prije 3 godina
Bose is just one of many companies that worked on magnetic suspension. It's widely available in many car lines today, but a rather expensive option though.
Henry Charles William Nguyen
Henry Charles William Nguyen Prije 4 godina
I would love to see the Bose Suspension make a comeback! I think it would do very well in today's luxury car market!
SILE141 Prije 3 godina
Suspension: Look at the Citroen Hydropneumatic. It was a great system an was build over years.
Mr. Fort’s Place
Mr. Fort’s Place Prije 2 godina
So I have to check you on the steam engine portion. A steam powered car held the land speed record for a while, not to mention they are incredibly easy to use and maintain. The main drawback was the time it took to bring a car up to full power. It couldn’t just crank and run like a gasoline engine.
SGsoldier Prije 2 godina
This is exactly how a 'top 10' video should be. Not adding in a bunch of useless crap to extend the time to 10 minutes, no dumb jokes, and straight to the point. I was very satisfied with watching this because after it started, it got to the point. I never had to stop and scroll forward to the next thing because the host wouldn't shut up. 10/10
Bobby Garrity
Bobby Garrity Prije 4 godina
I really wish the Bose suspension took off. Far and away the most useful thing on the list.
J Andersen
J Andersen Prije 2 mjeseci
I hope they can make the same suspension for boats to stop seasickness.
BR Pannier 68
BR Pannier 68 Prije 2 godina
i wish flying cars took off.
TomV61 Prije 2 godina
Must have for ambulance vehicles
Ethan Picken
Ethan Picken Prije 2 godina
@Diego Calcagno true
Oden Son
Oden Son Prije 3 godina
Electromagnetic force is created by ferrous conductive materials. Look up the density of things that will do that and you will see why it's heavy.
enovenn Prije 2 godina
so the suspension that i always imagine was actually real
I think I would love to drive a steam car today, you get that insane amount of torque, instant response and they are fast too.
meep 1478
meep 1478 Prije godine
Mercedes actually addressed the gullwing door safety issue with a cool solution there's these things that explode in the doors when you pull a level hidden on the door. This separates the door from the main body in the event to a rollover. (in SLS AMG)
Juggynaut Prije 4 godina
I love how "can't get out of a car in a tight space" is always a reason for no gullwing doors in cars. Umm you can't get out of a normal car with normal doors if you're in a tight space either, and plenty of cars of those. granted you're right if the car rolls over, but most of the time normal doors are too banged up to get them open in a roll over too
Johan Thunberg
Johan Thunberg Prije 2 godina
Wait a minute. Steam engines for cars werent slow. They were A LOT faster than the petrol engines. But you needed to build up a pressure before you could go.
Hina Kagiyama
Hina Kagiyama Prije 3 godina
The GAZ 3937 "Vodnik" had a modular body system on it. Was even amphibious, too. Less variety than what Italdesign had planned, but still, modular body components.
Dan Coulson
Dan Coulson Prije godine
1:20 - I actually love the bouncy feeling of a car pitching and rolling like that. I'd hate that suspension bose system.
Spiros78 Prije 4 godina
I would invest in Bose suspension system, as it looks promising and way ahead from the conventional. Surely got my attention.
Commenting Account
Commenting Account Prije 4 godina
I want to know more about that suspension. I'm sure that the technology will be much cheaper some day. Adaptive suspension technology is very involved.
Endorion Prije 2 godina
Even though that suspension isn't available, I'm proud that my E300 has Air Matic suspension.
Terminator Godzilla
Terminator Godzilla Prije 3 godina
I would use the electromagnetic suspension and have it so it tilts the car into the turns to increase handling and make it more comfortable
SF1NX Prije 4 godina
A good idea for a new car feature would be low-beams, A.K.A the opposite of hi-beams, and they would be activated when passing a car driving the opposite direction, very useful for night-time driving.
jakarta gamer
jakarta gamer Prije 2 godina
the last one and the bose suspension is really good imagine a multipurpose car that can change from a minivan to a tow truck, amazing
Andre Tsang
Andre Tsang Prije godine
Modular bodywork sort of exists. Automakers use several similar platforms for their different models.
Georges Mcfly
Georges Mcfly Prije 2 godina
even if expensive, i'm sure the bose system would be great for luxury or offroad cars.
Daniel Curtin
Daniel Curtin Prije 4 godina
Relative to ICE of the era steam was actually pretty fast, the problem was lack of mass production and the 30 to 40 minutes it took to get enough steam built up to begin driving. With a ford you could start diving within a minute or two.
Meerkat More
Meerkat More Prije 3 godina
3:51 Fun fact, Preston Tucker, the designer of the Tucker 48, is the reason for a lot of our modern safety features. His car was one of the first to have seatbelts as standard. I would love to see what the Tucker motor company would've looked like today if the Big 3 hadn't shut it down. His car was a rear engine, RWD sedan powered by a lovely H6 which allowed the car to hit a top speed of 130 mph. That might not sound like much, but remember, this was in the 40s
cerial0411 Prije godine
You really need to mention the GM hy-wire which also was going to use a modular "skateboard" design. This went from a media sensation in 02 with a 08 production date to a full on concept that was abandoned due to limited refueling availability.
Meatloaf 00
Meatloaf 00 Prije 3 godina
I love the Tucker '48, such a great car and one of the first to make it up to 200kph too
Falconeer Prije 2 godina
That tucker dude must have been like the elon musk of the 40s
Backseat Driver
Backseat Driver Prije 2 godina
They need to make a suspension that good. Where performance and comfort unite!
Jenny GW
Jenny GW Prije 3 godina
I would really like to see lights that turn on automatically in low light become a legal requirement.
Richard R79
Richard R79 Prije 2 godina
My 2005 GMC truck has daytime running and has the auto low beam lights when it starts to get dark. Came from the factory like that.
4Kandlez Prije 2 godina
@Meerkat More Unfortunately you are correct, there should be a stupidity assessment as part of the driving test, and as stupid cannot be cured, failures are not allowed to drive...ever.
Dan Coulson
Dan Coulson Prije 2 godina
That's actually a pretty simple system to implement into any car. A small amount of electrical knowledge is required, and a few components, but that's all that's needed.
Luke De G
Luke De G Prije 2 godina
I believe there is a law in the Netherlands where all modern cars need to have 'day-lighting' where there are small lights that are always turned on. Don't know if it's still a thing tho
GHN1013 Prije 2 godina
takayuki yoshida - the law would only apply to new car models after a certain year. That’s how new car laws work. They recognize they’re always going to be gradual transition until the older cars eventually get phased out.
AmazinChannel Prije 3 godina
Steam engines were actually faster than the early petrol engines, but the petrol ones had some advantages that killed the steam engine
Flat Finger Tuning
Flat Finger Tuning Prije 3 godina
The Stanley Steamer's 70mph top speed in the early 1900s was nothing to sneeze at.
skyeyemx Prije 2 godina
The Bose suspension hadn't been used, but many manufacturers (for example Mercedes) already use active suspension systems that are equal to or superior to the system
Xavier H.
Xavier H. Prije 2 godina
a big complaint I heard about tesla's gullwings is that they're too slow. they're cool sure, but waiting seconds to get in and out of your car just isn't worth it compared to being able to open normal doors in less than a second.
Madmansmitty Prije 4 godina
I would love to have the interchangeable chassis. Just come home with a different model everyday and just mess with peoples minds😂
Falconeer Prije 2 godina
ah hell yeah
Robertpaws Prije 2 godina
The Bose suspension should be used in Toyota land cruisers,it will work great
Steven Ezzat
Steven Ezzat Prije 2 godina
Yeah and SUVs in general like GMC cars
Haidaichi Oda
Haidaichi Oda Prije 3 godina
I also would like to add 4 Wheel Steering to this list. Although cars like some of the Nissan Skylines and Honda Prelude had it. I can be happy I've got a good Prelude with it but most were hit and miss.
Rog5446 Prije 4 godina
I'm surprised that ejector seats have not made it into production. I'd gladly pay a few thousand as an optional extra, as I often have to give my mother-in-law a lift.
Viper TheLegend
Viper TheLegend Prije godine
I'd invent on-board electricity generators driven by the wheels. Infinite range.
maxxjett films
maxxjett films Prije 4 godina
Rocket brakes would have increased pedestrian injuries by burning faces instead of taking knee caps off.
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation Prije 3 godina
Hehehehehehe can I have front facing rocket jets just as a sneak attack on my Honda so next time some fucker tries to street race I book that ass😂
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation Prije 3 godina
Rompson heheheheheh at least I know it stopped my car cause it caught on fire anyway😂😂😂😂😂
DigBipper188 Prije 3 godina
Hey... they'd be a perfect anti-pedalprick defense!
Joseph Atnip
Joseph Atnip Prije 4 godina
maxxjett films right knee caps are overrated anyway hell when you're born you don't even have kneecaps until you're about 3 years old
정희석 Prije 4 godina
maxxjett films
TJ Ziegler
TJ Ziegler Prije 2 godina
I always thought it would be cool to have small 1 seater 4 cylinder car that was designed to be fast yet very efficient. I always look over in my car when i drive alone thinking “damn im wasting gas and slowing my car down with all this extra room creating air resistance and seats creating weight”. I think it would be brilliant to have a car like this just for getting to like work and stuff super efficiently. Also even with a 4 cylinder it would be stupid fast
George Alderson
George Alderson Prije 2 godina
...or roller skates with a strap on jet pack?
Aidan Prije 19 dana
1:00 When the General Motors EV1 was around, GM unveiled a Hybrid version with a Gas Turbine engine that could be powered with petrol or compressed natural gas (CNG)
Christopher Ramlal
Christopher Ramlal Prije 2 godina
Rework the Bose suspension to adaptive active control via cameras and reduce the weight using lighter electromagnets/parts and add pnumatic actuators at the top and bottom that control ride height and active Toe angle for additional cornerning benefits.
pauljs75 Prije 3 godina
Steam cars being slow is a bit of a misconception though. Some of the first to break 100MPH were steam powered. The problem was more to do with the fact it took 10 minutes to warm up the boiler from a cold start (just can't start it and go, it had to heat up and pressurize), and there was always some risk of having an exploding boiler with scalding hot pressurized steam. And the problem with turbines is they don't fare well with variable speed operation. If they can be kept at a constant speed, they can be more efficient. The ride stabilization thing is likely due for a comeback. Might be something for electric cars where you have a surplus of power for the type of system most suitable to fit in a small space. (Hydraulics or pneumatic systems are too bulky, but electro-linear actuators could be made compact - albeit a bit power hungry.) Also some cars in current production have been good at splitting the differences with magnetic controlled valving on otherwise conventional suspensions or magnetically variable viscosity on the working fluid inside.
WolfieBlitz Prije 2 godina
True “half” piston rotary, like what they have in biplanes. Laid flat in the rear of the car, these could potentially have more power than a standard v6 or v8 engine as they could span out to be 5/7 in one layer. Stack the layers and you instantly get more power.
Arnold Tabor
Arnold Tabor Prije 2 godina
I'd say, if a new C5 came out with closed seat and a boot area, maybe slightly wider and longer with a 2 person and 3 person variant it could be very successful
Fort Crafter Boss Behold!
Fort Crafter Boss Behold! Prije 3 mjeseci
I would invent something similar to the 1990 Plymouth Voyager III concept, where there would be combined mesh that could split into two individual units. In the front, a small and easy-to-maneuver 1-2 row compact electric vehicle that can be then attached to a rearward unit housing a monstrous 650+ HP American style big displacement V8 with an auto transmission and a large gas tank, so that there could be a way to properly and definitely bring automotive enthusiasm via internal combustion into the straight on future...
Christopher Differ
Christopher Differ Prije 2 godina
Serious one - modual itterior/dashboard. I know theres some here replaced old casset players to modern touch screen nav computers. But its a pain in the backside and sometimes impossible to get even a good fit.
Miles Davis
Miles Davis Prije 2 godina
Y'all do realize that the magnetic suspension has been alive and well since the Cadillac XLR hit the market in 2004 right? It's just not by Bose, and it works perfectly well now making Corvette ZR1s and Ferrari 458 Italias cushy like cadillacs these days
fadingbeleifs Prije 3 godina
Uhhh, the steam engine during it's hay day was actually much faster than the internal combustion engine .... Every stroke is a power stroke. In fact, many held the land speed records for production vehicles for a number of years...
Marc Mercier
Marc Mercier Prije 3 godina
I worked at Bose when they were working on the magnetic suspension. The major issue was getting a CPU that was fast enough to interpret the signals from the roadway to control it. The original development car was a Cadillac. Dr. Bose LOVED his Cadillacs. Later on they got it right apparently using a Lexus. I worked in IT, so I saw a lot of cool stuff. My NDA expired. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago I worked there, time flies.
Tremor244 Prije 2 godina
Tesla wing doors are kind of unique, they can open in many different ways, even when there is a car parked right next to it, or in low parking garages
Klab Prije 2 godina
The electromagnetic suspension with electromagnetic brakes would be good to have
jinxmaster1 Prije 2 godina
gullwing doors are fine in a confined space, they open up at a very upward angle if you could squeeze in a normal door then the gap is probably enough for a decent gullwing
Wabefuhon Prije 2 godina
I would design something a bit similar to the capsule but instead of it looking weird, all pieces would be designed based on accidents.
HECKproductions Prije 2 godina
nice to see that bose suspension is now being used after all
Owen McKee
Owen McKee Prije 4 godina
Small, inexpensive transport has already been invented. I believe they call them motorcycles.
Owen McKee
Owen McKee Prije 4 godina
Kj16V Jesus what's your issues with bikes? Is it because they aren't as cool as shitty, french clios? Did your dad die when you were young and as such never learned to ride a bicycle and now have harboured a deep seated resentment to any vehicle with 2 wheels? I was making a good point, if anyone needs to sod off it's you. Being the bigger man I accept your inevitable apology when you calm down. Now fuck off.
Kj16V Prije 4 godina
Owen McKee Coming on to a car video, talking about bikes! Take your crotch rocket and your Power Ranger outfit and sod off! XD
Owen McKee
Owen McKee Prije 4 godina
Kj16V Yet you chose to concern yourself with the size of my testicles? This only strengthens my point.
Kj16V Prije 4 godina
Owen McKee I may well do! Still wouldn't be any of your business.
Owen McKee
Owen McKee Prije 4 godina
Kj16V And you obviously prefer the company of men if you inline skate.
Viaditya Surya
Viaditya Surya Prije 2 godina
The reason BOSE didn't take off to production cars: its electromagnetic suspension, which means it need electricity to run, that translates to it needing batteries or pretty big capacitor, which add weights and will eat up fuel
the real koishi Komeji
the real koishi Komeji Prije 3 godina
Turbine engines were good because they could run on any combustible liquid imaginable (antique tractors did the same)
leyuen Prije 4 godina
the Capsula modular bodywork might be a good idea to reinvest into maybe put in more modern style and make it easier for normal day to day people to be able to change the cars body in their own home garage.
Aphotic Kingdom
Aphotic Kingdom Prije 2 godina
I would combine the advantages of a turbine engine with the advantages of a torque converter in the place of a transmission for maximum efficiency. Koenigsegg style.
TheLpd1 Prije 4 godina
Maaan that bose suspension should have came to the market
Makis G.
Makis G. Prije 4 godina
Cry me a river I don't think so mostly on a royse
Makis G.
Makis G. Prije 4 godina
Luisito Bardaji Benitez
Luisito Bardaji Benitez Prije 4 godina
but it would be soooo dull
ap2pat Prije 4 godina
Headlights go up! Headlights go down. Go up! Down. Up! Down. UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN!
chris Prije 4 godina
Mercedes Magic body control IS Bose suspension not just adaptive dampers. Problem is you could only get it on the high end S classes so it was never going to become mainstream
Nick Dawson
Nick Dawson Prije 4 godina
I would pay to have Bose suspension installed on my car. I don't care how much it would cost.
Adam Lemus
Adam Lemus Prije 3 godina
Here's to self driving technology be on a list like this one day
rockey rocket
rockey rocket Prije 2 godina
How about an electric commute vehicle that can reach highway speeds and is like a fast enclosed segway so that you could fit about six of them in the space that one standard vehicle takes. It would do wonders at cutting down on the traffic in high congested cities.
Noire Toilet
Noire Toilet Prije godine
We need a car that can go underwater that can fly (like a helicopter) and a Bose suspension
andreiradu1945 Prije 3 godina
You forgot to introduce the concept with the 5-'th wheel under the back wheels that could be used to park faster and more efficiently.
Kramer S
Kramer S Prije 3 godina
The sad part is that if the Tucker Torpedo were made today it’d be able to compete with modern cars cause it was so ahead of its time.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Prije 3 godina
There was some invention alfa romeo had in one of its cars, they fitted the brake in the gearbox instead of the wheels to make cars lighter, more manouverable and also have a better ballance, I imagine they had efficiency, response or maybe performance issue with braking, if not, I can’t explain how it failed to take off
Ooh Kah
Ooh Kah Prije 4 godina
Next to the Bose suspension, one could mention Citroën's "Activa" system (SC.CAR) that did about the same.
Two Wheeled Adventures
Two Wheeled Adventures Prije 4 godina
I'd bring back anolog clocks personally. Mostly because I want to see kids reactions to an anolog clock in the glove box door. I know my personal reaction to it in my teen years was pretty funny looking back. It's still my favorite look for a dash though. Nothing says Luxury like an almost perfectly semetrical interior even the way the dashboard tends to curve up was done on both sides for style in the 40s
Why Are You Even Reading this
Why Are You Even Reading this Prije 3 godina
The Twizy is famous and found because they look modern, are electric, and for the country that have the law of the 16 year old cars, they are an alternative to those 16 year old allowed vehicles.
Rick James
Rick James Prije 4 godina
that bose suspension looks kickass. Is there a modern version of it, or do new lexus, or luxry cars have something similar
Alexander Prije 2 godina
Id love some sort of nuclear fusion kind of power unit. And an automatic suspension kind of like the bose thing but then as in the 1993 williams in Formula 1.
Sammy Sam
Sammy Sam Prije 4 godina
Nuclear powered cars. Ford thought about making one in the fifties (Ford Nucleon), but never initiated.
33482 Prije 4 godina
Well, the radiation can cook your dinner on the way home from the store, clever.
Brad Cogan
Brad Cogan Prije 4 godina
1.21 Giga Watts?
Jmardi _
Jmardi _ Prije 4 godina
Sammy a
Insert name HERE
Insert name HERE Prije 4 godina
Sure, why not provide everyone with material to make a nuke?
Alter TV
Alter TV Prije 4 godina
I owned a ford nucleon now i crashed it me and my friends have 78 fingers i wonder why and my pet ant is bigger then russia
Rose White
Rose White Prije 4 godina
Sinclair was designed by what is said to be one of most intelligent men in Britain! Says it all.
motanelustelistu Prije 4 godina
That bose suspention and modular bodywork is best. I like even more the displayed vehicle,because of it's shape,how big it is and that you cand properly say you GET UP in the car,not go down.
Will Brock
Will Brock Prije 2 godina
The model x might have drawbacks, but it also received the only perfect safety rating ever, and always lands wheels up.
K6GSXRider Prije 2 godina
I think you mean wheels down
Io Prije godine
1:00 Actually, that technology was not just reserved for science fiction. The project partly inspired what would become the engine for the M1A1 Abrams MBT.
Max Fuchs
Max Fuchs Prije 2 godina
magnetdrive is actually a thing in modern top-tier SUV (Like Range Rover for example)
MISC BITS Prije 2 godina
Toyota spent many years working on gas turbine vehicles right up until the mid 1990s and solved the throttle response issue - the result was the Prius gearbox.
Joseph McDade
Joseph McDade Prije 4 godina
I've wondered if the turbine could make a comeback as a generator for electric motors. I'm guess not, otherwise we would probably see turbine generators for other applications. However, putting the electric motor between the turbine and the delivery of power would get rid of the throttle response issue entirely. Small utility helicopters often use turbines because the power to weight ratio is immense, which makes me think there might be some usefulness there.
Sharptooth100 Prije 2 godina
Flying cars are good, even adding on solar panels and electric motors as options.
YouTube5000 Prije 4 godina
That bose suspension tho
Honu Moorea
Honu Moorea Prije 2 godina
Citroen got similar suspensions
Barry Jones
Barry Jones Prije 2 godina
What is tho?
Russ Olson
Russ Olson Prije 2 godina
BMW uses it
jacob .M
jacob .M Prije 3 godina
It's already used by Mercedes under another name
Acerbic Geoff
Acerbic Geoff Prije 3 godina
Wenro don't forget the Camaro ZL1 since 2012! Though I'm gonna be honest. An incredibly quick supercharged Camaro feels fucking weird when it's lacking road feedback.
Benji garcía
Benji garcía Prije 3 godina
To me best invention was the Bose suspension system.
Steph Auclair
Steph Auclair Prije 2 godina
Something I would add to a car is wheels that go into the car then some sleds would pop out and your choice if you want to add dogs or ride your car down a snowy hill (only works in snow)
Rob Tuffin
Rob Tuffin Prije godine
Small, electric, inner city transport had happened. It's micro scooters with a battery and a motor. Literally no one saw that coming!
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness Prije 2 godina
Steam cars were not slower than internal combustion cars :/ and the BOSE thing, needs to be a thing
Ben Fel
Ben Fel Prije 11 mjeseci
I'm pretty sure the gullwing doors on a Delorean opened in less space than a conventional car door.
bramvdheijde Prije 2 godina
The steam engines were still powered by fossil fuel to generate steam in the first place. Instead, steam engines vs. internal combustion engines would better describe the situation.
Jeffri Ranger
Jeffri Ranger Prije 2 godina
Did you ever heard about quad rotor vehicle? It can easily slice the driver in a hundred pieces during crash or when the driver forgot to snap the seatbelt
orange appled
orange appled Prije 3 godina
Modular technology definitely should have a future. With electric drive, cars should become far more simple to design. Allied to modular tech, I would foresee being able to buy a basic chassis with drive, then spec different modules, along with buying optional modules in the future as needs require. In addition, being able to conveniently swap out life expired modules when they wear out, rather than having to scrap the whole car. What's not to like? It only requires a far-seeing start-up company to initiate such a program. India or China are bound to get there first.
SYCHRON Prije 3 godina
Fun fact: the first cars were electric ... but it took over a century for this to take off ;-)
Sheriff 001
Sheriff 001 Prije 4 godina
Chrysler did design, and put into production a gas turbine vehicle - the M1 Abrams.
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