We're Giving Away A Mega Rare Car You Probably Never Knew Existed

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Car Throttle

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For your chance to win this car for yourself or a friend in need, email your story to: carstories@carthrottle.com
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Komentari: 530
David Thomson1979
David Thomson1979 Prije 6 mjeseci
There is a lady in malton North Yorkshire who could do.with this car, her daughter died and left her with a young granddaughter to look after then 3 months later her husband died, she had a ford Ka but had to scrap it as was uneconomical to repair and now has to use taxis to go shopping
Wav-Scorn259 Prije 5 mjeseci
Make it happen! #CarThrottleMakeItHappen
MoutainMan3000 Prije 6 mjeseci
Selectah Free-I
Selectah Free-I Prije 6 mjeseci
This right here 💯
MrChimpeh Prije 6 mjeseci
Probably not the typical CarThrottle viewer
bardock11 Prije 6 mjeseci
This should be up higher! Send them an email! Upvote, people!
martij75 Prije 6 mjeseci
Japanese petrol engine with over 100 000 miles is just well run-in.
Wim Vander Schelden
Wim Vander Schelden Prije 4 mjeseci
I recently went to a dealership to salvage a few parts from a parts car they were getting rid of, they had a 1 million kilometer Toyota Supra still on the first engine and gearbox.
Joshua John Carlos
Joshua John Carlos Prije 5 mjeseci
Some engines has break in period of 1000 miles, but japanese engines has 100 000 miles of breaking in period
You tube channel
You tube channel Prije 5 mjeseci
@Xighor Toyotas are great I just prefer Hondas. They seem to build better engines than Toyota and be slightly more reliable but like I said both make great cars.
Xighor Prije 5 mjeseci
@You tube channel Toyatas are underrated, they're so good ISIS use them and they hold multi million pound military vehicles when driving through rough terrain and getting shot at..
Rob Small
Rob Small Prije 6 mjeseci
@You tube channel Alto Mk 4 was reliable. Suzuki have teamed up with Toyota now. Larger Suzuki's will be rebadged Toyota's whilst Toyota will look to learn from Suzuki RE small cars
Pickleman Prije 6 mjeseci
Cars like that are gems, not sh*t boxes. Someone has given an ordinary Japanese car TLC meaning it will run faultlessly for another 100K or 200K if you give it an annual service, it will cost you pennies to keep on the road and won't let you down. Plenty of overpriced pretentious motors out there that won't give you that much. Cracking car.
Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος
Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος Prije 6 mjeseci
Funny thing is that they are almost everywhere here in Greece 🤣
YogurtPlayz Prije 6 mjeseci
New Zealand is stacked
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum Prije 6 mjeseci
Same in inda too
Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος
Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος Prije 6 mjeseci
@thanos mousios Yeah, i agree. Greetings from Greece. 😉
thanos mousios
thanos mousios Prije 6 mjeseci
@Ηλίας Γεωργακόπουλος yeah that's very true I live in the UK but Greek originally both my parents in Greece have their cars since 2005/06 with 150k miles plus each. But in general I would say here older cars tend to be looking in better shape than in Greece paint doesn't fade interiors don't go bad but the issue is rust which in Greece isn't a problem. I've even had suspension parts shipped from Greece for my Rover 75 (ironically they came back where they came from) and they were spotless. so I guess you can't have your cake and eat it
Johan Khadka
Johan Khadka Prije 6 mjeseci
@Shlok Mane baleno altura*
byronmills Prije 6 mjeseci
Easily another decades worth of use in that if looked after. Hope it go's to a caring and deserving home.👍
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi Prije 6 mjeseci
@nie wissen Hope a hoarder doesn’t get it
nie wissen
nie wissen Prije 6 mjeseci
I agree. I hope who gets it really needs it and appreciates the fact that the car is old but in such good shape that it may as well be 5 yrs old. Only having 109k And having the complete service history...👌
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m surprised they haven’t given away a dacia sandero at this rate
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos Prije 5 mjeseci
@SPProduction02 yep
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed Prije 6 mjeseci
@SPProduction02 😂😂😂 absolutely brilliant
SPProduction02 Prije 6 mjeseci
If they give a sandero away, it must include James may, shouting "GREAT NEWS" as horn
scatcat1994 Prije 6 mjeseci
You should donate the car to me, recently my wife left me which was painful. Then she came back, which was excruciating.
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos Prije 5 mjeseci
I.. feel you mate...
Rivelino Prije 6 mjeseci
Feel your pain. Take my mother in law for example.... Please, anyone?
Les Rogers
Les Rogers Prije 6 mjeseci
You have my vote and... my sympathy.
Dakarjimny Prije 6 mjeseci
This is no joke one of my dream cars, I’d love to win. However, someone less fortunate may need it more than I do. I really hope it goes to someone who appreciates it and looks after it.
Rangsan Kharduia
Rangsan Kharduia Prije 6 mjeseci
In India folks use the Baleno's 1.6 engine for literally every form of motorsport.
Rangsan Kharduia
Rangsan Kharduia Prije 6 mjeseci
@Ilham G16 B if I'm not mistaken.
Ilham Prije 6 mjeseci
the G16A?
Shlok Mane
Shlok Mane Prije 6 mjeseci
@Dhanush Nambiar I am talking about 1.6 lt DDIS engine which is discontinued here in India
Shlok Mane
Shlok Mane Prije 6 mjeseci
@Dhanush Nambiar bruh I am not that stupid. DDIS is diesel engine and VVT is petrol engine ikr
Dhanush Nambiar
Dhanush Nambiar Prije 6 mjeseci
@Shlok Mane pretty sure the DDIS is a diesel engine
Hugo Fletcher
Hugo Fletcher Prije 6 mjeseci
Great content Great way to give back to the fans Well done everyone at car throttle
Jon Burnell
Jon Burnell Prije 6 mjeseci
That is massively cool! Good luck to all entrants 👍
X D Prije 6 mjeseci
Alex: it's got a few quirks and features Doug DeMuro: I'm gonna pretend I didnt hear that
GlobularDriver97 Prije 6 mjeseci
Suzuki definitely make some of the most reliable engines/cars! Never actually known their engines to go wrong
Drev222 Prije 6 mjeseci
That's awesome! I hope the right person gets it.
Shaun Mccue
Shaun Mccue Prije 6 mjeseci
100% got year left in it 🙌🏽 definitely emailed you guys
joris meester
joris meester Prije 6 mjeseci
This is exactly like my first car! It had run 275000km on the clock and drank 1L of oil every 1000km. I loved it to pieces. Have fun!
Gray D
Gray D Prije 6 mjeseci
It's great to see one of these featured. I remember my girlfriend's parents in high school had a Suzuki Esteem (here in the US anyways its called that) saloon and estate. It crazy how these cars were everywhere and now they're a complete rarity in my region. Rust chewed them all up here with the exception of three estates in my area. They're a head turner and a nostalgic memory for me nower days
c k-m
c k-m Prije 6 mjeseci
I’m suddenly quite grateful that I can’t think of anybody close to me that is in a situation like that I hope the car really helps the person who gets it
Carluvr2011 Prije 6 mjeseci
"Alex would happily drive this to Scotland." In the next episode... Lol I vote that he does now just to prove its reliability. These were sold as the Suzuki Esteem in the U.S. and yes we actually got the wagon version! (For once I know) I've seen a few of them in my lifetime, but none of them in that good of shape and since Suzuki doesn't sell cars stateside anymore I'd be curious to know if there are that many left out there.
As seen by Pilchard
As seen by Pilchard Prije 6 mjeseci
I had one of these 12 years ago and it was by far the best car I’ve ever owned, just an awesome do it all work horse. I sold it for £300 and then spent £7k on a Celica and strangely given the choice now I’d have a Baleno over a Celica!!
Chris Prije 6 mjeseci
"I would happily drive this to Scotland" I can feel a challenge coming on... To the land of the Scots you go sir
wipeout1978 Prije 6 mjeseci
Had 2 hatchback versions of the baleno, lovely cars, so under rated. Miss owning them
bignick h
bignick h Prije 6 mjeseci
Love the content boy's 👍
ArktinenPeikko Prije 6 mjeseci
I used to sell spare parts back in the day and there was this guy who owned a Baleno. And he always pronounced the name of the car in the most hilarious way. Nice guy too, always polite to the staff. Good times =)
Prima Mahardika
Prima Mahardika Prije 6 mjeseci
I don't know why but that car looks nice enough for me. Love that.
alex billing
alex billing Prije 6 mjeseci
I've a Passat estate which I'm refreshing, 2002 with a cassette head unit, I've fitted a dab unit but retained the original head unit as I wanted it period correct. Love the retroness. Anyway, well done Alex and Car Throttle, what a fantastic gesture. 👍🏻
George Ratcliffe
George Ratcliffe Prije 6 mjeseci
Beautiful car Keep it original and grandaddy Especially when it is that rare and well looked after
Matty Butler
Matty Butler Prije 6 mjeseci
I'd love to enter, but luckily for me, I have no story like that to share. Good luck to whoever enters, stay safe.
Shafeeq Ahmad
Shafeeq Ahmad Prije 6 mjeseci
This one is a legend for Indians and enthusiasts has done all the things that can be done to it turbo,rally and even there is bagged version of these specific station wagon model !!
Upside down
Upside down Prije 6 mjeseci
These i-blason phone cases are awesome saved my last 2 phones from smashing on engines, hope the motor goes to a good home
Luke Charles
Luke Charles Prije 6 mjeseci
completely shocked checking out this video, cuz I saw this exact car for sale a few weeks back online so now I know where it went 😂 was originally looking for a Suzuki Esteem like the one from Better Call Saul as I wanted to create a replica ahah
Mark C.
Mark C. Prije 6 mjeseci
Can’t believe there’s only one left, amazing what cars get forgotten about over the years.
Qwerty Prije 6 mjeseci
Awesome you give shine to a modest but super reliable Baleno!
Shobhit Chaudhry
Shobhit Chaudhry Prije 6 mjeseci
These engines are actually really nice. They’re used in off-roading vehicles for rallies in India. Not bad at all. Don’t sound terrible either
ASBO LUTELY Prije 6 mjeseci
Time to try and win my brother a car!
David Prije 6 mjeseci
Their faces after he told them what wap meant
JF Tech/Drones
JF Tech/Drones Prije 6 mjeseci
@ASBO LUTELY It also stands for Wireless Access Point
ASBO LUTELY Prije 6 mjeseci
WAP was the web browser standard for browsing on a mobile phone in the 90s.
T. Mojito
T. Mojito Prije 6 mjeseci
hrpost.info/history/ZJOGedjDe8KpaKw/video : )
Dragon Butt
Dragon Butt Prije 6 mjeseci
Gotta love the late 90s japanese every day cars. Utilitarian, and yet special.
54 MGTF Prije 6 mjeseci
G16B is a bulletproof engine. I had one with over 400 000km and was still going strong when I sold it (for more than I paid 200 000km earlier).👍
Nutzername1273 Prije 6 mjeseci
I love giveaways! Have a car myself and don’t need another one, but I still find it entertaining. :)
GolfLima1 Prije 6 mjeseci
id love it myself, but i always believe there are people more deserving than people i know
Peter Sargeant
Peter Sargeant Prije 6 mjeseci
Nice gesture guys. I hope someone properly deserving gets to live in it.
Mohammad Yaqoob
Mohammad Yaqoob Prije 6 mjeseci
I own the Baleno, still runs like a dream ❤😄✌
John Vender
John Vender Prije 6 mjeseci
And remember James May said in an interview that Suzukis are the best cars out there :)
Sean O
Sean O Prije 6 mjeseci
Incredible service care history, does that help it's longevity?
greathey1234 Prije 6 mjeseci
I had a 1.8 sedan 1997 Baleno when I was a student in the UK in 2005. Great car, very reliable and amazingly frugal.
harrison f-t
harrison f-t Prije 6 mjeseci
I mean I can’t drive but sure I’ll have a car
Max James
Max James Prije 6 mjeseci
same 🤣
Péter Maia-Veres
Péter Maia-Veres Prije 6 mjeseci
We used to have a Baleno when I was younger. It’s a great car, and you can move a small flat amount of stuff in 1 round.. ask me how I know. Greetings from Hungary
TheChris812 Prije 6 mjeseci
I have a 1998 Mazda Demio LX 1.3i. Amazing how these old cars run so well and just keep on driving.
George Eliades
George Eliades Prije 6 mjeseci
That's a great thing to do, well done. Wholesome
Gnasherism Prije 6 mjeseci
You wholesome buggers. Good work!
Reece Taylor
Reece Taylor Prije 6 mjeseci
Ive just entered and i hope i win i really need this
Unique Khan
Unique Khan Prije 6 mjeseci
Baleno sedan was also produced in Pakistan from 1998 to 2005. Still can be seen on the road but people still preferred local made Corolla over this.
Charlie Denbigh
Charlie Denbigh Prije 6 mjeseci
These were great cars
Rob Small
Rob Small Prije 6 mjeseci
If we are talking rare Suzuki's then surely the Suzuki Kizashi has to be high on the list. Rare to see when new. Mega rare now but lovely design
Kezzified Prije 5 mjeseci
Buying a used car that's been looked after is so good! I bought a 3 door 1.8 SRI astra 57 plate 2 years ago... has FSH and only failed 1 M.O.T for a light bulb. I paid £1400 which I thought was a lot but was a good price for how long I've had it. And it's done 160k miles! Done a few repairs over the years but that's expected! Always look after your motor and look for FSH!
sandeep C
sandeep C Prije 6 mjeseci
Love the 80's throwback filming!
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Prije 6 mjeseci
Even though it's not much of a car in terms of petrolhead appeal, Being an estate and the last one I really hope it's not abused and scrapped in a matter of months. It deserves to live many many more years. It needs to stick around to show up all the stupid softroaders.
de Moritz z
de Moritz z Prije 6 mjeseci
If I was in the UK I'd have entered bc I bought a car with a vr5 engine as my daily. The engine is great btw.....the trans on the other hand not so much😂 so I need a new daily now. Also I've wanted to go backwards trough a drive through in a rhd car for the longest time XD(I'm German)
Dhanush Nambiar
Dhanush Nambiar Prije 6 mjeseci
This car is so sick, we had a baleno sedan in black colour, top trim came with 11 spoke alloys wheels , sick spoiler and auto climate control. Regret selling it
Yash Katyan
Yash Katyan Prije 6 mjeseci
old suzuki are always great newer ones i dont like
Anvil Prije 6 mjeseci
Original wheels, look pretty cool!
V Spencer
V Spencer Prije 6 mjeseci
A friend of mine had a 1.6 hatchback Baleno which she bought new and it really was a nice car and quite sporty inside with immaculate lovely bucket seats and a rear spoiler. The weak point on them is the manual gearbox can whine but it rarely breaks but when she sold it about 6 years ago she had trouble getting £250 for it even though it was in lovely condition with about 90000 miles on the clock and a full ticket and service history.
TrashMan22 Prije 6 mjeseci
i had one of those and she had about 3 different gearboxs but they sound mint with a good exhaust and a set of light weight wheels would look pucker'
Grünkohlaktionär Prije 6 mjeseci
I always loved the look of the wagon Baleno for whatever reason
dutty burger
dutty burger Prije 6 mjeseci
Its like a slightly fat wrx wagon almost, looks great!
Ben Prije 6 mjeseci
I love the baleno. I had a 2000 baleno sport. Lots of fun with that thing.
HazewinDog Prije 6 mjeseci
oh my god. I knew Balenos were rare, but I didn't know they were THAT rare. there is one in my street! not a wagon though...
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed Prije 6 mjeseci
I remember having to take the cassette out of my dads Y Reg turquoise Nissan almera out and having to stick a pen in it to rewind the cassette 😂
mattsee45 Prije 6 mjeseci
Title: "Mega rare car that you probably never knew existed" Me as a Filipino: Umm yeah those are not uncommon (called the Esteem)
cock man
cock man Prije 5 mjeseci
Never seen an esteem
Dinis Paulino
Dinis Paulino Prije 6 mjeseci
The Esteem is Saul Goodman's car ahahah
Suhaan Sharma
Suhaan Sharma Prije 6 mjeseci
Its a baleno for us in india
MOVIE EXPLORER XD Prije 6 mjeseci
The esteem and Baleno are different cars. I used to own both of them
Gustavo Gomez
Gustavo Gomez Prije 6 mjeseci
That 1.6 is bulletproof, mom bought hers brand new in 1999, still running to this day. 95 hp btw.
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 6 mjeseci
Last one on the road, I feel like this should be in a museum. Also I misread the title (it's been a long day) as "mega race car" so you could turn this into the Suzuki equivalent of the old 850 touring cars...just an idea.
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 6 mjeseci
@god zillas I'd still go to a Suzuki museum, as long as it was within about 20 miles of where I was anyway ☺ Or if they did free tours with free drinks, some of the whisky distilleries are great for that. Yeah I can imagine that joke has been made a few times! I doubt the penis museum gets many tourists who don't do a photo pretending to give a whale penis a blowjob either. I'd still love to go back and actually visit, except Iceland is insanely expensive and all my money goes on my car...
god zillas
god zillas Prije 6 mjeseci
@Apothecary Terry And theres also a pencil museum and oddly not so far from here a gas museum . All heavily trodden with foot traffic as you can imagine .... well you can if your sniffing gas or full of lead from the old pencils . We went to the sex museum in amsterdam . Asking for a blowjob in the gift shop wasnt near as funny as i thought it would be when the mrs near broke my rib . I suspect the cashier had been asked before .
T. Mojito
T. Mojito Prije 6 mjeseci
hrpost.info/history/ZJOGedjDe8KpaKw/video : )
Apothecary Terry
Apothecary Terry Prije 6 mjeseci
@god zillas There are museums for tap water (China), Dog Collars (England) and Cup Noodles (Japan, obviously). A Suzuki museum would be a sensible attraction in that company. There's also a penis museum in Reykjavik which was sadly closed due to a blizzard when I visited...
god zillas
god zillas Prije 6 mjeseci
Cant wait to get to that museum . Perhaps they could park it between a fiat uno and a daewoo matiz , you know class leading highly prized cars . The queues to get in would be round the block . Some shitters were created with 1 wheel already in the scrappers . Somehow 15 years ago this dodged reverting back to being kitty kat tins ... its a matter of time .
Jubair Ahmed
Jubair Ahmed Prije 6 mjeseci
1:31 the old skool editing look was ace
Dwibbert Prije 6 mjeseci
Make ethan put new tires on the rims 😂
Cars n Tarun
Cars n Tarun Prije 6 mjeseci
Used to have an 06 Baleno....always underappreciated.
Marcus_Kah Prije 6 mjeseci
Love that sort of videos. Next please the e11 Corolla AWD 😍
James Hogg
James Hogg Prije 6 mjeseci
So common in Australia, love the little baleno
TheHK2127 Prije 6 mjeseci
Dad had a Suzuki baleno saloon, loved that when I was a kid. When we would take a road trip to the west coast of Scotland I would beg him to hit a switch for “sports suspension” way ahead of its time that car
Chris West
Chris West Prije 5 mjeseci
Nice thing to do Matt, hope you are well? Chris
Erlend Prije 3 mjeseci
i genuinly love that car
MUCKSPREADER1 Prije 6 mjeseci
Japanese cars are so reliable.Was lucky to sit in a 91plate supra today with 180k miles and wow how smooth was the engine.
Joe Wuh-Puh
Joe Wuh-Puh Prije 6 mjeseci
Scrapped a few of those over the years lmao
Freddie Boi
Freddie Boi Prije 6 mjeseci
You must feel bad for destroying many cool cars huh?
NonsensicalVids Prije 6 mjeseci
I read that as scraped lol
T. Mojito
T. Mojito Prije 6 mjeseci
hrpost.info/history/ZJOGedjDe8KpaKw/video : )
TheGlowingNugget Prije 6 mjeseci
Well I scrap them then I want one bud
gnarshread Prije 6 mjeseci
Time to make up a sob story as good as an old country record and win a car!
Carlo Lanzon
Carlo Lanzon Prije 5 mjeseci
Imagine trying to find parts for that 😂😂
Noah Winkle
Noah Winkle Prije 6 mjeseci
What a lovely car
Pranav Somayajula
Pranav Somayajula Prije 6 mjeseci
Well, we have a bunch of these still in great condition and still on the road in India.
NotoriousHalo17 Prije 6 mjeseci
I would like to have that thing
Arsi J O
Arsi J O Prije 6 mjeseci
So much space under the hood. That car needs an big engine 100%
MicahRLusk Prije 6 mjeseci
Funny that they're even more common in the US which is still fairly scarce but i almost bought a clean blue 5-speed 98 wagon for like 1500 with ac if it didnt get sold so quickly lol
Hassan Hammo
Hassan Hammo Prije 6 mjeseci
We used to have the same car , as a child i used ti ride in the back It was a blue one ! Thanx for the memories
Brian palmer
Brian palmer Prije 6 mjeseci
Amazing thing to do lads
Alex Henwood
Alex Henwood Prije 6 mjeseci
I had the sedan from new! Great little car!
Svobik91 Prije 6 mjeseci
i had suzuki baleno.. year 98 with 1,6.. awesome car.. i loved that so much
Puddles Prije 6 mjeseci
Giving away a 109k Suzuki Baleno is the most Car Throttle thing I have ever seen. Cleetus Mcfarland is out there with less subs buying a race track and ripping 7s passes. This channel is under delivering when you consider that sheet amount of car soap adds you sit through.
I'm Legendary Audrius
I'm Legendary Audrius Prije 6 mjeseci
Having a rarest car in the UK and you can't tell it to anyone proudly because everyone will laugh at you and think you're a fool 🤣
Jaime Pontes
Jaime Pontes Prije 6 mjeseci
I was going to buy a baleno wagon and now prices will go trough the roof. 😁😆
Oskar Hope-Paulsrud
Oskar Hope-Paulsrud Prije 6 mjeseci
I used to drive a Baleno. Everyone though I was driving a Subaru and thought it was a 4wd. Ended up spinning it on snow(on winter tires), it was my first and hopefully last crash. Killed the car.
WinteR WinteR
WinteR WinteR Prije 6 mjeseci
Sunaru had similar vibes in the 3rd gen Legacy..
zanthraxnl Prije 6 mjeseci
I learned to drive in one of those. Then a former student of the same driving school plowed into the back of it at a red light.
thejamesonline 2
thejamesonline 2 Prije 6 mjeseci
Wow that is rarer than a Ferrari F40 from the 80's with around 100 left with MOT on the roads of the UK
Onimalap Prije 6 mjeseci
This indicator is on correct side. I had 97 Colt and it was painful to use european car on UK roads. Indicator on right is the only way. You can go around roundabout, change gears and indicate at the same time changing direction and what exit you’ll use. It’s so convenient. I loved it. British weather is brutal on older Japanese vehicles if they are not properly rust proofed or kept in perfect shape.
More hrspwrs
More hrspwrs Prije 6 mjeseci
I had 2 of them i got pics of my green one it was well pimp my ride looked sweet.
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers Prije 6 mjeseci
I had the 1.8gsr version of this not the estate it was quick for someone the size of a micra
Andy Kerruish
Andy Kerruish Prije 6 mjeseci
Baleno…..boring but reliable, they were everywhere at one time, proper grandad car…..👍🇮🇲😁😜
Phillip Sharpe
Phillip Sharpe Prije 6 mjeseci
We never hear about anyone wining the cars on this channel,?😁👍
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