Can A Non-Car Guy Tune An Engine For NA Power?

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Car Throttle

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This week, Ethan digs deep under the bonnet (with a little help) to find out how much n/a power his little Z3 project car can make on the dyno!

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Komentari: 796
Eoin F
Eoin F Prije 3 mjeseci
Alex: That engine sounds a bit ropy! BMW specialist: That is the best engine I’ve ever tested!
welephant2013 Prije 16 dana
Was he not juat winding ethan up
Daniel Moukli
Daniel Moukli Prije mjesec
goes to show I guess
RHDrivingSlovenia Prije 3 mjeseci
@NathV2 Breaking your bank account you mean? ;-) Germans call it "Geldfressmaschine" for a reason.
NathV2 Prije 3 mjeseci
They Joy's of a BMW engine!
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia Prije 3 mjeseci
a Prije 3 mjeseci
big shout out to bruno man, the fact that he's willing to give a lot of time for us viewers.... man what a great lad
Karl Miller
Karl Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
@Joao Serra So that’s why I’d never heard of him before CT then …
Vlad Mihai
Vlad Mihai Prije 2 mjeseci
it is a commercial for his shop, obviously he is giving a lot of time for us.
Groundskeeper Willie
Groundskeeper Willie Prije 3 mjeseci
@Big Dongle yes
Joao Serra
Joao Serra Prije 3 mjeseci
@Karl Miller if you know bruno you know he doesnt need advertising lol
Karl Miller
Karl Miller Prije 3 mjeseci
Getting plenty of free advertising
DanteJDM Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is a rare find and adds alot of entertainment value. Good episode!
A Van Called Rupert
A Van Called Rupert Prije 2 mjeseci
He does allot on monkey London channel.
Clive Bruce
Clive Bruce Prije 2 mjeseci
He's alright mate
Guilherme Moreira
Guilherme Moreira Prije 2 mjeseci
É Tuga tá tudo explicado!
Anthony José
Anthony José Prije 3 mjeseci
@Freddie Boi it’s not him lol
Anthony José
Anthony José Prije 3 mjeseci
He’s Portuguese, That’s the explanation!
Arfyboy Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan's moving up in the world -- from changing a tyre to doing a stage 2 map on a Z3! The next video should be "Non-Car Guy Builds Car"!
Devolution RC
Devolution RC Prije 3 mjeseci
@Mikey Knighty Supercharger more likely
Neovo903 Prije 3 mjeseci
They need to build a Caterham or something
Koenigsegg man
Koenigsegg man Prije 3 mjeseci
@Big Dongle judging by the fact it appears you wanted to watch the pair of “soys”
Mikey Knighty
Mikey Knighty Prije 3 mjeseci
@Craig then thats an excuse for Ethan to also do a porsche derived v6 swap
Craig Prije 3 mjeseci
Followed by "non-car guy blows engine in fast lane of motorway and recovered by the AA"
Mugen- R
Mugen- R Prije 3 mjeseci
Can we big up Bruno, my man been offsetting his actual business for CH so I hope man getting paid enough to work with them.
BDS Motorsport
BDS Motorsport Prije 3 mjeseci
thank you, I love working with CT guys as what you see on camera is what they genuinely are.
JB Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan just casually resting his new alloy wheel in a hedge 😂
Mac Prije 3 mjeseci
Been looking forward to a project Z3 update for ages, great job. Love the show! 👌
GBM Gaming
GBM Gaming Prije 3 mjeseci
The theory that Ethan is actually the most car guy out of all of them and for years he's been faking and now is slowing becoming what he has always been is interesting and I like to believe it.
bpowick Prije 3 mjeseci
I love these Ethan centric videos. He’s friggin hilarious 😂
South England Bus Spotting
South England Bus Spotting Prije 3 mjeseci
09:05 It’s at this point Ethan realises he is a fully qualified mechanic.
Peter Mackenzie
Peter Mackenzie Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is excellent entertainment. He is like the Inspector Clouseau of the mechanics. Well maybe a cross between Inspector Clouseau & Papa Lazarou.
RHDrivingSlovenia Prije 3 mjeseci
The American remake of Clousea maybe, but definitely not the original one. Nothing can come close.
Ian David
Ian David Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan's his wife now.
Woody Lovett
Woody Lovett Prije 3 mjeseci
This is so sick! The owner of more than tyres is my dad so seeing this is so cool ❤️
Gerard Bendotti
Gerard Bendotti Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno seems to be getting more comfortable with the camera. that CUT! was hilarious. and I thought Ethan was going to hug him when the rocker cover was brought out. Alex would have...
Dmitry T
Dmitry T Prije 3 mjeseci
"The Milkman strikes again!"- that should become a slogan of every Ethan's appearance!)))
the Nefyn cat
the Nefyn cat Prije 3 mjeseci
I can see that as the next merch t-shirt.
Nathaen Wood
Nathaen Wood Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno genuinely wanting him to learn is honestly so refreshing to see.
Emanuel Sousa
Emanuel Sousa Prije 3 mjeseci
You can tell right away that if it wasn’t for Ethan, Bruno would trash the engine beyond repair. Glad to see Ethan helping the inexperienced!
ZK Prije 3 mjeseci
BDS knows so much about the M4X motors it’s astounding
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong Prije 2 mjeseci
@My Channel Lacks Originality as a broke ass, I prefer this i4
My Channel Lacks Originality
My Channel Lacks Originality Prije 3 mjeseci
In my opinion it's still not worth tuning one of these. I'd much rather stick an M50 i6 in there. Better sound and more potential
Quest Prije 3 mjeseci
BDS are the experts!
Jacob L
Jacob L Prije 3 mjeseci
@MisterHidden yeah but i'm sure ethan shares a few tips with the boys here n there. Be a real shame to hoard all that knowledge wisdom and experience all to himself
MisterHidden Prije 3 mjeseci
You mean Ethan
Jonibravo Prije 3 mjeseci
The ratchet part was actually mind blowing
Club de voiture
Club de voiture Prije 3 mjeseci
I know what a spoon
Paul Kelleher
Paul Kelleher Prije 3 mjeseci
I love Ethan‘s excitement for everything that’s new to him, it’s like watching a child opening that one big toy under the Christmas tree and seeing the excitement in their face 😂
Turbo Addict
Turbo Addict Prije 3 mjeseci
Few days ago, I done my first ever car mod - It was literally changing the hubcaps. *I can honestly say it was one of the most happiest days of my life*
Anthony Levin Jean Paul
Anthony Levin Jean Paul Prije 3 mjeseci
@Alexander Klein depends on what kind of shitbox it is. 9/10 times it isn’t worth to repair so bin it is the only option
Shona Prije 3 mjeseci
@ClumsyGarage The first thing I ever did was change bumpers & wheels. Then I did coilovers which I thought was a pretty big job at the time.. and then from that point, despite having never changed brakes or pads or any real mechanical work to a car.. I very boldly & ambitiously (and also very stupidly) decided to undergo a full restoration and engine swap. I got there eventually, and it taught me almost everything I needed to know about working on cars, but damn I really threw myself into the deep end by undertaking a full restoration as the 3rd thing I'd ever done with a car.
Alexander Klein
Alexander Klein Prije 3 mjeseci
@Anthony Levin Jean Paul Depends on how well the repair went, and if you noticed any new repairs that need to be added to the queue.
Anthony Levin Jean Paul
Anthony Levin Jean Paul Prije 3 mjeseci
@Dan Sykes repair jobs wanna make me bin it in the drink
Patrice Mbabazi
Patrice Mbabazi Prije 3 mjeseci
Ohhhh boy, get ready to increase your cursing vocabulary. But am happy for you, it's a step to more mods in the future 🙏🙏🙏🙏🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Elitke90 Prije 3 mjeseci
I really love Ethan's dedication to this car, he has improved so much!! Nice job mate👌🏻
zanderboy Prije 3 mjeseci
bruno is comedy gold, hes on my level. my type of guy. And clearly on your level too. love seeing the videos guys. youre getting close to clarkson may and hammond in terms of famousnesesessss but much better content than they make.
Crepitus Prije 3 mjeseci
clarckson hammond and may are insanely funny and have good commentary, however, the entire grand tour is overscripted filled with way too many cliches. was much better in slightly more relaxed environment.
Ethan Hubbard
Ethan Hubbard Prije 3 mjeseci
“15 minus 5” “imperial” had me fucking rolling 😂😂
Simon Hodgetts
Simon Hodgetts Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno has the patience of a saint and the comic timing of Ricky Gervase………top chap!
Stuart Humphrey
Stuart Humphrey Prije 3 mjeseci
Really enjoyed the videos in this series, Bruno is an excellent on screen presence. So, when is the Ethan taking the Z3 on track?
Daniel Anthony
Daniel Anthony Prije 3 mjeseci
I love where this is going but I think the absolute pinnacle of Ethan's journey would be to enter him in some racing event in his Z3, with Alex mentoring him along the way, Jack providing the funny banter and camera shit.
Dave Kaldenbach
Dave Kaldenbach Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno seems to be a really nice lad, would be nice to see him again on the channel. And well done Ethan for the wrenching 💪
Someone Prije 3 mjeseci
"You were right once again, it's a 12-2" 🤣🤣🤣
Isaac D
Isaac D Prije 3 mjeseci
Love how much Bruno is coming out of his shell on camera! Awesome episode lads had me cracking up!
alem Prije 3 mjeseci
actually love these types of vids with the knowledge bruno provides really is interesting and would be a great person to learn off of
waclosh Prije 3 mjeseci
He is doing such a great job! I love how he plays his role and really sticks to it to a point where you barely notice it, when he actually forces it.
Roshan khan
Roshan khan Prije 3 mjeseci
It's so good to see Ethan taking the time to teach Bruno
João Pereira
João Pereira Prije 3 mjeseci
It’s a privilege to know Bruno for so long, and to see what he built out of scratch only with solid hard work. Um abraço!!!
An idiot in a racing car
An idiot in a racing car Prije 3 mjeseci
"I moved the limiter, 6900 is a good number"! ...hits it on the first pull :-D
dragos2009 Prije 3 mjeseci
these engines used to be used with a mod tuning chip that unlocked the limiter to 7200rpm making them sound real nice and making a bit more power
Suzuki Swift Sport
Suzuki Swift Sport Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching Ethan work on a car is making me look forward to getting a project of my own
Crispy Potato
Crispy Potato Prije 3 mjeseci
Ah yes its always a great day when Ethan works on a engine👹
Basil Fabian
Basil Fabian Prije 3 mjeseci
Wheels and tyres are probably my favorite mods. You can improve the looks and add some performance by doing so 👍🏾
Christy Leadbitter
Christy Leadbitter Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is the man and well done Ethan for getting stuck in.
I’m Sonny
I’m Sonny Prije 2 mjeseci
You guys really really need to keep doing this series🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Dave Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan’s willingness to share his vast knowledge is inspiring.
Matt J Davies
Matt J Davies Prije 3 mjeseci
Great video team! Given a bit more tweaking and performance upgrading hopefully we may see Z3 VS Phil on track at some point? Keep up the exceptional work!
Naveed Muhammed
Naveed Muhammed Prije 3 mjeseci
this is way more entertaining than watching someone who knows how it's done
Stojke013 Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan looks so genuinely pleased when he says "I've taken engine apart". Keep it up boys
Mini Matt TV
Mini Matt TV Prije 3 mjeseci
I think you guys need to buy Bruno some new lighting for the workshop! Excellent video, really enjoying watching Ethan learn all these things.
Totally Not A Spy
Totally Not A Spy Prije 2 mjeseci
I need more of this! I wish i could do what Ethan's doing now!
Manuel's Transmissions
Manuel's Transmissions Prije 3 mjeseci
Looking forward to the “Bruno & Ethan Show” coming soon!
adam coventry
adam coventry Prije 3 mjeseci
Guys these episode with you all in are just top tier and I’m so here for them. I love it. Yous are amazing
Alfie 38
Alfie 38 Prije 3 mjeseci
Great video! I love Bruno’s comment re: just looking at peak number gains. It’s all about the gains on the curve, and also percentage of gains (this was nearly a 10% power gain), and relative to power-to-weight as well.
Curtis Shaw
Curtis Shaw Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is such a nice guy and great mechanic keep up these vids 👍🏾
A.J. Kasetyo
A.J. Kasetyo Prije 3 mjeseci
It's finally back! And I'm really proud of Ethan. He's come a long way since he started.
Jordan B455
Jordan B455 Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is a legend. Prove me wrong.
paul jones
paul jones Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is fantastic, knows his stuff, relaxed and naturally funny. Loved this vid.
shiftdown tv
shiftdown tv Prije 3 mjeseci
These Ethan episodes are glorious. I'm waiting for the engine swap. ;)
Duncan De hulst
Duncan De hulst Prije 3 mjeseci
I love how ethan takes of a bolt and gets excited xD very entertaining
toasty bear
toasty bear Prije 2 mjeseci
this is the best series on HRpost ever, never let it end!!!
TimW Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan buying the wheels, good work boys he's broken his cherry 🍒🤣
kilt6680 Prije 3 mjeseci
Next he will be doing a Dirty Sanchez!
Brooke Cable
Brooke Cable Prije 3 mjeseci
I just love how Bruno looks completely uninterested in life, but my god he's brilliant 🤣 Still waiting for the day where he just chins Ethan 🤣
iamaparanoidandroid Prije 3 mjeseci
Whilst taking the piss out of Ethan is fun an' all, can we just take a moment to appreciate the progression from 'losing an Allen key down a spark plug hole' to 'wrenching and bleeding on own project car' in a little over a year? Yes, there is still some mechanical sympathy and confidence to come with practice, but good on you Ethan!
Flo Hackel
Flo Hackel Prije 3 mjeseci
Reminds me of my early days. I was so proud when I replaced the washer fluid pump on my old Volvo.. 😄
Afonso da Mata
Afonso da Mata Prije 3 mjeseci
És o MAIOR, Bruno 😉
DB 192
DB 192 Prije 2 mjeseci
Great video, I looked at the 1.9 Z3 for the channel, ended up with a 2.5 Z4. Been fixing bits on it ever since! 😂
J MC Prije 3 mjeseci
Another superb episode from a fantastic series! Loving it keep up all the hard work YOU’RE doing Ethan!
wadda ya buying
wadda ya buying Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan is slowly becoming a car guy as time goes on lol
HATR CarnagE
HATR CarnagE Prije 3 mjeseci
Make the little guy do lap times just to rub it in that Ethan has a faster car😂
klue42 Prije 3 mjeseci
more project car builds please lads, great episode, Bruno is a legend.
f Prije mjesec
"let's put a TURBO in it. may as well, we've got the engine off." fucking hell hahaha absolutely dying at this, perfect delivery
zepedrofd Prije 3 mjeseci
Love that this is just like a bunch of mates that no one knows why they hang out together but it just works…
SkylineCow Prije 3 mjeseci
Way too funny! Love that episode, can't wait to see the next bits!
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson Prije 3 mjeseci
It sounds so good I hope next time I see the z3 it’s gonna look like a different car all together
That Donkey
That Donkey Prije 2 mjeseci
This thing needs a turbo charger and a nitrous injection system like something an fd car have
David Young
David Young Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno scared the life out of Ethan when he accelerated 😂
THEDOPEYDAISY Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is a legit genius when it comes to the M42/44 engines. No one is representing these engines like Bruno. Proper too bloke.
naikjoy x
naikjoy x Prije 3 mjeseci
Been a fan of the Z3 since Need For Speed High Stakes. I like that Ethan got to change the wheels to these ones. This Z3 has a modest tune and a modest look to it so far. I like it.
Neil Nisbet
Neil Nisbet Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is becoming a fast favourite of mine hope he is in a lot more videos :) he’s a great guy
vlenhoff Prije 3 mjeseci
Always great! Congrats on the new mods!
Vano Scrap
Vano Scrap Prije 3 mjeseci
that torque bump at 4k rpm is gonna feel lovely, nicely done. Would like to see the differences between the stock and custom plenums
LS10 Works
LS10 Works Prije 3 mjeseci
Ethan... you have blossomed into an engineer and I love it 🤩🤣
jude denham
jude denham Prije 24 dana
I love how Ethan is getting more involved!
Steve Pettifer
Steve Pettifer Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruno is a bloody good sport, and patient as hell to boot!
Daniel Woodland
Daniel Woodland Prije 3 mjeseci
Got a great team here especially with bruno great guy!
Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb Prije 3 mjeseci
Love the video and the awesome update on the Z3 project! What watch is Ethan wearing, looks great!
Mas Prije 3 mjeseci
This makes me want to get a bmw and take it to BDS just so i can support this guy
n00b1n4t0r Prije mjesec
do a M20 single mass flywheel conversion and this thing will fly. the stock dual mass is around 12kg and M20 if lightened a bit will be around 6
C Moore
C Moore Prije 3 mjeseci
I love Ethan working on cars. Ethan is an awesome dude!
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia Prije 3 mjeseci
Finally! A proper video, and with a Z3. I was waiting for this for centuries. :D
andrew smith
andrew smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Finally a good build on a 4 cylinder z3. Did they leave the stock exhaust on it though?
cliowilson Prije 3 mjeseci
Can't wait to see more on this project
Tom Furie
Tom Furie Prije 3 mjeseci
Good episode, except for the embarrassing bits. You can see that Ethan is genuinely happy with result.
TjDolHaus86 Prije 3 mjeseci
It was so nice of Ethan to show Bruno how to sort out that engine
miskavaa Prije 3 mjeseci
This series is one of the very best in the automotive youtube. 😎 The Z3 is a solid and easy to work on first project car, so a great choice from the advisors 👌🏻
Robert Keable
Robert Keable Prije 3 mjeseci
This was excellent thank you. Amusing indeed. Be well and stay safe.
Ricardo Alegria
Ricardo Alegria Prije 2 mjeseci
Ethan is so lucky to be able to teach Bruno! I hope I can take my Ti to BDS shop someday!
scot strowger
scot strowger Prije mjesec
Track day for Ethan & the Z3 is a must!
panzerveps Prije 3 mjeseci
He even installed an aftermarket cat!
panzerveps Prije 3 mjeseci
@Wayne Large Damn cat thieves!
Wayne Large
Wayne Large Prije 3 mjeseci
and shortly after, it was removed - de-catted..
I like chicken Sausages
I like chicken Sausages Prije 3 mjeseci
Frantic Francis
Frantic Francis Prije 3 mjeseci
Dude, Ethan’s camera shyness is decreasing and his car knowledge is increasing. This I what everyone needed.
AsthmaticTurnip Prije 3 mjeseci
I love these Non-Car Guy videos!
Arnold Judas Rimmer
Arnold Judas Rimmer Prije 3 mjeseci
"I've taken apart an engine" he removes the throttle body :D brilliant !
unixnerd23 Prije 3 mjeseci
M44 and especially M42 were tuned conservatively to avoid competition with the sixes.
Lee Shelton
Lee Shelton Prije 3 mjeseci
So pleased you’ve continued with this
Antonio Dametto
Antonio Dametto Prije 3 mjeseci
With that little 2.1 comment at 5:26 I assume that means we can expect a stroked engine in the future, considering the 2.1 stroker is a fairly common change when modding these engines
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