9 Shocking Car Fails You'll Never Believe Made It To Production

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Despite rigorous testing, failures on cars are sometimes missed by manufacturers and the model gets recalled to be fixed. Here are the worst offenders...

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Autocar's Suzuki Celerio Article

Suzuki Celerio

"Jeep Grand Cherokee moose test -- the full story" by Teknikens Värld

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"Waving American Flag HD" by PatBoberg

Lancia Beta Montecarlo


Komentari: 2 197
nong333 Prije 4 godina
"Oh, brakes are broken? Let's remove them! You can't say they're broken if they're not there." ...WTF Lancia?!
The Unknown Guy☪️
The Unknown Guy☪️ Prije 4 mjeseci
Thomas farquhar
Thomas farquhar Prije godine
Reverse gear is brake now Don't do this seriously
Lukas Prije godine
callum hardy
callum hardy Prije godine
nong333 Hahaha good old lancia
Parabellum Invicta
Parabellum Invicta Prije godine
@Josh Bacon what i know is it was totaly fixed no idea how they did
Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal Prije 2 godina
ATTENTION TO DETAIL: In 1:48, The Suzuki Celerio hit the Ford Pinto after the Suzuki's brake failure.
The Unknown Guy☪️
The Unknown Guy☪️ Prije 4 mjeseci
😂 good eyes Mashallah
A person
A person Prije 2 godina
Maziar 9
Maziar 9 Prije 2 godina
You have the same likes as the minutes that you listed on your comment lolololol
Darth Väder
Darth Väder Prije 2 godina
mihan2d Prije 2 godina
...and then Lancia (also with failed brakes) hits the Suzuki.
TheVladooo Prije 4 godina
You forgot all the Toyotas that rolled over during the moose test, and the Jeep renegade that does wheelies when braking hard.
Lukas Novikas
Lukas Novikas Prije 4 mjeseci
Citroen Nemo rolled over Literally.
Lukas Novikas
Lukas Novikas Prije 5 mjeseci
Also Citroen Nemo rolled
Arnold Corriette
Arnold Corriette Prije 9 mjeseci
Toyota doesn't roll over. I driving very aggressive with my Toyota hilux and i never had that rolling over problems. I taking corners like 100kmh and i never rolled over in mt Toyota hilux they handle very well. Toyota tnga platform is the best in the competition
Jay Swarrow
Jay Swarrow Prije 2 godina
Mozza Gaming, plus, a *real* offroader wouldn't have to maneuver, in the event of an animal on the road ;)
OldLeatherHands&Friends Prije 2 godina
Well you don't get called a renegade for going by the book
Rockett Sally
Rockett Sally Prije 4 godina
I honestly love how you guys are direct to the point and disclose the sponsorships in a honest manner! Huge kudos
Nick Wren
Nick Wren Prije 4 godina
People don't mind sponsors, as long as they're relevant to your video category.
George Griffiths
George Griffiths Prije 10 mjeseci
just skip them n be happy they’re getting money
Neil Dempster
Neil Dempster Prije godine
A O Prije godine
Okay boomer
memememe Prije godine
if you can't fucking read, he's fine with sponsors, but vikings war of clans isn't related to cars
Evan S
Evan S Prije godine
Nick Wren I know right ?
OatmealTheeCat Prije 2 godina
1:48 Ford Pinto: Exists Suzuki Celerio: I’m bout to end this mans whole career
Trilochan velmurugan
Trilochan velmurugan Prije 8 mjeseci
German Perfectionist
German Perfectionist Prije 4 godina
A long time ago, a friend of my grandpa had an Alfa Romeo Alfetta. One day, the car was about one year old, he forgot to put the handbrake on when he parked it. The car then rolled down the slope to a underground car park, hit the wall with about 10 km/h - and burst into flames. Why? As we all know, the Italians invented electricity. And in the Alfetta, the battery sits just a few inches behind the front bumper. The negative pole was balanced with the body of the car, so basically, the entire car was loaded negatively. The plus pole however was just a few inches away from the front crash bar. Due to the impact, the plus pole touched the negatively loaded crash bar, causing a short circuit and then a fire. The car was completely destroyed.
The Unknown Guy☪️
The Unknown Guy☪️ Prije 4 mjeseci
@MomoJojo 😂😂
The Unknown Guy☪️
The Unknown Guy☪️ Prije 4 mjeseci
Milktar21 Prije godine
Insurance: your fault your loss
Evapii Prije godine
@motanelustelistu you know absolutely nothing about Tesla 😂 he was born in Croatia and not Serbia and he was Serbian not Romanian 😂
Arne Maeschaelck
Arne Maeschaelck Prije 2 godina
About 15-ish years ago now, I saw an Alfa Romeo (couldn't tell what model it was, but it was pretty famous at the time and definitely not very old) that exploded in a parking lot and it left a pretty big hole right where the car was parked for a couple of weeks before they filled it up again. Plus either a baby, its grandpa or both were inside the car (I don't remember how it went) while the parents were shopping or something like that
Chanel.Whores Prije godine
honestly having a harder/stiffer suspension helps so much with sharp turning so avoiding anything is a lot better cause of no body roll.
StevieRay9O Prije 4 godina
Haven't you forgotten the current global-recall on every vehicle fitted with a Takata airbag (ie; the majority of vehicles sold in every country!)?
Riley Smith
Riley Smith Prije godine
Or the seat back failures on multiple models of vehicles from American and Japanese automakers in the United States?
Snadzies Prije 3 godina
You misspelled landmines.
CaptHollister Prije 4 godina
Your description of both the Pinto's supposed flaw and Ford's reaction is an urban legend. The car was no better nor worse than other cars of the 70s when it came to fire risks. The letter used by lawyers and the media to show Ford's supposed callousness was actually a cost-benefit analysis requested by the NHTSA which was evaluating the potential societal benefits of new safety standards and involved all cars produced in the US by all manufacturers. Of course, once litigation lawyers and Mother Jones got their hands on it, they gave it a completely different spin...
Henry Rolt
Henry Rolt Prije 2 godina
Interesting Toyota recalled immediately, unlike Ford and GM...
CptChuff2 Prije 2 mjeseci
Because their cars cost so much
MoutainMan3000 Prije 11 mjeseci
Unfortunately Ford and GM are just as bad as they were in the 70s. They do not care about their drivers, only their image and their money.
g1981c Prije godine
it's because Toyota mostly exports whereas American automakers sell domestically. import cars get scrutinized 10X versus domestic so they have to take corrective action whereas domestic makers simply ignore it. it's not because Toyota is more noble than Ford and GM its because Toyota knew they wouldn't get away with it whereas Ford and GM thought that they would.
Donald Sayers
Donald Sayers Prije godine
Audi had a similar issue with unintended accelerations also mostly confined to the elderly, unlike Toyota they brushed it under the carpet as they never could find a reason other than operator error. Toyota did find a fault, but the prevalence of the fault did not explain all the incidents. IE there was some operator error in there.
BassMunk Prije godine
You also have to consider when this happened in terms of history. It's less likely today for manufacturers to avoid fixing problems to "save face". (cuz if nobody knows, nobody is gonna think badly of you) But nowadays MOST manufacturers have gotten the message that they're really shooting themselves in the foot cuz people don't like psychopaths...GM, Kataka...
Jimmy Barr
Jimmy Barr Prije 2 godina
I remember the Pinto problem (from learning the story and seeing actual footage of the problem because I wasn’t around back then XD) but if I remember correctly, the gas tank wasn’t the only problem in that scenario, it was also an electronic problem with the blinker or something that would actually ignite the gas after the tank was ruptured causing an even bigger, deadlier problem. Shows you how much Ford cared about their customers safety at that point
Mitchell Radford
Mitchell Radford Prije 4 godina
A further detail about the Pinto is that the main issue was that the top of the fuel tank was the floor of the trunk. Since it was a hatchback, when you were rear ended and the fuel tank ruptured, the passenger compartment was covered in fuel.
RcFrenzy Prije 4 godina
2:40 Prius roast is hilarious lol
峠レーシング Prije 7 mjeseci
Expected 1k likes eh
Simon Gonsalves
Simon Gonsalves Prije godine
@MrFlippy fish ok?
MrFlippy fish
MrFlippy fish Prije godine
1st reply
Turbolaser Whack
Turbolaser Whack Prije 4 godina
I love the animation! A Ford Pinto hit by a Suzuki Celerio from behind. Imagine THAT!
RTe3y8 Prije 3 mjeseci
for anybody wanting to know. The cost of fixing the pinto's flawed fuel tank was 11$ think about it
Toben Coombs
Toben Coombs Prije 4 godina
Not floor mats It's VTEC
Sakarias Karlsson
Sakarias Karlsson Prije 2 godina
.. The vtec mat
Sakarias Karlsson
Sakarias Karlsson Prije 2 godina
The legendary mat that gives Toyotas vtec
RyanRoadReaper Prije 2 godina
vsm1 r/whoosh
jeffrey rojas
jeffrey rojas Prije 3 godina
Yes. Honda’s engines caused Toyota car floor mats to slip on to the throttle. Valid.
vsm1 Prije 4 godina
VTEC is Honda's, it's not in Toyota
MrErikw26 Prije 4 godina
IIRC, the Pinto received a bladder that cover the fuel tank to protect it in a rear end collision. The 80mph rear end collision issue is actually on the panther platform Ford vehicles (crown victoria, grand marquis)
Will Hedley
Will Hedley Prije 4 godina
A while ago my mum had a brand new 2004 Mitsubishi Grandis which would randomly start accelerating, one time she was on the motorway with me in the front seat, a five year old at the time, and my brother in the back, a 2 year old. We were at around 80mph when the car randomly started accelerating, the mat was not caught on the pedal nor was my mums foot anywhere near it. She panicked and started pushing on the brake pedal with the car then at 105mph and she could smell the brake pads melting, she put it into neutral and pulled over as soon as she could. Mitsubishi denied it was a fault of the car and blamed my mum. She then sold it and got a 2006 BMW 3 series. Smart woman.
ingpetkovic Prije 3 godina
O.G Garcia R is not for racing, R stands for rally
Fred Fish
Fred Fish Prije 4 godina
. ....and never used her blinkers again
Nick Rustyson
Nick Rustyson Prije 4 godina
Rennie Ash So she was my mother a terrible parent.
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash Prije 4 godina
Nick Rynearson if the car was accelerating by itself, then you'd think the engine would rev up to max once put in neutral. She was a mother also doesn't mean squat when it comes to driver behaviour ;-)
Nick Rustyson
Nick Rustyson Prije 4 godina
Rennie Ash The owner of the car was a mother, do you really think she would do something mostly dipshit teens would do.
The Father
The Father Prije 3 godina
The GM ignition problem was a problem of Delphi. I remember the press being outside our site.
Eber Amezcua
Eber Amezcua Prije 4 godina
I live close to Detroit and the GM faulty ignition switch issue was BIG. It was on the news very often, they mostly talked about lawsuits from people who got in an accident because of it.
Joshua Mack
Joshua Mack Prije 2 godina
I imagine that I can still break by turning of the engine, switching to first gear and use the clutch pedal. Or if it's automatic I got the handbrake.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Prije 2 godina
"Anyone who's been stuck behind a slow Toyota driver knows that any acceleration experience is probably unintentional." LMAO!!!
Ryo S.
Ryo S. Prije 2 godina
2:39 Toyota, moving forward. Straightforward logic.
Jimmie Boling
Jimmie Boling Prije 3 godina
I read an article on the Ford Pinto, about 30 years ago. I remember the original design had the Pinto with an internal bladder to avoid a leak if the tank ruptured. It also had air bags. The powers that be thought these things to be to expensive. Just think, if they had been looking ahead for the good of the company, instead of their own check book, the Pinto, could have been a pretty decent car.
kain0m Prije 4 godina
How could you forget the original Audi TT? A German coupé that was undrivable at high speeds, and crashed when you touched the brakes....
Jakub Kroczak
Jakub Kroczak Prije 4 godina
The passenger brakes are hilarious and i want to have that issue on my first car
newforestroadwarrior Prije godine
While Ford was unique in costing a potential recall alongside fire death payouts, many cars at that time had problems with fuel leakage and fires after rear-end shunts. The early rear-wheel drive Toyota Corollas were actually almost as bad as the Pinto for safety.
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma Prije 4 godina
Top gear with Jeremy had covered the problem with celerio. That was actually supposed to be a safety feature but didn't work as Suzuki wanted to. lol
Joshua Frilot
Joshua Frilot Prije 4 godina
I'm gonna be watching Elk Test videos for the rest of the day now.
Korbin Whitener
Korbin Whitener Prije 4 godina
With gm’s ignition switches, the problem happened when the owner had a bunch of wait on there keychain, it wouldn’t turn it self off. The weight from the swinging keys turned off the vehicles. And caused them to lose power steering and brakes
Julio Gonzo
Julio Gonzo Prije 3 godina
I have experienced floor mat situation 4 times in ford vehicles, always at WOT of course. Twice in crown Victoria, twice in f450. They were all fleet vehicles with thick aftermarket floor mats. I used to take them out when I drove them after that. My own vehicle I cut the mat under the throttle so it can't get caught.
Nigel Depledge
Nigel Depledge Prije godine
The Merc A-class did not roll in the Elk Test. It became extremely unstable and gave the impression that it *might* roll, but that's not the same thing as actually rolling, is it? Also, the Lancia Beta was notorious for simply falling to bits from corrosion, so removing the servo assistance from the brakes was probably just a minor inconvenience...
UltraTech66 Prije 4 godina
It was funny how you put the unable-to-brake celerio hitting the pinto in the rear
MotoMonkey174 Prije 4 godina
I will say one thing on the Key Failure recall mostly because I work at a Chevy Dealer and still have to hand out recall parts for this recall. the only time the ignition switch had the issue of turning off was if you had lanyards and such on your key chain. the keys, ignition and key fobs were designed to be a just the single key and the fob on the key ring not all the lanyards you can find and all your keys.
Immortal Prije 4 godina
The earlier model Ford Explorer's had an adjustable R/F control arm for alignment issues straight from the factory... GM is horrible for recalls and safety feature failures with the consumer usually responsible for the repairs due to lack of important recalls until it's too late.
Hamish C
Hamish C Prije 4 godina
I literally just realised that my dads car had the faulty ignition switches problem in his Ford but we never got recalled!!!!!
Tim V
Tim V Prije 4 godina
I'm a tech at Toyota and I worked through the "unintended acceleration " fiasco back in 08-09 the problem was the floor mat would get stuck between the gas and brake pedals. We would cut the pedal shorter so it wouldn't catch. But what he don't tell you conveniently is there was no electronics problem causing the car to go, in fact they couldn't duplicate it so they hired NASA engineers to look at it and the never found anything wrong. So what Toyota did is update software on almost everything so that IF it does stick then when you hit the brakes the computer will kill the throttle.
Michael Gray
Michael Gray Prije 4 godina
The Elk test is also known as the Moose Test in America
t-bone Prije 2 godina
@Mazokkionly people who dont know what a wapiti is call a moose an elk. Elk=wapiti, moose=moose
t-bone Prije 2 godina
@Theodore Misc elk are not moose
Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen Prije 3 godina
It's called "älgtest", not elk. Älg means moose in Swedish.
U1rich Prije 4 godina
My Grand Prix was affected by the ignition switches. I could also take the key out, and the car would keep running.
Depreciating Daily
Depreciating Daily Prije 4 godina
Lancia had such an Italian solution 😂 The brakes were too strong so they fixed it, by having no brakes at all haha!!!
CheetahGaming Prije 3 godina
You forgot to mention that Ford fixed the pintos tank issue with a plastic plate so it wouldn't crack the tank in case of a rear end collision
94XJ Prije 4 godina
The "faulty" ignition switches only really became an issue if you had a lot of stuff hanging from your keychain. Another important thing to note is that the manufacturers aren't to blame for a lot of these issues. An easy example is the ignition switches which were made by Delphi - a company created by GM and spun off as fully independent in 1999. I know Chrysler got a lot of flack for their hackable infotainment systems that could be used to shut off the car. Having worked in the automotive industry, it's pretty crazy how little the manufacturers are actually building. Most components come in from all the sub -contractors and should have already been tested to spec and just gets installed on the assembly line.
John Doe
John Doe Prije 4 godina
"If you so much as looked at the middle pedal the brakes would lock and you'd crash." -Richard Hammond
Kevin From Sales
Kevin From Sales Prije 4 godina
Oh my god. I had a Chevy cobalt and it had a faulty ignition switch. I'm so glad that it made the list. Chevy Silverado pickups have just been recalled for power steering failure. Awful.
Two Wheeled Adventures
Two Wheeled Adventures Prije 3 godina
There's one you should have mentioned that is largely reasonable for many countries having safety testing to begin with. The Chevy corvair. This little rear engined car, truck, and van (yes the corvair was built on several different bodies but it's all the same vehicle) had an issue that GM ignored for a few years then tried a recall which didn't fix it so the go made them shut production down. They liked to catch fire because of bad wiring and poor ventilation of the engine at the rear of the car.
Whoseverpanic31 Prije godine
Oh boy the Merc A class, I saw one almost roll once when the driver took the round about a bit too hard 😂😅
Stephan Dolby
Stephan Dolby Prije 4 godina
The Celerio's brake fault was, luckily, before it went on sale, but it didn't do much for the reputation of the car.
Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell Prije 3 godina
I have a GM car that was affected by the ignition switch. Could start my car with literally any key and also pull the key out, car would still run.
John Blackstone
John Blackstone Prije 2 godina
"Shockingly GM knew..." I see you are a very kind fellow.
keensweep Prije 4 godina
1976 honda cvcc had the brake conversion bar issue too.. it must have been a right hand drive converted for the US market
daogenify Prije 4 godina
I've had the same problem on my Peugeot 307 2005 with the floor mat slipping on the gas.
krishmar4 Prije 4 godina
The Toyota fail happened to me once, almost hit a tree in my yard, good thing I'm quick on the brakes.
Simoonxify Prije 4 godina
Holy damn, that Jeep body roll is terrifying.
darkblaze176 Prije 4 godina
The issue with the Pinto Fuel tank was not that it would Crack and break apart. The Rear end Bolts in a Mid-high speed collision would be pushed into the tank.
Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson Prije 3 godina
A lot of there should be labeled "worst recalls". This video should include more issues where they didn't fix anything, like the pinto fire issue
Johann Kuhn
Johann Kuhn Prije 4 godina
Wait, they simply removed the brake booster in a car that was designed for power brakes??? My VW 411 has great stoppping power without power brakes, but of course it was designed that way.
Tanner Greenwald
Tanner Greenwald Prije 3 godina
Suzuki's brake thing wasn't a defect, it was a "safety feature" that was meant to prevent your foot from getting hurt against the pedal upon impact so it swung away. It was still stupid though because the brakes couldn't be applied anymore. And GM's ignition switch problem wasn't that you could switch off the ignition while driving, you can do that in pretty much any car that has a key ignition. The problem was that the cars would shut off without warning to the driver.
Pho To 2
Pho To 2 Prije 3 godina
I owned a Corolla 2010 and had the mat stuck on top on the gas pedal. Thanks God I had pressed the brakes and the way they work is they actually disengage the acceleration until you release them, which gave me time to look beneath and figure it out... It was quite scary anyway...
pancudowny Prije 4 godina
'74-up Pinto, wagon-body and models with heavy, ungainly looking bumpers: Exempt from safety issue. BTW: Pre-'71 Mustang and Cougar used the same fuel tank/trunk-floor layout, and are just as unsafe.
PaganiHuayra1 Prije 4 godina
Damn your shop is actually awesome. Thanks for throwing in some love for the American muscle guys out there :)
AV Prije 4 godina
Lancia was living the ultimate thug life 😂
DoubleDeckerAnton Prije 4 godina
Great Video!!! There's more to go wrong with cars now there are more electrics involved!
Tyrone Newsom
Tyrone Newsom Prije 4 godina
I'm Ford's defense, what's the worst that could happen when a moving vehicle starts spilling fuel on a roadway filled with moving vehicles powered by internal combustion engines? I don't really see how that's a safety issue.
mike peugeot
mike peugeot Prije godine
My granddad had a pinto and he was in a rear end collision that resulted in the fuel tank rupturing and the car catching fire😐
Scaraab fr
Scaraab fr Prije godine
Who knew the A class came from some smart car sized vehicle to a luxury big boi sedan
Assaulted Peanut
Assaulted Peanut Prije 4 godina
If watching/ skipping a random ad means Car Throttle can carry on, then it's well worth it. Remember the days of 10 mins of ads in TV? Come on people
Ze Rubenator
Ze Rubenator Prije 4 godina
I dunno about elsewhere, but in Norway that elk test is mandatory for everyone who wants a driving liscence, as part of a one-day slippery surface driving course. You even get to do it three times, first in normal conditions, then in wet conditions, and finally in super soapy what-the-hell-am-I-even-doing-here-oh-my-God-I'm-gonna-die conditions. Extremely fun day. Recommended!
Adam Hlali
Adam Hlali Prije 2 godina
We have something similarly in Sweden. Cause you know. ICE AND SNOW AND POLAR BEARS WALKING OUR STREETS.
ZMC Prije 4 godina
You forgot about the '98 Ford Explorer. The steering wheel would lock while you were driving so you couldn't control the car at all
Cletus O'Feckitall
Cletus O'Feckitall Prije 4 godina
Another problem with the Pinto was, in a high speed collision, the doors would become jammed shut. The car also still caught on fire, so victims were trapped inside a burning car.
BrewBlaster Prije 4 godina
Some design failures come after the fact and the companies monies figures make it better to let it go. Rather than fix known engineering BS; and I say this knowing many Engineers have no say how their innovations are implemented.
Chevy sucks
Chevy sucks Prije 4 godina
You could make an entire video on GM fails that made it into production. The video would be hours long.
Super Shifter
Super Shifter Prije 2 godina
458: you abuse me so now I'm going to commit fireplace
Combless Man
Combless Man Prije 4 godina
Re: The Peugeot brake problem. We had a 93 Saturn that as a passenger one could find the spot on the upper floor board where one could activate the brake. Lots of fun when the Mrs. drove.
Lydia's (Lack of) Videos (Yet)
Lydia's (Lack of) Videos (Yet) Prije 4 godina
Speaking of that Jeep Grand Cherokee, that was the model that killed Anton Yelchin (may he rest in peace) because of the poorly designed shift lever with no clear way to tell whether the car is in park or neutral.
Filip Kuna
Filip Kuna Prije 4 godina
Once when I was overtaking, my throttle stuck under floor mat, I was driving manual transmission car, I just pressed the clutch, engine revs jump to limit, and somehow moved the floor mat aside with my foot, and the throttle pedal released. Then I stopped the car, open the door, and throw away the floor mat, but I quickly changed my mind, so I put that thing in my trunk. Even today I did not buy new ones that are good ones.
Nick Amarit
Nick Amarit Prije 4 godina
a lot of production cars failed the moose test... my old Hilux included
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Prije 3 godina
4:22 That'd be like the front passenger becoming your driving instructor
Dead Copyrighted Racing Anime Fan
Dead Copyrighted Racing Anime Fan Prije 3 mjeseci
ive owned a celerio for 5 years old, never experienced that
Raul Raul
Raul Raul Prije godine
I've had a stuck full throttle on early mk1 Fiat Punto back when it was new,...heard it happen to many people who had these, a rubber guide for the throttle cable woud rip and cable would get stuck while full throttle was pressed. Never heard they recalled those.
Chinese Name
Chinese Name Prije 3 godina
2:22 I remember, my mom’s camaro had a cool flip key and after the recall we got a dumb conventional key
The Drive
The Drive Prije 4 godina
Watching the Jeep perform the Elk Test makes me nervous.
The Fisherman
The Fisherman Prije 4 godina
I was going over an air show up north of where I live and was following a Jeep Rubicon when going up the exit ramp the wheels started wobbling out of control, I looked it up on my computer to find out that it was a common thing called the “death wobble” which is common in newer Jeeps
Tyler L'Hotta
Tyler L'Hotta Prije 4 godina
Leaving a question for the Car Throttle community. Just got my first car on Monday, a 2006 monte carlo ss. What is the general consensus? Good car, or piece of crap?
milodudeful Prije 4 godina
My car suffers a combination of a lot of these cars let me explain: Fuel leaks that caused the engine to stall when coming to a stop then while trying to start the car it wouldn't start either because of the PCM, starter, or bad ignition because it had a recall because often while driving anywhere even on the highway the key could turn itself to off even without you touching it and with that means that you lose all steering, acceleration and even braking (I had this happen twice to me so far). Also a few more things the transmission went out because it had a leak we also replaced the Throttle body cause thats what a mechanic said it was (it wasn't and we dont go there anymore). Last thing we also had a wheel that going at 60-72 mph would cause the entire car to shake, but almost all of this came after only owning the car for 6 months Almost forgot the car is a 2010 Dodge Journey and the 2009 is even worse
Rogeh Prije godine
I expected Lancia to just outright remove the brakes because Lancia
Turboahdettu Supra
Turboahdettu Supra Prije 4 godina
Worst car fail : 2017 Honda Civic fake air vents
AeliusDawn Prije 3 godina
Factory rice on the type r
game worm4
game worm4 Prije 4 godina
Still I fab car though well the type r at least
Stingy's mailbox
Stingy's mailbox Prije 4 godina
Kind of funny how you're acting like the Civic is the only car that has done that.
skyeyemx Prije 4 godina
Nearly every 2017 car has hideous fake air vents.
David Byt
David Byt Prije 4 godina
Samira Peri ....naaahhhh, worst car fail, 6 cylinder mustangs being called mustangs.
salamanca1954 Prije 4 godina
1972 Ford Pinto wagon. One of the best cars I ever had. The wagons didn't have the explosion problem. Put 114,000 miles on it, and at 100,000 my mechanic said the overhead cam had no wear. Little 4 on the floor. Could drive around town without using the clutch once I had it in first, just by matching engine speeds to the gearing. Beat the crap out of it. Drove it up logging roads, over hilltops on grass trails, moved all my stuff with it several times. Girlfriend backed it into traffic and totaled it. She was OK. I was pissed.
no one
no one Prije 4 godina
Dude my truck can use basically any key to start it, and you can take the key out while it's running,and keeps running, this is the 3rd ignition switch I've put in,they all do it. Good job chevy
Jasper Herridge
Jasper Herridge Prije 3 godina
For the second one I was expecting to see a Hilux, with it going onto 2 wheels
repawnd Prije 4 godina
You forgot the Ford Escape (Kuga in my country) that would catch on fire, it killed one person.
Aaron Glass
Aaron Glass Prije 3 godina
Noriko Uno passed in 2006 due to the pedal problem from toyota. She had driven me multiple times in my life mostly in the company of my family as she was a close friend to my grandma Yoshiko. I can confirm she was not a driver that went over the speed limit she was an infuriatingly cautious driver the one we all loathe to be behind but realize they’re not doing anything other than being slower. She rarely used the freeway around the area primarily the 210 and 10 ( so cal area) because she hated the chaos of it as it was described to me. Her family was and is still a very special part of my life, for a fact every time I’m in Route 66 I pass and I pass by the restaurant they owned before her husband passed, I’m reminded of her. I believe it was named kishi. I know this is the fucking HRpost comment section but I suppose some validity wouldn’t hurt Thanks for reading
Racer4Evr Prije 4 godina
1:08 Interesting fact is that the Porsche Macan performed even worst at the Elk Test, despite it's dynamic qualities comparable to some sports cars. The reason behind that is that among the many electronic systems of the car, one of them detects of possibility of rolling over, causing the desactivation of ABS and ESP. Therefore, the vehicle lost control. Porsche doesn't consider recalling the vehicle because it isn't considered a lacunary. Heck, a Dodge Grand Caravan and a Lincoln Navigator wouldn't roll, so why should a Macan?
Samira Peri
Samira Peri Prije 4 godina
The original A-class Merc didn't actually have a badly working stability system when it flipped. It had *none* and it was added afterwards. Also, another brake issue: the original Toyota Yaris Verso had a habit of locking rear brakes first when lightly loaded which may cause spins among other things.
HashiriyaR32 Prije 4 godina
4:33 That would be the PERFECT Driving Instructor's car for any RHD country, since they wouldn't have to install a brake pedal on the passenger side when the mechanism already exists.
NKS 80
NKS 80 Prije 4 godina
The Mk3 Ford Focus RS. After about 3k miles you will need a completely new engine due to the head gasket blowing!
Winderona Prije 3 godina
@Heiko Panzlaff takes a shit load less time than getting a new fucking engine
Heiko Panzlaff
Heiko Panzlaff Prije 3 godina
@Ocean Bytez it takes 30 minutes alone to unscrew the under engine protectors so that the coolant can be drained before any of the other bolts have been touched. It is more than 4 hrs. to replace the head gasket ...
Ocean Bytez
Ocean Bytez Prije 3 godina
Just replace the gasket... if you buy new engines over a piece of rubber being busted i would love to see how many people scammed you. Head gasket keeps oil in and by itself is a minor issue. No oil ruins engines. If a gasket blows you replace it in say 30 minutes. They even now have sport gaskets so if a car has a inadequate gasket the reinforced sport gaskets will do the trick.
foktorrr Prije 3 godina
Peaky Fuckin Blinders more like 3 miles
Jack Linde
Jack Linde Prije 3 godina
Car Throttle: You forgot the "Very Exciting" Ford Crown Victorias, which has a VERY SIMILAR PROBLEM to the Ford Pinto. In an accident, the Crown Vics (Many of whom were genuine patrol cars, since that's what police forces in the 90's preferred to purchase.) had a habit of bending the frame, so the gas tank would be punctured by bolts on the exhaust and suspension. When said pictures would occur, gasoline (petrol) would spray on said hot exhaust pipe and catch fire. Ford spent millions fighting lawsuits and came up with some expensive shielding solution for the tanks. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Department came up with a simpler solution: Reverse any bolt that faced the tank and could puncture it.
moey basha
moey basha Prije 2 godina
I’m pretty sure ford fixed the problem by adding a sheet of metal near the gas can somewhere
Jonathon M
Jonathon M Prije 4 godina
The Jeep Grand Cherokee that failed the moose test was overloaded with about twice it should have been
IamNeil aRon
IamNeil aRon Prije 4 godina
You forgot Subaru's dashboard always rattling straight out the dealer
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