The Differences Between Understeer & Oversteer And How To Combat Them

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Car Throttle

Car Throttle

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If your car under- or oversteers suddenly, then it's good to be prepared and know what to do! Here's everything you need to know...
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GT86 Crash

Bouvry Simon

M3 in field
Oliver 'Bentley' Edwards

Suprise Oversteer

Audi crash


GT86 Understeer


Komentari: 2 746
The sixteenth student
The sixteenth student Prije 2 godina
Understeer: You get off the road. Oversteer: You get off the road. But in style.
owneddiagonal Prije 4 godina
Another solution is to simply remove the tree so you dont crash into it
Archie Campbell
Archie Campbell Prije 2 godina
Thanks for teaching me how to drift, I’m going to Japan now.
HyperKSaiki Prije godine
Cop: "You do know that drifting is illegal on this road."
demon rinzler
demon rinzler Prije 4 godina
the best way to escape oversteer is when eurobeat kicks in
Caesar Prije 2 godina
Average man: Oversteer
Smart Drive Test
Smart Drive Test Prije 4 godina
Hi Car Throttle - great video. As your video suggests - best to practice recovering from over- and under-steer on a track or other controlled roadway. Thanks for the video. All the best, Cheers Rick
XandreUK Prije 4 godina
Nothing will ever describe it as elegantly as Martin Brundle did.
Blue ICE
Blue ICE Prije 4 godina
That Audi bounced off the wall with way too little damage for that impact!
ねずと まだらNezuto Ch.
ねずと まだらNezuto Ch. Prije godine
Japan: "Did you know 'oversteer' translates to 'tofu delivery' in Japanese?"
BondTheOG Prije 4 godina
Oversteer > Understeer
DriftKing 101
DriftKing 101 Prije godine
One way to prevent under steer:
Channy132 Prije 4 godina
I have oversteered a few times in my gt-86. Can confirm the back swang round, I crashed into a tree and died.
kalebisthestig Prije 4 godina
had oversteer happen to me the other day for the first time...i aced it countersteered and got full control without crashing into a tree. thanks forza!
KYNG Prije 4 godina
Angel's Aurora
Angel's Aurora Prije 3 godina
Honestly, knowing your car is extremely important as well, since each reacts differently. I have understeered and even understeer drifted in my '99 Buick LeSabre, and with the right tires and wheel size it has some impressive handling. Now since it's an older car it doesn't self-correct, but that puts more responsibility on the driver. The good thing about these cars is that the suspension makes it lean around hard corners, but it won't flip on you. Indeed it comes down to "the driver and not the car" to an extent.
George Peck
George Peck Prije 4 godina
That Celica drift was insane
dank drifter
dank drifter Prije 2 godina
Heppi Blackworld
Heppi Blackworld Prije 4 godina
Audi driver turned damage off in settings
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse Prije 4 godina
Nothing is more fun than drifting a GT86 around at 15mph in the rain (may require stock tyres) :P
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