4x4 Build Off: Overland Vs Hardcore Off-Road

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For more information on Britpart & Terrafirma follow the links:

This week, Alex and Jack & Ethan go head-to-head in a build-off between 4x4 Adventure and Hardcore Off-Road!
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Komentari: 825
Larry Prije 4 mjeseci
I wish these videos were longer, I could easily watch these lads for an hour
WarwickshireMidlandsWeather Prije 2 mjeseci
Phuck yeahhhh definitely 😍
Larry Prije 3 mjeseci
@David Lucas Theres plenty of fuel just not enough HGV drivers due to Brexit
David Lucas
David Lucas Prije 3 mjeseci
There is not petrol mate, it is not funny
uyeahuyeah Prije 3 mjeseci
Dang right, me too
CactusLife Prije 3 mjeseci
@Jan Pruijser oh right. probally because they always want people to watch the longest version as they can show more ads and make more money
yaboisolohans Prije 4 mjeseci
Why does Alex look like a typical Halfords worker when wearing that polo shirt 😂
Jeffrey Crawley
Jeffrey Crawley Prije 11 dana
@Profo8 Low grade UK chain store where they have cycle mechanics who will sell you car parts they know nothing about and car mechanics who will sell you cycle parts they know nothing about.
MrBest Prije mjesec
he does tho
Damien Bennet
Damien Bennet Prije 3 mjeseci
@Big Dongle not really the best description. More the harbour freight of the UK. sells all sorts of stuff across the board reslly and if you drive a corsa you whack one of their big halfords air filters on your car
Profo8 Prije 3 mjeseci
Is Halfords a some sort of market?
Ben Holroyd
Ben Holroyd Prije 3 mjeseci
It's the look of engagement and deep understanding.
thejamesonline 2
thejamesonline 2 Prije 4 mjeseci
You three never fail to put a smile on my face You are just like the guys at Grand Tour who used to do (the better) Top Gear, Speaking of you should do a YT version of that Love the vid as always and love from down further south England!!
hamish brown
hamish brown Prije 11 dana
@Redemz these guys aren't funny.
thejamesonline 2
thejamesonline 2 Prije 3 mjeseci
@Redemz agreed
Redemz Prije 3 mjeseci
@Jack Herer Americans aren't funny. Sorry, I said it.
abidamn Prije 3 mjeseci
@Jack Herer Couldn't agree more. This one, however, they are still the same character with the same type of jokes they usually make on their normal content.
Carl Scott
Carl Scott Prije 4 mjeseci
Definitely a CT Grand Tour! somewhere in Scotland or Lake District etc...
Jay Mason
Jay Mason Prije 3 mjeseci
This is our generations top gear, I grew up watching top gear don’t get me wrong but I love these lads, could easily watch a full hour episode; much love for the last 5years!
The Iridium Gamer
The Iridium Gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
You should Car Trek, it's even more of a spiritual succesor
NonsensicalVids Prije 3 mjeseci
top gear will be missed...and on that bombshell
Defiance 32
Defiance 32 Prije 4 mjeseci
If Alex is “General Grabber” does that make Ethan “Private Parts”?
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac Prije 3 mjeseci
@Connor Gibbs bahahahahahahahahahaha
Connor Gibbs
Connor Gibbs Prije 3 mjeseci
Speaking of “Private Parts”, wtf is going on in Ethan’s pants at 0:15 😂😂😂😂
Brian Prije 3 mjeseci
Corporal Punishment
Ben Holroyd
Ben Holroyd Prije 3 mjeseci
@hendrahendra he doesn't give a toss about seaman staines.
The Stratisphere
The Stratisphere Prije 3 mjeseci
*i see what you did there*
Mr B-man
Mr B-man Prije 4 mjeseci
It's good to see Ethan back on the other end of the camera - the chemistry of you guys is incredible
Quinten Verniers
Quinten Verniers Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m curious on the pricing for these? Before and after the mods, cost breakdown perhaps?
Lauchlan Still
Lauchlan Still Prije 3 mjeseci
Just don’t buy one the price never stops, only goes up because they are pos’
Dan Walker
Dan Walker Prije 3 mjeseci
I love how much Ethan is getting excited by the cars more and more in recent videos 😂
mark haynes
mark haynes Prije 4 mjeseci
Let's see if the boys have finally built a vehicle that can get through that big puddle down the green lane.
Alex Burnett
Alex Burnett Prije 4 mjeseci
Rarely do we see this much sass from Jack. Nice to see he's finally realizing he's in charge here.
Lew Dyson
Lew Dyson Prije 3 mjeseci
@Big Dongle good burn...
abidamn Prije 3 mjeseci
@Big Dongle Those who really have a big dongle don't feel the need to call themselves big dongle.
abidamn Prije 3 mjeseci
@Big Dongle You both have the same Mum, though.
Claire Marie
Claire Marie Prije 3 mjeseci
Jack always has sass 😂
Alex Burnett
Alex Burnett Prije 4 mjeseci
@Big Dongle who hurt you?
Antonio Mardari
Antonio Mardari Prije 4 mjeseci
Nothing makes me happier than seeing a new video from car throttle!
Matt Chapman
Matt Chapman Prije 4 mjeseci
You guys need to do a Car Trek style series like Tavarish, Vinwiki and Hoovies Garage have been doing. Would be brilliant!
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
@Karl Riches Americans actually pulling off British tv/humour for sure.
Karl Riches
Karl Riches Prije 3 mjeseci
I get ya Matt. Car Trek was surprisingly alright for an American made mini series on HRpost.
Muhammad ali Bukhari
Muhammad ali Bukhari Prije 4 mjeseci
You mean a grand tour type thing
Classic Jim Maccad
Classic Jim Maccad Prije 3 mjeseci
Both discos look great, disco 2 for me 😁
Jingle My Berries
Jingle My Berries Prije 3 mjeseci
the disco 2 just looks so damn good. One of the best looking 4x4's out there in my opinion!
Stoddy 706
Stoddy 706 Prije 4 mjeseci
If they do this sort of thing again I’m hoping for new defender vs proper defender.
kiewanface Prije 4 mjeseci
Will Jack ever get his tea? Find out this week on Car Throttle!
A G N E Z___________
A G N E Z___________ Prije 4 mjeseci
AISURU.TOKYO/AGNEZ/?[Making-love]💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over🍎🍑 HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" HRpost: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
A G N E Z___________
A G N E Z___________ Prije 4 mjeseci
AISURU.TOKYO/AGNEZ/?[Making-love]💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over🍎🍑 HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" HRpost: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
ILike2PlayBass Prije 4 mjeseci
*batman sound*
Off-Roading Donegal
Off-Roading Donegal Prije 3 mjeseci
I haven't enjoyed an episode as much since the high mileage hero. This was such a good watch. Good to see it's not just us messing with Landrovers!
Matthew McCluney
Matthew McCluney Prije 3 mjeseci
Brilliant! As a D2 owner I’m so happy to see content from y’all on one!
JUKE179r Prije 3 mjeseci
Hear, Hear! 🍻
J J Prije 4 mjeseci
All 3 of you have done a great job transforming these, I can't wait to see the challenges 👍
Stefan Klecin
Stefan Klecin Prije 4 mjeseci
This is some high budget stuff, butt still lovely and relateble. Love it!
isitafox Prije 4 mjeseci
The D3 looks very tidy, would be interesting to see that as the hardcore offroader
Acc0rd79 Prije 3 mjeseci
Take these trucks all around England and up into Scotland! Take us camping throughout Great Britain on a huge multi day cross country adventure! Please don't waste the opportunity for an awesome series!
huwroberts123 Prije 4 mjeseci
I’d have watched a 30 minute video of each mod, on each car btw.
James Ward
James Ward Prije 3 mjeseci
A stage 1 map on that td5 would put out about 170+hp
Lauchlan Still
Lauchlan Still Prije 3 mjeseci
@James Ward unreliably then again it wasn’t anyway
James Ward
James Ward Prije 3 mjeseci
@Piotr Włodarczyk my tuner goes to 177hp
Piotr Włodarczyk
Piotr Włodarczyk Prije 3 mjeseci
Richard Ashley
Richard Ashley Prije 4 mjeseci
These videos keep getting better and better. Love this team, keep them coming! Can't wait for the next one 🔥
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw Prije 4 mjeseci
Used to drive past BritPart everyday on my way to work and always wondered what they actually did there! 😅 Can't believe you guys were so nearby!
Paul Burgess
Paul Burgess Prije 3 mjeseci
Can’t wait to see more of this, both Discos look awesome 👏🏻 👌🏻
Jake J
Jake J Prije 3 mjeseci
Great video this time. Love the builds you do, can’t wait to see more of these two and the other cars!
I like chicken Sausages
I like chicken Sausages Prije 3 mjeseci
Every second car in Australia has this set up, But they never go off road
Jingle My Berries
Jingle My Berries Prije 3 mjeseci
well, its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!
JUKE179r Prije 3 mjeseci
So True
Brian Prije 3 mjeseci
Except when they park on the footpaths in Toorak
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep up the great work team love this channel.
Jack Mentiply
Jack Mentiply Prije 3 mjeseci
U guys are amazing. It would be amazing to see more content more often, and longer episodes. I could easily fill an entire day sitting watching you guys
MaNNeRz Laguna
MaNNeRz Laguna Prije 3 mjeseci
What even happened to the z3 project. That was hilarious watching Ethan do car stuff. Was hoping timing belt next 😂
IIxGaZxII Prije 3 mjeseci
Been looking at getting a transporter for ages, all of a sudden I want a discovery camper build 🤣
Luke Davis
Luke Davis Prije 3 mjeseci
Nice one lads, two of my favourite land rovers getting some well deserved upgrades 👍
Lee Marriott
Lee Marriott Prije 3 mjeseci
You three have never looked more useless when alongside the teams from Terrafirma & Britpart kitting your cars out. But catching Alex out at the snack table was brilliant!
Liam Hawkins
Liam Hawkins Prije 4 mjeseci
Your timing is impeccable! I just acquired an overland discovery!
clarkycfc1 Prije 3 mjeseci
Been looking at 4x4s for weeks now. Especially with the idea to turn it to a camper. That Freelander looks perfect for what I'm wanting so I think I may copy the setup 😅 cheers lads.
Scout the Defender
Scout the Defender Prije 4 mjeseci
Loved this episode guys! If only you’d have featured a Defender 😉
Matt Allcock
Matt Allcock Prije 4 mjeseci
That’d have probably bankrupted them lol
Tom Rench
Tom Rench Prije 4 mjeseci
Also…. Loved you three together for ages an I could never listen to a pod cast while driving before I discovered yours an now I can’t do a road trip without them.
Art Pereira
Art Pereira Prije 3 mjeseci
Would love to be to see the D3 with the steel wheels like on the D2. Huge fan of steel wheels on off-roaders
Nav P
Nav P Prije 3 mjeseci
More videos of these two cars doing challenges! Would be cool to see both cars attempting off road obstacles to see which is the best
Stanimir Rankovski
Stanimir Rankovski Prije 4 mjeseci
I have never seen you guys work so hard!
Cole Prije 4 mjeseci
Absolutely love these types of videos with these three!
swalstar Prije 4 mjeseci
Jack is smashing the jokes in this episode..
Julian 7160
Julian 7160 Prije 3 mjeseci
This is a awesome series love offroad and over landing
Big Dave
Big Dave Prije 3 mjeseci
Always good to have you guys back on screen together, we save your videos for the weekends as my son loves them, I echo some of the other comments that some extended road trip/challenge videos would be excellent, I think you have captured the essence of what made TopGear of old so entertaining but sometimes the condensing of editing to 20 mins does make the videos seemed a bit rushed and lacks some detail. Now travel is getting easier we need to see you guys a proper European adventures, especially doing a shitbox grand tour - relying on a budget vehicle to enjoy some of the best roads in Europe rather than these hella expensive cars most of us could never afford. I had planned a two road trip taking in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France but had a bad accident and wrote off my car, two years later I am finally getting an operation which will mean I can start replanning the trip with my son for next summer, be great to see you guys do something similar :) and if you need a couple of crew to carry your stuff we volunteer haha.
Christopher Storey
Christopher Storey Prije 3 mjeseci
Love the older one it looks sooooo wicked.you guys are up there with the old top gear guys.clarkson,may,hammond.good job.keep it up.
Hacko Lazov
Hacko Lazov Prije 4 mjeseci
Men Donut Media made kind of the same series in the last couple of weeks. It would be so funny if you colab and do European vs US type go battle. Off road Disco vs Taco. Or cheap challenge. That would be the videos 😂
A G N E Z___________
A G N E Z___________ Prije 4 mjeseci
AISURU.TOKYO/AGNEZ/?[Making-love]💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over🍎🍑 HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" HRpost: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Prije 3 mjeseci
Great video , do more like this absolutely amazing.
Samsteresq C
Samsteresq C Prije 3 mjeseci
Never thought I'd see anything like this from CT but I am loving it!
Aust82 Prije 3 mjeseci
Looking forward to the road and off road tests !
Me Prije 3 mjeseci
Great episode, lots of laughs 👍🏻
skkkrt Prije 3 mjeseci
Ashley Cullen.
Ashley Cullen. Prije 3 mjeseci
Keep the overlanding content coming. 👌
Ben Blackwell
Ben Blackwell Prije 3 mjeseci
Great Video boys, nice to see Ethan on the Tools again and most importantly seeing Alex wearing a shirt that fits for a change!!
Jamie House
Jamie House Prije 3 mjeseci
They both look great. Love them both for different reasons. The slightly more relaxed camp anywhere version, love it vs, it has to be said in black and properly evil looking all terrain off-roader!
Alex Paumen
Alex Paumen Prije 4 mjeseci
11:55 I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE! Also I wouldn’t normally say this but these off road builds are actually really good and modified with good taste too on both Discos. But I prefer the Disco III.
Cal t
Cal t Prije 2 mjeseci
That discovery 2 is an absolute beast great vid u guys r awesome. Keep up the good content 🤙
Dom Needham
Dom Needham Prije 4 mjeseci
Just wish i had the cash for an offroad project 😭 both them look beaut!!
Lee Brown
Lee Brown Prije 2 mjeseci
Awesome stuff boys look forward to the adventures to come
Hammer Rocks
Hammer Rocks Prije 3 mjeseci
Looking forward to future episodes involving these two vehicles. The D3 could use a 2" lift.
JUKE179r Prije 3 mjeseci
I was thinking the same thing mate though it does have the air suspension Terrain Response system.
Labib Ebrahim
Labib Ebrahim Prije 3 mjeseci
This video is giving me strong old Top Gear special Vibes🤣 I wish these videos where alot longer
Luke Bryant
Luke Bryant Prije 3 mjeseci
With the d2 did you leave the rear as air bags? Also I would suggest getting a stormtuning ecu for the d2 as well as that gives you a noticeable power gain!
picklesrule69 Prije 3 mjeseci
Both of these look wicked! Bring the MR2 on the challenges too lol
Daknee Prije 3 mjeseci
As soon as I heard the winch capacity I want to see them pull something at max capacity and see it rip the cars apart. 😂
George Ratcliffe
George Ratcliffe Prije 3 mjeseci
They did a swap: At the beginning, the disco 2 had a numberplate and the disco 3 didn't. After modding, it was the disco 3 that had the front numberplate and the disco 2 didn't!
Stefan Clarke
Stefan Clarke Prije 2 mjeseci
Gotta love this channel. Its like a budget top gear and i mean that in the best way. 5th gear was suppose to be a more budget version of top gear, carThrottle pisses all over em😂
Christopher Cain
Christopher Cain Prije 3 dana
You couldn’t have picked a less reliable vehicle could you? 😂
Brudny Nurek
Brudny Nurek Prije 2 mjeseci
Decent trail rigs, how are the reliability on these? Love my XJ, not sure i'd trade it for anything.
Michael Finch
Michael Finch Prije 3 mjeseci
as an off road enthusiast it's good to see car throttle dip into the off road seen once I a while. never know one day Alex might get the off road bug
Fernando Roberts
Fernando Roberts Prije 3 mjeseci
I love the look of the discovery 2 🤩
Jingle My Berries
Jingle My Berries Prije 3 mjeseci
such a good looking vehicle!!
Rc08 Prije 3 mjeseci
If yous start doing off road stuff I would like to see these machines doing some filming or off road challenges
Eduardo Esteves
Eduardo Esteves Prije 3 mjeseci
please make more offroad content 😀
LJ Phoenix
LJ Phoenix Prije 3 mjeseci
would love to see a behind the scenes video &/or a workshop tour video from this filming, looks to be quite a few cool or interesting cars about in the shop there. Maybe upload it to the Car Throttle Extra channel?
messcudi Prije 3 mjeseci
crazy to me how pro these guys are and assembled these builds in a short amount of time
Ticking over existing
Ticking over existing Prije 3 mjeseci
Would be great to know the cost of both of these 4x4 of awesomeness...
osidda1 Prije 3 mjeseci
Miss the more popular uploads 🙁 but really love the Vids all the same. Also, plz bring back the Car Throttle Podcast😊💪
Sam Hassall
Sam Hassall Prije 3 mjeseci
Great builds. Can’t wait to see em dirty!
john venters
john venters Prije 3 mjeseci
To be honest, even the teraferma d2 looks pretty lifestyle... I mean to me, an offroadder is rough and ready with like insa turbo special tracks or zerelli devils roll cage and in an ideal world potals.
Yaleb Villalobos
Yaleb Villalobos Prije 3 mjeseci
I've had both of these vehicles and the Disco 2 has a timeless design and the rugged look makes it incomparable, definitely a classic!I Got rid of my LR3 and Kept the Disco and will not part away!!!
ashley clark
ashley clark Prije 3 mjeseci
They look great , enjoying your content
LynxAdvert Prije 4 mjeseci
Those Discovery's are so incredibly heavy. The 3 is 2.4 tonnes!
robert charlton
robert charlton Prije 4 mjeseci
you guys should be the hosts of top gear can you imagine what they could do with a bbc budget
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Prije 3 mjeseci
Great builds guys. For the life of me, I will never understand a rock slider that isn't mounted to the frame though
Justin Granado
Justin Granado Prije 2 mjeseci
You guys were like the new generation of Clarkson, May and Hammond.
tyson505 Prije 3 mjeseci
I thought for sure it wasn't possible to make a Disco II look good but you've proven otherwise! That thing is a beast
Mosy Mosahima
Mosy Mosahima Prije 4 mjeseci
Based on what I read/watched about 4x4/Touring, the disco is nice but you gotta love the torture to use the car properly with the amount of maintaince needed.
will dunnett
will dunnett Prije 3 mjeseci
Yes YES YES, I have both of these cars so flipping excited by this series
Fridtjof Riibe
Fridtjof Riibe Prije 3 mjeseci
That Disco 2 actually looked really good from the start
Jingle My Berries
Jingle My Berries Prije 3 mjeseci
Agreed. If you ask me, the D2 is among the best looking 4x4's out there.
The Vintage Appliance Emporium
The Vintage Appliance Emporium Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine being in your tent, all cozy n snuggled up. You hear the zip being pulled open. And there's Jack, "Hello", that big grin on his face and a mischievous gleam in his eyes. You know you're in for a good night XD
Darius Kod
Darius Kod Prije 3 mjeseci
Those cars are missing a snorkel to look like propper offroaders.
marius ursu
marius ursu Prije 3 mjeseci
The tent will come real useful when you need to wait in a long queue to fuel😂😂
Shenuk Perera
Shenuk Perera Prije 5 dana
Ethan's a whole other mood!😂
Josh Harley
Josh Harley Prije 3 mjeseci
High truck, low truck UK edition. Brilliant video as always lads!
Danny Swayze
Danny Swayze Prije 6 dana
I've never watched these guys.... but this video reminded me of my friends, who are hopeless on the tools. I'm the guy usually doing the work, while they are breaking $hit
harry333 Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey guys, recently got my Carthrottle shirt. Love it great quality. Thanks for making me a car guy (my family thinks i’m crazy) my mom is the typical “its just a car” person.
Chris Prije 3 mjeseci
Love off roading but wish I lived in Australia or America where you can do proper overlanding and treks over a week or so rather then a few lanes here and there
Stefan Prije 3 mjeseci
Very nice, what did the upgrades on the D2 cost?
THEMARTINDREW Prije 4 mjeseci
I’ve been waiting for them to do a discovery Video I’ve got a disco 3 gives me some ideas for camping with a young family but stuff like that is a fortune best save my pennies keep up the good work lads always love watching your vids 🤙🏻
Elliott Hall
Elliott Hall Prije 4 mjeseci
I do like a good overland disco 3/4. I think they look great and can go more or less anywhere. Disco 2 is still a great looking car with the long bonnet and swept windscreen. But never look good as a custom off-roader.
Michael Adjetey
Michael Adjetey Prije 3 mjeseci
Watching the petrol head evolution of Ethan is the ASMR I didn’t know I wanted
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