10 Techniques That Will Make You A Better Driver

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We're constantly faced with bad drivers, poor decisions and potential hazards with every turn of the steering wheel. That's why it's crucial that us car lovers stick to good driving practices to make sure that we keep our cars away from danger! Here are some useful tips...

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Amari Deraisx
Amari Deraisx Prije 5 godina
I like how they put the word patience behind the wheel... good video enhancement
Cars Garage
Cars Garage Prije 5 godina
Thanks for useful tips.
RiggyRig Prije 3 mjeseci
Rick Noah
Rick Noah Prije 4 godina
Never drive 10/10 on a road you've not been on before. Seems almost dumb to say that, but I've been surprised by the folks who brag about almost losing it, etc., because they had no idea what was around the next bend. Some say it's adventurous to do that- a sure adrenaline challenge. Then you fly around a curve and there's 30 folks on bicycles... good luck with that attitude....
AndrewZ451 Prije 8 mjeseci
@Yassine it's means driving at the limit
Thunderbolt Blitz
Thunderbolt Blitz Prije 11 mjeseci
Ah shit the tour de France is here *crash*
AwoudeX Prije godine
bicycles? try combain or other heavy rigs
John Anduro
John Anduro Prije godine
Yassine full speed
Yassine Prije godine
yo what the fuck is that 10/10 we need to know
Jorje Arturo
Jorje Arturo Prije 4 godina
This should be titled "10 driving skills that Americans lack"
Grandmaster Kush
Grandmaster Kush Prije 4 mjeseci
These "tips" boggles my mind (except heel toe shifting) they are taught in driving school as fundamentals to pass driving school here in scandinavia, hark all those why try to drive in -30 C and snow and don't even know these
Jump Space
Jump Space Prije 5 mjeseci
Laughs in European
B1ak N3ss
B1ak N3ss Prije 5 mjeseci
Not just America... From NZ
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos Prije 6 mjeseci
Hey, I'm American and I overused the "get gud at backing up" one to the extremes lol If you want I can explain the dumbness and skillfulness required to do it
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos Prije 6 mjeseci
@Rahul Gomes Asians specifically!
Stray Prije 5 godina
1) Look Ahead in Turns 2) Look Ahead at Cars in the Distance 3) Get up to Speed when Merging with Traffic 4) Go Easy on the Breakes when Slowing Down 5) Drive a Manual Transmission 6) Learn to Control Oversteer 7) Heel-Toe Downshifting 8) Get Good at Driving Backwards 9) Practice Parking 10) Patience Had a little bit of boredom and thought this would be useful to at least one person out there.
Mechedrei Prije 3 godina
Stray Pay Well it was to me
Mr.StealYoGurl Prije 3 godina
Stray Pay I especially like number 5 cause that’s the real difference to me driving auto is like cheating pretty much
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha Prije 3 godina
1 2 and 4 works for me
Edrick Widjaja
Edrick Widjaja Prije 3 godina
Stray Pay I
Harley Prije 3 godina
Thank you
Jack Cameron
Jack Cameron Prije godine
As a 16 year old 4 months into my learners i'm probably not at all ready for this, but i'm watching it anyway!
TBTBST awm Prije 4 mjeseci
Same here
Piotr Plewa
Piotr Plewa Prije 8 mjeseci
Protip, practice crazy driving techniques before you buy a nice e36 or something
Tania Ahmed
Tania Ahmed Prije 10 mjeseci
You saying that? Its been 3 days since I got my learners n Im watching 😆
Graham Everett
Graham Everett Prije 11 mjeseci
I’m nearly 16 and I know how to do this. It’s super fun to learn and takes time
Tanah T
Tanah T Prije 11 mjeseci
@Sameer Ishaque hacks
Samuel Eriksson
Samuel Eriksson Prije 4 godina
All good tips except for #9 about patience.. it was described in a poor way I think.. You should not let any traffic behind you affect your patience. If anything you should slow down and take extra time when people are in a rush and you might get stressed!
Jose Raúl
Jose Raúl Prije 9 mjeseci
That sarcasm tho
Anirudh Prije 2 godina
Exactly. Except for emergency vehicles.
Goabnb94 Prije 5 godina
I love reversing into a driveway or park. Its easier (to position for the turn), safer (easier to get in, less likely to hit anybody who might be there should you start to back out to leave) and more convenient (drive straight on out!). And yet I see people try to turn into a space going forwards that they are never going to get into forwards and end up doing a 50 point turn to get in. And you're like "I could get in there with a 2 point turn, 4 max!"
Aryamann Verma
Aryamann Verma Prije 2 godina
Damn that down shift was so freaking amazing 🔥 Try one more thing, My Dad taught and tested me on this to get better with Clutch on uphill: Stop the car on the uphill, Try getting a smooth clutch accelerator combo to move the car forward But the challenge is - You are not allowed to use the handbrake. Meaning you gotta play with Gas, Brake and Clutch at the same time with obviously 2 feet only Just like in the video he used while downshifting
Aryamann Verma
Aryamann Verma Prije godine
@Cipri Was not trying to define it as easy or hard, just trynna make a point it probably is the most challenging thing for beginners
Cipri Prije godine
In my country we have to do that when we get our license, it ain't that hard.
Nilesh Bhatia
Nilesh Bhatia Prije godine
That's easy for the lads who drive car daily on hilly areas.
Rob Prije 5 godina
"learn how to control oversteer." shows mustang. lmao
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Prije 6 mjeseci
Pov: never driven any muscle muscle car
Sycfin FN
Sycfin FN Prije 10 mjeseci
A mustang is my first car😭 2016 gt all stock rn
Sr. Hughes
Sr. Hughes Prije 10 mjeseci
@S K funi jok me lauf
byMafia Prije godine
that’s the point....
S K Prije godine
Tony Valdez mustang and crowds 💕
Mr V
Mr V Prije 5 godina
Heel toe is good but might be tricky to learn for some! The first step to learn it is to practice RPM matching downshifts. This is another great technique that not only improves fuel economy, but also is great fun if you have a performance exhaust installed :))
Cotton Soxx
Cotton Soxx Prije 5 godina
With my limited knowledge of transmission systems, I've been wondering lately if it is better to coast in gear with the clutch in or with it in neutral with the clutch out?
Mike Chavez
Mike Chavez Prije 4 godina
I like the fact that you mentioned to drive a Manual transmission, I have a 2014 Fiesta ST & it only comes with a 6 Speed and believe me it makes my driving experience very enjoyable & entertaining.
Samniss Arandeen
Samniss Arandeen Prije 5 godina
If I didn't already know these things before, I certainly learned them when training for my CDL. Parallel parking a dump truck was the game changer for me, as was being able to look clear over the other traffic (almost like a Spidey-sense that lets you see potential trouble coming) and having to leave braking distances because my truck has 25000 GVWR and won't exactly stop on a dime.
Usering Prije 5 godina
Please tell Prius drivers that the on ramp is for ACCELERATING and not going city speeds.
Zach Reynolds
Zach Reynolds Prije 6 mjeseci
my car has the same 0-60 as a prius. on their behalf, i promise you, they're trying.
stuff Prije godine
Worse is being behind a smart car. Why the fuck would anyone buy one of those?
IAS-G Account
IAS-G Account Prije 2 godina
Usering I don’t think they can go highway speeds...
KoopaXross Prije 4 godina
I'm having a hard time with the heel-toe downshifting because of the gas pedal being placed so low compared to brake. I tend to do them separately but I would like the heel-toe over that.
Jay Ti
Jay Ti Prije 5 godina
Great video. I learned alot from it. it has definitely helped my driving skills.
Marty Crush
Marty Crush Prije godine
I think if you enjoy driving you’ll put the effort in to learn how to be a better driver, I’ve been driving over 25 years, I’ve had over 30 different cars and I’ve held my hgv for 11 years and still know that a 1 second lapse of concentration could get you killed, stay focused on driving and not on whattsface and you’ll be fine👍
Nick Hargrave
Nick Hargrave Prije 2 godina
Quick question on heel and toe downshifts, I know how to do the technique in sim racing, and I think I’d be ok on a track, but when I’m in my car in the road I can’t do it! I always end up slamming the brakes as I use very little brake pressure to slow down anyway, and I end up missing the shift. I’ve noticed the brake is slightly offset to the throttle in that it’s closer to me. Any tips?
D DJ Prije 4 godina
I honestly can't remember when I learned heel and toe. It's pretty much just downshifting while braking. And blipping the throttle also works when downshifting an automatic. You just need to learn how much time it takes for the transmission to downshift once you move the stick.
Ghost Assassin
Ghost Assassin Prije 5 godina
I most certainly agree with the learning how to drive a manual, having some patience, and the learning how to park. Road rage would be avoided if some people just keep their cool. Now I get it, that's hard when other drivers are being dicks; but flipping your shit helps no one.
Santiago Ardiles González
Santiago Ardiles González Prije 5 godina
I think controlling over and understeer is equally important. And like an advice Car Throttle, you should use your "rest foot" pedal, and not driving with your foot on the clutch, as waiting in traffic in neutral and not in gear with your clutch on.
Jessé P.
Jessé P. Prije 5 godina
Another cool secret technique is the turn signals, but it dont work in BMW cars.
RohanOf ElvenPower
RohanOf ElvenPower Prije mjesec
@Dubatt0 vw, mercedes, bmw are classic go to cars in London.
Dubatt0 Prije 4 godina
Tairusiano honestly most people ive seen not use their signals arent bmws XD one time a dude in a vw almost hit me while turning with no signal, i pointed at the blinker and showed him the finger...he didnt react
dark chocolate
dark chocolate Prije 4 godina
Tairusiano Lol
Jake E.
Jake E. Prije 5 godina
The blinker fluid always seems to go bad really quickly in BMW'S.
Jessé P.
Jessé P. Prije 5 godina
everything gets old one day.
explorernate Prije 5 godina
As a class 1 truck driver I agree with absolutely everything on this video. If only all car drivers did this, there would be sooo fewer accidents on our roads.
Ralph Schraven
Ralph Schraven Prije godine
I wish I were told this earlier when I was getting my license: slower is not safer. If you go slower while merging, other cars approach you faster. Speeding up means you're approaching their speed, meaning you travel more quickly, but also more safely.
xUdieToox Prije 4 godina
This video is common sense to those of us who are good drivers, but i feel every driver in the world needs to see this video. The irony of which is that the people who need to see this video probably never will- a real shame
CJ MADRID TV Prije 5 godina
''Patience behind the wheel'' i like that perspective carthrottle 🎖🏅🏆
Io Prije 5 godina
I've earned my like with that "patience behind the wheel" thing. Then I went a bit further and subscribed too.
a c
a c Prije 4 godina
The driving a manual part is spot on. It took me 16 years of driving before I ever bought an auto and I miss shifting. I had so much more control when driving my old Golf, S10, C10, Luv, Ranger, Civic and Mustang. I knew exactly how fast I was going at all times based off of which gear I was in coupled with the exhaust sound. With my new auto truck I look down after a few seconds of spacing out and say "WTF! How am I going 15 over?!" Not to mention the ability to down shift for hills. I feel so lazy and out of touch with my new truck sometimes. If my truck had a factory manual option, I would have got it.
Murray Kitson
Murray Kitson Prije 5 godina
good video. i actually taught myself how to heel and toe naturally. wasnt till over a year later that i found out it was actually a thing. my method is a little different. i have wide feet and simply put my foot between the pedals and tilt my foot accordingly.
glaxko2 Prije 2 godina
When merging onto a highway if there is someone ahead of me also merging I tend to give them quite a bit of space. I use this space to accelerate into the merge to ensure I'm at the proper speed instead of tailgating him and being at the mercy of his speed.
Sergio Ruelas
Sergio Ruelas Prije 5 godina
"learn to control oversteer" *cries with fwd tears
Minesh Nissanka
Minesh Nissanka Prije 8 mjeseci
installs four wheel steering
Common Peasant
Common Peasant Prije 10 mjeseci
Fwd is great if you have enough power behind it
Quenguin Prije 2 godina
My hyundai coupe is awsome for oversteer
flocks Prije 2 godina
*cries in fwd
Alex N
Alex N Prije 2 godina
you can set up any car for oversteer. The type of drive train matters to a degree, but sway bars matter more.
Benjamin Gross
Benjamin Gross Prije 5 godina
Most of these I already do. I don't heel-toe downshift though because I have yet to master it. Patience is the biggest thing here though, pretty sure most accidents could be avoided if people learned that one alone.
Sideways Nutrition
Sideways Nutrition Prije 2 godina
I think the last tip is the best, having passed last week I need to remind myself I’m not racing other cars. Someone moaning behind you is much better than causing an accident. It’s better to wait and make your turn smoothly than to rush and risk crashing.
Selleswiet Prije 5 godina
With regards to parking, I would add that people should learn to park backwards into a vertical place. Only if you have a lot of room or a very short car, you can't park straight in one go and you will need to back it up again once or more. With reverse parking, you can obtain a straight fit in one movement, which saves times for you & other drivers on the road.
Wilson Prije 2 godina
Can I ask, "coast in gear" does that mean clutch down but still selecting the gear that would be needed if I had to accelerate, or leave it in the gear in which I pressed the clutch down until stop?
MotoMatrix Prije 5 godina
I think that heel and toe on normal road is gonna wear the engine and use more gas, than you'll save on protecting gearbox synchros from wearing. I think it's only usefull on track or sport driving to prevent stressing the tyres and the only reason i can find to use it while normal driving is to practice this technique. Correct me if i'm wrong.
Terri Bel Bliss
Terri Bel Bliss Prije 5 godina
Good video. Important information. If people stop practicing the skils pointed out in this video, become more inattentive and otherwise preoccupied making driving more dangerous the choice becomes ride sharing or autonomous vehicle. By the 22nd century driving will be obsolete, who knows it may happen sooner than that but hopefully not in my lifetime.
Kevin Lind
Kevin Lind Prije 5 godina
Something I truly miss is a video with good exercises for driving backwards. Just slamming reverse down whatever road feels a bit sketchy. Is there any page/video that you can point me to?
Optima Prije 5 godina
When noticing traffic stopping ahead of you while driving on a high speed road. I find it good practice to blink my emergency flashers a couple times if I need to dump speed quickly. Most modern cars automatically turn the flashers on, but only if the braking is happening hard enough. This signals the car behind you to be more cautious and you won't end up having your rear destroyed and living with brain damage.
Thunderchild Prije 3 godina
11.)If you wanna go left always use the left side of the street and the man behind you should overtakes you right 12)take distance Heel-Toe downshifting, i am using my right food in the other direction because of immediatly acceleration
VinnyMartello Prije 5 godina
I often double-clutch when driving. Even in a fully synchro'd transmission double clutching makes it shift a little smoother.
Yadvendra Singh
Yadvendra Singh Prije 6 mjeseci
Watched the video 10 times , now i am going to tokyo for the test of my skills in a drift race...thank you!
Marek Skotniczny
Marek Skotniczny Prije 5 godina
1:26 don't rest your hand on the shifter 1:34 , 2:13 don't rest your foot on the clutch pedal cheers! :)
M. Saeed
M. Saeed Prije 4 mjeseci
The reason why they tell you not to rest your hands on the gear is to make sure that you are controlling the steering with two hands, which is the professional way of driving.
PerSet SetPer
PerSet SetPer Prije 8 mjeseci
To those idiots who says "shifter is like new" well your brain isnt then. You dont rest your hand on shifter not because you want to avoid wear and tear. Its because of a FACT that 2 hands steer car more precisely than one, and 2 arms can correct car if necessary way quicker and with more precision than one. Please, for safety of all of us, stop using your vehicle as you stopped using your brains, and start using public transport.
Shelby Avant
Shelby Avant Prije godine
@Outspoken Insider I don't have anything to prove to you. You obviously have all the info and a bad attitude. The "shifter doesn't enter the transmission in 99 percent of all cars"? The fuck out of here with that shit.....
Outspoken Insider
Outspoken Insider Prije godine
@Shelby Avant Then what, Specifically, gets damaged by resting your hand on the shifter?
Outspoken Insider
Outspoken Insider Prije godine
Wives tale. 99% of cars don't care if you rest your hand of the shifter. Only a few FR orientation cars actually have the shifter enter the transmission where it could do damage. I can tell you don't wrench. You are, however, bang-on with the clutch pedal.
Andrei123yt Prije 5 godina
A lot of women are turning into good drivers... So, if you're a good driver, watch out for turning women!
sodapopcat Prije 4 mjeseci
SuperNikio2 Prije 5 mjeseci
Dr Bud
Dr Bud Prije 11 mjeseci
Zoe Crall
Zoe Crall Prije 11 mjeseci
@Alexander Shutt that was a joke right 😅
Aedan Brady
Aedan Brady Prije godine
Boomer moment
MJ 786
MJ 786 Prije 5 godina
Standard techniques, another one could be to use the engine to slow the car as well as applying the brakes.
Sten Jørgen Pettersen
Sten Jørgen Pettersen Prije 5 godina
This has to be over of the most useful videos ever made by Car Throttle!
Don Coleman
Don Coleman Prije 4 godina
"Get good at driving backwards". Years ago my colleagues and I did an advanced driving course. Had to reverse an F-250 ambulance through an obstacle course within a set time limit. That was done after we learnt the finer points of reversing. Now, reversing using just the two side mirrors is so easy. Looking over your shoulder is not the best method.
LRIMusic Prije 4 godina
The problem i have with manual gear is that in my job i do it so often that after a while my left knee starts to hurt. It also starts to hurt when i'm not working but go running or do some other kind of sport. I also tried to solve this problem with different positionings but i coudn't fix it yet :'( doctor said everything is alright...i think it isn't
sasja de vries.
sasja de vries. Prije 5 godina
Now, heel-toe downshifting is a bit tricky when your acelerator pedal is kindda further away. So your pedals pretty much force you to put your toe on the accelerator and heel on the brake, which is unpractical. Cars are often designed to not let you touch the throttle and brake, because most drivers won't master this skill anyway.
sasja de vries.
sasja de vries. Prije 5 godina
@Eric Adams +Spaghettifox I know right. I know my heels should be on the brake; which sounds kindda impossible if your accelerator is way behind your brake. My joints are quite flexible, so my knees don't hit anything... I can make the movement to put my toes on the gas and heel on the brake, but I can't get smooth control over either of the pedals in this position.
HakJobTM Prije 5 godina
@Eric Adams My god, you're wrong. The toes should ALWAYS manipulate the brakes, seeing as your ankle doesn't rotate the other way without serious discomfort. Also your knee would hit the door/center console before you could rotate your leg the entire radius. Plus you'd look like a moron.
sasja de vries.
sasja de vries. Prije 5 godina
@SpaghettiFox Every european country has their own rules... In germany having a powerful car is no problem, it's something that Belgium does. Not sure how the taxes are in Germany, however I think that they either pay per kg like Netherlands or it's something per emission or so (that's what Brittain does iirc). Well, it's obvious, US-news won't talk about taxes in European countries. US-citizens care more about what they have to pay. Just like I don't know much about taxes in the US. I have heard things like Australian states where you can't modify your car to have a turbo for some reason.
HakJobTM Prije 5 godina
@sasja de vries wow. Taxed per horsepower? That's ridiculous! Why do the Germans make so many powerful cars if the German populace can't drive them without being taxed out the ass? Like I said, being a dumb American I had no idea. I've seen in Canada that cars above a 2.0l engine get taxed more, that's what I was following. My bad!
sasja de vries.
sasja de vries. Prije 5 godina
@SpaghettiFox _...and released a 1.99 liter turbo version that makes around the same power as the N/A version._ What's the point if you pay per horsepower? That's how taxes in Belgium work, I'm not sure how big the increments are (per 10 hp, per 50 hp) but I know that more hp=more money, whether it's big N/A or small turbo doesn't matter. That's why people in Belgium buy the big engines with little power, so that they can program the ECU and... you go the point. In the Netherlands you pay for the weight, with increments of about 100kg, and then you pay more for diesel, and you pay way too much for CNG/LPG, and petrol is the cheapest. But for all fuels: the more weight the cheaper. And they completely ignore the power output, when it comes to taxes. Keep in mind that a light car in the US is still heavy for NL standards... It doesn't make much sense actually, if you buy a light car with big cargo capacity then you still put much pressure on the road and wear of the asphalt doesn't depend on the weight of the car. Even weirder: a truck above 3500kg has way cheaper taxes than a truck below 3500, because above 3500kg you need a C-category driver-licence and such heavy vehicles are usually commercial transport. --- Next problem: 1 liter of Gas=1,40 euro, and that's the *cheapest* one I could find. That would be 5.92 $ per gallon (at least).
Tudor Rapeanu
Tudor Rapeanu Prije 5 godina
Also , don't keep your hand on the gear shift in a manual transmission car. It's not meant to have pressure on it all the time and will accelerate wear on the shifting mechanism.
RK Audio
RK Audio Prije 3 godina
Here are some more tips that have probably saved me from dozens of possible accidents: 1. Signal early when merging or switching lanes. If another driver sees that you want to move over, there is a chance they will let you in. That chance is zero if they have no idea or only know at the last second. 2. Know what lane you have to be in and get over there early. There’s no need for last second lane switches and trying to force yourself between other cars. 3. You can go as far as you want over the speed limit as long as you aren’t the fastest car on the road. 4. When approaching a merge on the highway, move over into the far lane and allow the mergers to do what they have to do. 5. If someone slams on the brakes in front of you and you don’t think you’ll be able to stop in time, swerve over onto the shoulder if you are able to.
Posidon Entertainment Company
Posidon Entertainment Company Prije godine
I use a backward crude version of heal and toe for normal driving apperently (I'm fairly new to driving but had great teachers and have even had to drift through the snakes on the 58) also my car is an automatic I can force into manual if I want I just and stuck with the auto clutch so to speak
Lejandro Fortuna
Lejandro Fortuna Prije godine
im just learning how to drive and one thing i noticed is a lot of drivers are impatient. overtaking without making sure no car is ahead when someone in front of them is driving slow(which is me in this case lol).
krypton_green_mk7cs Prije 5 godina
You don't need to stay with your left foot constantly on the clutch. You can put it on the very left side and whenever you need to shift you can put your foot back onto the clutch but only for the shifting sequence. That's quite more relaxing to your foot and you won't press accidentally your clutch because of exhaustion of your foot muscles. I hope I expressed myself in adequate English..
Toto Geenen
Toto Geenen Prije 4 godina
Resting your foot on the clutch can wear it out super fast.
@Khaled Boslaiman that would get you into trouble, if you need to downshift at the same time
Fabius d. M.
Fabius d. M. Prije 5 godina
+Khaled Boslaiman You're not supposed to brake with the left foot in any car. Left foot is the clutch foot and if you're driving a car without a clutch, your left foot is supposed to permanently rest on the side while you're operating the car exclusively with the right foot.
Kuwaiti Patroitic
Kuwaiti Patroitic Prije 5 godina
Never drove a manual before and I'm wondering do you also use the left foot to brake? or it's purely reserved for the clutch?
Fabius d. M.
Fabius d. M. Prije 5 godina
+CharlieFoxtrot 06 The main reason to get an automatic car would be traffic jams and super long travels I'd say. Can't think of any reasons beyond that though.
TheOz91 Prije 4 godina
A comment about heel-toe downshifting: it's super super tricky with regular road car brakes (because road brakes are "soft" and travels a lot of more), and while I know how to actually perform the maneuver, I haven't figured out a right way of doing it in '04 Civic. Instead, when turning a corner, I put the car into 2nd and stayed on the clutch until I've got the throttle up at the right RPM range before letting go my left foot. And I agree, easing on the brakes makes your drive much smoother in general, and coasting in gear really helps you slow down
Dakota S
Dakota S Prije 2 godina
I bought a GTi mk7...I’m learning how to drive manual in it and I can say it helps with awareness!! Second day driving it and hills are still making my palms sweaty...😬
Zi9makin6 Prije 5 godina
All of these are a "must-know" for taking your drivers license here in Sweden :)
Bobby Brew
Bobby Brew Prije godine
Number 3 definitely applies the to majority of old people who seem to think joining a motorway at 45mph is acceptable.
Adrian Jimeno
Adrian Jimeno Prije 5 godina
i almost died with the patience behind the wheel savage dude! hahaha
Krish Verma
Krish Verma Prije 2 godina
I thought your photo as a hair was trying to wipe it off😂😂😂
Amir[Reza] Prije 4 godina
Ahh dude ur profile pic trolled me I thought it was a piece of eyelash on my screen and I literally tried to pick it up.
GoroPohy Prije 4 godina
Same here :D :D
Adrian Jimeno
Adrian Jimeno Prije 4 godina
@Windows Hax 😂😉
Windows Hax
Windows Hax Prije 4 godina
Adrian Jimeno cleaned my screen 3 times i tought there was a hair , nice profile pic
Seraphim Valkyrin
Seraphim Valkyrin Prije 4 godina
Personally I think adding to the amount of things you have to concentrate on would make you a worse driver. Yes driving a manual might make it more involved but you are paying more attention to your car and not what is going on around you.
Diddles Mc Muffin
Diddles Mc Muffin Prije 4 godina
Another tip he didn't mention, in a manual, get yer hand off the knob. You'll damage components doing this.
Perry B.
Perry B. Prije 5 godina
i LOVE your videos they are soooo helpful ❤️
Horatio Huffnagel
Horatio Huffnagel Prije 5 godina
It does feel nice when you are accelerating quick, signalling, putting in the clutch, shifting and checking your blind spot and turning all at the same time. All four limbs are doing something different at the same time. Love it when that happens.
Myles S.
Myles S. Prije 4 godina
Thank you for this video. it's actually quite practical
Alina Korovina
Alina Korovina Prije 5 godina
Such a good video! Newbie driver feeling a lot more zen after this.
Benjamin Oetken
Benjamin Oetken Prije 4 godina
Heel toe on the road I am a bit unsure about. I prefer to seperate my phases according to roadcraft (e.g. no braking while changing gear). Instead I rev-match (Clutch in-touch of throttle-clutch out). With this method you are less likely to slip off the pedals (Could be just me though I´ve got quite narrow feet). Also if you do mess up a down shift you will upset the car, with heel toe this happens at the worst possible moment-the turn in, resulting in a spin.
zzz Prije 3 godina
“Patience behind the wheel.” I think I laughed to hard
GermanTopGameTV Prije 5 godina
Car Throttle has become my replacement Top Gear
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson Prije 4 godina
It did for me, too.
thecreepergamer41 OMG
thecreepergamer41 OMG Prije 4 godina
GermanTopGameTV your *better* top gear
jasmine hudson
jasmine hudson Prije 4 godina
GermanTopGameTV I
xavier hendro
xavier hendro Prije 4 godina
same here brother
VII Gaming™
VII Gaming™ Prije 4 godina
GermanTopGameTV same
GeneCARRASCA Prije 4 godina
Looking a few cars ahead to judge stopping distance is always a great tip. Teens getting their driver's license don't follow this. They sometimes drive so close to your butt
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh Prije 4 godina
I have been doing many of these steps and i thought i was overdoing it, just coz of few idiots around. Good one, people should learn these
Dan Bonnett
Dan Bonnett Prije 5 godina
Heel-toe is not really good for me on the street. I try it to make it more of a muscle memory move, and it forces me to press the brakes harder than I need to. When I do it on the track it's just fine, but maybe that's why - I'm used to harder braking.
Shady Soldier 84
Shady Soldier 84 Prije 4 godina
I already wrecked my beloved Vectra, and the ironic part is I had just finished putting Angel eye head lights a new Opel Grill and a lot more allround, then a week later I ran here smack dab straight into the middle of the pole A www it still hurts till this day. So thanks for the tips. Cool video
Ondrej K
Ondrej K Prije 2 godina
That patience behind the wheel got me how they did hide it 😂😂
The Dan
The Dan Prije 5 godina
I didn't realize being able to parallel park a truck in 10 seconds meant I had serious skills. I'm kinda proud of myself now
Mr. Rainbow Sprinkles
Mr. Rainbow Sprinkles Prije 2 godina
Unless you drive freight trucks (18 wheelers, U-Haul types), I don’t think he was talking about the usual truck people drive, even though those are pretty difficult too
Denastus Prije 5 godina
"Perfectly executed handbrake turn." Nice Jeremy Clarkson reference. XD
Andy Aitken
Andy Aitken Prije 2 godina
Also, don’t cover the clutch pedal with your foot as even a small depress can wear the clutch earlier than necessary and also push in the button on the end of your handbrake lever when parking or stopping to reduce wear on the ratchet part of the handbrake.
g4rr377 Prije 5 godina
Turning your favorite song up loud also improves driving. One tip for driving in the rain is to use the wipers to clear the windscreen
Ezra Sitt
Ezra Sitt Prije 2 godina
Peter Eagles Nah. That just means your car is fueling itself. Pro tip: if that light goes on keep driving and you’ll get free fuel.
Alp Can Aras
Alp Can Aras Prije 2 godina
I think that patience is the most important one. You eliminate unnecessary risks mostly and save a lot of fuel. I mean I used to drive a bit faster around the town and was impatient, changing lanes all the time etc. When I had low tank one day I didn't switched to the sport manual and kept it on drive and engaged eco mode. When I get the habit of it I only lost about 2 minutes each day but saved hella lot of fuel.
Jake J
Jake J Prije godine
From being a tradie for all my working life, I can parallel park a truck AND trailer in 10 seconds within the lines, and that's while texting and listening to music 🤣🤣
Jay Prije 2 mjeseci
I have most of these down. Just gotta master the heel toe, and also the patience part 😅
S The Key
S The Key Prije 5 godina
i would like to see a video on how to correct a frontwheel drive car. Your video's are great btw.
Thomas Wong
Thomas Wong Prije 3 godina
Heres a tip, a big mistake a lot of drivers make when merging with traffic is, YES you do speed up, but if theres a car infront of you and they are also merging leave space so you can speed up, not follow behind him and let that person dictate your speed that you can merge at, I mean slow down before the merging lane/ramp and give them a few car lengths this will make sure you get up to speed while leaving a lot more space for yourself and cars already in that lane letting you in, this will free up congestion on roads and make everyone drive faster, by driving "slower".
anythingorz Prije 2 godina
Just started driving again after almost 10 years...I love how patient people were on the road. Jk tho, either they have a bout of diarrhoea or running out of turn signal fluid
Golden God
Golden God Prije 4 godina
I'm 19 and I learned to look ahead in the turn when I took drivers' ed five years ago in 2012.
Joshua Boune
Joshua Boune Prije 2 godina
My mom taught me how to parallel park by having me drive a Chevy Suburban in the city 😂😂
lifu52 Prije 5 godina
"It can be a tricky technique to master", thats what my math teacher said
chacha chaudhary
chacha chaudhary Prije godine
DrTam1, it isn’t
PenguinDog Prije 3 godina
@Joseph McDade Don't judge a goldfish by it's ability to climb a tree... you honestly have to be so egotistical and narrow minded that you can't recognize that some people have better skills in different areas
Moug MeDuro
Moug MeDuro Prije 3 godina
Joseph McDade You’re probably saying that because it’s the only subject you could do in school...
Craig Jones
Craig Jones Prije 4 godina
"It can be a tricky technique to master" that's what she said
Amine Boujmil
Amine Boujmil Prije 5 godina
yes but this is for only who do
LJF95 Prije 4 godina
I got a minor in my driving test for being patient and not pulling out in front of someone, waiting for more room instead. the examiner called it being hesitant and holding up traffic. I call it not wanting to crash
Wolfie 1
Wolfie 1 Prije godine
I like how he mentions 1. early braking and 2. Heel to toe in one video
Rainbow Rambo
Rainbow Rambo Prije 3 godina
I learn all of this in my driving courses. Kinda weird to hear this info coming from an English car channel concidering the thourroughness of the driving courses is the same as here in the Netherlands
g0ferboy Prije 5 godina
You know. A lot of these things here came from me crashing on a motorcycle. I look further, plan for exit strategies at every passing car, watch the movements of other cars and watch the head of other drivers. I daily a motorcycle, but my car is just as precious and so I tend to use the same techniques. Drive like no one can see you, because people are idiots. I used to hear, "drive safe", to which my reply is now "I can drive as safe as I can, it's other drivers I worry about". Edited because I noticed you didn't include understeer. I took 3 different fwd cars to the canyon, all behaving differently. and they let the front loose at different times/different grip levels. While I take my precautions to learn both my bikes and cars extremes, most others don't.
Petter P. Knutsen
Petter P. Knutsen Prije 5 godina
I passed my driving test today!
That Red Truck
That Red Truck Prije 10 mjeseci
@Tania Ahmed Not yet slightly delayed cause of corona and a bunch of other personal stuff but thanks for asking :)
Tania Ahmed
Tania Ahmed Prije 10 mjeseci
@That Red Truck Hey, did you get your licence just checking to congratulate
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan Prije 10 mjeseci
@That Red Truck it’s almost been 5 years man
chacha chaudhary
chacha chaudhary Prije godine
drServitis, so that means one fateful day in 1986, a goon was give right to the road.
bitfragment Prije 2 godina
How's it going Petter? How has driving been for the past 2 years? :)
Lorddess Prije 2 godina
Would love to learn heel-toe downshifting omg
Dante Smith
Dante Smith Prije 5 godina
awesome video! this is exactly how I drive!
Cepera Prije 5 godina
@3:08 Patience behind the wheel. I see what you did there.
Thane36425 Prije 4 godina
Patience. Use your signals. Mind the speed limits, especially on curvy roads and in bad conditions (see those memorials lining that stretch of road?). Lot's of things either don't get taught in driver's school anymore, or it goes in one ear an out the other.
GobotWars Prije 5 godina
Instructions unclear, ended up sliding on roof
Arvind Chandrashekar
Arvind Chandrashekar Prije godine
Yeah he was too fast. Bad teaching
Matyáš Jan Kudláček
Matyáš Jan Kudláček Prije godine
Sky in
Sky in Prije godine
oh thats dope
Alen H.
Alen H. Prije 2 godina
Just press X to flip it, duuuh!
BURD AZZA Prije 2 godina
Did you correct it
AwoudeX Prije godine
if you aren't on a race track and manage oversteer/understeer while turning, you've been reckless and should have started slowing down sooner to prevent exactly this kind of losing controll
Siruxa Prije 5 godina
I'm planning on learning manual, so I got a question. What happens if you don't use the clutch when downshifting?
Cody Wyckoff
Cody Wyckoff Prije 5 godina
It's called floating the clutch just learn your transmission and rev match
Siruxa Prije 5 godina
@Doubletapthat23 How would it work on something like a Galant or a Miata? (the older ones)
Doubletapthat23 Prije 5 godina
I literally just use the clutch when taking off or stopping. it won't hurt anything if you do it right. but it is different with every transmission, for instance I can shift with out the clutch in my 96 Mazda b2300, but I can't in my brothers 02 escape. it just takes learning your transmission, getting a feel for it, knowing what it's going to do before it does it.once you have that down its a walk in the park.
Aidan Saltman
Aidan Saltman Prije 5 godina
some cars its also extremely hard if not impossible to take the car out of gear while in motion without using the clutch too
7 ViewerLogic
7 ViewerLogic Prije 5 godina
Use the clutch and rev match otherwise you will cause extra wear on your clutch and synchros in your trans
Celph Taut
Celph Taut Prije 5 godina
I can't begin to express my frustration at motorists everytime I'm on the entrance ramp and the car in front of me is going 60km/hr or so until they finally hit the highway and then they start going up to 100km.
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