How A 700bhp Evo Saved My Life

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Jon Livermore was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer when he was 32. This is the story of how a project car got him through his darkest days...
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Komentari: 5 834
Hiiro626 Prije 4 godina
Car is not only a machine. Its like living life for car lovers. Car can help people and get through hard stuff and sad stuff. And also have a lots of fun and good memories! and we all should respect it.
Speed Hunter
Speed Hunter Prije godine
@Bill Boy it's"NOT JUST A CAR"
Speed Hunter
Speed Hunter Prije godine
@WizardRhyme uhh, at the end of the day, its your friend
Speed Hunter
Speed Hunter Prije godine
@Roadroller Da! we will why not,cars are better then people
cam cam
cam cam Prije godine
No disrespect but that was kinda corny
Bill Boy
Bill Boy Prije godine
But it’s only a car relax lol 😂
Lenny Martin / Ronnie's HQ
Lenny Martin / Ronnie's HQ Prije 4 godina
me: *shows video to mom* mom: you're still not having an evo
HITO KIRI Prije 7 mjeseci
thats literally what im doing (╯▽╰ )
Kazree Prije godine
I feel u
Emmily Waerea
Emmily Waerea Prije godine
22b Subaru
Jewilyn JeWil
Jewilyn JeWil Prije godine
i would get a porsche
grantttayoo Prije godine
@Mashrøø :p Yeah, you can get a Supra for like $25,000
CyberIndoGaming Prije 4 godina
i love that headlight intake though...
Michael Trevor Jamnague
Michael Trevor Jamnague Prije 7 mjeseci
Hayyaan Anwar
Hayyaan Anwar Prije 10 mjeseci
Its stock🙂
Rita Nandan
Rita Nandan Prije godine
Zeako Graffiti
Zeako Graffiti Prije godine
@NevsHD NevsHD here in germany totally not😂 but if you live in the us it could be legal (depends on where you live)
Pranav Deeljore
Pranav Deeljore Prije godine
Yeah.. Mee too..
James Askey
James Askey Prije 3 godina
Bro this guy had cancer and 1.4k sick people have the balls to dislike this video. What is wrong with some people 😓
KingDM Prije 9 mjeseci
Subaru lovers.
GIORGOS SOLDATOS Prije 11 mjeseci
The only think i can say "respect"!!!!!!from Greece
Ranchu Prije godine
Miff Miff that makes sense
mikkel krømmelbein
mikkel krømmelbein Prije godine
Probably the muscle car community
Ranchu Prije godine
mc pan just correct ur mistake
BHP Addict
BHP Addict Prije 5 godina
This Evo is as fast as a stock aventador. God bless this man.
Epsilon Prije 9 mjeseci
@LEST3RR yeahhhh well I wasn't a real car guy I guess. I was just your typical pre-teen obsessed with cool looking supercars. Lol
LEST3RR Prije 9 mjeseci
@Epsilon Damn you were 13 and didnt know Evos could beat Lambos and Teslas could beat evos and lambos
2 Hunnid
2 Hunnid Prije godine
Weeder HD it was a murcielago
aaydemir89 Prije godine
@Ben Lynch you called yourself a big boy, having little man syndrome there?
ZeklSmn Prije godine
@Epsilon tnx
Raye Stanley
Raye Stanley Prije 2 godina
Beautiful car. I beat cancer too (stage 3, colon), and I used the same jokes as well! Perspective changes, you realize what's important. These moments are life. Inspiring, thanks for sharing
J Kasaunder
J Kasaunder Prije 4 mjeseci
I don't have cancer, hopefully I never will, But my best mate did and he lost a good few years age 16-20 and again age 22-24. He's all clear now. I remember when he first got cancer, A mutual mate came and told me at work and I just cried, honestly, we both cried. Like a little bitches. Cried and cried. Calmed down. Got in the car, went to see him. I gave him a 20p pack of paracetamol. I crossed out paracetamol and wrote cancer cure. It warms my heart that he keeps that on his desk at all times. Something worth 20p meant the world to him. And knowing it had that effect. Means the world to me. He still has it to this day. Love you brother. Thanks for letting me share.
Hayyaan Anwar
Hayyaan Anwar Prije 10 mjeseci
Congrats, cancer is a sucker, lost my grandma to it, stage 4 melanoma, very rare for where we live, saw her last stages and it was really tough but i used to joke about her leg that had swollen up alot due to the cancer with her and she would laugh and be happy, we didnt tell her she had it, but yeah really hard for our whole family, was 14 when i lost her, got severely depressed like a month after, developed alot of anxiety, grades fell from all As to Bs and Cs, had to get help. Just shows that every one around a patient is affected but ofc the patient is affected the most. Good on you for making it through such a tough time
Miguel Medina
Miguel Medina Prije 2 godina
On point 👍🏻...
Chris Prije 2 godina
Nice dude!
Fittsy Prije 3 godina
Lance helped to build a lancer.
budak gemuk
budak gemuk Prije godine
@Sava Stoilov Lance built the Cancer Lancer!
OakzPix Prije godine
thatsmallguy Prije godine
Lance helped to build a lancer with an owner with cancer
Thedrip God
Thedrip God Prije godine
Coincidence i think not
Marco Milini
Marco Milini Prije godine
Lance helped build a lancer that saved a man from cancer! 😂😂it’s the first thing I saw when heard the name of the man
Edward 02
Edward 02 Prije 2 godina
This reminds me of my best friend he was 15 and he was going to get an RX-7 when he got his driver's license but then he got diagnosed with cancer and he saw the RX7 but never got to drive it because he had his second to last chemo session when he died he was to weak to even talk and they got him into a room but 47 minutes later he died and he was my only friend at the time and when I hear the word RX7 I start to tear up 😖
Renny the Senpai
Renny the Senpai Prije godine
Wish you my condolences.
Henry Yopp
Henry Yopp Prije godine
Omg bro I’m sorry to hear that, you know he’s driving in in heaven looking down at you
Otso Prije godine
@jdm36 u stole my comment
Mohammed Zaman
Mohammed Zaman Prije godine
I’m sorry for ur lost
Pagani Zonda Cinque NFS EDTN
Pagani Zonda Cinque NFS EDTN Prije godine
Im sorry to hear that, he deserves that car
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar Prije 2 godina
It's so rare to have friends who back you up in toughest moment of life.
LordNGGamerMT Poppy
LordNGGamerMT Poppy Prije godine
@cat to fuke us all up in life , like my "freimds" did.
Usame Maksuti
Usame Maksuti Prije godine
Wish I had friends or a family that could back me up :(
Hiiro626 Prije godine
Yea, that’s true. It’s really nice.
Oyvind -
Oyvind - Prije 2 godina
Isn’t it wierd that every person commenting is a perfect friend? Nah stfu sad fucks just because you’re not talking to them that doesn’t mean that they backstabbed you
rolon96 2810
rolon96 2810 Prije 2 godina
Shurr It is a special bond in a car club we have the same type of car and that brings us together. We accept anyone long as they share the same passion for our car. To me it is like a brotherhood.
Am Naah
Am Naah Prije 2 godina
This is something non-car people never understand, we love cars because they help us, they make us happy, they keep us dedicated. They go what's the point of making a car fast you never get to use it, but not only statement false. To just take it around the country bring around your make them crack a smile even to the sound of the engine, petrol engines will never properly go away because of car guys, all your city cars will be electric but they don't give you joy anyway so who gives a shit. Petrol will never disappear and Diesel for that matter, there some huge Jeep lovers (not the company jeep, jeep is another name for SUVs but I don't like SUV because of crossovers) my father has this old Nissan Patrol 1988 I think maybe 89 he has nothing for it except a chassis the body which missing all the doors and the best engine ever created in his mind unkillable, the 4.2. He loves telling stories about it and you see the joy in him and it's nice to see. My cousin had a Skyline r32 and he totalled it, un fixable earn a bit of money for scrapping it and selling the engine or buy another and engine swap, he still has the car though because it became part of him he adored it
Jackson Songer
Jackson Songer Prije 2 godina
Thought this was gonna go something like "this gang in Chrysler 300s where trying to get me and rob me but my 700 hp evo got me away and saved my life"
biggg poppa
biggg poppa Prije godine
Bro I was not expecting this story but I'll tell you what this guy seems humble as fook man I don't even know if humble is the word man has balls of steel 👊
Chrystal Orourke
Chrystal Orourke Prije godine
@3213232 1231223 what? noooo........ hahaha
Chrystal Orourke
Chrystal Orourke Prije godine
OhMyHD Prije godine
I thought it would be about a suicidal guy who was driving 130 MPH on the motorway and crashed and the bars in the car saved his life
Dragutin the Slav- Veliki
Dragutin the Slav- Veliki Prije godine
Literally thought something like that
edub590 Prije 3 godina
thats a badass evo and it has a hell of a fighter behind the wheel
Arsu Prije 2 godina
No way jayden
Tradeka420 Prije 2 godina
Just lost my grandmother to cancer after a 5 year battle. This brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful video
ALEX from Microsoft
ALEX from Microsoft Prije godine
Even I lost my grandpa🥺because of cancer 😭
꧁o꧂ Prije godine
@tristan radeka I'm sorry for the loss and I hope you are better after that. I wish you the best.
Purple Odyssey
Purple Odyssey Prije 2 godina
Stay strong ✊
ッGalaxy Prije 2 godina
@Jeffrey A is this a fucking joke to you? it could be fake but don't joke about someone's life
elliot Ggg
elliot Ggg Prije 2 godina
Jeffrey A theres always one, piss of ya mug
kidzach 21
kidzach 21 Prije 4 godina
poor guy at least he is better and living today god blessed him he is strong good man we all have many respect for him god bless the world
your last braincell
your last braincell Prije godine
God bless the focken EVO!!
paw charry moo
paw charry moo Prije godine
@Em Em God is a loving God. A lot of people miss understood God for what ever reason. Now you can set your ears to hear messege or problem. And im not forcing you to believe, after all religion hurt people but true realationship with God save people. Here watch this video for proof.
Atcha Prije 2 godina
I knew there was going to be some atheist headass bois trying to say they dont exist or some shit
Nay Htoo
Nay Htoo Prije 2 godina
@Miguel Medina ok thx
Miguel Medina
Miguel Medina Prije 2 godina
@Nay Htoo I think he meant of the other people, don't take things too personal, trust me, that helped me dealing with real abuse...
TheBastardGentleman 98
TheBastardGentleman 98 Prije 2 godina
This is beautiful...a man and his car, a struggle for survival, and a dream lit by a unextinguishable flame of passion. This is the stuff that makes me cry.
Mr. Agera
Mr. Agera Prije 3 godina
God bless this man. He is strong, I 100% respect him.
Vcxb U
Vcxb U Prije godine
4 Years later, this car is still one of the best looking cars in my book honestly. I can’t get my eyes off of the wheels and the carbon fiber parts, and how it sounds. Man I wish Evo’s were more popular in my country.
Gabriel Rosales
Gabriel Rosales Prije 6 godina
that is one of the nicest evos i have ever seen that turbo intake through the headlight
SASHA ブラウス
SASHA ブラウス Prije 4 godina
Gabriel Rosales nice profile picture
Mario Avila
Mario Avila Prije 4 godina
Gabriel Rosales yea nyce
Cole-T 43
Cole-T 43 Prije 4 godina
Gabriel Rosales it's a horn
menzáč Prije 6 godina
+XxMarkitoxX these wings are typical for Evos
Alvaro Aguilar
Alvaro Aguilar Prije 6 godina
+Myasa Man shut the fuck up dumfuck ur so fucking stupid
blakex jakex
blakex jakex Prije 2 godina
My friend's 1000hp supra saved our lives during a shootout at a shopping mall. God bless cars. For they will stay with you in the toughest of times.
chue dynasty
chue dynasty Prije 2 godina
Damn man, I feel for this guy man, tried to stay happy, the whole time even tho he knew he could be gone some day, stay positive everybody🙏🙏
carson2000 Prije 2 godina
I was expecting something along the lines of "I was being shot at, but my car is really fast so I got away" but I was wrong. Stories like these are why I love cars and motorcycles, and the communities surrounding them. There really is nothing like it.
Jonah Raposo
Jonah Raposo Prije 4 godina
1k dislikes It really is sad how people could do that on a such a deep video like this MAD RESPECT TO HIM (That evo is pretty fuckin awesome too)
Tuxcz Prije 3 godina
"Ahh, cancer mate, can't do it" HAHAHA. Great guy with good sense of humor. Glad he made it.
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Prije 2 godina
This is such a touching story I respect you. Keep doing what you love much love for you and your mom and friends.❤️💯
Jeremai Guzman
Jeremai Guzman Prije godine
I'm a gtr fan but I'm starting to like evos now
B Ξ Π I L Prije 7 mjeseci
How old are you guys?
KevKev10TheCrafter Prije godine
SPXXDHVNTRS Prije godine
Owning an Evo is one of my dreams.
Matt Prije 2 godina
Love the EVO it looks sick especially that custom air intake, JDM for life.
Ethan Carney
Ethan Carney Prije 6 godina
This man has a phenomenal story.
Joshisclasss Prije 3 godina
nvtez !
nvtez ! Prije 4 godina
Sopranoprince28 yes
Richard Prije 4 godina
Dibs on the Evo
okayvool Prije 4 godina
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas I see what you did there. 😂
tonk Prije 4 godina
nice name dude and it's true
Angel DaGreat
Angel DaGreat Prije godine
Watched this at least 4 times and when I feel down I go back to rewatch it because of how inspirational Jon’s story is.
Lewis Hiscock
Lewis Hiscock Prije 4 godina
This story is amazing, just tells you to push through the bad things in life and follow your dreams
Kushal 1127
Kushal 1127 Prije 3 godina
Cars are not only a Machine, it's an Emotion
Loganyami Prije 2 godina
Evo: saves lives Mustang: takes crowds lives
JDM car guy
JDM car guy Prije 10 mjeseci
Loganyami Prije 2 godina
Aaron Zeph Cabebe nobody asked tbh and there are two memes so be specific tbh Cough cough butthurt crowdkiller v6 owner cough cough v6 cough cough
SPACEMAN Prije 2 godina
That meme is dead not funny TBH
Make Shift Garage
Make Shift Garage Prije 5 godina
Some do drugs... Some pop bottles.... We solve our problems with wide open throttles.. Car guys and girls, cars are what we do and all we've got
Dev Taylor
Dev Taylor Prije 2 godina
Michael Sudimak Bullshit your profiles a Chevy Silverado ain’t no car bub my turbo civ would smoke that while getting better gas mileage doing it lmao
Exofius Zero
Exofius Zero Prije 2 godina
Justin Case
Justin Case Prije 2 godina
I’ve got a couple other things tho lol
MonkeyMechanic01 Prije 2 godina
@Jacob Mawyer Well I have no idea
Jacob Mawyer
Jacob Mawyer Prije 2 godina
What if you do all three
F Vl
F Vl Prije 2 mjeseci
I can't imagine what he's been through. All I can say, is that I am happy for him, the friends he had, the focus he had, the support he got. I mean, wow, thanks to all of them for helping him. Whether it's fysical or mental, you need that kind of support when you need it. A great story, hope he's still fairing well
Timothy Liska
Timothy Liska Prije 2 godina
God bless you man, glad your doing better, I'm going threw some stuff right now, and my car helps me so much.
Genevo9 Prije 2 godina
I would have to say this is truly inspirational! nothing but love to the evo community and to all car enthusiast out there! Cars saves lives yo!
chri Prije 4 godina
Respect bro i just cry for this but is unbelievable that a lot of people not have a soul for this man
Sleeper x Dynomight
Sleeper x Dynomight Prije 6 godina
And THIS is why cars are so amazing. Whoever thinks they are just transportation is missing out
The Pebble Man
The Pebble Man Prije 3 godina
Sleeper x Dynomight I know!
Zdragov Prije 3 godina
LaidBack Kar Get a Charger
BIKER LAD Prije 4 godina
INFsleeper x Dynomight but they are.
IShoot4clout Tv
IShoot4clout Tv Prije 4 godina
INFsleeper x Dynomight ikr
John dillinger
John dillinger Prije 6 godina
+Sammy Morini beautifully said...respect
Angad Anand
Angad Anand Prije 2 godina
I watch this once every couple months. It's a real inspiration.
prabsan Prije 3 godina
I feel you and you did great! Project car(s) gave me the motivation to get back to life after a life changing motorcycle accident which left me with a disability.
jameel abdool
jameel abdool Prije 3 godina
idk y ppl dislike this vid. look what this guy went through.
Rob C
Rob C Prije godine
Thank you for sharing your story. Car looks and sounds great. The mental battle is harder sometimes than the physical battle.
Redline Racing
Redline Racing Prije 4 godina
I MET HIM AT JAP FEST 2017!! He's a right lad and he has fully carboned the car now and good lord does it look sick
Blkout8316 Prije 2 godina
@Simon Gotthardsen np problem mate
Jackson Putnam
Jackson Putnam Prije 2 godina
@Hi there Person his Instagram is in the description
Jackson Putnam
Jackson Putnam Prije 2 godina
@Hi there Person he is. It looks just like it does in the video.
Hi there Person
Hi there Person Prije 2 godina
@Jackson Putnam he just said it was fully carboned so is he lying?
Jackson Putnam
Jackson Putnam Prije 2 godina
@Hi there Person it's not fully carbon..
jtp Prije 3 godina
what a amazing story this touched my heart hope your still going strong and great car fellow
AnonymousGamr Prije godine
So I’ve just come back to this video after 4 years. I’m now 18, have my own car. I now realise the importance of cars in our lives. This guy is amazing 👍🏻🙏🙏
Chris Prije 2 godina
Loved your video man. I'm glad your better. You have amazing people around you and also an amazing car. Hope your still well
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson Prije 3 godina
Props to this guy he's amazing the car really saved his life
Arvils Straume
Arvils Straume Prije 5 godina
this is what i call living a quarter mile at a time
Bryce Heppler
Bryce Heppler Prije 3 godina
Bruh quit acting like a fictional character.
The JDM fanboy
The JDM fanboy Prije 4 godina
Mikael K well yeah if you have a rotary : P
Syno Dyno
Syno Dyno Prije 4 godina
•_ Prije 4 godina
This comment deserves a like and a dislike but i did like the comment
lIllIllIIllIx Prije 4 godina
Mr.seemenot Not Might be a day but 714
RBeatz' Remix's
RBeatz' Remix's Prije 2 godina
Massive RESPECT ! Wish you all the best ! The Evo is a Beast ! keep it UP
ben pearce
ben pearce Prije 2 godina
When the car needed him, he was there. When he needed the car, the car was there. A strong bond between man and machine right there!
angrys13 Prije godine
This car alone did not save him. He has some amazing friends that definitely helped give him strength.
Cloud. Prije 2 godina
Like, there is this really inspirational thing here this dudes love for his car literally saved him and some people still don't manage to get that. You may not like the video but you gotta respect this dude
Mareca Folle
Mareca Folle Prije 6 godina
First time i red the title i was like how can a 700bhp save your life, later in the video i dropped a tear i ain't gonna lie..
Lucas Hadad
Lucas Hadad Prije 3 godina
Thijs Koops
Thijs Koops Prije 4 godina
Mareca Folle z
JackABoi 0213
JackABoi 0213 Prije 4 godina
Mareca Folle same bro
John Doe
John Doe Prije 4 godina
Mareca Folle read*
Jeff King
Jeff King Prije 4 godina
Mareca Folle is it evo 9 ?
Misha Prije 2 godina
This video is really beautiful. Evo 9 is my dream car. I'm going through some hard times, but seeing Jon like this, is honestly giving me power to keep fighting. And maybe once, i'll be able to buy an Evo 9 aswell. Not an religious person, but God bless you
AR Garage
AR Garage Prije 3 godina
I cried watching this.That's how a strong car guy is w/ amazing friends. God bless you man
R6foreternity Prije 4 godina
That is one of the most inspirational stories I have heard in a very long time and I love it, and the car as well
Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson Prije 2 godina
Spew that realness there Car throttle! Well done for showing realness and the connection that some people build up with their car/driving. Love to you all!
Phil Carr
Phil Carr Prije 4 godina
Congratulations on beating the cancer! That's tough to do. It's understandable why you had so many friends to help you. You have a fantastic attitude and that rubs off onto other people. I'm sure that you had that good attitude before your cancer and had earned the respect of your friends prior to your health issues. Keep looking forward and include the friends that helped you as mush as possible and yes, include the friends that may have not been helpful, too! Cool car!
Watson Prije 2 godina
Well done mate from Australia! Very inspiring and I feel my Galant VR4 saved my life also, I didn't face illness like you my friend but faced a lot of loss with children etc and my Car helped me get to sleep and to keep thinking forward. I hope your doing well brother. MITSI LIFE!!!!!
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel Prije 3 godina
This is the first time I’ve actually watched a full HRpost video, without skipping or closing the video out. Much love, and mad respect bro. 🔥
Moses89 Prije 2 godina
Good vid . Cars makes me feel good , love driving my Evo 8 on a Friday night with great tunes ☺️
John Doe
John Doe Prije 5 godina
This car is Perfect, not just because it's so beautifull and so nicely built, it's because of the story of this car, I admire this guy's positivity. Respect for this man :)
Benjameme Prije godine
what an amazing human, hope he's still going
bigniggy 64
bigniggy 64 Prije 3 godina
God bless Jon and his exquisite evo, this thing is sooo amazing!!
Calin Stefan
Calin Stefan Prije 3 godina
This car is perfect from the build to it's story, and this mate has my respect for dealing with cancer with strenght and humour while working on his dream build, and the guys who helped him out with the car are real friends. He is very lucky not only for escaping from something like cancer but for the people around him and that lit Evo too.
Tdh _gf8
Tdh _gf8 Prije godine
I’m here in 2020. I have lost count of how many times I have watched this. It has got me through hard times knowing that I’m not the only car guy going through tough times. To everyone who reads this stay strong, we will get through this together 🙏
Massive respect to this guy going through one of the worst illness ever and always thinking positive and what an motor he has built is amazing x👍
Polar Paradise
Polar Paradise Prije 2 godina
I love your story man! I’m going through some unknown health problems, bad stomach issues, have been for every test possible and my doctor gave up basically said it’s in my head so I said fuck it, started building a race truck, when my stomach issues hit its worst I had to give up my dream job at a huge fibreglass company, my dad realized how much it meant to me so we’re starting a carbon/fibreglass company building body panels etc. I wouldn’t be here without my dad i was so depressed for months i barely left my room, it’s scary not knowing what’s wrong with me but I’m just pushing through it till I drop 💚❤️💚❤️
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Prije 2 godina
This video changed my life😢 Respect man stay healthy and do what you love🙏❤️
jokerdude49 Prije godine
This is one of those videos that I never forget ,it must have been over a year since I last see it, every one that has a passion for cars must watch this video
OEM Asian
OEM Asian Prije 6 godina
Thank god for people like you i hope you live a long happy life with your evo
JuicyYuuji Prije 6 godina
@Honda lover Good you've heard that
OEM Asian
OEM Asian Prije 6 godina
@Maria Teresa Rosauro yes I have but I personally wouldn't do it because the balance would get decreased by it and in my country gas is God damn expensive
JuicyYuuji Prije 6 godina
+Honda lover Ever saw or heard of a S2000 with a engine swap of a v8 cheville
joeracer302 Prije 6 godina
@Robbie Wilson yea ... I know ... but that's how life is :/
Robbie Wilson
Robbie Wilson Prije 6 godina
+joeracer302 That's pretty messed up man.
Divyam Singh Chauhan
Divyam Singh Chauhan Prije 4 godina
The car community is with you brother. You are an inspiration to us out here. Respect.
Jason Salazar
Jason Salazar Prije 2 godina
This is probably one of the cleanest Evo I seen in a while 👌
Nawfal Sha
Nawfal Sha Prije 2 godina
You just touched my heart man❤️... Live Long 😘❤️
CB M4 Prije 2 godina
What an awesome guy! A perfect example of why you should live every day to the full!!
RyGuy Prije 5 godina
Whether it be cars, music, or even just helping people, everyone has a purpose on this planet. Congrats on your victory with cancer. Seems you found your peace on this planet, enjoy life man, you earned it.
Super Brit
Super Brit Prije 3 godina
Lovely story and fantastic to see that this chap motivated himself via the love of building this car whilst fighting the dreaded C and has come out of the other side good and healthy. The build quality of the car looks high, just not sure on the colour scheme, the remaining silver panels look out of place in relation to all the carbon panels........
Will France
Will France Prije 2 godina
Congratulations mate shows when you put your mind to it and keep fighting you can get through shit
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Prije 2 godina
I respect this I love this guy. God bless you my fellow good man stay happy and stay positive
Koen Vanbelle
Koen Vanbelle Prije 2 godina
By the title I thought this was going to be about how the car having 700hp helped him out of a dangerous situation or something... Not this. Very beautiful story and damn what a cool guy he is. Rock on mate!
Paul Brezitskiy
Paul Brezitskiy Prije 5 godina
Hey man I have Hodgkin's lymphoma too and have been fighting for 5 years straight already. You have been inspiring me to build my dream truck, a 91 Cummins. Hopefully as I restore my truck, my body will also be restored. Hopefully Ill be able to say that my truck helped save my life one day too.
Saad Jahangir
Saad Jahangir Prije 3 godina
Paul Brezitskiy yo my man, how u doing?
SWright Prije 3 godina
Best of luck to you🙌
POQJAQ Prije 4 godina
Paul Brezitskiy speed recovery sir.
Paul Brezitskiy
Paul Brezitskiy Prije 4 godina
Hahaha no, Im still alive and and well. Im still fighting the cancer but Im not giving up hope at all, and whenever i can get my buddies together to help out we work on the truck. Im just supervising because i cant do a lot of work but its slowly going forward. Maybe by next spring it'll be done Lord willing. Thanks for all the support, God bless ya all.
Night_ Runners__
Night_ Runners__ Prije 4 godina
Paul Brezitskiy I am about to drop a tear man.
Lefty yt
Lefty yt Prije godine
Man, this Evo is the most inspiring Japanese car ever. 😭
Shiba~ Prije 3 godina
He knew what to do with his last minute. Big respect for this guy.
Jedd Exedus
Jedd Exedus Prije 4 godina
The Story is beautiful and Jons' attitude towards his situation was inspirational but I may be the only viewer that really hated the look of that Evo, all that carbon fibre made it look damned awful. The engine and bay however now they are things of beauty!
B & D aquatics
B & D aquatics Prije godine
I've got a 2014 Lancer and I just paid it off after 5 years. It's time to start turning into my dream car. I have visions of me and my daughter working on it and maybe taking it to a race way. This was inspiring
Jordan King
Jordan King Prije 2 godina
So happy to see him have get through this!!!
Harley Marshall-court
Harley Marshall-court Prije 2 godina
Absolute bloody hero, well done! 👍🏼
OnlyIcedKareneoKojima Prije 2 godina
I'm a car guy myself and this had me mistier than a day in Seattle, not even half way through the video and I was bawling my eyes out, cheers to this gentleman and keep building that evo bro
martin swift
martin swift Prije 2 godina
Amazing story about how a car can truly lift you up.. it's a beautiful thing.
CyberpunkShadow Prije 6 godina
Two legends right there: the Evo and this guy. Dem feels.
ominouspotato Prije 2 godina
Don’t forget lance!
Patrik Žec
Patrik Žec Prije 4 godina
LIker n800 there :-D
New Officialtrailers
New Officialtrailers Prije 6 godina
tou ger vang
tou ger vang Prije 6 godina
+CyberpunkShadow His buddy is a legend too, helping him build his evo up nonstop.
6star Prije 6 godina
+Dark6star His friends are the real legends!
DatEvo8 Prije 3 godina
This made me cry :'( god bless this man
Alex Larrabure
Alex Larrabure Prije godine
Thank you, I hope i can one day build an EVO this clean one day. Cars are more than just objects, they bring the homies together (:
Adventures with GTR
Adventures with GTR Prije 3 godina
Great inspirational guy, great group of friends. I tip my hat to you all.
Joshua Slater
Joshua Slater Prije 2 godina
Its great to see inspiring people like you absolutely smashing it your friends are very good friends to more than just friends there your family. Enjoy your life with your family and friends and get out and enjoy that monster EVO you've earned it. P.S its a beautiful car and I would love to race you maybe one day I'll roll up besides you in my R32 and give you a run for your money.
Ckryse S
Ckryse S Prije 2 godina
You are so blessed!! You got saved from cancer You got your dream car You got your dream car but with buffed under hood stuff!! Not everyone is your life to fullest earned it!! Cheers to life! I loved your accent though...your brit accent is quite sharp!
Tigers 586
Tigers 586 Prije godine
An absolutely amazing video! I am in awe wish every car lover a very happy life.
Iceman Prije godine
well done bro and all the best to your mates !!!! great team !!!
John Thompson
John Thompson Prije 2 godina
A moving story a part of his life, putting that aside it’s a real nice car.. well done #nevergiveup
Gabriel Woodruff
Gabriel Woodruff Prije godine
Wow, your story inspires many. I just hope someday I can own such a beautiful vehicle. It’s hard right now because I’m only 18 Andi can’t afford things. I try saving money but my daily has problems. I was diagnosed with diabetes and it got so bad once I was told I could possibly lose my life. It was a scary situation. I thought to myself, guess I’m not fit to be a car enthusiast, guess it’s my time to go. Times are tough but you just have to push through. I’m trying my best, but it’s hard. Thank you for sharing your story 🥺 it has always been my dream since I was 8 to eventually own a Supra or at least a decently quick turbo car.
Luke Hoegger
Luke Hoegger Prije 4 godina
This is determination- the most respect out to you man
Gibren Prije 3 godina
This is so heart touching....that car saved you from the darkest days of your life...praise Lord you're now saved😊 kudos to the Evo 9
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