Car Guys VS Non-Car Guys

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The only question that needs answering... are you a car guy or not? Leave a comment below and tag your non-car guy mates!
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Komentari: 6 337
SixToMidnight Prije 6 godina
They say that you don't truly love your car unless you look back when walking away...
sebasaiello Prije 7 godina
So this means I can finally show my non-car guy friends a carthrottle video without having only me laughing?
"You aint saving nothin'" had me laughing for half an hour straight...
CanadianPickle Prije 3 godina
My friend saw a prius and said "hey its a tesla!" 😂
Rix IV
Rix IV Prije 5 godina
All these people commenting saying "Lol he's driving a Kia, what a joke" aren't true car guys. If they were they would know it doesn't matter what you drive, as long as you have a love for it and get that good feeling every time you start the engine.
TC_DAVID07 _ Prije 3 godina
Friend: hey what music do you listen to?
HarikrishNa Mohan
HarikrishNa Mohan Prije 5 godina
I am that paranoid guy who double and triple checks if the doors are closed😂😂
fidle89 Prije 2 godina
"Is it a 2.8 or 2.5?"
Chris Gibbons
Chris Gibbons Prije 7 godina
This is by far the funniest and most true car channel, absolutely love these videos, thanks for making these, they make my day!
dog__man Prije godine
The truck behind him while he was parking is like 👁👄👁
Touge Season
Touge Season Prije 7 godina
i love this channel so much. i hope you guys realize what a positive effect videos like this have on so many people who share the same passion. makes me excited to put my spitfire back together and belt down a b-road
HELaughsJRS Prije godine
Towallomee sgel
Towallomee sgel Prije 4 godina
Nobody on this planet has ever asked anyone who is driving a PRIUS HYBRID what size engine it has. 🤣
Alan gonzalez
Alan gonzalez Prije 2 godina
Car guys will always be the best drivers on the road lol
urlilsolja Prije 4 godina
Lmaoooooo the last part was so true!!!! You haven't bought the right car unless you look back at it everytime you walk away.
Holker Holker
Holker Holker Prije 3 godina
Since when did birds poo sideways
Shayan Prije 5 godina
The last part is me 😂😂😂😂 always gotta check if the whip is locked
tr33c Prije 3 godina
I keep rechecking if my car is locked so many times xD
Saltie. Prije 5 godina
did he say "look at that bad boy" to a prius?
Christian Manuel
Christian Manuel Prije 5 godina
Going through a tunnel myself:
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