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10 Times Stupid People Got Punished In The Best Way

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Car Throttle

Car Throttle

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Angelus Nielson
Angelus Nielson Prije 6 godina
Did that guy just try to punch a guy wearing a helmet in the head? *laughs*
Mr. J
Mr. J Prije godine
@Jacob Newton Don't worry about it. Daniel is the type of guy that can catch his gf cheating in the act and offer some refreshments to the guy.
Luke Z
Luke Z Prije godine
And the bikers have padded suits and reinforced gloves and boots on. You really shouldn’t start something with them
Moon Night
Moon Night Prije godine
Daniel Phung
Daniel Phung Prije godine
@Jacob Newton Not incapable of being direct my dear. It is called manipulating the narrative.
Jacob Newton
Jacob Newton Prije godine
@Daniel Phung I understand completely, I've said that about 3 times now. It's just funny that you're incapable of being direct. But I'll end it here because you clearly need to have the last word haha have a good day.
Rohn Jackson
Rohn Jackson Prije godine
_The last guy was being _*_nice_*_ to that creature._
whisperingthylacine Prije 3 godina
Laughed so hard when they pinned down Gollum!
havok Nkhaos
havok Nkhaos Prije mjesec
right? lmao funny asf
Kla wildout
Kla wildout Prije 2 godina
What was wrong with the corvette Z06 one? The road was closed. There wasnt any "instant karma" or "best punishment" 😒
nothing Prije godine
Same with the cobra one
PTN317 Prije godine
Chris Jones eh ?
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Prije godine
@Hentai ah, of course. that explains the "0"... 👍
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Prije godine
It's a C7... 😛
NightShade Prije 2 godina
An age restriction? On Car Throttle? Man youtube really is against me
1642 Sarah Lalnunpuii
1642 Sarah Lalnunpuii Prije 3 godina
2:34 I'M DEAD
TBEfect Prije godine
hatefull revenge whatever loser
don't steal my pizza rolls
don't steal my pizza rolls Prije godine
@TBEfect shut up
Aesthetic_ Strawberry
Aesthetic_ Strawberry Prije 2 godina
1:55 yay I'm flying :)
Dante Prije 2 godina
Pretty much 😂
Nevaeh Spencer
Nevaeh Spencer Prije 2 godina
Same here
Potato.exe Prije 3 godina
0:27 Remember that guy who drove in a straight line? What a maniac, I'm glad he got what he deserved for driving in a straight line
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi Prije 2 godina
2:30 LMAO! that's what came to my mind exactly!
Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry Prije 3 godina
Great channel, I can see you put more effort into your videos than most
Me. GDR Prije 3 godina
2:15 I'm dead Lmfao 😂
humblenoob76 Prije 3 godina
stupidity. Punching a helmeted guy, you’ll hurt more than you hurt him
Jeff Prije godine
01:01 what if they did that to a actual disabled person imagine how bad they will feel
Martin Prije 3 godina
2:13 I think it was a good reaction from the camera owner he just blocked him and not punched back like a crazy man, I respect that self control.
Abdullah Safdar
Abdullah Safdar Prije 3 godina
0:17 At leadt that BMW driver used his turn signals 😂😂🇵🇰😜
Some Dude
Some Dude Prije godine
99.9% of BMW drivers deserve to get pulled over. I have never seen a BMW driver who did not drive like an arrogant maniac
A YouTube Channel with No Name
A YouTube Channel with No Name Prije godine
Must be a fake BMW.
Steven Hutsell
Steven Hutsell Prije 5 godina
who ever put the handicap sign on the guys car is a fucking god
Kevin Costa
Kevin Costa Prije 3 godina
Coisa de Br hahaha
winter tales
winter tales Prije 3 godina
I have a operation foot he could of had the same thing who knows 😕
Ozyman Prije 4 godina
Look at what Joeink100 wrote. This kind of behavior is no better than what it comes to punish.
Mrs. HandyJay
Mrs. HandyJay Prije 4 godina
I wish I had the time & resources to do something like that. The laws are in place for a reason, but the cops hardly ever seem to be where they're needed so....why not indulge in some lighthearted vigilantism?
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill Prije 5 godina
Luka Milic
Luka Milic Prije 2 godina
2:31 MY PRECIOUS !!! Edit : Wait a second, you guys actually thought the same 😂😂😂
John Perez
John Perez Prije godine
The Gaming & Vlogging Boy
The Gaming & Vlogging Boy Prije godine
1:41 I watched this like 5 times and I still laugh about the bit where the ‘I believe I can fly’ bit comes in
{ ! } Gacha Vector { ! }
{ ! } Gacha Vector { ! } Prije godine
“Sometimes we feel like we live in a Cruel World, but don’t worry We have instant Karma on our side” -Bradey Collins (Me)
op Prije 3 godina
0:30 When Your Playing Gta And Drop Your Controller 😂🤣
Rissu Prije 8 mjeseci
@Rlentlx that’s basic knowledge you seriously don’t know
Rissu Prije 8 mjeseci
@Meskro Chen ikr
Brad Pender
Brad Pender Prije godine
i feel like thats me playing gta, im in a cop chase and i forget to equip bulletproof tyres and they get shot out
S P Prije godine
like seriously, how tf did that happen???
Michael Prije godine
QuabecWolf that’s a c7 Chevy corvette
Kieran Scanlon
Kieran Scanlon Prije 3 godina
On the last one the biker was actually trying to shut the drivers fuel cover instead of hit and run
The_leaning_tiger2 Prije 3 godina
Tim V110 and he closed the fuel thing. Stop hating lmfao
Tim V110
Tim V110 Prije 3 godina
yep.....giant footprint and some scratchs THATS HOW YOU HELP PEOPLE!!!! lol
5 star michelin
5 star michelin Prije 3 godina
jelrem Prije 3 godina
Kieran Scanlon yep i saw the thing drop down
Taagroy Prije 3 godina
Ah how I love watching people get their asses handed to them, especially in cars
WhiteBiscut Prije 3 godina
2:33 he literaly looks like him lmao (and where is the full clip ?)
Kla wildout
Kla wildout Prije godine
*fockin gollum*
Icantdothis:) Prije godine
I was ligit wondering what he reminded me of and then that came on i laughed so hard omg 😂
Anonymous Prije 2 godina
@Rachel Jefferson ty
ipotatosenpai Prije 2 godina
Lmao true
rainin google
rainin google Prije 3 godina
+animator noob 😂 lmao indeed the guy was like " but it's ... my precious " 😁
Mr.pickle Prije 3 godina
2:32 got me dead 😂😂
Hollie Mowle
Hollie Mowle Prije 2 godina
1:06 This makes me so happy to see this as a disabled person, people will always park in the handicapped spot when they don't don't have a blue badge or aren't disabled at all! It's there for people who have disadvantages it's not for just anybody to use, It's nice for them to get karma for once 😁
𝙵IS𝚃 𝙾𝙵 𝙰SS Prije 6 godina
I honestly believe the guy at 2:30 is not a human.
The Critic
The Critic Prije 2 godina
He is, just wore the ring that rules them all
RedYoshikira Prije 3 godina
Windid Panda *proved
RedYoshikira Prije 3 godina
Stephen Park afterall, you never vent on an innocent.
George Booth
George Booth Prije 3 godina
Mick Donnels ie
Badshabbie Prije 3 godina
Stephen Park while ur a really bad lier. And the name u gave us so bad did u just look at a whole bunch of objects and made something up.
Farvids Prije 3 godina
2:25 thought he deserved a beat up but after seeing the man render unconscious from landing on his head like that... I felt so bad
Discovermyview Prije 2 godina
Thanks I needed this after my commute this morning. Sigh, somewhere, there is justice in the world!
Ryan Marshall
Ryan Marshall Prije 3 godina
Haha that handicap parking prank was awesome!
Komé Prije godine
Sometimes, I look back in humanity and said to my self.. "there's no more hope for me." - Paul Sherman
Ernest B
Ernest B Prije 5 godina
2:30 guy needs to go see a dentist.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Prije 3 godina
Ernest B he just wants the ring of power..
Guy That Says No
Guy That Says No Prije 3 godina
Forget the dentist. He needs to see a phsyciatrist
EL ZeaL Prije 3 godina
Bro he may not had money or bad day but he deserved that
mr. mcnugget
mr. mcnugget Prije 3 godina
Mar Kazain
Mar Kazain Prije 3 godina
Ernest B but dentist doesn’t want to see it
Mikey Knighty
Mikey Knighty Prije godine
I actually got mad at the victims for some of these because they didnt fight back and use violent force
Revelis Vitali RV
Revelis Vitali RV Prije 3 godina
The Schmegol moment made me laugh way too hard.
Antonae Prije 3 godina
The 2nd to last one had me dying!! His face when he was put to the ground he looked dead!!
Somarr Prije 2 godina
That bonus clip got me ded 😂😂😂 I'm crying
Un3eal Prije 3 godina
2:34 i laughed so hard
Garrett Horsch
Garrett Horsch Prije godine
0:30 that guy didn’t deserve that. He was just trying to do something in a safe area. Why should he deserve that?
Wendy Orocker
Wendy Orocker Prije 2 godina
I find it so freakin amusing when a guy in a high performance car can't even THINK to take his foot off the gas when the car swerves just a little, especially when going around a corner or doing a brake-stand. lmao!
xXSumiraXx Prije 2 godina
That stupid cat at the end always gets me 🤣👍
yaaadiiggg Prije 3 godina
That one bald guy's face actually made me luagh
Kristoffer Norman
Kristoffer Norman Prije 2 godina
Imagine if the person had a valid handicapp sign.
Sebastian Diaz
Sebastian Diaz Prije 3 godina
The one before the cat one got me soo mad I wanted to punch that guy for pushing that lady so I punched my phone lol
Bank RedPanda
Bank RedPanda Prije 2 godina
1:07 This moment who gonna pick those papers to the bin.
The Wise Wolf
The Wise Wolf Prije 5 godina
When that guy got took down at the end I hated his fucking face so much I was swinging at my screen.
Sriram Sundar
Sriram Sundar Prije 3 godina
I would have removed my helmet and hit his bad bald head so hard.
Ky13_ :l
Ky13_ :l Prije 3 godina
Kim Taehyung wifeau
Kim Taehyung wifeau Prije 3 godina
The Wise Wolf 😂😂
kousha s
kousha s Prije 3 godina
The Wise Wolf i
wan. Prije 3 godina
The Wise Wolf 666 likes
ThatOneLeaf Prije 3 godina
The one before bonus clip so true with his face tho 😂
Gabrielle Shapiro
Gabrielle Shapiro Prije 3 godina
The person who was recording should have been punished he drove through a red light.
dumdum Prije godine
0:32 what did he even do? he just launched on an empty road, whats wrong with that? that beautiful red corvette :c
NightHawk F117
NightHawk F117 Prije godine
you see, powerful Rear wheel drive cars tend to spin wheels, even in higher gears.. and he probably just bought it and didnt realize.
Fork Prije godine
This one guy laughed at me when I almost fell but was able to catch myself mid fall, the guy was a complete stranger luckily a few seconds later he also fell but didn’t catch him self than some people saw what he did to me started to laugh at him.
Noah Hughes
Noah Hughes Prije 5 godina
why was gollum angry?
Pony Empires Unite
Pony Empires Unite Prije godine
Fe Arce
Fe Arce Prije 2 godina
Somebody stole his fish :p
Theo W
Theo W Prije 2 godina
His raw rabbit got turned into a stew.
LandoFan4 Prije 2 godina
lol IDK
62zombies Prije 3 godina
He was drunk, it made the news
Mason Espinoza
Mason Espinoza Prije 2 godina
1:42 and 2:33 killed me 😂😂😂
The FlyingTank
The FlyingTank Prije 2 godina
Rip to all the old cars in this video
Goldenapple710 Prije 3 godina
2:28 I can't watch that without laughing
Yusuke Hoshi
Yusuke Hoshi Prije 2 godina
The thing I’m wondering is how long did it take to cover the car in post-it notes like in 1:01? And if it did take a long time, why was the driver out for so long?
Raffa Prije 3 godina
0:29 this guy didn't make anything wrong :(
Deez Prije 9 mjeseci
@Angelina Dash *dies from stage 100 cringe*
Your Mom
Your Mom Prije godine
I'm starting to think all you people care about is watching people die drag racing isnt illegal I hope you go in a car and lose control for what you said he did nothing to anybody your just trying to get noticed dumbass like what if he had autism or something and your glad he crashed??
John Perez
John Perez Prije godine
No it's because he turned to the right for a bit while going full throttle so he lost grip
E A Prije 2 godina
He turned traction control off in a vette 🤣
Clinton Burroughs
Clinton Burroughs Prije 2 godina
Nino Joel
Nino Joel Prije 3 godina
2:13 props to that motorbike driver i woud not have stayed this calm..... I woud have smashed this guys face on the sidewalk.
Ordinaryavg.guy Prije 3 godina
Love the handicap wrap on the car. HAHAHA
Defnotemma Prije 3 godina
1:55😂😂😂😂😂😂I am laughing so hard
BigSmoke Studio
BigSmoke Studio Prije 3 godina
2:31 cant stop laughing . And i feel sad for him
EmberKeRT DeLuXe - 👁⃤ الله❤️יהוה
EmberKeRT DeLuXe - 👁⃤ الله❤️יהוה Prije 3 godina
Megala John
Megala John Prije 3 godina
Prince Of Trash
Prince Of Trash Prije 3 godina
What hapens in the video its age restricted
Douxthee Prije 3 godina
Magyar Topkomment :0
Ho Chi
Ho Chi Prije 3 godina
Dude...would you like that to happen to you and people make fun..I know,instant karma but jeez..PEOPLE NEED SOME RESPECT EVEN IF THEY DO BAD THINGS...JUST LIKE YOU,PROBABLY GETTING CALLED BY THE TEACHER OR PUNISHED my gosh
yeah yeah
yeah yeah Prije 3 godina
That wasn't funny! It looked like it really hurt!
Reece Collison
Reece Collison Prije 11 mjeseci
1:48 was a satisfying moment 😂😂😂
Arisien Prije 3 godina
1:10 utterly brutal. I love it.
João Leote • 21 years ago
João Leote • 21 years ago Prije godine
And they polluted the street
《》Rahan2003《》 Prije godine
@Ali Dib It's okay, there's Pressure washers though to be honest that was bad but eh.
Timeout Prije 2 godina
Ali Dib you can wash your car to remove it It will take 5 min
Ali Dib
Ali Dib Prije 2 godina
Dude i cannot believe that ppl are this cruel, he parked somewhere where he shouldnt but that is like 5-7h of work just removing all those stickers and for what? Parking in a handicap-spot? A fine would be enough tbh. All of them are just as "evil" as that dude if not worse. The best thing would be to call the cops or something, not almost destroy his car.
Default Prije 3 godina
2:08 even worst than mustang drivers 😂😂😂
Jojo gh
Jojo gh Prije 3 godina
2:32 see no difference to 2:34
foxem of terra
foxem of terra Prije godine
It's the world of gta
Tin Can
Tin Can Prije 2 godina
I didn’t even notice
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez Prije 2 godina
The color stupid think more
Xrex Prije 2 godina
Then how do u know there trying to make a difference if you can’t see a difference?
Arthur Labaciauskas
Arthur Labaciauskas Prije 2 godina
Yea me too
The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist Prije 3 godina
1:50 LMAO when they digitally put a cape on him. HAHA!
N0T_4BZ Prije 3 godina
Israel R
Israel R Prije 3 godina
Ikr lmao😂😂🤣
Mellie Lue
Mellie Lue Prije 3 godina
I know right! I was cracking up already to the sound track then the cape... 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
plush channel and stop animation
plush channel and stop animation Prije 3 godina
2:49 hillarious 😂😂😂
Aaron Snipes
Aaron Snipes Prije 2 godina
My favorite part of the video was of the british guy falling over
iLLBiLLsRoastBeats Prije 2 godina
That Corvette takeoff at :30 is the most pathetic driving I’ve even seen. This was well before I even knew the car crashed
aceblindfire Prije godine
The wind up on the cat keyboard lives rent free in my mind.
CGVIS Prije 6 godina
I lost it at the part with the biker tackling the "my precious"
Low key Diego Duran
Low key Diego Duran Prije godine
0:08 lmaooooo😂😂 his whole God dam diff snapped of the axle and also say goodbye to your rear suspension 😂
安東尼熊Anthony Bear
安東尼熊Anthony Bear Prije 3 godina
The bonus part😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
安東尼熊Anthony Bear
安東尼熊Anthony Bear Prije 2 godina
@Super Glider okay thx👌🏻
Super Glider
Super Glider Prije 2 godina
@安東尼熊Anthony Bear just search keyboard cat
Alexandra Ramos
Alexandra Ramos Prije 3 godina
Are from brazil
安東尼熊Anthony Bear
安東尼熊Anthony Bear Prije 3 godina
Anyone has the link of that cat playing piano video?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
?? Prije 3 godina
What if the guy at 1:00 came back with a person on a wheelchair and he finds his car like this.
vaibhav Rai
vaibhav Rai Prije godine
That would have been better actually 😜
C S Prije godine
@Lucas yes but if he forgot it
Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha
Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha Prije godine
What really happened
Kla wildout
Kla wildout Prije godine
Vickie Proaño
Vickie Proaño Prije godine
AngryPeanuts Prije 2 godina
I feel so bad for some of these cars
trumps butt
trumps butt Prije 3 godina
2:31 this guy is crazy..
Gamer Goddess
Gamer Goddess Prije 3 godina
@Graciela Master of cringe Ikr
some body
some body Prije 3 godina
ikr, this is why america shouldn't exist
LucasKV Prije 3 godina
@Patrik Šťastný I know. It's called stupidity. Sick or not; If he had encountered me in that situation, he wouldn't have survived.
Heureux Prije 3 godina
He has disease.. I read some article about this situation
Graciela Master of cringe
Graciela Master of cringe Prije 3 godina
trumps butt he looks like doby XD
Christopher Kimlin
Christopher Kimlin Prije 2 godina
Everytime I see someone with a really nice car and they wreak it trying to be cool it makes me laugh but I honestly die a little inside those poor cars didnt deserve to be owned but such stupid people...
pewdiepie supporter
pewdiepie supporter Prije 2 godina
The 90's called. They want their memes back!
Ali Dib
Ali Dib Prije 2 godina
Dude you must have the wrong number, the 80s called lol
Muku Cain
Muku Cain Prije 3 godina
when you think you can touch the sky but what your actually touching is the ground
TinLizzie1927 Prije 3 godina
Talk about CARma.... Sorry my puns are terrible
Huma Khan
Huma Khan Prije godine
Thimothy Rasya alexander T_T
Thimothy Rasya alexander T_T Prije godine
That's amazing lmaooo
Eoidhdksh SjajKaish
Eoidhdksh SjajKaish Prije godine
Well my son asked me for a bookmark, but I'm John
Jan Shen
Jan Shen Prije godine
Nice very punny
Phil Bayliss
Phil Bayliss Prije godine
Dad jokes
Benji idk
Benji idk Prije 3 godina
2:26 "you better stop" still one of my fav vines
DaqTheDuck Prije 2 godina
Thats not the original vine, this is:
Alex F
Alex F Prije 3 godina
your not humpy up the towm
hallz engineer
hallz engineer Prije 3 godina
L L Prije 3 godina
I literally thought the same thing 😂
Pinata Partie
Pinata Partie Prije 3 godina
Quirble Prije godine
2:15 had a guy who looked very similar to this harass me while driving in a neighborhood, I was going 23 mph in a 25 zone and the guy was tailgating and honking trying to pick a fight. I pulled off into a driveway and the guy stopped in the middle of the road blocking traffic trying to start a fight. the guy even drove over some grass trying to yell at us some more. called the police and they sped off.
Dalton M.
Dalton M. Prije 3 godina
Lmao his face tho😂😂😂
Brock Siler
Brock Siler Prije 3 godina
2:13 cant stop laughing
YungOkra Prije 3 godina
Cherrybons Lovers
Cherrybons Lovers Prije 3 godina
That’s just instant karma right there
Daniel Phung
Daniel Phung Prije 3 godina
Yes it was wrong to park in the spot for people with disabilities, however, vandalism should not be the way to go!
your friendly neighbourhood disappointment
your friendly neighbourhood disappointment Prije 3 godina
1:03 Hey, no. You don't know if that person has an invisible condition that causes him to faint or something when he has to walk a long distance. Don't be so quick to judge people!!
879 99
879 99 Prije 3 godina
Pls more videos like this.hilarious bro 😂😂😁 . watching again lololool😂😂
michael88h Prije 5 godina
died at the last two
michael88h Prije 5 godina
Edi Andi
Edi Andi Prije 5 godina
Mush Æ
Mush Æ Prije 5 godina
Spike firius477
Spike firius477 Prije 5 godina
me too XD
Aravind Raj V
Aravind Raj V Prije 5 godina
yeah same here, lol
Dio Prije godine
I kinda feel bad for the disabled parking spot guy. He could've been getting medicine for a dying person, or going to a doctor, or literally saving a life, and it could've been the only spot left
Meerkat More
Meerkat More Prije 3 godina
2:33 I would've made sure to punch the guy once for trying to hit me and my girl. Also, he looks exactly like Gollum did when Frodo had a blade to his neck
Ernie Llamas
Ernie Llamas Prije 3 godina
This video was actually quite funny!
Coolest Derp
Coolest Derp Prije 3 godina
0:28 the person didn't do anything wrong. He wasn't showing off or anything else.
DeanoGTO Prije 6 godina
respect to that biker dealing with the angry bald guy
Nameless Prije godine
Hilarious, today was a day like that🤣 This one I keep watch it oh my God. I have also some real issues sometimes😪
Big T
Big T Prije 3 godina
2:32 the guy could have easily gotten a hip broken or something, shouldn't have gotten in to anything (the older guy that is)
Lohatrons Prije godine
I absolutely agree with the guys wanting to kill the bicycle riders and motorcyclists
ROYAL DR1FTER Prije 2 godina
People will really go up to motorcycle riders... and punch them in the helmet
EDM Fan Prije 5 godina
holy shit that guy that fell after chasing him looks like jay from modern family
Fkle Prije 3 godina
Thats exactly what i thought hahaha
Kristina pimenova Pimenova
Kristina pimenova Pimenova Prije 3 godina
EDM Fan 0
Evan Egnatis
Evan Egnatis Prije 5 godina
Lol your right!
cRăŹY WəRıđ0
cRăŹY WəRıđ0 Prije 3 godina
At 1:47 that left me laughing
Blue Animul
Blue Animul Prije 3 godina
I love the one where he choked the dude on the hround
Vali N.
Vali N. Prije 3 godina
Now imagine if 2 people, one in a wheelchair, came to that car in the thumbnail...
JJ 936
JJ 936 Prije 3 godina
I love that reaction 2:03