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Can We Flip A Car For Profit?
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Prije 5 godina
£250 Cheap Car Challenge
DJRuben GamingTV
DJRuben GamingTV Prije 7 sati
Cant wait for the Cleaning and servicing vids + upselling it
Patrik Jönsson
Patrik Jönsson Prije 7 sati
Definitely a win for the car. Taxis are not public transport.
Josh G
Josh G Prije 7 sati
uber is cheating as its a car
Leon 's Account
Leon 's Account Prije 7 sati
I'm so glad they use shitboxes in the company, I get so bored when they're making these videos with some big stupid modern SUV. Keep the nugget fleet as the backbone of the channel!!
Neil Ballam
Neil Ballam Prije 7 sati
Uber was cheating as they planned for a bus!!!
Backyard Space Program
Backyard Space Program Prije 7 sati
Bought a £300 2001 Hyundai rust bucket Accent a few months ago, a few weeks ago some lady sideswiped me in a roundabout, it was written off, got £2500 from the insurance company.
Redstonepanda 14
Redstonepanda 14 Prije 7 sati
I’m saying that an Uber is public transport because the public can use the car
Kenneth Thornhill
Kenneth Thornhill Prije 7 sati
I’m giving that to Alex! Awesome video chaps!
Brem Prije 7 sati
The VAG 1.9TDi is bulletproof. Cars fall apart around it.
EFARACING Prije 7 sati
Honestly for me it comes down to how much it cost either team/comfort, either way great effort boys another gooden
Drieps Prije 7 sati
Uber is absolutely not a public transport
BUSY Prije 7 sati
If Uber gets the W it ends all future challenges lol
Black2na Prije 7 sati
💯 Uber is public transportation.
Cj By
Cj By Prije 7 sati
Yes it is public transport
Loudmouth Lees
Loudmouth Lees Prije 7 sati
Next time, find a car that costs the same amount as the cost of the train tickets.
Frankie Knights
Frankie Knights Prije 7 sati
Uber ain't public transport it's private transport ain't it
malte johansson
malte johansson Prije 7 sati
Uber is not public trasport, this is because your not normaly traveling with the rest of the public. Your trasported alone.
Richard Butela
Richard Butela Prije 7 sati
I'd say Jack and Ethan won it, sure, uber is private, but it is a part of public transport... plus, as they said, they had no other choice, plus, they went by train and bus already in this episode.. so all good 😂 anyway, thank you for another amazing video, you guys rock! 😂😁
dick tate
dick tate Prije 7 sati
lads absolute cracking episode ! loved it .thanks
northern monkey
northern monkey Prije 7 sati
Snake pass is an amazing road, will be flooded with bikes come spring. Only 30 mins up the road from me aswel 😁
Wytzr Prije 7 sati
alex won, uber is not public transport
Josh Power
Josh Power Prije 7 sati
Its a nice road shame it qas closed for abit
Flixterino Prije 7 sati
I think Uber is fine - its the ‘if you don’t have a car’ option versus having a car option.
Marc Hollis
Marc Hollis Prije 7 sati
Aup bastards, welcome up't north
JDM guy
JDM guy Prije 7 sati
That Passat actually looked pretty good for £500.
Gabor Racz-Balog
Gabor Racz-Balog Prije 7 sati
Uber is not public transport tho 🤨
Ssaakick Prije 7 sati
Does not count, Might as well of got an Uber from the start if that's the case.
Kevin Pritchard
Kevin Pritchard Prije 7 sati
They should’ve just booked an uber for the entire journey.
Attila Dóri
Attila Dóri Prije 7 sati
Alex won!!
De_Gale Prije 7 sati
"And the car stops and drives alright?" "Yeah" hahhahaa i felt for alex in this one